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Oggy and the Cockroaches (1999)

Oggy, an anthropomorphic cat, would prefer to spend his days watching television and eating, but is continuously pestered by three roaches: Joey, Marky and Dee Dee. The cockroaches' slapstick mischief ranges from plundering Oggy's refrigerator to hijacking the train he just boarded. In many situations Oggy is also helped by Jack, who is more violent and short-tempered than him and is also annoyed by the cockroaches. Bob, a short-tempered bulldog, also appears in the show, and is Oggy's neighbor.

  • Jean-Yves Raimbaud
Release Date: Mon, Sep 06, 1999

Country: FR
Language: Fr
Runtime: 8

Season 7:

Library Hysteria
Episode 1: Library Hysteria (Sep 02, 2018)
Jack tries to take his cousin with him to practice a manly and healthy sport: rock climbing. As for Oggy, he much rather prefers climbing the ladder in his library. A remastering of "It's a Long Way Down".
Well Guarded Gold
Episode 2: Well Guarded Gold (Sep 02, 2018)
Oggy discovers a map that indicates that a treasure is hidden right next to his house. But here's the hitch: a prison has suddenly sprung up right on the spot. A remastering of "My Beautiful Prison".
The Black Gold Rush
Episode 3: The Black Gold Rush (Sep 02, 2018)
In digging its toes, Oggy is oil. In the House, also, it is oil. Once he opens a tap, it's also the oil flowing in. In fact, he has the 'black hand'. His house is quickly invaded of pipelines and rigs of all kinds. It stinks and it's dripping from all but the money comes flowing in. Cockroaches also want their piece of pie, but Joey shows up a little too high roller with the pocketed 1 ticket. A remastering of "Black Saturday Fever".
Oggy the Babysitter
Episode 4: Oggy the Babysitter (Sep 03, 2018)
Oggy is given custody of a baby by his sister and Jack. With his twisted mind, Joey immediately sees the opportunity to make a maximum of money. He decided with his accomplices to kidnap the kid for ransom to Oggy. But with the children, you have to expect everything. Far from being scared, the baby enjoys adventure and the cockroaches are the ones to suffer. A remastering of "Don't Rock the Cradle".
Ghost Hunting
Episode 5: Ghost Hunting (Sep 03, 2018)
After Oggy finally manages to kill the cockroaches with a frying pan, the cockroaches' spirits come back and constantly make nightmares a reality for poor Oggy. Oggy has to do a ritual to survive the terror of the three ghosts. A remastering of "The Ghost-Hunter".
The Whiz Kid
Episode 6: The Whiz Kid (Sep 03, 2018)
Oggy trips over a small, fat kid sitting on the street and typing with a laptop. The kid then decides to follow Oggy home. But there, the kid starts performing strange experiments on the cockroaches. A remastering of "Brainchild".
Drone Out of Control!
Episode 7: Drone Out of Control! (Sep 04, 2018)
Jack has ordered a drone and he's barely had time to try it out when the cockroaches figure out what they're going to do with it. Steal it and wreak havoc all over the neighborhood...
Oggy's Exoskeleton
Episode 8: Oggy's Exoskeleton (Sep 04, 2018)
Armed with his good old fly swatter, Oggy is once again chasing the roaches. Fed up with this medieval weapon, Jack suggests that he tries out his latest invention: a roach exterminator outfit. A remastering of "The Techno-Files".
The Sacred Roaches
Episode 9: The Sacred Roaches (Sep 04, 2018)
Oggy and Jack went to Egypt to go to the top of “The Great Pyramid of Giza” but when Joey discovers the hole on top of the pyramid, Oggy and the cockroaches fell to the hole and went to the past (when the pyramid is just building). A remastering of "Pharonuf".
Episode 10: Bleached! (Sep 04, 2018)
The roaches are doing a wash and the washing machine overflows, spreading suds throughout the house. A rain storm washes it all away and the house and its inhabitants reappear. But in black and white. A remastering of "Black & White".
Wild Rides at the Fair
Episode 11: Wild Rides at the Fair (Sep 04, 2018)
The carnival has come to town, and Oggy and Jack are more than happy to go to it. The cockroaches also decide to go to the carnival, just to have massive fun wreaking havoc all over the place. A remastering of "The Carnival's in Town".
Oggy's Jungle
Episode 12: Oggy's Jungle (Sep 04, 2018)
Oggy has recently bought a super fertilizer that he uses to make his plants super big. But the roaches put a firecracker in the bag, resulting in the bag exploding, showering the house with fertilizer. Now, Oggy’s house has become a jungle, and the animals all have gotten bigger as well... A remastering of "The Garden of Horrors".
