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Case Closed (1996)

The son of a world famous mystery writer, Jimmy Kudo, has achieved his own notoriety by assisting the local police as a student detective. He has always been able to solve the most difficult of criminal cases using his wits and power of reason.

Release Date: Mon, Jan 08, 1996

Country: JP
Language: Ja
Runtime: 25

Minami Takayama
Conan Edogawa (voice)
Kappei Yamaguchi
Shinichi Kudo (voice)
Wakana Yamazaki
Ran Mori (voice)
Akira Kamiya
Kogoro Mori (voice)
Rikiya Koyama
Kogoro Mori (voice)
Megumi Hayashibara
Ai Haibara (voice)
Ken'ichi Ogata
Hiroshi Agasa (voice)
Yukiko Iwai
Ayumi Yoshida (voice)
Wataru Takagi
Genta Kojima (voice)
Ikue Otani
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya (voice)
Juzo Megure (voice)

Season 1:

The Big Shrink
Episode 1: The Big Shrink (Jan 08, 1996)
While on a date with Rachel, Kudo is attacked by two shady thugs who slip him an experimental drug. The effects of the poison will turn Jimmy’s life upside down!
The Kidnapped Debutante
Episode 2: The Kidnapped Debutante (Jan 15, 1996)
Conan sets out to discover the fate of a wealthy businessman’s kidnapped daughter. His new identity is a secret to everyone but his eccentric inventor friend, Dr. Agasa.
Beware of Idols
Episode 3: Beware of Idols (Jan 22, 1996)
Pop diva Yoko Okino is being stalked and she's come to star-struck Richard Moore's doorstep for help! Luckily for all involved, Conan is on the job, too.
Fish Marks the Spot
Episode 4: Fish Marks the Spot (Jan 29, 1996)
Treasure hunt! When a mysterious coded map ends up in the hands of Conan and his new friends from school, the Junior Detective League is born!
The Time Bomb Express
Episode 5: The Time Bomb Express (Feb 05, 1996)
On a cross country train, Conan comes across two sketchy men that might be connected to the night of his big shrink! To make matters worse, the hoods are packing a bomb!
Tragic Valentine
Episode 6: Tragic Valentine (Feb 12, 1996)
When Rachel and Serena attend a Valentine’s Day dinner party with some boys, Conan decides to tag along. It’s a good thing, too, because murder is on the menu!
The Case of Mysterious Gifts
Episode 7: The Case of Mysterious Gifts (Feb 19, 1996)
Dr. Woodman has been receiving children’s toys - and cash - once a month for the last two years, and he has no idea why. Conan and Richard take the case and find some interesting twists along the way.
The Art Museum Murder Case
Episode 8: The Art Museum Murder Case (Feb 26, 1996)
The owner of an art museum is killed by what appears to be someone wearing medieval body armor from the 15th century. Can Conan bring the killer to justice?
Festival Fiasco
Episode 9: Festival Fiasco (Mar 04, 1996)
An author scripts the perfect murder of his ex-partner, complete with an airtight alibi. Can Conan see through the holes in his plot, or has this writer penned himself a perfect happy ending?
Deadly Game
Episode 10: Deadly Game (Mar 11, 1996)
A star soccer player's been thrown off his game. A girl claiming to be Jimmy's girlfriend has surfaced, asking for help in finding a kidnapped boy. Are the events connected?
The Moonlight Sonata Murder Case (1/2)
Episode 11: The Moonlight Sonata Murder Case (1/2) (Apr 08, 1996)
There is murder abound on Moonlight Island, and with every victim that is found, the haunting sounds of a classical composition are heard. Conan must solve the crime before all the suspects disappear!
Kidnapped: Ayumi
Episode 12: Kidnapped: Ayumi (Apr 15, 1996)
An innocent game of hide-and-seek becomes a race through the city when two thugs kidnap Amy. With the clock running against them, can the Junior Detective League rescue her before it's too late?
Mystery Mastermind
Episode 13: Mystery Mastermind (Apr 22, 1996)
Richard finds the missing father of a girl named Michelle. Unfortunately, the next day, the father is found murdered and Michelle has vanished. It’s up to Conan to find the girl before it’s too late!
The Shooter
Episode 14: The Shooter (Apr 29, 1996)
As Conan’s gang fishes on the riverbank, they witness a most unusual sight. Can they convince Inspector Meguire and Richard of its importance before it’s too late?
The Two Faced Brother
Episode 15: The Two Faced Brother (May 13, 1996)
When Conan has to deal with a disappearing body, an oddly similar pair of brothers, and a jaded law enforcement system, everything is helter-skelter!
A Loan Repaid
Episode 16: A Loan Repaid (May 20, 1996)
What starts out as a lazy day soon takes an exciting turn when an antique collector meets his end by the edge of an ancient sword. Can Conan cut through all the confusion?
The Case of the Hi-Jacked Department Store
Episode 17: The Case of the Hi-Jacked Department Store (May 27, 1996)
When Conan and his pals find themselves locked in a department store, they stumble right into the hands of a vicious ring of burglars. Will anyone come to their rescue?
Wedding Day Blues
Episode 18: Wedding Day Blues (Jun 03, 1996)
While Conan suffers through the wedding of a former teacher, someone is plotting to poison the bride’s favorite drink! What diabolical mind is behind this act of evil?
Fashion Sense
Episode 19: Fashion Sense (Jun 10, 1996)
What began as an enjoyable day for Conan, Richard, and Rachel, who is being interviewed for a potential job as a fashion model, soon turns toxic. A beautiful young lady has been found dead!
The Disappearing Act
Episode 20: The Disappearing Act (Jun 17, 1996)
Conan, George, Mitch, and Amy explore a haunted house. With strange noises and mysterious screams around every corner, what they find is more bizarre than any ghost ever imagined.
Lights, Camera... Murder
Episode 21: Lights, Camera... Murder (Jun 24, 1996)
When a crewmember is killed, a movie set becomes a crime scene! Everyone involved in the movie is labeled a suspect, but who could be capable of such a horrendous deed?
Smooth Sailing (1)
Episode 22: Smooth Sailing (1) (Jul 01, 1996)
Conan, Richard, and Rachel attempt to relax aboard a cruise ship, but the gang soon ends up being cast into the middle of a dangerous family drama. Can Conan find the killer before he takes out the entire family?
Smooth Sailing (2)
Episode 23: Smooth Sailing (2) (Jul 08, 1996)
Lucas becomes the next victim on the voyage, and it’s revealed that Theodore’s escape from his makeshift cell was only possible with an accomplice. Amid two-timing and back-stabbing, Conan’s on the case.
Better Off Forgotten
Episode 24: Better Off Forgotten (Jul 15, 1996)
During Richard’s day at the track, he must dodge a revenge-driven ex-con and help a beautiful woman recover her memories.
The Counterfeit Ransom Kidnapping
Episode 25: The Counterfeit Ransom Kidnapping (Jul 22, 1996)
A dramatic car chase leaves two people dead - or does it? What does a diving watch, a sun tan, and five million dollars add up to? Just another puzzling case for Conan.
Jack Attacks!
Episode 26: Jack Attacks! (Jul 29, 1996)
A dog named Jack kills a college student, shocking the dog’s owner and Conan as well! Conan’s known the pooch forever, and if he doesn’t get to the bottom of the attack, Jack will be put to sleep!
Richard's Class Reunion (1)
Episode 27: Richard's Class Reunion (1) (Aug 05, 1996)
Conan and Rachel join Richard for the 15-year reunion of Moore’s state-winning Judo team. But when the knock-out Jamie Hummelford turns up dead in her room, reminiscing will have to wait.
Richard's Class Reunion (2)
Episode 28: Richard's Class Reunion (2) (Aug 12, 1996)
Richard’s class reunion continues, and the killer is still among them. Can Conan apprehend him in time? Everyone’s a suspect in this exciting episode of Case Closed!
The Computer Murder
Episode 29: The Computer Murder (Aug 19, 1996)
A chance meeting with a corporate executive lands Conan in the middle of a murder investigation. A curious cat, a suspicious limo driver, and pile of melted chocolates have Conan wondering who the killer is.
The Missing Melody
Episode 30: The Missing Melody (Aug 26, 1996)
When an attorney’s wife is murdered under strange circumstances, Conan steps in to make sense of it all. A music box, a telephone call, and a staple all point to a killer no one would expect.
Murder at the Television Studio
Episode 31: Murder at the Television Studio (Sep 02, 1996)
Richard Moore stars on the popular television show Prime Time Mystery Hour, and while Conan and Rachel enjoy the broadcast from the audience, a vicious murder takes place at the studio.
Murder at the Local Diner
Episode 32: Murder at the Local Diner (Sep 09, 1996)
Rachel has a date and Conan is determined to find out who this guy is. But when a brutal murder takes place at the diner he’s in, Conan steps into his detective shoes to solve the case.
A Hunting We Will Go
Episode 33: A Hunting We Will Go (Oct 14, 1996)
A treasure hunt turns scary for the Junior Detective League. They’re lost in the wild, miles from civilization, and two suspicious-looking men are sneaking around!
Mountain Villa Murder (1)
Episode 34: Mountain Villa Murder (1) (Oct 21, 1996)
When Rachel is invited to a friend’s villa, it seems like an ideal get-away from the city. But when one of the guests is murdered, the holiday turns into a nightmare - and Rachel’s the killer’s next target!
Mountain Villa Murder (2)
Episode 35: Mountain Villa Murder (2) (Oct 28, 1996)
A group of Rachel’s old friends seek to defend themselves against a deadly axe-murderer. But is the assailant really stalking them from outside of the villa - or is he lurking within?
Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
Episode 36: Wrong Place at the Wrong Time (Nov 04, 1996)
When a real estate agent is murdered in his condo, the police suspect a well-known dentist in town. Will Conan’s investigation vindicate the beautiful dentist or debunk her perfect alibi?
Prickly Past
Episode 37: Prickly Past (Nov 11, 1996)
When a pretty girl hires Detective Moore to help her find an old flame, Conan finds out that the man she is looking for was responsible for the death of her fiancé!
Flames of Confusion
Episode 38: Flames of Confusion (Nov 18, 1996)
When a body is discovered in a bonfire, Moore finds out that the victim is the same man he’s been tailing for the past three days! Can Conan crack the case before the prime suspect leaves the country?
Billionaire Birthday Blues (1)
Episode 39: Billionaire Birthday Blues (1) (Dec 02, 1996)
A billionaire hosts a birthday gala for his daughter Reika and Detective Moore is the celebrity guest of honor. But when one of Reika’s suitors turns up dead, the remaining guests are suspects for murder.
Billionaire Birthday Blues (2)
Episode 40: Billionaire Birthday Blues (2) (Dec 09, 1996)
When a beautiful heiress is murdered on her birthday, Conan springs into action to solve the baffling crime. The stakes are soon raised, as Rachel becomes a target for the assassin’s sinister game.
Left in Tatters
Episode 41: Left in Tatters (Nov 25, 1996)
A baseball game is interrupted when the School Chairman reveals that someone has slashed the cherished Championship Flag! Scandal rocks Shore View High as Conan investigates.
Karaoke Killing
Episode 42: Karaoke Killing (Dec 16, 1996)
Rachel and Serena find themselves in a Karaoke Bar with the hottest band in the land! It seems like a dream come true until the brash lead singer - Justin Moon - is poisoned right in front of their eyes.
Conan Is Kidnapped
Episode 43: Conan Is Kidnapped (Jan 13, 1997)
A lady who claims to be Conan’s mother might really be a spy working for the organization that poisoned him! Can Conan escape from her murderous intentions and find an antidote for the poison?
Episode 63: Gomera! (Jun 16, 1997)
The Stalker
Episode 71: The Stalker (Aug 11, 1997)
Dead Hobo
Episode 80: Dead Hobo (Nov 10, 1997)
The Set Up
Episode 83: The Set Up (Dec 01, 1997)
Deadly Art
Episode 90: Deadly Art (Feb 09, 1998)
The Partner is Santa-san
Episode 566: The Partner is Santa-san (Feb 27, 2010)
Shigeko Ishikawa is being stalked by an unknown man. While Kogoro investigates, Conan is forced to watch over her two-year-old son nicknamed Santa. Ishikawa is later kidnapped by the unknown man and Conan investigates Santa's home in order to search for clues. Conan finds a feather of a White-eye and learns that Santa has been giving away figurines to people in the neighborhood. Conan realizes what the culprit's motive is after learning about the endangered counterpart of the White-eye, the Black-eye; He asks Santa to take him to the man who received the White-eye. Eventually ending at an abandoned pet store, Conan confronts the culprit and reveals that the culprit was intending to sell the endangered Black-eye to the underground economy and kidnapped Santa's mother when he perceived the White-eye figurine to be a threat. Conan clears the misunderstanding and explains Santa gave him the figurine as a friendly gesture.
