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The Kenny Everett Television Show (1982)

Sketch comedy show starring Kenny Everett.

Release Date: Thu, Feb 25, 1982

Country: GB
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Kenny Everett
Self / Various Characters
Cleo Rocos
Self / Sexy girl / Various Characters

Season 5:

Elton John
Episode 1: Elton John (Nov 30, 1987)
Can't believe your eyes ? Then turn on your appliance 'cos Kenny's back! Revel in your reunion with Reg Prescott, Verity Treacle and Maurice Mimer and wobble with wild anticipation at meeting some brand new characters. Cleo Rocos returns to join Kenny in a show crammed full of wild, wacky bits and there's even a song from Elton John.
Kim Wilde
Episode 2: Kim Wilde (Dec 07, 1987)
Coming to a television set near you - The world's tallest man... The inside of Derek Jameson 's brain... The true story of the First World War... The world's first underwater audience... The life story of Kim Wilde... All this and more in the wild and wacky Kenny Everett Television Show... Don't miss it!
Donny Osmond
Episode 3: Donny Osmond (Dec 14, 1987)
Can Donny Osmond really be in tonight's show ? Why is Christopher Timothy playing a vet again ? What torture awaits Lionel Blair this week ? What is Harry Fowler doing in a pub with Kenny ? What a twist! What fun! What wackiness! What a show!
Chris Rea
Episode 4: Chris Rea (Jan 04, 1988)
New readers start here - Kenneth Everett, he of the tinkling laughter, twinkling eyes and twisted truss, presents a weekly half-hour of wicked wackiness. Should you choose to read on, you will be taking a trip from London to Brighton in four minutes, meeting Chris Rea and his band and exploring certain organs of Joan Collins. Dear reader - how can you resist ? Join Kenny tonight. End of chapter.
Episode 5: Marillion (Jan 11, 1988)
Reg Prescott (DIY expert) writes: 'Hello viewers! I've just perfected the recipe for the ultimate funny TV show. First, take a pinch of Wilma Wacky , then a level cupful of Mrs Cheeky and stir in a 'boy of the old brigade'. Add this to the mixing bowl containing Marillion and blend firmly together until it begins to bubble. Adjust your - er - seasonings, add a splash of Mrs Mirth and, being careful not to burn yourself on the comedy oven, bake for 30 minutes and turn out on to the Lionel Blair rack. There you have it - your very own Cuddly Ken TV Show!' Join Reg, Banzai Davlo, the Bronte Sisters and Queen Victoria for another fab show!
Errol Brown
Episode 6: Errol Brown (Jan 18, 1988)
It's the end of an era. The final curtain falls - cuddly Ken may currently be seen at a DHSS office near you. For, dear viewer, this is the last show in the series. Weep not - on display in tonight's mammoth spectacular are all your favourites - Verity Treacle, Baby, Maurice Mimer and the cast of Cobbers. Errol Brown drops in with a song. The audience float in space with Kenny. A few nuns do a few bits and Lionel Blair is still being tortured.

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