Xmas Tree Quest
Episode 13: Xmas Tree Quest (Sep 06, 2018)
Oggy’s artificial Christmas tree is in shreds. Despite a nagging conscience, Oggy decides to cut down a real Christmas tree from the forest. A remastering of "Green Peace".
Panic In the Air
Episode 14: Panic In the Air (Sep 06, 2018)
Oggy has aviophobia (fear of flying), and while taking him on a flight, Jack tries hypnosis to help him relax. However, while a relaxed Oggy has gone walkabout around the plane, the cockroaches have come aboard as well, in which they leave all of the pilots tied up and gagged in order for them to cause the usual problems. A remastering of "Rock 'n Roll Altitude".
Oggy's Beach Club
Episode 15: Oggy's Beach Club (Sep 06, 2018)
Due to a bizarre meteorological phenomenon, the sun shines on Oggy's house but everywhere else, it's raining cats and dogs. Jack decides to take advantage of the situation and turn the house into a Club. A remastering of "Life's a Beach".
Oggy and the not So Smart Bracelet
Episode 16: Oggy and the not So Smart Bracelet (Sep 06, 2018)
Olivia buys a “smart bracelet” which as far as Oggy is concerned, is becoming a little too much part of her life. Oggy looks for a way to get rid of it while Marky goes bug-eyed with wonder over the thing. Jack then introduces Oggy to a app which you can hack the bracelet to do what you want.
Zen Oggy
Episode 17: Zen Oggy (Sep 06, 2018)
Oggy finds a book on flower power and decides to become a peaceful hippy. The cockroaches try to provoke him into losing his temper, but to little avail. A remastering of "Flower-Power".
Oggy Snail Farmer
Episode 18: Oggy Snail Farmer (Sep 06, 2018)
Oggy found a poor snail and kept it as a pet and bought a lot of snails he enjoy. However, he is about to be in for one slippery ride... A remastering of "Oggy Goes Snailing".
Extreme Indoor Sports
Episode 19: Extreme Indoor Sports (Sep 07, 2018)
It's raining like crazy and Monica is bored silly. Then she has an idea: why don't she and Jack try out some indoor sports?
Mouse Attack
Episode 20: Mouse Attack (Sep 07, 2018)
As the roaches watch on with interest, Oggy constructs a remote control for his lawn mower. Right then and there the roaches decide to out-do him. A remastering of "Mouseagator".
The Power of Love
Episode 21: The Power of Love (Sep 07, 2018)
While Oggy is getting his butt whipped by Jack in a game of Ping-Pong, his sister shows up unannounced. A remastering of "Go For It Jack!".
Oggy's Teddy Bear
Episode 22: Oggy's Teddy Bear (Sep 07, 2018)
The roaches steal Oggy’s Teddy Bear and hold it hostage for food. But Oggy won’t give in. It turns out though, that his fetish teddy is a collector’s item that Bob wants desperately.
Guess Who in the Fridge
Episode 23: Guess Who in the Fridge (Sep 07, 2018)
A female penguin sets up home in Oggy's fridge and doesn't budge an inch. Jack convinces Oggy to disguise himself as a penguin in order to draw the intruder out of the fridge. A remastering of "Penguin Pandenomium".
The Roaches Move
Episode 24: The Roaches Move (Sep 07, 2018)
Tired of being chased by Oggy, the roaches decide to change the tune. A remastering of "Off Limits".
Freefall Jump
Episode 25: Freefall Jump (Sep 10, 2018)
Oggy's sister drags her brother and Jack along for a bit of parachuting. Dee-Dee who's got nothing better to do, follows them. As they get ready to jump, our two fraidy cats show their true colors. A remastering of "Sky Diving".
Oggy at Top Speed
Episode 26: Oggy at Top Speed (Sep 10, 2018)
Jack and Oggy are racing their remote controlled cars through the house. As the race cars zoom through the house they flatten everything in their way, including the roaches. A remastering of "Race to the Finish".
Inside Oggy
Episode 27: Inside Oggy (Sep 10, 2018)
During one of the cockroaches’ many pig-out sessions, Dee Dee falls to the bottom of a strawberry yogurt without noticing that Oggy. A remastering of "Globulopolis".
Roach Vision
Episode 28: Roach Vision (Sep 10, 2018)
Tired of hunting down the roaches, Oggy orders special glasses that can tell exactly where they are and predict all their moves. With these he can sabotage all their plans. The roaches get so depressed that they want to move out, but Joey always has Plan B...