The Intention to Murder Befalling in an Open-air Bath
Episode 567: The Intention to Murder Befalling in an Open-air Bath (Mar 06, 2010)
Kogoro takes Ran and Conan to an onsen by the ocean. When they hear the sound of a boulder falling, they find a man named Hideaki Umezu, a mortgage company president, dead. The police presume that a boulder rolled off the hill and killed Umezu. However, Conan reveals that there are scratch marks around the spot where the bolder rested revealing that someone used the boulder to murder Umezu. The suspects are Umezu's secretary, his two daughters, and the onsen manager. After further investigation, Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and reveals the murderer to be onsen manager, Koichi Maekawa. Conan reveals that Umezu was not killed by the boulder but drowned, evidenced by the dirt under Umezu's fingernails revealing the struggle. Conan explains the boulder was used to create an alibi for Maekawa by using a wooden block connected to a line and buoy. When the tide lowered, the buoy pulled the wooden block and caused the boulder to roll off.
Inspector Shiratori, Memories of the Sakura (1)
Episode 568: Inspector Shiratori, Memories of the Sakura (1) (Mar 13, 2010)
At the theaters, the Detective Boys run into Shiratori who is depressed since Sato's affection is being directed towards Takagi. Shiratori reveals that he is bind to Sato because of an encounter he had with her in the past. Shiratori explains Sato as a young girl stood up to two thieves by herself. Shiratori helps her stop the thieves and in return receives from her a drink with paper folded sakura. Conan questions if the girl was actually Sato as their personalities differ greatly. During the movie, Shiratori runs into a woman named Nami Kasakura who offers him a drink with paper folded sakuras causing Shiratori to consider the possibility she was the girl in the past. After the movie, Kasakura tells Shiratori she is being stalked and asks him to investigate. At her apartment, Kasakura's boyfriend is found dead. Conan suspects Kasakura but her alibi supposedly states she was at the theater the whole time.
Inspector Shiratori, Memories of the Sakura (2)
Episode 569: Inspector Shiratori, Memories of the Sakura (2) (Mar 20, 2010)
Shiratori has Takagi search for the drinks at the theater and to bring them to the apartment. Shiratori reveals his deductions and explains that Kasakura drugged him with sleeping pills and placed her tuque on him to create her alibi by having Shiratori impersonate her. Takagi arrives at the department and shows them Shiratori's drink. Shiratori reveals that he had broken a piece from the flower design yet all the pieces remained on his drink revealing that Kasakura switched his drink while he was asleep to hide the fact there were sleeping pills in them. As further evidence, Shiratori explains that there was a white string on his head from the tuque meaning his hair should also be found on Kasakura's tuque. Kasakura confesses and reveals that her boyfriend had been cheating on her for the past two years and she killed him in vengeance.
The Crime that has Zero Possibility to Be Proven
Episode 570: The Crime that has Zero Possibility to Be Proven (Mar 27, 2010)
Conan, Kogoro, and Ran pass by a woman named Kyouko Takahata who passes out upon receiving a phone call that her brother-in-law, Itsurou Soejima was found dead in her home. They head to her house along with the police to discover that the drunk Soejima died when he fired a shotgun toward the ceiling causing a chandelier to fall on top of him. The police conclude it was suicide, however Conan believes it was a carefully planned murder. Conan investigates and discovers that in the past year, Takahata was involved in all the alcoholism incidents that almost resulted in Soejima's death. After gathering the evidence, Conan tranquilizes Kogoro to reveal his deductions. Conan reveals that Takahata called Soejima to her home and had prepared the alcohol and shotgun to tempt Soejima, who is a recovering alcoholic.
Treasure Battle in the Haunted Warehouse (1)
Episode 571: Treasure Battle in the Haunted Warehouse (1) (May 01, 2010)
The Detective Boys hear a rumor from a classmate about a warehouse with a treasure that can instantly appear and disappear. Before heading to the warehouse to investigate, the Detective Boys drop by Conan's house where they run into an unknown person unbeknownst to Conan. During the warehouse investigation, Conan notes there are fresh adult-sized footprints even though the warehouse has been locked up for years and that they lead up to an abacus with an odd number of beads. Conan decides to look through the warehouse by climbing a tree and sees a pile of treasure. The Detective Boys reenter the warehouse from the front entrance only to discover the warehouse it empty again. While Conan deduces that there might be a mechanism in the roof or in the floor, the Detective Boys prove him wrong declaring that the distance between the window and the roof is two meters from the outside and inside and that the markers they placed on the floors did not change.
Treasure Battle in the Haunted Warehouse (2)
Episode 572: Treasure Battle in the Haunted Warehouse (2) (May 08, 2010)
Conan investigates and realizes the warehouse is designed by Samizu Kichiemon (三水 吉右衛門) and that the abacus is the switch that will reveal the secret room. The Detective Boys and Conan have the owner of the warehouse call the police before revealing their deductions. When the police arrive, the Detective Boys explain that the warehouse has a low ceiling which was concealed by the interior design of the warehouse. A fake window was installed inside the warehouse to mimic the distance between the window and the ceiling outside the warehouse. Conan then explains if the abacus is arranged as to display the Kanji Samizu (三水), the ceiling would lower revealing the secret room. After doing so, they discover a man in the room. They learn that the man was a serial robber and the treasure was all stolen good. Conan then reveals to the Detective Boys that he discovered Heiji had been giving them advice during the investigation and forces Heiji to come out of hiding.
The Whereabouts of the Embarrassing Charm (1)
Episode 573: The Whereabouts of the Embarrassing Charm (1) (May 15, 2010)
After returning to Detective Mori's agency, Heiji asks them to help find Teruaki Kunisue, a sophomore at Teitan University who Heiji accidentally gave Kazuha's lucky charm to. They all head to Teitan University the next day only to find out that he has not been attending classes due to a broken wrist. Ran learns from Kazuha that she left a photo of Heiji in it and does not want Heiji to find out about the charm's contents. Later, Ran, Conan, Heiji, and Kazuha, go to a sports parlor where Teruaki was last spotted only to discover from the police that Teruaki has been assaulted by an unknown assailant. They are able to narrow down the suspects to three people since they were not in the bar-room during the time of the attack.
The Whereabouts of the Embarrassing Charm (2)
Episode 574: The Whereabouts of the Embarrassing Charm (2) (May 22, 2010)
Conan and Heiji interrogate the three suspects to learn that they respectively attended a sumo match, a volleyball game, and a soccer game. Conan and Heiji deduce that Teruaki attended a baseball game and that one of the suspects must have also attended the same game. Conan and Heiji realize that the soccer game fan, Takuya Kyuma, had been using baseball terms to describe a soccer game meaning he is the culprit. They reveal that Kyuma attacked Teruaki for a baseball he got from a home run and reveal that the baseball is in his popcorn bag. Kyuma confesses and reveals his recently deceased girlfriend's wish was to receive a baseball hit from a home run. At the hospital, Teruaki decides to give Kyuma the baseball and drop the charges after hearing his story. Teruaki apologizes to Kazuha and tells her Heiji has her charm. Heiji finds the picture has been doodled on and misunderstands Kazuha's feelings for him and enrages him.
The Alibi of the Black Dress (1)
Episode 575: The Alibi of the Black Dress (1) (May 29, 2010)
Conan, Kogoro, Ran, and Sonoko are at a tea house when a woman wearing gothic lolita fashion clothing enters the tea house, orders a glass of water, and leaves. Ten minutes later, a woman named Yuika Shoudou, arrives to the tea house where they learn that she was supposed to meet with the gothic girl from before. The four then leave to go shopping. On the way, a pair of thieves tries to steal their shopping bags by spilling ice cream on Ran and Sonoko but are foiled by Conan. The girls are forced to change in a public restroom where they find the gothic girl from before dead. The cell phone of the deceased, Mihiro Kuze, reveals she had been receiving phone calls from Shoudou. The police confirm with the waitress at the tea house that Kuze and Shoudou arrived ten minutes apart and with the public restroom thirty minutes away, removes Shoudou as a suspect.
The Alibi of the Black Dress (2)
Episode 576: The Alibi of the Black Dress (2) (Jun 05, 2010)
The police investigate the glass the gothic girl was drinking which holds Kuze's fingerprints. At the ghotic lolita shop where Kuze bought her clothes. The employee there revealed that the gothic clothes were sold in pairs causing Conan to receive an epiphany on Shoudou's allibi. Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and reveals that the gothic girl that entered the tea house was Shoudou and that the glass was pre-prepared with Kuze's fingerprints. As evidence, Conan reveals that the wound on Shoudou's hand reveals that she was scratched by Kuze while strangling her and that her blood must be in the public restroom somewhere. Soon after, Takagi calls confirming that a luminol reaction was positive in one of the stalls and that a test will prove whose blood it is. Shoudou confesses and reveals that Kuze caused her to lose her boyfriend, housing, job, and friends as Kuze wanted Shoudou all to herself.
The Fireflies that Light up the Truth
Episode 577: The Fireflies that Light up the Truth (Jun 19, 2010)
The Detective Boys attend a firefly festival to commemorate a shinto shrine in a village. The truck soon arrives with the fireflies and they are released into the fields. Later one of the truck drivers, Tokurou Nakamine, is found murdered and three of the villagers are the prime suspects. Conan notices a flashlight Genta found inside the truck and realizes who the murderer is. Using Agasa, Conan reveals the second truck driver, Shuchirou Tarumi, to be the murderer. Conan reveals that Tarumi murdered Nakamine in a desolated location near the village before turning the truck around and meeting with the other villagers. As evidence, Conan reveals the flashlight Genta found was actually a dictation machine with Nakamine's voice recorded on it. Tarumi takes Haibara hostage and attempts to flee but is eventually apprehended. Conan reveals that Tarumi's was tried of being blackmailed by for embezzling money from the firefly project and Nakamine's company and thus motivated his murder.
The Calling of the Red Omen Crisis
Episode 578: The Calling of the Red Omen Crisis (Jun 26, 2010)
The Detective Boys run into a strange man named Kyouzou Daita who invites them to a cake shop after they apprehended a thief who robbed him. While talking with him, Conan notices the man is acting strangely. That night, the Detective Boys confront him and reveal he plans to kill himself and make it look like an accident in order to use the insurance money to pay for his grand daughter's surgery. Daita confesses and reveals that after losing a winning lottery ticket, he contemplated suicide was his only option. Conan deduces that the lottery ticket is in his reading glasses case containing his after hearing his story. Daita, happy to have the money for the surgery, jokingly tells the Detective Boys he also thought of robbing a bank causing the Detective Boys to discuss the fact that a man resembling Shuichi Akai's description was at the bank.
The Thirteen Black Suggestions
Episode 579: The Thirteen Black Suggestions (Jul 03, 2010)
The man explains he was knocked unconscious in the bathroom and found himself like that and that the bomber threatened that if anyone leaves the floor or calls the police, the bomber will detonate the bombs on that floor. He discloses the bomber's demands, to find the sender of thirteen red shirts. Meanwhile, Jodie has been searching for evidence of Akai in the department store. While Conan and Kogoro investigate, Conan discovers from the receipt that the shirts were bought on different days but always at 12:28 and that there are creases on the thirteen red shirts. At the same time, the Black Organization waits outside the department store with snipers waiting for Akai. Gin holds a gun to Kir's head explaining that if Akai is alive, he will kill her.
The Black Time Limit Drawing Near
Episode 580: The Black Time Limit Drawing Near (Jul 10, 2010)
Conan arranges the red shirts in the order they were sent and folds them along the creases and deduces that the way the shirts were folded reveal a code. Elsewhere, Jodie spots Akai is on the floor where the bombing incident is taking place. Conan uses the cashier room's computer in order to search for a disaster that occurred in a snowy mountain on December 28. Okiya, who happens to be on the same floor, examines the red shirt and concludes the sender is related to a disaster that occurred on a snowy mountain and smiles slyly when he notices Akai in the crowd. Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and discloses that the bomber's behavior is inconsistent; He was desperate to search for the sender of the red shirts, yet he found the time to kidnap and strap a bomb onto the man. Conan then declares that the man strapped with the bombs is actually the bomber.
