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Summer of '92

For a cool high school kid and his friends, thwarting authority figures and other enemies is not a problem.

Release Date: Sun, Sep 02, 1990

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 23
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Season 3:

Flamingo Graffiti
Episode 1: Flamingo Graffiti (Jul 16, 1992)
Parker decides to change a few things his life. First on his list is to spend a night with Annie.
Cape Flamingo
Episode 2: Cape Flamingo (Jul 23, 1992)
In a remake of the film Cape Fear, tough guy Brad Penny saves Parker's life and tries to befriend him. Parker becomes suspicious and vows to never let Brad get to him.
The Kiss
Episode 3: The Kiss (Jul 30, 1992)
Shelly tries to get her first kiss, and she sets her eyes on Brad Penny. Parker tries to stop her from completing her mission.
Love is Hell
Episode 5: Love is Hell (Aug 13, 1992)
Love is in the air as Kohler plans to win over Ms. Musso's heart, Ms. Musso meets a handsome stranger, Mikey meets a new girl, and Jerry tries to win over Shelly.
Jerry's Journey
Episode 6: Jerry's Journey (Aug 20, 1992)
After being left out of everything, Jerry goes on a quest to become cool.
Beauty and the Kube
Episode 7: Beauty and the Kube (Sep 06, 1992)
While working together, Kubiak develops a crush on Annie.
Hungry Heart
Episode 8: Hungry Heart (Sep 13, 1992)
Kohler is interested in the mother of the boy that Kubiak is babysitting. Annie tries to fix them up.
Lewis and Son
Episode 9: Lewis and Son (Sep 20, 1992)
Mr. Lewis expects Parker to take over the family business once he's older.
Kohler Buys the Diner
Episode 10: Kohler Buys the Diner (Sep 27, 1992)
Coach Kohler takes over the guy's hangout.
Parker's Got a Brand New Car
Episode 11: Parker's Got a Brand New Car (Mar 21, 1993)
Parker's father wrecks the classic car that Parker just bought.
Educating Brad
Episode 13: Educating Brad (Apr 04, 1993)
Parker's nemesis Brad Penny returns and gets back into school and takes over the poetry class. Jerry gets a job at the diner.
Write or Die
Episode 15: Write or Die (Apr 18, 1993)
Mikey has a problem with writer's block which may cause him to attend summer school. Everyone gives him help by pitching story ideas, one of which takes on the style of the old Parker Lewis Can't Lose.
The Bitch is Back
Episode 16: The Bitch is Back (Apr 25, 1993)
Parker is having an unusually lucky day until Mikey introduces him to his new girlfriend. A girl Parker once met at summer camp two years ago and whom broke his heart. Jerry tries to make a commercial for the diner that Kohler likes.
Musso: a Wedding
Episode 17: Musso: a Wedding (May 02, 1993)
Much to Kohler's dismay, Grace gets married to a man with a six-figure salary; however the bridegroom drops dead soon afterward.
A Night to Remember
Episode 18: A Night to Remember (May 09, 1993)
Parker must double-date with Shelley on Prom night, when his parents decide Shelley is a little young to be attending. At the event Shelley turns up missing just as his parents arrive.
Senior Jerry
Episode 20: Senior Jerry (May 30, 1993)
Jerry gets move into the A.S.A.P. program which makes him a senior, when he gets a B+ on his first test he freaks out, drops out and starts laying bricks. Grace has a recurring dream about The Scarlet Letter.
The Rocky Kohler Picture Show
Episode 21: The Rocky Kohler Picture Show (Jun 06, 1993)
Kube gets invited to a movie party but trouble ensues when he invites Kohler to tag along.
The Last Supper
Episode 22: The Last Supper (Jun 13, 1993)
Parker and the gang find out that the Atlas Diner is going to be torn down in order to provide a location for a new strip bar. A clip show featuring highlights from all three seasons ensues.

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