Welcome To Mars
Episode 29: Welcome To Mars (Sep 10, 2018)
In order to flatten out the roaches once and for all, Oggy buys an enormous catapult-fly swatter. Always curious, Joey tries it out and suddenly finds himself projected all the way to Mars. A Remastering Of "Mission To Earth"
Roach Express
Episode 30: Roach Express (Sep 10, 2018)
As Oggy gets on the train and waves farewell to Jack, the roaches take over the conductor's controls. Their antics get out of hand and they lose control of the train, which is going faster and faster. A Remastering Of "Do Not Lean Out Of The Window"
Oggymon Go
Episode 31: Oggymon Go (Sep 11, 2018)
Jack and Olivia introduce Oggy to their new obsession: hunting down virtual veggies on their smartphones and winning lots of points. The roaches build a machine to turn Oggy into a huntable character, then hack into the game site to triple the number of points you can get if you catch Oggy, obviously as a incentive for the cats to suck Oggy into their smartphones.
Broom Driving
Episode 32: Broom Driving (Sep 11, 2018)
A witch lands at Oggy’s then disappears in order to take a snooze, her magical broom stored neatly in the kitchen. A remastering of "Oggy and the Magic Broom".
Oggy Learns Swim Or No't
Episode 33: Oggy Learns Swim Or No't (Sep 11, 2018)
After being chased about, the cockroaches sniff a horrible odor. All eyes turn to Oggy, who must face the facts that he stinks. But taking a bath is hard for Oggy, who is hydrophobic. Jack tries to cure Oggy of his hydrophobia, while trying to hide the fact that he’s hydrophobic as well. A remastering of "Deep End".
Lead Me A Hand Oggy!
Episode 34: Lead Me A Hand Oggy! (Sep 11, 2018)
Oggy orders a remote controlled hand, which scratches wherever you want it to. But our smart cat also uses it to attack the cockroaches. But when Oggy is asleep, the roaches attach the hand to his arm.
Oggy's Vacations
Episode 35: Oggy's Vacations (Sep 11, 2018)
Oggy is joyfully closing the shutters and double locking the front door. Wearing sunglasses and a straw hat, Oggy hops in his camping trailer, destination: vacation. A remastering of "Hit The Road Oggy!".
Dumpster Driving
Episode 36: Dumpster Driving (Sep 11, 2018)
Oggy stuffs the roaches into a garbage bag and throws it in the dump truck. He gives them a sarcastic little wave good-bye but isn't paying attention to the back of the truck which snaps shut on him. A Remastering of "What a Dump!"
Oggy At The Opera
Episode 37: Oggy At The Opera (Sep 13, 2018)
An exceptional gala evening at the Opera is under way with the famous tenor Jack. But Dee Dee is a bit of a music buff himself and tonight he'd like to share the stage and the glory with Jack. A Remastering Of "A Night at the Opera".
Oggy Copy Cat
Episode 38: Oggy Copy Cat (Sep 13, 2018)
Oggy accidentally falls into the Xerox machine. He disappears and his double, flat as a photocopy, pops out of the machine and comes to life. A Remastering Of "Paper Chase"
A Roachneck Cousin
Episode 39: A Roachneck Cousin (Sep 13, 2018)
The roaches country cousin shows up for a visit. The little bumpkin has a real green thumb and immediately tends to all the damage his cousins have inflicted on Oggy's garden. A Remastering Of "Roachy Redneck"
Sharing Oggy
Episode 40: Sharing Oggy (Sep 13, 2018)
Monica, Oggy's sister pays a family visit. She quickly understands she's got to share her brother with his girlfriend, Olivia. The two girls are polar opposites.
Oggy's Elevator
Episode 41: Oggy's Elevator (Sep 13, 2018)
Oggy builds an elevator in order to catch the nasty little bugs more easily. But the roaches immediately build one of their own. Oggy ups the ante and builds another one, then another, then another. A Remastering Of "Going Up"
Very Special Treatment
Episode 42: Very Special Treatment (Sep 13, 2018)
After a cockroach chase that has finished badly, Oggy finds himself at the hospital. A Remastering Of "Emergency Room"
Oggy Cranes His Neck
Episode 43: Oggy Cranes His Neck (Sep 14, 2018)
Oggy decides to renovate his house by building it higher. So he buys a used crane on-line. Except he has a heck of a time mastering the cranky, old machine.