The Target of Shaking Red
Episode 581: The Target of Shaking Red (Jul 17, 2010)
Conan explains it would be impossible to always have a shirt bought on 12:28 for all thirteen days and reveals the sender to be the cashier, Mai Seta. Seta reveals that the bomber murdered her father thirteen years ago in order to hide the fact he was embezzling money from her father's company. Conan reveals that the shirts creases are flag signals conveying the message "I saw you burying it". The bomber denies the murder until Conan discloses that the body must be near the cabin since the bomber was a novice at mountaineering. The bomber confesses and explains he wanted the best for his son to stop him from running away from home. Seta asks Conan how he knew it was related to the mountains to which Kogoro answers by reading the deductions he received from a cellphone text message. Conan and Ran trace the call to a man who explains he did not send the message and reveals a man resembling Akai was the one who gave him the phone.
The Night the Zombie Died
Episode 582: The Night the Zombie Died (Jul 24, 2010)
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are invited to comedian Asako Fujimori's birthday party, even though Kogoro failed to find her stalker. When they arrive, they discover that Fujimori has stabbed a man in a zombie mask. They presume that the zombie is Fujimori's stalker, but discover that it is Jiro Imaoka, Fujimori's partner in her comedic career. While investigating, Kogoro deduces that Imaoka wanted to scare Fujimori to worsen her heart condition and force her to retire as his comedic partner and concludes the murder to be self defense. Conan's investigation leads him to believe Fujimori made up the stalker in order to murder Imaoka. He tranquilizes Kogoro and reveals that Fujimori and Imaoka met at a nearby park, evidenced by the cockleburs found on them. Fujimori then pretended to lose her key and faked a heart attack forcing Imaoka to enter through the apartment's balcony to retrieve her heart medication. Fujimori, enters her apartment before Imaoka does and murders him.
The Love of Kobayashi-sensei
Episode 583: The Love of Kobayashi-sensei (Aug 14, 2010)
Kobayashi insists on escorting the Detective Boys to the fireworks festival after hearing about a series recent robberies. Kobayashi becomes lost on the way when they decide to take a shortcut and witnesses a feud between two people in an alleyway which results in one of them being stabbed to death. At the police station, Shiratori questions Kobayashi about the murder of the woman named Akira Sumida. Kobayashi explains she heard a female voice threatening to kill the other in the midst of the argument. She adds on that the culprit was likely female due to her breasts and she saw a truck with the partially covered number 09 across the alley. Kobayashi leaves to go to the washroom when she overhears some officers mentioning how Shiratori may be dating Kobayashi only because she resembles Sato and is heartbroken.
The Lost Love of Inspector Shiratori
Episode 584: The Lost Love of Inspector Shiratori (Aug 21, 2010)
Shiratori has Kobayashi listen to the three suspect's voices and has determined none of them was the voice that shouted out and storms out of the police station. Haibara explains Kobayashi must have seen Sato and heard the rumors that Shiratori is only settling for Kobayashi in place of Sato. Shiratori attempts to rectify the misunderstanding and confronts Kobayashi revealing they met many years ago in a bookstore when confronting a pair of thieves. Kobayashi is unable to remember the event and replies it must have been Sato. Later that night at the school, Kobayashi receives a phone call asking to meet her at the music room when a presence behind her shocks her.
The Love of Sakura that Exceeds the Time
Episode 585: The Love of Sakura that Exceeds the Time (Aug 28, 2010)
Kobayashi enters the music room where the culprit proceeds to attack her. However, she manages to incapacitate the culprit with a suplex and is revealed to be Sato in disguise. The Detective Boys and Shiratori appear revealing Sato replaced Kobayashi in the hallway and names the culprit to be Ryuusuke Kodama. The Detective Boys reveal that Kobayashi's testimony was correct and that she mistook Kodama to be a woman in the alley due to his long hair and the position of his arm making him seem as if he had breasts. Conan explains the woman's voice that was heard belonged to the victim, and that 09 was actually OS and stood for the first two letters of Osaka Nico Nico transportation. Shiratori reveals that they questioned the truck driver who saw the victim and Kodama entering the alley. Kodama confesses and explains that Sumida planned to kill Kodama to receive money from his life insurance to settle his debt and murdered her in self-defense.
The Kirin's Horn that Disappeared Into the Darkness
Episode 586: The Kirin's Horn that Disappeared Into the Darkness (Sep 04, 2010)
Jirokichi stakes the key into the wall and awaits for Kid's arrival. Kid causes a blackout and the timed explosives destroys the windows causing strong winds to rush inside the shrine. While the Detective Boys protect the pedestals, the center pillar is heard opening. When electricity is restored, they discover Kirin's horn is missing, Conan is knocked out by a taser, and cards signed by Kid attached to all four pedestals. Jirokichi reveals that the shrine had been secretly enforced with steel and an alarm would sound if Kid had escaped through the door and proclaims Kid must be in disguise and inside the shrine; The suspects are Jirokichi, Ginzo Nakamori, or one of the three reporters. Haibara deduces from the inscribed message on the pillar that there is another method to open the pillars without the use of the keys. From the colors and Kanji on the pedestals, Haibara discerns they represent the Four Symbols: the Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Azure Dragon.
Kid vs. the Four Spirits of the Detective Boys
Episode 587: Kid vs. the Four Spirits of the Detective Boys (Sep 11, 2010)
The Detective Boys discover Conan is feigning to be in an unconscious state to deduce Kid's motive for stunning him. The Detective Boys inform Conan what occurred during the black out allowing him to deduce who Kid is disguised as. Conan has Haibara reveal to the adults that Kid manipulated the Detective Boys, unknowingly, into opening the center pillar by having them lean on the pedestals. Haibara explains that the Four Symbols each represent a season; The inscribed writing in the pillar describes going with the flow, and when the pedestals are pushed in the order of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, the center pillar opens. She reveals that Nakamori had asked them to protect the pedestals in exactly the same order and reveals Nakamori to be Kid. Haibara discerns the cards were attached to the back of the Detective Boy's custom made anoraks disproving Kid had an accomplice.
The Trap of the Rooftop Farm
Episode 588: The Trap of the Rooftop Farm (Sep 18, 2010)
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are invited to assist in a rooftop farm. Once there, they discover the elderly farmer, Takehiko Nakamura, dead from a head injury. The police are brought in and the other three farmers are interrogated for the death. Conan's discovers a shattered brick with a hole and discerning how Nakamura was murdered, tranquilizes Kogoro and reveals the farmer Marie Inoue to be the murderer. Conan reveals that she hung a brick on the handrail and concealed it with a towel and lured Nakamura to it with a phone call. When he was close enough, she pulled a rope connected to the brick hitting him on the forehead causing him to lose his balance and having him fall into the corner of the water tank. As evidence, Conan explains the towel's paint mark is from the handrail and that the rope must be in Inoue's home. Inoue confesses and reveals that Nakamura killed her crop which were grown from her father's final harvest.
The Worst Birthday (1)
Episode 589: The Worst Birthday (1) (Sep 25, 2010)
Ran discovers a receipt for a necklace in Kogoro's wallet and discerns that he is going to give it to Eri as a birthday present. Ran decides to enter a raffle draw to win a luxury hotel trip for her parents and succeeds in winning the tickets. Eri reschedules to meet her client at the hotel upon hearing about the supposed necklace. Her client, Akiho Koukuba, enters Eri's room after getting into a fight with her husband, Takehiko Koukuba, and falls asleep. Eri arranges for Takehiko to retrieve his wife and leaves to eat dinner with her family. She returns to her room, disappointed by Kogoro's behavior and the lack of a present and opens a carbonated drink but is soaked by the can; After showering to wash off the drink, she returns and finds Akiho dead in her room.
The Worst Birthday (2)
Episode 590: The Worst Birthday (2) (Oct 02, 2010)
That night, Conan realizes how the murder was done and who the culprit is. The next day, he drops a hint for Kogoro by spilling ketchup on a food cart which creates an evenly spaced ketchup stain on the floor, miming the victim's blood stain. Kogoro has the police gather the suspects and declares Takehiko to be the culprit. He reveals that Takehiko placed his toy cars under the bed legs allowing the bed to easily slide. They evidence it with Takehiko's statement, when he said that James Dean's car was a Porsche 911, but in reality it was a Porsche 550; revealing he used the 550 in the crime. Takehiko asks how would he know Eri was going to take a shower. Eri reveals that Takehiko filled her fridge with only carbonated drink and Takehiko knew that Alcohol would make one thirsty. As evidence, the murder weapon, the ashtray in Takehiko's room, should contain Akiho's blood. Takehiko confesses and reveals that Akiho threatened to kill him to inherit his money.
The House With an Aquarium
Episode 591: The House With an Aquarium (Oct 16, 2010)
Agasa takes the Detective Boys to the house of a famous aquarium designer, Nishida. Kousuke Imura lets them into Nishida's home when Nishida does not answer the door. The Detective Boys find Nishida drowned in his bathtub. The police determine that Nishida died the night two days prior and from falling asleep in his bathtub due to alcohol consumption. Conan's disproves the theory explaining that the bathroom light was not on when they found him. The police investigate Imura's alibi which confirmed he was in Guam for the past two days at a shooting range. Conan investigates and realizing how the murder is done, impersonates Agasa's voice and declares Imura the murderer. He explains that Imura used the cooler from the shrimp's tank to fake the time of death, evidenced by the wet glue that has yet to dry on Nishida's fingertip and the dead shrimps in the same aquarium.
The Tori's Pledge of Monkeys and Rakes (1)
Episode 592: The Tori's Pledge of Monkeys and Rakes (1) (Oct 23, 2010)
Kogoro and Conan are taken by Ran and Sonoko to a Rooster Festival. Ran and Sonoko sneak off to have their love fortunes predicted. Sonoko reads Ran's fortune which strongly suggests her to be feminine and avoid mannish conducts. Sonoko is then robbed by a man wearing a hyottoko mask who flees with her purse towards Ran. Ran, hesitant by her love fortune, does not incapacitate him with karate and allows him to escape. Kogoro explains the man has been dubbed as the Rooster Man and is a serial robber at Rooster Festivals. Ran and Sonoko takes Conan with them to visit the festival again to have their love fortunes retold. A woman's scream is heard and they discover that the Rooster Man was spotted and stabbed a man before escaping. Before losing consciousness, the stabbed man, Shiro Masuko, tells Conan it is not rooster but saru (猿, lit. monkey) and shows him nine fingers. Conan investigates the backpack left behind by the Rooster Man and discovers all the possessions stolen by him.
The Tori's Pledge of Monkeys and Rakes (2)
Episode 593: The Tori's Pledge of Monkeys and Rakes (2) (Oct 30, 2010)
It was discovered the button did not belong to any of the suspects. As Conan investigates, he is able to deduce Masuko's message when he realizes it is related to the Chinese zodiac and reveals to Kogoro that the culprit is Shinji Mizunoe. Conan explains that the ninth sign of the Chinese zodiac refers to Monkey and is written as shin (申, lit.) in Han. Nine also dictates the Sexagenary cycle where the ninth celestial stem Rén (壬) can be read in as Mizunoe in Kunyomi. As for Mizunoe's alibi, Conan explains Masuko was the original Rooster Man and Mizunoe only impersonated him in an attempt to murder him. Conan suggests to Kogoro to have the police investigate to see if the button belongs to Masuko. They discover Ran has the button and realize Mizunoe may attack her for it. Ran is tasered by Mizunoe and has her wallet taken from her. Before killing her, Mizunoe finds Ran's love fortune and reads its content which suggests Ran to be herself.
The Seven Wonders Tour in Hiroshima and Miyajima (Miyajima)
Episode 594: The Seven Wonders Tour in Hiroshima and Miyajima (Miyajima) (Nov 06, 2010)
Conan, Ran, and Kogoro arrive in Hiroshima to meet a film crew who plan to film them touring Miyajima, Hiroshima. The assistant producer, Yuuichi Kitamura, gets severe stomach pain that causes him to be bedridden. They take a ferry to Miyajima and begin filming. In front of Itsukushima Shrine, a crew member finds out salt was added to his drink; the film crew then notices a familiar man in a crowd and assumes him to be at fault. The film crew arrives at a red-leaf bun pastry shop owned by Yayoi Ayase which has a specialty of red-leaf bun called Misen's Seven Wonders, based on the seven wonders of Mount Misen: The eternal flame of Daishō-in, The plum tree grown from Kūkai's khakkhara, a boulder that ebb and flows the saltwater of Hiroshima Bay, a boulder inscribed with Kūkai's writing, the sound of a goblin's clapping, a special cherry blossom that undergoes deciduous all season long, and lights dubbed as dragon fire over Hiroshima Bay.
