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Step by Step (1991)

Step by Step is an American television sitcom with two single parents, who spontaneously get married after meeting one another during a vacation, resulting in them becoming the heads of a large blended family

Release Date: Fri, Sep 20, 1991

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 20

Patrick Duffy
Frank Lambert
Suzanne Somers
Carol Foster Lambert
Brandon Call
J.T. Lambert
Staci Keanan
Dana Foster
Christine Lakin
Alicia Lambert
Angela Watson
Karen Foster
Emily Mae Young
Lilly Foster-Lambert
Alexandra Adi
Samantha Milano

Season 7:

Making the Grade
Episode 1: Making the Grade (Sep 19, 1997)
With the kids at school, Carol decides to take some college courses--the same ones Karen is taking. Meanwhile, Dana tells Rich to get serious about his education.
A Star is Born
Episode 2: A Star is Born (Sep 26, 1997)
Al lands a part in a movie and dreams of a career in Hollywood; Carol gets in a bake-sale battle.
Your Cheatin' Heart
Episode 3: Your Cheatin' Heart (Oct 03, 1997)
Rich secretly takes dancing lessons to impress Dana at a wedding, but she thinks he's cheating on her.
Take This Job and ...
Episode 4: Take This Job and ... (Oct 10, 1997)
JT's job at a garage is an accident waiting to happen; Frank is obsessed with restoring a boat docked in the backyard.
Poetic Justice
Episode 5: Poetic Justice (Oct 17, 1997)
The teaching assistant who's been giving A's to Karen now wants something in return; Mark dates a slacker girl.
Can't Buy Me Love
Episode 6: Can't Buy Me Love (Oct 24, 1997)
Carol tries to convince an old classmate, now a rich developer, to hire Frank; Karen wants Dana to join a sorority.
Dream Lover
Episode 7: Dream Lover (Oct 31, 1997)
Two Halloween parties result in a lesson about being scared for Lilly and a ghostly encounter for JT.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Episode 8: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Nov 07, 1997)
Dana feels compelled to compete with an old female buddy of Rich's; Frank's troublesome cousin Bert reappears.
Goodbye, Mr. Chip
Episode 9: Goodbye, Mr. Chip (Dec 05, 1997)
Rich and JT feud; meanwhile, Karen takes advantage of boyfriend Chip's easy nature.
Too Many Santas
Episode 10: Too Many Santas (Dec 19, 1997)
Lilly has a crisis of faith when she discovers that the department store Santa is really JT.
Phoney Business
Episode 11: Phoney Business (Jan 09, 1998)
Al gets a job modeling on a TV commercial, only to discover it was re-dubbed as a phone-sex ad.
Goin' to the Chapel
Episode 12: Goin' to the Chapel (Jan 16, 1998)
JT falls for an aerobics instructor; Carol has a fight with Dana, who decides to get even by eloping with Rich.
Feet of Clay
Episode 13: Feet of Clay (Jan 23, 1998)
Dana talks Rich into taking a pottery class; Carol and Frank's "role playing" is misinterpreted by the kids.
Pain in the Class
Episode 14: Pain in the Class (Jan 30, 1998)
Frank and Carol attend their 25th high-school reunion, along with Frank's old rival; Rich and JT charge pals to watch a bikini contest on TV.
The Half Monty
Episode 15: The Half Monty (Feb 27, 1998)
JT and Rich enter a male-stripper contest for quick cash to take their girlfriends on a promised ski trip.
And Justice for Some
Episode 16: And Justice for Some (Jun 05, 1998)
A truck giveaway causes friction between Frank and JT; a women's safety seminar is a big hit thanks to a hunky cop.
The Understudy
Episode 17: The Understudy (Jun 12, 1998)
Al, angry about being an understudy at a local play, refuses to learn her lines--something she regrets when the leading lady gets sick opening night.
We're in the Money
Episode 18: We're in the Money (Jun 19, 1998)
Cody returns and gives Frank and Carol $50,000, which causes nothing but trouble as they decide how to spend it.
Movin' On Up
Episode 19: Movin' On Up (Jun 26, 1998)
Everybody is excited about the prospect of moving into a brand-new house--except Lilly.

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