And The Winner Is... Dee Dee
Episode 44: And The Winner Is... Dee Dee (Sep 14, 2018)
Dee Dee steals money from Oggy's piggy bank and plays the lottery. He wins and heads off to pick up the big prize only to learn he's won a milking cow. A Remastering of "Milk Diet"
Oggy Goes To Paris
Episode 45: Oggy Goes To Paris (Sep 14, 2018)
Like any tourist in Paris, Oggy buys a ticket for the Folies Bergère from a sidewalk ticket-salesman and then decides to kill time until the show by going to see the Eiffel Tower. Dee Dee takes advantage of his inattention and snags his ticket... Remastering of "Welcome To Paris"
Episode 46: Vertigo! (Sep 14, 2018)
Jack has invited Oggy to visit the construction site of his future home sweet home. But in his megalomania, Jack has found nothing better to build than a skyscraper. A Remastering of "The Rise Of The Fall
High Security Fridge
Episode 47: High Security Fridge (Sep 14, 2018)
Once again the roaches have raided the fridge. But Oggy has more than one trick up his sleeve and this time the little critters are going to be caught in a trap they can't get out of. A Remastering Of "Caught In A Trap"
The Golf Pro
Episode 48: The Golf Pro (Sep 14, 2018)
Jack takes Oggy out to play golf. Despite his complete lack of talent, he manages to sink holes-in-one right and left. Jack is beside himself with rage. The roaches who are bored decide to move the holes around in order to spice up the game... A Remastering Of "GA Remastering Of "Golf Curse"olf Curse"
A Carriage For Jack
Episode 49: A Carriage For Jack (Sep 17, 2018)
On his way home from shopping, Oggy unintentionally steps on a frog. He picks it up and kisses it to ask forgiveness. A Remastering of "The Pumpkin That Pretended To Be A Ferrari"
Alien Roaches
Episode 50: Alien Roaches (Sep 17, 2018)
During a raid on the kitchen, the cockroaches are surprised by extraterrestrial cockroaches. An abominable racket finally wakes up Oggy. A Remastering of "Space Roaches"
The Laugh Box
Episode 51: The Laugh Box (Sep 17, 2018)
Oggy has lately been watching old sitcoms. Joey records some of the laughter, then tags behind the cat, hitting play when our favourite feline does the slightest move. Joey then makes Oggy swallow the tape recorder, and makes it look like Oggy is laughing by a remote connected to the tape. The whole neighborhood now thinks Oggy is rude, because he laughs when he’s not supposed to. A Remastering of "Sitcom"
Hide And Go Whiskers!
Episode 52: Hide And Go Whiskers! (Sep 17, 2018)
The roaches cut off Jack's whiskers so they can use them like pogo sticks. But with no whiskers, Jacks panics. Oggy tries a miracle "whisker growing lotion" but the result is going to be very weird!
Where's the Exit?
Episode 53: Where's the Exit? (Sep 17, 2018)
Jack drags Oggy along for some jogging. A Remastering Of "Missing In Action"
Brainy Roaches
Episode 54: Brainy Roaches (Sep 17, 2018)
Through one of the cockroaches’ latest pranks, Jack’s brain, hardly bigger than a chickpea, finds itself unceremoniously ejected from his skull. A Remastering of "Toy's R Oggy"
Nursing the Neighbor
Episode 55: Nursing the Neighbor (Sep 18, 2018)
Bob finds himself in a full body cast after an accident caused by Oggy. To make up for it, the cat decides to look after Bob, becoming his full-time nurse.
Space Journey
Episode 56: Space Journey (Sep 18, 2018)
Oggy is piloting the space craft replacement for the space station that is orbiting around the earth! Once he's rid himself of his space suit. A Remastering of "Lost In Space"
Boxing Match
Episode 57: Boxing Match (Sep 18, 2018)
In order to regain his pride (thank-you roaches!) Bob challenges Oggy to a duel. A Remastering of "Boxing Fever"
Freezing Cold
Episode 58: Freezing Cold (Sep 18, 2018)
After pillaging the fridge, the roaches forget to close the door. And the ice age returns! The ground, the walls, the garden all freeze over...and pretty soon it's the entire earth! Jack and Oggy are now living in the North Pole... Brrrrrrrrrrr! A Remastering of "Keep Cool!"
A Dreamy Cruise
Episode 59: A Dreamy Cruise (Sep 18, 2018)
Oggy and Jack are on a magnificent cruise ship. While Jack, Joey and Marky are seasick to their stomachs. A Remastering of "Mayday! Mayday!"
Hypnotic Oggy
Episode 60: Hypnotic Oggy (Sep 18, 2018)
Marky is learning hypnosis and it seems to work like crazy on Oggy! Under the spell of our evil roach, Oggy starts doing the most outrageous things all over the neighborhood. A Remastering of "Hip Hip Hip Hypnoses"
Life's a Zoo
Episode 61: Life's a Zoo (Sep 20, 2018)
When Olivia goes on vacation she asks Oggy to keep her parrot. Oggy also gets Jack's turtle, and some circus animals, all under one roof. How will Oggy survive, especially with the roaches around?