The Seven Wonders Tour in Hiroshima and Miyajima (Hiroshima)
Episode 595: The Seven Wonders Tour in Hiroshima and Miyajima (Hiroshima) (Nov 13, 2010)
Realizing only the wonder left is the dragon fire, the film crew decide to let Kogoro investigate in order to stop Shinroku before he attacks them again. As they learn more about Shinroku, the director is stabbed with a dragon designed dagger and hospitalized as a result. That night at the hotel, the culprit attempts to sneak into a room and attack someone but is ambushed by the crew and police. They reveal they moved that person away and declare the culprit to be Yuuichi Kitamura. Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and reveals Kitamura was the cause of Yayoi's parent's deaths as he had been hiking in a dangerous area and a button of his was found by Shinroku. Shinroku realized who the button belonged to two weeks prior when he saw a picture of the old crew and investigated Kitamura in Tokyo. When Shinroku met with Kitamura in Hiroshima, Kitamura drugged him with sleeping pills and disguised him as himself to establish an alibi.
The Alibi that Fell
Episode 596: The Alibi that Fell (Nov 20, 2010)
Kogoro is called to meet with Toshio Higashiyama at his company building and takes Ran and Conan with him. Upon entering the building, they are asked to call his sectional number, 423. After getting in contact with him on the phone, they witness the employee Fujihiko Takahaka, fall from the building to his death. The police are called to the scene and enter Takahaka's office discovering a typed suicide note. Conan notices the window is open, a dry spot over the ledge of the window, and a piece of a theatrical property was found on the body and gives Kogoro hints allowing him to deduce Takahaka's death. He reveals the prop is the one used in fictional children's show where when shot with a laser gun, deflates. The prop was used to keep Takahaka's inert body from falling out the window, and was deflated resulting in his death and allowing the culprit to establish an alibi.
The Scenario of the Locked Steam Room (1)
Episode 597: The Scenario of the Locked Steam Room (1) (Nov 27, 2010)
Agasa takes the Detective Boys with him to a sauna as he fixes his product. At the sauna, the kids are introduced to four cast members filming a drama about a hitman. Since the sauna is crowded, the kids decide to bathe in the early morning. As they head to the sauna, Ai and Ayumi discover the Ganji Tetsuyuma, the scriptwriter, dead. The police arrive and conclude that Tetsuyuma slipped on a bar of soap and hit his head on the rocks. Conan reveals it was a murder and points out that water on the victim's body reveal the culprit washed something off and deduces it to be blood. The police assume the culprit waited at the verandah for the victim before committing the murder and begin searching for people entering the sauna without alibis; the suspects are the three other cast members.
The Scenario of the Locked Steam Room (2)
Episode 598: The Scenario of the Locked Steam Room (2) (Dec 04, 2010)
As the police continue their investigation, they discover a plastic tea bottle filled with water in the dressing room, match cinders floating on the water, and Tetsuyuma's silver-gemed ring. It is also revealed that all the suspects have been seen in the hotel after the sauna was closed disproving their previous theory. Conan uses his voice changing bowtie to impersonate Agasa to reveal the one waiting on the veranda was the victim and the Tetsuyuma spotted heading to the sauna was the culprit Junsaku Tansawa in disguise. Conan explains Tansawa tricked the victim into staying in the women's sauna all night in order to see the naked Mishio Natori, the heroine; This is evidenced by the bottle in the dressing room which Tetsuyuma used to stay hydrated and the match cinders used to smoke his pipe. As evidence towards Tansawa as the culprit, Conan reveals that he was completely engrossed in pretending to be Tetsuyuma that he took the silver ring without noticing.
Friend of Justice
Episode 599: Friend of Justice (Dec 11, 2010)
Conan and Ran are on a train and are confronted by a pickpocket but is saved by an elderly man named Tokuma Norizuki. As the train passes Sugamo Station, they notice the police investigating something under the railway. Conan and Ran discover that a man named Kanemura, a local conartist, was killed by a head injury. Norizuki claims he witnessed Kanemura's boss, Takehiko Kiriya, committed the murder. Kiriya said he was called to the crime scene by Kanemura's friend and proclaims he is not the culprit. Conan asks Takagi to investigate on Norizuki and learns that Norizuki's girl friend, Mitsu, was a victim to their conartist group which resulted in her death. Ran is able to stop Norizuki from murdering Takeshi Motegi, Mitsu's conartist and the police arrive. For the previous murder, Conan reveals that Norizuki got off the train 15 minutes late, revealed by the exiting time on his smart card.
The Dream of the Kappa (1)
Episode 600: The Dream of the Kappa (1) (Dec 18, 2010)
Kogoro receives a request from a letter by Mika Tatezato to investigate the murder that occurred at an inn eleven years ago. On the way, they pick up a teacher named Rokurou Tokobi who requests for them to stop by a grave site before heading to the inn. Tokobi explains that Tatsuhiko Numayama, a student of his, drowned in the river by the inn which is owned by Tatsuhiko's father, Banzou Numayama. They meet Kazuki Araiwa who is paying his respects to Tatsuhiko as it is the anniversary of his death. They are later approached by Banzou who tells them to forget about his sons death. They arrive at the inn and learn that Mika Tatezato is not on the guest list. They are then introduced to reporter Bosuke Nohira who explains the kappa spotted in the area is the culprit to the murder eleven years ago; Ran is horrified to realize that the characters in Mika Tatezato can be turned into the characters for kappa. They return to the grave site to search for Ran's cellphone.
The Dream of the Kappa (2)
Episode 601: The Dream of the Kappa (2) (Dec 25, 2010)
As Conan investigates, he realizes how the culprit was able to drown Bonzou with swamp water in his own attic. Conan tranquilizes Yamamura and reveals the murderer to be Tokobi. Conan explains combining the water bottle and the paint bottles would be able to carry enough swamp water to commit the crime; The water was then poured into a basin where Bonzou was suffocated in. This is evidenced by the diluted paint that are currently in the containers. Tokobi professes to the murder and exclaims Bonzou ordered his son to disguise himself as a kappa and play in the river in order to attract customers to the inn. Conan clears the misunderstanding, explaining that Tatsuhiko must have done it on his own accord in secret since he burrowed a paint set from Tokobi instead of buying paint himself. Araiwa confirms Conan's deductions, explaining how Bonzou removed Tatsuhiko's disguise as to not shame his son after his death.
The Devil Hiding at the Tennis Court
Episode 602: The Devil Hiding at the Tennis Court (Jan 08, 2011)
Sonoko takes Ran and Conan with her to cheer for her senior tennis player, Takao Goutou. Goutou collapses in the middle of the match due to poisoning and is rushed to the hospital. The ones who are suspected to have poisoned him are one of the two girls he is dating, and Sonoko who becomes the prime suspect when poison is found on her glove. Conan tranquilizes her and reveals the culprit to be the captain of the tennis team, Fumihiro Azuma. Conan explains Azuma high-fived Goutou with a poisoned glove and poisoned his hand; thus explaining why poison was found from Goutou's drink, towel, and Sonoko's glove. As a result, Goutou ingested the poison when he licked his fingers while changing the grip to his racquet. As evidence, Azuma's glove was found hidden in a tennis ball and poison was confirmed to be on it. Azuma confesses explaining Goutou injured him purposely to usurp his position in the competition and consequently made him lose his sponsors and scholarship.
The Seance's Double Locked Room Mystery (First Locked Room)
Episode 603: The Seance's Double Locked Room Mystery (First Locked Room) (Jan 29, 2011)
Conan, Mouri, and Ran are lost in the woods and arrive at a mansion where they are introduced it a fan club for Kira Miyahara, the heroine of a movie titled Blackmagic Girl who was supposedly killed in a car accident a year ago and whose body was never found. They are introduced to the club members: Kouji Yatsukawa, assistant director of Nichiuri TV; Reiki Hirasaka, the creator of the Blackmagic Girl series; Shouko Utakura the aspiring gravure idol; Yutaka Kani the president of Kira's fan club; Kazuo Hoonogi the doctor; Maho Izumi, a timid member of the club; and Ryuuichi Mifune a cosplay cameraman. They tell Kogoro that they are holding a séance to communicate with Kira Miyahara. During the séance, ghostly signs begin to show themselves and Kira's voice has heard swearing vengeance on her killers. Conan and Kogoro reveal the special effects to be activated by a remote control in Hirasaka's possession.
The Seance's Double Locked Room Mystery (Second Locked Room)
Episode 604: The Seance's Double Locked Room Mystery (Second Locked Room) (Feb 05, 2011)
Hoonogi reveals that he discovered Hirasaka in his room dead. Kogoro breaks open the room and confirms Hirasaka died from drinking poisoned wine. The police arrive at the mansion where Kogoro shows them both locked rooms. In the séance room, Kogoro explains that the front door was padlocked from the inside and the only way out is through high window. The high window can only be opened with a switch in the room. In Hirasaka's room, a small window is found above the door but too small to fit a person through. On the floor of the room were the ripped posters of Kira from the séance room. The keys to both rooms were found in Hirasaka's drawer. The police interview the club members and discover Hirasaka, Hoonogi, and Sawanami have received threatening messages from a fan of Kira and their goal with the séance was to find the culprit. They deduce that the one sending the messages, swapped the recording, is the same person who committed the murders.
The Seance's Double Locked Room Mystery (Opening of the Locked Room)
Episode 605: The Seance's Double Locked Room Mystery (Opening of the Locked Room) (Feb 12, 2011)
Conan investigates the two rooms one last time and brings Kogoro to the séance room and tranquilizes him. Conan reveals that after the culprit killed Hirasaka, he locked the room from the outside, and used one of the giant Kira posters to slide the key back into its drawer and close it before ripping it into pieces and throwing it into Hirasaka's room. As for the séance room murder, the culprit used the remaining posters, rolled them up, and taped them allowing them to support his weight and giving him the support to leave through the window; a rope tied to the poster allowed him to pull it out with him outside the window and its ripped remains are found in Hirasaka's room. He closed the window with the use of Hirasaka's remote controlled appliance. Conan then points out Mifune as the culprit, evidenced by the wine under his necktie. Mifune confesses and explains he was dating Kira before she died.
Courtroom Confrontation IV: Juror Sumiko Kobayashi (1)
Episode 606: Courtroom Confrontation IV: Juror Sumiko Kobayashi (1) (Feb 19, 2011)
Sumiko Kobayashi is called to be a jury for a murder Tadashi Ishigaki. Toshio Iwamatsu, a burglar who broke into Ishigaki's home, is held accounted for the murder and Eri Kisaki is assigned as his attorney and Reiko Kujo acts as the prosecutor. Kogoro, Ran, and Conan attend the hearing where Ishigaki's housemaid and brother-in-law deliver their testimonies of discovering the body. Unable to find the murder weapon, the court ends without a decision and will resume the day after. During the session, Sumiko notes aloud that the painting in Ishigaki's room is upside down prompting Kogoro and Conan to investigate the room. Inside the painting, they find a document stating Iwamatsu burrowed money from Ishigaki. Conan deduces the culprit took a document and placed the painting upside down in his rush and discovers that a vase in the room is missing after Ishigaki's murder.
Courtroom Confrontation IV: Juror Sumiko Kobayashi (2)
Episode 607: Courtroom Confrontation IV: Juror Sumiko Kobayashi (2) (Feb 26, 2011)
Due to the housemaid's behavior, Conan pressures the housemaid about the vase. That night, Kogoro and Conan ambush her in the middle of returning the vase to the crime scene. The next day, court resumes and Reiko presents the documents pertaining Ishigaki's burrowed money and the murder weapon found in a distant pound. Eri calls the maid up as a witness who explains she found the vase at a garbage collection point. Eri then calls upon Kogoro whom Conan tranquilizes and reveals the culprit to be the brother-in-law, Tooru Tsukano. Conan explains that after Tsukano murdered Ishigaki, he took a document, hunt up the painting, and hid behind the door as Iwamatsu entered the room and knocks the vase to Tsukano's feet. Tsukano hides the knife and gloves inside the vase and leaves the vase at the garbage collection point and establish and alibi. He then afterwards placed the knife in the park and disposes the gloves he used to commit the murder.
White Day of Betrayal (1)
Episode 608: White Day of Betrayal (1) (Mar 05, 2011)
Kogoro appears in a commercial to promote white chocolate for White Day and is invited to a chocolate company's party. Kogoro, Ran, and Conan attend and are introduced to the company presidents, Taruto Urai and his wife Hoshie Urai. During the party, Taruto dies from cyanide poisoning. Inspector Megure and his Officers are called to investigate the death. The investigation leads Hoshie to be the prime suspect. As she is taken away to be searched, Hoshie trips and falls on a table causing many lemon tea glasses to shatter. Meanwhile, evidence of a medicinal wafer containing poison is found in Urai's mouth suggesting suicide. Conan is ascertain Hoshie to be the culprit and investigates on how she delivered the poison to her husband.
