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Release Date: Tue, Aug 09, 2005

Country: GB
Language: En

Season 2:

The Bain Marie
Episode 1: The Bain Marie (Mar 13, 1997)
The Bain Marie is christened and launched in March, when signs of spring are extremely thin on the ground. As Hugh peers over the steering wheel at the dreary, cold landscape, he is soon…
Up The River Severn
Episode 2: Up The River Severn (Mar 20, 1997)
Hugh wends his way up the river Severn, a route which is simultaneously being taken by millions of baby eels - or elvers - who have miraculously found their way here from their birthplace…
Heading salt side
Episode 3: Heading salt side (Mar 27, 1997)
Hugh is leaving behind the inland waterways and heading "salt side", chugging his way towards a seashore forage in the Wash, but first he must run the gloomy gauntlet of the depressingly…
Episode 4: Yorkshire (Apr 03, 1997)
Hugh's waterborne zig-zag across Britain brings him to heart of Yorkshire, along canals formerly bustling with the boom of the textile industry. At the peak of the industrial revolution…

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