Fishing Lesson
Episode 62: Fishing Lesson (Sep 20, 2018)
Jack takes Oggy out to teach him how to fish. Ah nature, fresh air, the soft chirping of birds in the shade. A Remastering of "Fishing Frolic"
Snake and Snacks
Episode 63: Snake and Snacks (Sep 20, 2018)
On their way back from a picnic at the zoo, Oggy and Jack discover a boa stowaway in their basket. More slippery than soap, they can't get a grip on the snake. After the roaches, it's Jack's turn to get gobbled up by the boa... A Remastering of "Warning! Boa On The Run!"
The Big Bad Wolf
Episode 64: The Big Bad Wolf (Oct 09, 2018)
A wolf escapes from the penitentiary and is hanging out in Oggy’s neighborhood, looking for food. When he ends up swallowing Oggy and Joey, Marky and Dee Dee try to rescue them, with a little help from Olivia playing the role of little red riding hood…
Poor Sports
Episode 65: Poor Sports (Oct 09, 2018)
When the roaches sabotage a virtual game in which Oggy and Jack get to smash cockroaches, the cats decide to face off with each other in a more traditional game.
The Giant Roaches
Episode 66: The Giant Roaches (Oct 09, 2018)
Oggy sets up a pair of binoculars, but the roaches take advantage of his drowsiness to put a binocular lens underneath each eyelid. When Oggy wakes up, he bumps into giant cockroaches! A Remastering of "Oggy and the Giant Roaches"
The Food Dispenser
Episode 67: The Food Dispenser (Oct 09, 2018)
To stop the roaches from eating him dry, Oggy orders a food dispenser and stores all his edibles in it. But when Oggy realises that the roaches have managed to sneak into the machine, war is declared!
Up, Up and Up!
Episode 68: Up, Up and Up! (Oct 09, 2018)
After having put the chicken in the stove to cook, Oggy heads off to do a bit of gardening. A Remastering of "Up To... No Good!"
General Jack
Episode 69: General Jack (Oct 09, 2018)
Once again, the cockroaches have made Oggy look ridiculous. In nothing flat, the cockroaches find themselves locked up in a cage by Jack. A Remastering of "The Dictator"
Back To School
Episode 70: Back To School (Oct 11, 2018)
After getting hit on the head, Oggy dreams he's back in school, with Bob playing all the adult roles. The cockroaches make Oggy the dunce of the class and it looks like he's in for a rough day.
Fake News
Episode 71: Fake News (Oct 11, 2018)
When cockroaches post fake videos on the internet and pass themselves off as victims abused by Oggy, the reputation of the cat takes a shot... Jack and Oggy trick and trap cockroaches in turn to restore the truth on the web.
The Machine
Episode 72: The Machine (Oct 11, 2018)
Jack has built an imposing machine that is capable of modifying, recycling or transforming just about anything. A Remastering of "Jack-In-A-Box"
Whose Turn To Do The Dishes?
Episode 73: Whose Turn To Do The Dishes? (Oct 11, 2018)
Jack has left the house in a total mess and Oggy makes him clean up. The roaches, who are living in the dirty dishes, make sure that Jack would rather play around than clean the house.
Blah Blah Blah
Episode 74: Blah Blah Blah (Oct 11, 2018)
Unbeknownst to him, Oggy has just bought a box of special biscuits. Whoever eats them becomes a real gossip. A Remastering of "Chatter Box"
Alpine Antics
Episode 75: Alpine Antics (Oct 11, 2018)
Oggy and Jack are getting a taste of alpine antics. While Jack is being a real show-off on his skis, Oggy is sledding with caution. A Remastering of "Ski Bugs"
Oggy's Got Talent!
Episode 76: Oggy's Got Talent! (Oct 12, 2018)
Oggy accidentally becomes an ace guitarist and the roaches sign him up for "You've got Talent!", hoping to milk his popularity. But teen-idol Oggy has a huge ego and all the whims of a pop star.
The Witch Hunt
Episode 77: The Witch Hunt (Oct 12, 2018)
A irritable witch turned Oggy into mice and cockroaches into cats. The roles reverse: Oggy becomes a fugitive and discovers his house under a new dimension.... The Cockroaches! And the cockroaches are taking advantage of the situation...
Run for Shelter
Episode 78: Run for Shelter (Oct 12, 2018)
Jack is playing with his toy soldiers. Fed up with his cousin's stupid childish games, Oggy tells him he should go play outside. A Remastering of "Take Cover"

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