White Day of Betrayal (2)
Episode 609: White Day of Betrayal (2) (Mar 19, 2011)
Conan investigates and upon discovering the method, tranquilizers Kogoro and explains how Hoshie committed the murder. He explains the burn marks on Hoshie's napkin indicate cyanide was on the napkin and the poison was placed on a lemon slice. Conan elaborates explaining how Taruto was famously known to hate sour things, and had planned to surprise his guest by eating sour food with the use of synsepalum dulcificum. Upon testing if the synsepalum dulcificum was still in effect, Taruto ate the poisoned lemon slice. While down, Hoshie took the lemon and placed the medicinal wafer in her husband's mouth and hid the lemon slice among the others during her fall. Conan concludes that Hoshie's fingerprint and Taruto's saliva should be on the poisoned lemon slice. Hoshie confesses revealing her motive is revenge for her former boyfriend who Taruto pushed to suicide.
The Victim is Shinichi Kudo
Episode 610: The Victim is Shinichi Kudo (Apr 09, 2011)
Heiji and Kazuha arrive at the Mori Detective agency revealing he was hired by a man named Shinichi Inubushi, one of the eight illegitimate children of the rich Tsunechika Inubushi. After Tsunechika's death, the health of his wife, Satomi, begins to fail and subsequently two of the illegitimate children are murdered. Believing the murderer is after the inheritance, Shinichi surrenders his share and takes up his mother's surname, Kudo, and has Heiji investigate the murders. Heiji and Conan drop by Kudo's home only to find out from his personal care assistant, Funae Abukawa, that he is asleep. After half an hour, they discover Kudo dead from Carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a single charcoal burner. Their investigation reveals Abukawa is the murderer, as Kudo's body revealed he died much earlier and a single charcoal burner would take too long to fill the entire room.
Inubushi Castle, The Flame of the Demon Dog (Ghost Fire)
Episode 611: Inubushi Castle, The Flame of the Demon Dog (Ghost Fire) (Apr 16, 2011)
Mori takes Ran, Kazuha, Conan, and Heiji to the Inubushi household where they are introduced to the family. They learn about the legend passed down in the Inubushi family where their ancestor set his dog on fire after mistakenly assuming the dog killed his daughter while in reality, the dog saved his daughter. The ancestor was then killed in a house fire and the myth of the Inubushi curse was passed down. Conan and Heiji decide to investigate the headstone of the supposed dog when they witness Saki Inubushi fall from a cliff. Saki claims an ablaze inugami chased her and dies shortly after. Conan and Heiji discover flaming dog-prints atop the cliff establishing Saki's story. Inspector Misao Yamamura is called to the scene and joins them on their investigation. They discover that the other three victims had a pachinko ball, table tennis ball, and marble beside their bodies. Conan and Heiji return to Saki's crime scene to investigate.
Inubushi Castle, The Flame of the Demon Dog (Footprints)
Episode 612: Inubushi Castle, The Flame of the Demon Dog (Footprints) (Apr 23, 2011)
Ran and Kazuha retreat inside the house and discover the inugami is gone. Conan and Heiji's investigation leads them to find conclusive evidence Saki's death was planned by the culprit. After hearing Ran and Kazuha's story, they realize the culprit is housing the inugami nearby and investigates an abandoned cabin. Inside the cabin yields evidence of a dog living there confirming their deduction. Nearby, Tomoaki Inubashi is pounced by the inugami and receives minor burns; an onion is found near the attack. Heiji asks Miyuki Inubashi about the family history and learns that Tsunechika had planned names for all eight of his illegitimate children which are based on the eight virtues of confucianism.
Inubushi Castle, The Flame of the Demon Dog (Princess)
Episode 613: Inubushi Castle, The Flame of the Demon Dog (Princess) (Apr 30, 2011)
Satomi attempts to leave her room and collapses; she is found holding onto broken Buddhist prayer beads with a black bead four down from the top. Later that night, they discover a letter signed by Miyuki confessing to the crime and is at the abandoned cabin. Conan head there and discovers the cabin covered in gasoline and the inugami running towards it. Conan catches the inugami revealing the fire effect was created by imitation fire clothing with remote-controlled lights. The flaming dog-prints were caused by modified lighters placed on the ground and tied to a wire with a hoop at the end. The dog had a mesh-enclosed charcoal tied to its tail, and when passing over the lighters, ignited them. When the dog retrieved the hoop, the lighter came with it, explaining how the lighters were not found after creating the dog-prints. Heiji points out Tomoaki as the culprit, evidenced by the inugami recognizing him as his master, and Satomi's prayer beads.
The Secret the Diary Plays (1)
Episode 614: The Secret the Diary Plays (1) (May 07, 2011)
The Detective Boys are stranded on a mountain when Agasa's car breaks down. Seeking shelter from the rain they come across a villa where piano music was heard and enter the house when their calls are unanswered. Inside, they explore and discover a diary on the table confessing to a plan of a kidnapping and murdering a boy; a blackout then occurs due to the storm. They find a small coffin planned for the murder and realize its empty and the possibility the boy is still alive. At that moment, piano music is heard again. Conan assures them it will be safe to search the house as the culprit is playing the piano. Ayumi wanders off on her own and finds a photo of a family and a room with water leaking out of it.
The Secret the Diary Plays (2)
Episode 615: The Secret the Diary Plays (2) (May 14, 2011)
Realizing the piano playing they hear is a recording, they enter the piano room. Conan notices the piano chair was set to a child's height and deduces where the boy is. He has the Detective Boys sing a song in the piano room and catches the boy watching them and befriends him. The boy, Keita Onoda, is a piano prodigy to which the kidnapper abducted to allow his daughter to win a piano competition. Conan also reveals the dairy entry is out of order due to Keita's tampering and that the kidnapper felt increasingly guilty as the days went on. After reading the last page in the dairy, they realize the kidnapper plans to suicide in the bathroom and manage to save him. In the aftermath, Keita's mother does not push charges due to Keita's defense. The kidnapper's daughter meanwhile, revealed she skipped the piano competition as she was worried about Keita's disappearance.
Holmes' Revelation (Holmes' Apprentice)
Episode 616: Holmes' Revelation (Holmes' Apprentice) (May 21, 2011)
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan find a cat belonging to a rich British woman who offers to pay their expenses on a trip to London so Kogoro may share his detective stories with her friends. To get past airport security, Haibara offers Conan two antidotes to the APTX 4869 for the trip and back. At the Holmes museum, Ran calls Shinichi asking him if he wants a souvenir from London. His weak reaction causes Ran to angrily hang up. Outside the museum, a kid named Apollo Glass asks to see Sherlock Holmes to solve a code that will prevent a person from being murdered. Conan offers to solve the riddle by posing as Holme's apprentice. Apollo reveals a strange man gave him a note containing seven coded riddles, declaring someone in London will die if it is left unsolved. They learn from the police that many children received the same code which Conan speculates to mean a large number of people will die. Conan and Agasa separate from the group as they attempt to decode the riddles.
Holmes' Revelation (Love is 0)
Episode 617: Holmes' Revelation (Love is 0) (May 28, 2011)
Ran, feeling upset as she believes Shinichi does not share her feelings, is confided by Apollo's sister, pro tennis player Minerva Glass. Minerva then parts ways with Ran advising her love is zero and would never amount to anything no matter the effort. Ran calls Shinichi for advice on the riddles. Conan, tells Ran the first riddle "A rolling bell rises me", refers to Big Ben and accidentally reveals he is in London. Realizing Ran will discover Conan's true identity if she finds him, Conan and Agasa flee from her. Conan becomes cornered in a phone booth and is forced to take the antidote to the APTX 4869 for the return trip and confronts Ran as Shinichi. Ran confesses her pain of liking Shinichi who is indifferent to her feelings and runs away as he pursues her.
Holmes' Revelation (Satan)
Episode 618: Holmes' Revelation (Satan) (Jun 04, 2011)
The next day, the police reveal the identity of the man who created the note, Sabara Hades. Kogoro and Ran decode the riddle "My portion is like a chilled boiled egg like a corpse" which refers to City Hall. There, they find many dolls with Mazarin Stone written on their shirts where when beheaded, reveals the letter "T". The riddle "I finished up with a whole pickle" refers to 30 St Mary Axe where scratched up pens labeled as Dancing Men reveal the letter "N". Ran and Kogoro revisit Big Ben following the riddle "It rings again for my hatred" and find an arrow pointing to a drain where The Valley of Fear of fear is inscribed. They deduce something had been sunk in the river, and find a drain cover with the letter "A". Apollo leads the two to the next riddle, "Now I remember to ask a cake to celebrate in advance" referring to St Bride's Church where they find letters entitled A Scandal in Bohemia. Soaking the letter in water reveals the letter "S".
Holmes' Revelation (Code Break)
Episode 619: Holmes' Revelation (Code Break) (Jun 11, 2011)
Shinichi has returned to Conan again. However Haibara had only given him two pills, he will have to figure something out. Gradually deciphering the note handed out by the criminal, Conan discovers that the place where he plans to attack will be at Wimbledon, where Minerva Glass is supposed to be playing. When they reach the stadium, the criminal has already entered, and since they do not have tickets, they stay outside. However, they can watch the game from a screen that is located outside of Wimbledon. Minerva appears to be losing.
Holmes' Revelation (Grass Court Queen)
Episode 620: Holmes' Revelation (Grass Court Queen) (Jun 18, 2011)
Conan notices Minerva's serves are braille for "help" and convinces Apollo to lend him his ticket in order to enter Centre Court to locate Hades. From the stands, Conan conveys to Minerva he is Holme's apprentice and he will help her. In the same manner, Minerva relays the message "Game Set Death Mom" revealing that at the end of the finals, her mother, Juno Glass, will die. Conan suspects that the teddy bear Juno received contains a bomb and the detonator is with Hades who is presumed to be watching her from across the stands with a video camera. Realizing it would be impossible to remove the bomb without Hades noticing, Conan opts to search for the criminal and asks Minerva to stall the match as long as possible.
Holmes' Revelation (0 is Start)
Episode 621: Holmes' Revelation (0 is Start) (Jun 25, 2011)
Conan locates Hades during Minerva's rally with her opponent and proceeds to his location. He meets his parents on the way who gives him the tickets needed to enter the stands where Hades is located. Yusaku Kudo explains that during a tennis match, the heads of the fans would follow the ball while Hades would continuously look onwards at Juno. With Minerva's help, Conan is able to apprehend Hades who is taken into custody. After Minerva wins the championships, Ran meets with her and tells her Shinichi confessed to her; proclaiming that while love is zero, zero is also a starting point. Conan meanwhile, is given an antidote for the APTX 4869, by his parents for the return trip to Japan.
Emergency Situation 252 (1)
Episode 622: Emergency Situation 252 (1) (Jul 02, 2011)
The Detective Boys sneak into an abandoned building that due to be demolished to play hide and seek. While playing Genta hears someone tapping a 2-5-2 code which is used in Japan to call for help. They find two construction workers who claim to be surveying the area before destroying the building by implosion. Conan quickly deduces they are confining a person in the building due to regulations preventing the building they are in to be imploded. The criminals, realizing they have been figured out, seal up the building and chase after the kids. Conan is knocked out by his rebounding soccer ball and Ai is captured. The criminals prevent the remaining Detective Boys from calling the police by threatening to kill Conan and Ai.
Emergency Situation 252 (2)
Episode 623: Emergency Situation 252 (2) (Jul 09, 2011)
Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Genta hide in the lockers where the criminals confine their hostages. The criminals attempt to call the hostage's home for ransom but is answered by a young man. Concluding their plan to be a failure, they opt to set the building ablaze to hide the evidence. Conan communicates to the Detective Boys by tapping his detective badge, and orders them to call their cellphones to lure the criminals out of the room. After doing so, Conan incapacitates one of the criminals and tricks the other one into fleeing the building. The second criminal is then knocked out by Subaru Okiya who picks up the kids and reveals the kidnappe to be Agasa. Subaru reveals he deduced Agasa's situation from observing the house and receiving the ransom phone call and had tracked the kids down using Conan's spare glasses. Meanwhile, Agasa reveals he tapped the 2-5-2 purely by coincidence while hoping others would notice.
The Video Letter of the First Love
Episode 624: The Video Letter of the First Love (Jul 16, 2011)
Chiba searches the storage room of Teitan Elementary for a thirteen-year-old VHS tape from his childhood love, Naeko Miike, which contains the reply to his love letter. At the same time, the Detective Boys are sent to the archives to search for a tape for their teacher. Chiba reveals to them that he received a phone call from Naeko Miike asking him if he has seen the tape, prompting him to resume his search for it. Conan deduces the tape contains the video Chiba and Naeko filmed years ago and finds the tape has been recorded over. He realizes Chiba was pron to sweaty hands and reveals Naeko wrote on the side the tape with red permanent markers which reveal she reciprocated Chiba's feelings. Chiba attends the school reunion only to find out Naeko did not attend.
The Screaming of the Operation Room (1)
Episode 625: The Screaming of the Operation Room (1) (Jul 23, 2011)
Kogoro attends his alma mater and takes Conan, Ran, and Sonoko with him. A university student named Sonsaku Tsujiei asks Ran if she could examine how realistic their corpse is and guides her along with Conan and Sonoko through a haunted house production hosted by Tsujiei and his three friends. Inside the set, Anna Tadami dies after convulsing on a table. The police conclude it to be suicide after finding a cyanide capsule in her mouth and her past obsession with death. However, Conan points out that marks on the victim's face revealed an unknown assailant forced Tadami to bite into the capsule allowing the police to consider the possibility of murder.
The Screaming of the Operation Room (2)
Episode 626: The Screaming of the Operation Room (2) (Jul 30, 2011)
Conan investigates the scene and deduces Tadami was already dead before they arrived in the room and that the culprit feigned her convulsion in order to fake the time of death. He tranquilizes Sonoko and explains his deductions to the police revealing the culprit went under the table and used his feet in place of Tadami's which caused the convulsion. He declares Tsujiei as the culprit, evidenced by Tsujiei's toe nails which were painted red to match Tadami's feet. Tsujiei confesses and reveals Tadami encouraged their terminally ill friend into suicide a month ago because she wanted to see a person die.
The Ryoma Treasure Battle Between Conan and Kid (1)
Episode 627: The Ryoma Treasure Battle Between Conan and Kid (1) (Aug 20, 2011)
The Phantom Thief Kid sends a notice to Jirokichi Suzuki announcing he plans to return three stolen artifacts belonging to Sakamoto Ryōma: the letter, a cup with Ryōma's blood, and the pistol; during the Ryōma exhibition. Jirokichi persuades the owner of Ryōma's items, Shishihiko Tarumi, to host the exhibition in his museum while he sets up a trap to capture Kid. Sonoko, Ran, and Conan visit Jirokichi for more details. While there, they receive a second notice from Kid who announces his heist will take place the following day and quotes Ryōma on his plans to clean up. Conan deduces Kid ascertained the day due to the forecasted rain and advises Jirokichi to install metal detectors in the museum.
The Ryoma Treasure Battle Between Conan and Kid (2)
Episode 628: The Ryoma Treasure Battle Between Conan and Kid (2) (Aug 27, 2011)
On the day of the heist, Conan is confronted by Kid in the bathroom stalls who reveals he was able to bypass the metal detectors by removing the lead from the pistol. As Kid leaves, Conan overhears Tarumi and his appraiser hoping Kid succeeds in his plot. Kid appears at the announced time and publicly claims he is cleaning up before setting off the fire sprinklers; he blends into the crowd who are also soaked from the rain and makes his escape. The water washes off the description plates in the museum revealing messages from Kid detailing the items in the Ryōma exhibition are fake and how Tarumi had been creating forgeries and selling them to the black market. This is confirmed when they discover many identical copies of the letter, cup, and pistol returned by Kid. As evidence, the blood on the cup is revealed to belong to Tarumi's appraiser and partner in crime.
The Shooting of the Promotional Video Case (1)
Episode 629: The Shooting of the Promotional Video Case (1) (Sep 03, 2011)
Conan, Ran, Sonoko and the Detective Boys are invited to a small island resort for diving lessons. While exploring the island, they find a filming crew lead and directed by Yuuya Miyasaka, an actor who lost his fame due to assault causing the drama he starred in to cancel. When the weather turns bad, they all return to the resort. Later, Miyasaka is found dead in his room. The resort staff, film crew excluding Miki Kitagawa, and Conan's company meet in the lobby to discuss the identity of the murderer. Due to the rooms having an automatic lock when closed, they conclude Miyasaka had let the perpetrator into his room and suspects it to be the work of one of the crew members.
The Shooting of the Promotional Video Case (2)
Episode 630: The Shooting of the Promotional Video Case (2) (Sep 10, 2011)
Kitagawa returns to the lobby and exclaims she saw Shingo Takayama, the cameraman, fleeing from the resort. Led by Kitagawa, they find Takayama's body off a cliff. After investigating Miyasaka's body and the camera which recorded the first instance the body was found, Conan realizes who the culprit. After tranquilizing and impersonating Sonoko, he reveals Miki Kitagawa as the culprit. He reveals that the instance they found Miyasaka, he was feigning death as a prank. After everyone except Kitagawa goes to the lobby, she committed the murder and exchanged the knife, evidenced by the stains on the knife's handle. She then proceeded to murder Takayama who was an accomplice to Miyakasa's prank to hide her alibi. Kitagawa confesses and reveals her as vengeance after her first big role as an actor was denied after Miyakasa caused the show to drama to be canceled.
What the Floral Clock Knew
Episode 631: What the Floral Clock Knew (Sep 17, 2011)
For the past few days, Ayumi has been practicing her baton throws in the local park and has noticed a strange man watching her. One day while accompanied with her friends, the strange man is found dead. The police conclude it to be an accidental death after he fell from climbing the infrastructure. Since the victim was found with a cut on his face on the 6 of the floral clock, they presume the death to be at 4:30. Conan realizes the victim, Shousaku Yoda, is not the strange man and that the murderer impersonated him to have the Detective Boys become witnesses to his death. The police investigate Kyouichirou Kawaguchi, a man who bears a grudge against the victim, but has an alibi for the presumed time of death. After Conan investigates, he gathers the police and reveals Yoda's time of death was false. Kawaguchi murdered Yoda on the 6 but climbed across the clock to scratch his face on the 12.
The Guardian of Time's Sword (1)
Episode 632: The Guardian of Time's Sword (1) (Oct 01, 2011)
A threatening letter signed "the Guardian of Time" warns that Rukako Hoshina, the mistress of a large mansion with a clock tower, will be murdered during her birthday party at 6:00PM. Kogoro and Conan goes to protect her but fails. It appears that the culprit stabbed her with an ice pick and fled from the balcony, but shoe prints and the murder weapon are never found. According to witness testimonies, the culprit is in a dress who moved nimbly, yet is plump and of a large build, yet no one in the party matches the description.
The Guardian of Time's Sword (2)
Episode 633: The Guardian of Time's Sword (2) (Oct 08, 2011)
Conan deduces that Hoshina was stabbed with an umbrella, which fitted the description perfectly. A contraption on the mansion's clock tower set up by the culprit dragged the umbrella away and out of sight when it hit 6:00. The culprit is one of the party guests, Teigo Karube, who had designed this mansion and lost his clock technician friend four years ago. He reveals that the mistress treated the clock technician like trash and even threw away his friend's beloved clock, so he killed her in order to avenge his friend.
The Crime Scene is a Very Narrow Shop
Episode 634: The Crime Scene is a Very Narrow Shop (Oct 15, 2011)
Kogoro celebrates at a bar after winning a horse race bet. He, and three customers, leave the bar for a short while before returning and finding the hostess has been killed by a knife. After Conan investigates, he reveals the culprit to be customer Masao Shinohara. Conan explains the hostess was knifed through a slit in the wall from the back of the bar and reattached the handle to the knife when he and the others discover her body. Since the distance from the ATM to the back off the bar is considerably short, his alibi is annulled. As evidence he is the culprit, Conan reveals the rust from the knife will match the one found on his ATM receipt. Shinohara confesses and reveals the hostess had been blackmailing him to steal fish from the factory.
Beware of Dieting
Episode 635: Beware of Dieting (Nov 05, 2011)
Ran, Sonoko, and Conan are at a yoga weight-lost resort when one of its customers, Atsuko Degawa, dies from poison found in her food. Originally deduced to be a suicide, Conan reveals the culprit as the resort's owner, Tsukiko Satoyama, who had poison laced on the plastic wrap which mixed with Degawa's food when it was re-heated in the microwave. After finding the poisoned plastic wrap on her dog, Satoyama confesses and reveals Degawa's negative reviews caused her parent's business to shut down and as a result, had her parents commit suicide.
The Most Useful School in the World Case (1)
Episode 636: The Most Useful School in the World Case (1) (Nov 12, 2011)
Kogoro is asked to star in an educational television program. Once there, he is introduced to guest stars and studio members. Noburo Kimijima, the leading figure of Enka, has his priceless vase stolen during rehearsal. They deduce the culprit is still inside the studio room.
The Most Useful School in the World Case (2)
Episode 637: The Most Useful School in the World Case (2) (Nov 19, 2011)
After failing to find the vase in possible hiding spots, Conan realizes the vase has been smashed and reveals it is hidden inside the fanny pack of Kimijima's disciple, Shinobu Oki. Conan deduces her motive and has the guest star appraiser reveal the vase was a counterfeit and that Oki most likely destroyed it to prevent Kimijima from being humiliated on television. Oki confesses and reveals Kimijima's wife's dying wish was to prevent Kimijima from learning about the vase's real value. Kimijima accepts Oki's good intentions and reveals he made a deal with a producer who will help start Oki's debut as a singer.
Solving Mysteries at the Red Leaf Palace (1)
Episode 638: Solving Mysteries at the Red Leaf Palace (1) (Nov 26, 2011)
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are walking when they witness a car attempting to kill a girl and her chauffeur. After saving the two, they learn that the girl, Kaede Nakakita, is an adopted child of a wealthy man named Ouzaburou Katayose. Katayose invites the three to his estate to express his gratitude towards them. As Conan explores the estate with Nakakita, he finds evidence that someone wants to kill her and deduces the culprit is either Katayose's son, Ogito Katayose, or his daughter, Nobue Katayose who are after the inheritance. Later, Katayose is found dead after consuming poison in his tea. The chauffeur Eiko Suzuka, then reveals Katayose's will detailing the location of his red leaf treasure.
Solving Mysteries at the Red Leaf Palace (2)
Episode 639: Solving Mysteries at the Red Leaf Palace (2) (Dec 03, 2011)
Nobue is found dead with a poisoned arrow in her back while holding a clean arrow in her hand. Ogito's crossbow is found near the scene leading the police to suspect him. Later, Ogito falls down a cliff due to being shocked by an electric fence. Conan, realizing how the events transpired, tranquilizes Kogoro and reveals how the three died. Katayose poisoned himself and hoped to frame his children in order to protect Nakakita from their greed. Nobue, seeking to increase her inheritance, set up the crossbow and held an arrow in her hand to frame Ogito for attempted murder, but was instead murdered by Ogito. Ogito meanwhile, figured out the location of the treasure which is placed inside a cross made of metal rods. As he attempted to remove the treasure, Suzuka re-activated the electric fence which unintentionally resulted in his death. As for the treasure, it reveals Katayose leaves his inheritance to Nakakita who is actually his blood-related granddaughter from his former love.
The Memory Trip of the Eight Sketches (Okayama)
Episode 640: The Memory Trip of the Eight Sketches (Okayama) (Dec 10, 2011)
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are invited to Okayama to review the food served there. They then meet an amnesiac woman and decide to assist her in regaining her memories. The woman sketches out pictures which gives them clues on locations she visited. The woman recognizes the sound of a suikinkutsu from a cellphone; the group deduces she visited the Salt Palace. There, she discovers her name to be Mayuko Kichise from her friend, Kanae Nonomiya. Nonomiya reveals Kichise is an important witness who can prove her brother did not rob a jewelry store and prompts her to regain her memories. Nonomiya tells them the location of Kichise's home where they find it had been searched and pictures of Kichise and her boyfriend were ripped. Later at a restaurant, Kichise receives a note demanding her to be alone if she wants her memories. She separates from the group and is approached by a masked stranger.
The Memory Trip of the Eight Sketches (Kurashiki)
Episode 641: The Memory Trip of the Eight Sketches (Kurashiki) (Dec 17, 2011)
The masked stranger attempts to kill Kichise but is interrupted by Conan. The group continue following the locations suggested by the sketches and arrive in Kurashiki. After a second masked stranger's failed kidnapping attempt on Kichise, Conan finds a loan contract from the kidnapper and realizes the second masked stranger is a loan shark whom Nonomiya is indebted to. Nonomiya confesses and reveals she wants to use Kichise to locate the stolen jewelry. Conan deduces the first masked stranger is Kichise's boyfriend, pastry chef Kenzou Taira, who is the mastermind behind the robbery. Taira is taken into custody where Kichise was an accomplice who drove off with the jewels. Conan confronts Kichise at a coin locker subway station and convinces her to turn herself in along with the jewels.
A Critical Moment from the Karuta Cards (1)
Episode 642: A Critical Moment from the Karuta Cards (1) (Jan 07, 2012)
Conan is sick with a cold and receives a video call from the Detective Boys. During the call, the Detective Boys receive a plea from Masao Urafune to save him from the people posing as his parents. Disregarding Conan's advice to call the police, the Detective Boys decide to ask the neighbors about the Urafune family. They learn Masao is a compulsive liar and decide to ask him directly in his apartment on the premise of playing karuta. Meanwhile, the criminals threaten to kill Masao's mother if he attempts to reveal his situation to Detective Boys. As the game progresses, Masao plays in an aggressive manner but makes no effort to win, leading Haibara to realize he intends to use his cards to send a message.
A Critical Moment from the Karuta Cards (2)
Episode 643: A Critical Moment from the Karuta Cards (2) (Jan 14, 2012)
Before Masao is escorted out of the room, he shouts "take out the towel" and declares the towel to have a pattern of a horsehair crab from Lake Suwa. Haibara examines Masao's cards which consist of Ru (る), Ko (こ), Ni (に), and Te (て) in that order. Haibara realizes Masao is telling them to take the words towel (タオル, ta o ru), horsehair crab (ケガニ, ke ga ni), and Lake Suwa (諏訪湖, Su wa ko), and to treat the middle characters as a Japanese particle. In doing so, Ru becomes Ta, Ko becomes Su, Ni becomes Ke, and Te remains unchanged. Reading the changed words from Masao's card order reveals the message Ta Su Ke Te (助けて, lit. "Help Me"). The criminals reveal they have been eavesdropping on their conversation through a cellphone and decide to kill the kids as a result. Haibara deduces they are after the tax evasion evidence of a company that was sent to a television producer from the previous resident of the Urafune household.
Delicious Ramen to Die For (1)
Episode 644: Delicious Ramen to Die For (1) (Feb 04, 2012)
Kogoro and Conan eat out at a ramen restaurant. Tokumori Saizu, the president of a real estate company, dies while beginning his meal due to poison. The police arrive and order Kogoro, Conan, and three suspects out of the shop while they investigate.
Delicious Ramen to Die For (2)
Episode 645: Delicious Ramen to Die For (2) (Feb 11, 2012)
The police reveal poison was only found on the victim's left thumb and forefinger causing them to be dumbfounded on how the poison was applied. Conan asks the police what possessions the suspects have and eventually realizes how Saizu was killed. He tranquilizes Kogoro and reveals Atsushi Tanaka, Saizu's barber, as the culprit. He explains how poison is applied on the rim of the victim's glasses during his haircut. When Saizu cleaned his glasses due to condensation, the poison got onto his hand and into his mouth when he broke the chopsticks. After Saizu died, Tanaka exchanged his glasses with the victim's to hide the evidence. Tanaka confesses and reveals he murdered Saizu in the restaurant in order to have it close down and remodeled for greater success. A month later, the ramen restaurant reopens in a new location and becomes popular after changing its slogan.
The Deduction Showdown in the Haunted Hotel (1)
Episode 646: The Deduction Showdown in the Haunted Hotel (1) (Feb 18, 2012)
Ran, Sonoko, and Conan head to a hotel for a cake buffet. On the way there, a molester is stopped by Masumi Sera, who befriends the group. At the hotel, Teigu Usumi killed after being thrown off the hotel while fashioned as a suicide. The police arrive and reveal the annex where the victim vandalized the security camera is the only blind spot in the hotel and most likely the murder location. There, they discover a wheelchair attached to a long fishing line.
The Deduction Showdown in the Haunted Hotel (2)
Episode 647: The Deduction Showdown in the Haunted Hotel (2) (Feb 25, 2012)
After investigating the room, Masumi declares the culprit to be Toshiko Hirukawa as she lied about the elevator usage to Conan. She reveals Hirukawa got Usumi drunk, placed him on the wheelchair, and used a system of strings connected to the elevator to throw him out the window. However, re-acting the scene fails, until Conan voices his deductions over the phone as Shinichi revealing the paint cans were placed out of the window to tilt the wheelchair. Hirikawa confesses and reveals her father begged Usumi to apologize for scamming her mother but was refused. Afterwards, her father committed suicide after her mother died from shock. In the aftermath, Usumi's hidden bank account was found and the transactions to it allowed the police to apprehend the scam group. Masumi later enrolls into Ran and Sonoko's classroom.
Detective Agency Confinement Case (Outbreak)
Episode 648: Detective Agency Confinement Case (Outbreak) (Mar 03, 2012)
Masumi asks Ran if she can come over to talk to Conan. Once there, she learns Conan is at Agasa's with the Detective Boys and the fact Conan is with Kogoro on every case. They are soon interrupted when a gunman strapped with bombs and three hostages are brought into the agency. The gunman, Isao Sawaguri, demands Kogoro to determine which of his three hostages killed his sister. Conan calls Ran to ask who she was spotted walking with. Masumi answers and pretends to end the call, allowing Conan to eavesdrop on the situation. Conan learns the case of Sawaguri's sister, Miku Sawaguri, was concluded to be suicide when she was found with her wrist slit inside her locked ryokan room. Agasa and the Detective Boys leave to interview the local neighborhood association who were at the ryokan during Miku's death. Conan gradually learns more about the case from information spoken by Sawaguri, the media, and the Detective Boys.
Detective Agency Confinement Case (Sniping)
Episode 649: Detective Agency Confinement Case (Sniping) (Mar 10, 2012)
Sawaguri, pleased to have another detective to assist in the case, obeys his requests to take pictures of the hostages' books which were autographed by Miku. During the course of the investigation, the authorities lose the chance to snipe Sawaguri after Ran closes the curtain as she believes Shinichi can find a solution to prevent any deaths. Miku's blog post reveals her last three visitors were from an elephant, a fox, and a rat. Conan explains the animals were based on the hostages' professions: The elephant is Sumika Nihei, due to her husband's seal designs which are similar to an elephant's tusk; Shinobu Yuchi is the fox since she is a baker and her food is colored like a fox's coat; and the rat is Tamami Mitsui whom is a stonemasonry which is gray like a rat's coat. In response, Sawaguri prepares to kill Mitsui.
Detective Agency Confinement Case (Release)
Episode 650: Detective Agency Confinement Case (Release) (Mar 17, 2012)
Conan declares Mitsui is innocent since she was witnessed leaving Miku's room; Sawaguri inferred the culprit crossed over from the balcony and left by his room. As for Miku's death, Conan explains she was mimicking the suicide of the main character in her book. Sawaguri becomes distraught as a result and is taken in by the authorities. Later, Conan reveals his previous deduction was a bluff and that Miku was murdered by Yuchi, due to the fact Mitsui left the room with Yuchi's slippers revealing Yuchi was still in Miku's room after she left. As evidence, Yuchi's book reveals it had been sandpapered to clean off Miku's blood. Yuchi confesses and reveals Miku took all the credit on the book they collaborated on motivating her for revenge.
The Design of Poison and Illusion (S)
Episode 653: The Design of Poison and Illusion (S) (Apr 28, 2012)
The police arrive and their investigations reveal the baumkuchen was cut evenly into eight pieces and that only one of the piece was poisoned. As police interviews the suspects while the widow, Serika Wakamatsu, is excluded since she was never close to the baumkuchen tray. Meanwhile, the police detectives in Nagano reveal to Heiji that Wakamatsu's killer reorganized the bathroom tiles to hide the dying message; The tiles used the crazy diamonds optical illusion giving the impression that it could not be rearranged without breaking the pattern. When arranged back to normal, the message reads "SON" indicating Ikuro was Wakamatsu's killer.
The Design of Poison and Illusion (Poison)
Episode 654: The Design of Poison and Illusion (Poison) (May 05, 2012)
Conan and Heiji resume their investigation while Ran and Kazuha gossip about Shinichi's confession towards Ran. Conan and Heiji discover powdered poison on Ikuro's doorknob and Serika's slippers; the evidence indicates her as Ikuro's murderer. The two confront Serika whom is found dead in her office from cyanide poisoning. Wakamatsu's secretary, Satake Yoshimi, reveals that per Serika's will, a letter of confession to Wakamatsu's murder is to be given to the police upon her death; the letter confirms Ikuro was the murderer and Serika's role in hiding the dying message.
The Design of Poison and Illusion (Illusion)
Episode 655: The Design of Poison and Illusion (Illusion) (May 12, 2012)
Conan and Heiji's investigation leads them to realize how Ikuro and Serika were murdered. They reveal that when two pieces of the baumkuchen were left, they were rearranged using the Jastrow illusion and applied poison to the seemingly larger piece. For Serika's murder, the same culprit used the Gestaltzerfall phenomenon while she was signing contracts. This caused her to forget how to write the Waka (若) kanji forcing her to open a dictionary to the Wa (わ) pages where poison was applied. They reveal the culprit to be Satake, evidenced by the shine on her bronze watch due to a chemical reaction with cyanide. Satake confesses to the murders and explains it was to avenge Wakamatsu who was secretly her father. In the aftermath, Kazuha attempts to confess her feelings to Heiji but fails when he leaves partway.
Professor's Video Site (1)
Episode 656: Professor's Video Site (1) (May 19, 2012)
The Detective Boys are cooking curry at Agasa's home while Conan is asked to appraise an antique vase. The kids later leave to buy curry ingredient and return to find Agasa unconscious and Ayumi missing. The kidnappers send a message demanding them to look for a cat in return for Ayumi. The kidnappers send a second message saying they found their cat and detailing Ayumi's location. After rescuing Ayumi, who was rolled up in Agasa's antique rug, the Detective Boys attempt to deduce the kidnappers' motive.
Professor's Video Site (2)
Episode 657: Professor's Video Site (2) (May 26, 2012)
Conan realizes the kidnappers invaded Agasa's home too quickly and deduces they have visited recently; Agasa reveals three pairs of customers have expressed interest in the vase. Realizing the culprits watched Agasa's online video of the vase, Conan finds the picture of the missing cat online and realizes the cat was a red hering. Conan realizes the culprits exchanged Agasa's rug with a fake and that the real rug is a valuable Persian rug. He deduces the culprits are knowledgeable about rugs and run a nearby carpet store since they had to disguise their voices. After finding an image of the culprit online, the Detective Boys confront the kidnappers, and have them convicted them based on Ayumi's earprint found on the real rug. Conan has Agasa's video erased, due to Haibara's appearance on it. Elsewhere, Masumi assists in deleting the same videos.
The Hot Trap in Chocolate
Episode 658: The Hot Trap in Chocolate (Jun 02, 2012)
Through Sonoko's contacts, she invites Ran and Conan to attend the pre-opening of a chocolate restaurant managed by the famous chocolatier Yukihiko Tsujimoto. During the presentation, a fire ignites and Tsujimoto burns to death. After Conan investigates, he uses Sonoko to reveal the fire was caused by using a makeshift lithium–air battery; Salt water and the aluminum cups created static electricity which ignited the steel wool and alcoholic vapors. He reveals Mayuko Sakura, the victim's partner, to be the culprit, evidenced by the fact the water was not salted until the presentation began. Sakura confesses and reveals Tsujimoto manipulated her feelings for his own gain and intended to exile her after his success.
The Joint Investigation with First Love (1)
Episode 659: The Joint Investigation with First Love (1) (Jun 09, 2012)
The Detective Boys discover officer Chiba's has been vandalized with a threatening word. Realizing is the culprit is the same person who has been on a vandalism spree that month, the Detective Boys push Chiba into investigating it with his first love, Naeko Miike. They investigate an underground parking lot where the vandalism occur; There, a rear-end collision is caused by the vandalism culprit. The police seal off the parking lot leaving three people as the suspects. During the investigation, a draft removes Naeko's hat revealing her face to Chiba.
The Joint Investigation with First Love (2)
Episode 660: The Joint Investigation with First Love (2) (Jun 16, 2012)
Chiba is unable to recall Naeko's face though notes his familiarity. During the investigation, Conan realizes the culprit's motif and has the police let the suspects leave. During the night, the police set up an itasha to lure the culprit out, revealing the culprit to be Tokuko Shigei. Tokuko was vandalising cars with obstructions on their rear windows due to the trauma of her child being killed by a car of the same condition. Afterwards, Chiba remembers passing by Naeko but remains unsure of her identity.
Kogoro-san is a Good Man (1)
Episode 661: Kogoro-san is a Good Man (1) (Jun 23, 2012)
Ran and Conan meet Takae Kiritani, an elderly woman who claims Kogoro had been visiting and assisting her on a weekly basis. They discover that Ryohei Onda has been posing as Kogoro to entertain and assist Kiritani. During their visit, a neighbor, Gensuke Denikawa is found dead by the other neighbors.
Kogoro-san is a Good Man (2)
Episode 662: Kogoro-san is a Good Man (2) (Jun 23, 2012)
Conan completes his investigation and realizes who the murderer is. The suspects, realizing Ryohei is a fake, challenges him to declare who the culprit is. Conan relays his deductions to Ryohei explaining a system of fans and TV remotes created a fake time of death; This was done setting one of the fans and remote to channel surf while the other fan and remote is set on a timer to turn off the TV. They reveal the remotes were most likely held in place by a rubber band which Hyodo Junjei has on him. As evidence, the blood smear from the victim was found on the rubber bands. Junjei confesses and reveals the victim blackmailed him after finding out he was a drug dealer. Conan and Ran confront Ryohei about his identity and learns Kiritani was his elementary school teacher who influenced him. Days later, Kiritani sends a post card to Kogoro thanking him for sending his disciple Ryohei, to look after her.
The Mountain Beetle Chase
Episode 663: The Mountain Beetle Chase (Jul 07, 2012)
The Detective Boys wish to capture a few beetles to bring to school, and as a result, visit Agasa's old friend in the mountains. The Detective Boys manage to find a bunch of beetles at night, but return to find Namatame injured. Namatame's last words are "Miyama Stag Beetle" before losing consciousness.
The Great Dog Coeur's Triumph 2
Episode 664: The Great Dog Coeur's Triumph 2 (Jul 14, 2012)
The Detective Boys find a strange map on the back of a piece of paper, with many 'x's at different locations. As the group visits each house, they are able to figure about the meaning behind the 'x's, as well as the identity of the murderer.
Suspicion of Initial K
Episode 665: Suspicion of Initial K (Jul 21, 2012)
Anblick Tateno and Kogoro found a dead body in the house and a devious old man was murdered in cold blood, leaving only the letter "k" as a message. And there were two suspect who might be true culprit of the murder in cold blood, and both of them had a "K" letter in each name.
The Intimidator In a Rainy Night
Episode 666: The Intimidator In a Rainy Night (Jul 28, 2012)
Officer Chiba is asked to help a woman who feels she is being stalked, but after the supposed stalker is found dead in her home. It is suspected she murdered him, and Conan have to uncover the truth behind the crime scene.
Wedding Eve (1)
Episode 667: Wedding Eve (1) (Sep 01, 2012)
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are invited by Kogoro's friend, Raita Banba, to attend his pre-wedding party. Banba's bride, Hatsune Kamon, leaves to have her nails done. Shortly on her return, she receives a phone call at the parking lot that shocks her. She calls Banba, bidding him farewell, and her car is engulfed by fire. The police arrive and their DNA test reveals a rough match of Banba's DNA was found on Kamon's nails insinuates him as the murderer. Banba proclaims innocence and reveals the culprit is most likely Tooru Amuro, their waiter who has secretly met with Kamon. Tooru explains he was hired by Kamon to investigate Banba and see if he was having an affair; To attest to his alibi, Amuro reveals Banba also hired a detective to follow Kamon for the same reasons. The detective confirms Amuro's identity and leaves Banba as the main suspect.
Wedding Eve (2)
Episode 668: Wedding Eve (2) (Sep 08, 2012)
A second DNA test with sterile samples reconfirms the rough DNA match leading Conan to a conclusion. Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and reveals Banba and Kamon are opposite sex identical twins. The secret phone calls were to a medical consultant with the final phone call confirming the genetic match. Learning of his, Kamon clasped her face into her hands, scratching some skin off, and committed suicide. In the aftermath, Amuro pays Kogoro to have him as his apprentice.
Treasure in the Tower of Darkness (1)
Episode 669: Treasure in the Tower of Darkness (1) (Sep 15, 2012)
Ran's karate senpai, Kyodo Nanami, invites the Detective Boys for a treasure hunt at her home. Once there, they discover the fact that the treasure is very likely hidden in the Dark Tower. However, there aren't any entrances nor windows to enter the tower with. Around the estate, they also discover that this house has been equipped with various tricks and traps. Later, Nanami's mother, Kyodo Momoe, had been discovered dead, thought to have fallen from the tower. While investigating both cases, Haibara disappears, and the others also discover two secret entrances.
Treasure in the Tower of Darkness (2)
Episode 670: Treasure in the Tower of Darkness (2) (Sep 22, 2012)
While investigating in a tunnel, Conan is separated from everybody else. As he realizes he has ventured into the tower itself, he lets everybody into the tower. He then tranquilizes Kogoro and explains that Momoe's death was an accident due holography and a misunderstanding. Afterwards, Haibara, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta are discovered to be safe and that the treasure hidden in the tower was a giant kaleidoscope.
Detectives' Nocturne (The Case)
Episode 671: Detectives' Nocturne (The Case) (Oct 06, 2012)
Kogoro prepares to meet with the client Kei Katshitsuka. While waiting, he receives mail of Katshitsuka who changes their meeting location to a local restaurant. There, Kogoro realizes the cell phone address is different from the first message he received from the client. He, along with Tooru, Ran, and Conan return to the agency where they discover Katshitsuka tied up with her kidnapper dead. The police arrive and determine the kidnapper killed himself since no gunpowder was found on Katshitsuka. The four accompany Katshitsuka home; during the ride, Conan ponders on why the kidnapper's wallet was full of coins and small bills, his cellphone having only a history of one message and the lack of gunpowder on Katshitsuka.
Detectives' Nocturne (Kidnapping)
Episode 672: Detectives' Nocturne (Kidnapping) (Oct 13, 2012)
Arriving at Katshitsuka's home, Ran receives a phone call from Masumi. The phone call receives noise which Tooru deduces to indicate the house is bugged. While Kogoro, Ran, and Tooru investigate the house, Conan notices Katshitsuka sneaking out and accompanies her for a drive. Meanwhile, Tooru finds a dead man in the apartment and realizes he was the one actually living there. Meanwhile, Katshitsuka drugs Conan to sleep and sends a ransom to Kogoro to prevent him from calling the police. The three at the apartment discover the victim has recordings of a recent bank robbery indicating he was related to it and that the victim of the bank robbery, Kenya Shouno, was the man in the picture with Katshitsuka. Ran tells Agasa to use the tracker to find Conan. Agasa, Haibara, and Subaru proceed to follow the signal. Meanwhile, Masumi also decides to search for Conan.
Detectives' Nocturne (Deduction)
Episode 673: Detectives' Nocturne (Deduction) (Oct 13, 2012)
Conan stops feigning his sleep and tells his kidnapper she is actually Serina Urakawa and that Kei Katshitsuka was the dead man at the agency; his deduction stemmed from a phone call to Shouno's relatives to find out the identity of his girlfriend. Conan explains that Katshitsuka and the man in the apartment were two of the three robbers. Urakawa learned from Shouno that Katshitsuka was one of the robbers. When visiting his apartment, she meets the second robber whom she killed in self-defense. After learning that Katshitsuka plans on meeting with Kogoro to find out which locker the money was hidden in, she attempts to interrogate him and fashions his murder as a suicide by drugging him, placing the gun in his hands, and pulling the trigger with a string. As for the third robber, Urakawa plans on visiting the three female contacts found on Katshitsuka's phone to determine which one is the culprit.
Detectives' Nocturne (Bourbon)
Episode 674: Detectives' Nocturne (Bourbon) (Oct 27, 2012)
After visiting the three, Conan explains the robber in the video was left-handed and only Takayo Tegawa fit that description. To further his argument, Conan explains the stolen money was marked forcing the robbers to spend it in vending machines; this explains Katshitsuka's wallet and Tegawa's trash full of Gyūdon which can be bought from a vending machine. Tegawa overhears their conversation and holds Conan at gunpoint ordering Urakawa to drive. Subaru, Tooru, and Masumi pursue and apprehend Tegawa. From overhead, Vermouth calls one of them, addressing them as Bourbon and reminding Bourbon to follow through with their promise.
Won't Forgive Even One Millimetre (1)
Episode 675: Won't Forgive Even One Millimetre (1) (Nov 10, 2012)
The detective boys are invited by a couple for a barbecue. After eating the husband was looking for his phone get engaged into a quarrel with his wife. Meanwhile, Ayumi finds the cellphone and goes to return it to the couple finding the wife trying to kill her husband. As the detective boys go into the house they find the wife was lying on the ground stabbed in the heart.
Won't Forgive Even One Millimetre (2)
Episode 676: Won't Forgive Even One Millimetre (2) (Nov 17, 2012)
The wife is taken to the hospital. After seeing the situation and finding proofs, Conan deduces that the husband tried to kill his wife. The operation turned out to be successful. The husband afraid of, that his wife would reveal everything, tried to commit suicide but was stopped by Conan and Haibara. He confesses that he tried to his wife. After the confession Conan tells him about the true messages that his wife sent to his colleagues and also tells that his wife is pregnant although she is not aware of it. Meanwhile after recovery the wife changes her statement to prevent her husband from going to jail.
The Sandy Beach with No Footprints
Episode 677: The Sandy Beach with No Footprints (Nov 24, 2012)
Mouri, Ran, and Conan try surfing for the first time with their surf instructor and her much older husband. The couple soon gets into a heated argument over the safety of surfing with an approaching storm, hinting at a troubled relationship. They find the wife dead on the beach the next morning. The absence of footprints suggest a surfing accident. Conan soon observes clues indicating foul play. Sleeping Kogoro reveals that the husband murdered his wife and carried her body to the beach without leaving footprints by crawling inside a cardboard wheel.
Nagasaki Mystery Theater (Bakumatsu)
Episode 678: Nagasaki Mystery Theater (Bakumatsu) (Dec 01, 2012)
Ran wins a trip to Nagasaki with Mouri and Conan. While touring the city, they unintentionally interrupt the filming of a mystery drama. Mouri is hired as a consultant to figure out the story's ending because the scriptwriter disappeared. The group examines the scriptwriter's room and finds newspaper clippings of a real case of serial thefts. The group spots the scriptwriter but he runs off before they can catch up to him. When the next part of the script is e-mailed to the crew, Ran and Conan are dragged in as extras. Conan realizes that the script contains hidden messages. The prop technician is attacked and he points at Ran with his dying breath.
Nagasaki Mystery Theater (Present-Day)
Episode 679: Nagasaki Mystery Theater (Present-Day) (Dec 08, 2012)
Conan luckily finds a witness who saw Ran studying her lines providing her with a solid alibi. One of the actors, Sazanami, is attacked later that night and the scriptwriter's fingerprints are found on his belongings. Conan follows the clues in the hidden messages and gathers everyone at the theater. Sleeping Kogoro reveals that the scriptwriter discovered that Sazanami and the prop technician were partners in the serial thefts and feared for his life. The prop technician understood the hidden messages and tried to run away. He pointed at Ran because the role she was playing held the clues to identifying Sazanami.
Cactus Rhapsody
Episode 680: Cactus Rhapsody (Dec 15, 2012)
Sonoko, Ran, and Conan are visiting a cacti greenhouse. The sons of the owner interrupt with angry outbursts about being removed from their father's will. The owner explains that he's disappointed in his sons living off his fortune and that he will leave everything to the botanical garden. The security alarm later rings and the son Yasuyuki is found standing over his father's dead body. All clues point to him as the culprit, but the Queen of Deduction reveals that Misa, the housekeeper, killed the owner and used the greenhouse temperature settings to trigger the security alarm to create a time alibi.
The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (Begin Broadcasting)
Episode 681: The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (Begin Broadcasting) (Jan 05, 2013)
Today is the anniversary of the death of Takagi's mentor, Wataru Date. Detective Takagi finishes work early but no one, including Sato, knows where he disappeared to. The Detective Boys are waiting outside the police station for a safety pamphlet photoshoot when a stranger asks them to deliver a parcel to Takagi's girlfriend. The parcel contains a tablet broadcasting a tied up Takagi in real-time. They have about 24 hours to figure out where he is before the bomb explodes. The police investigate the 3 old case files Takagi was recently looking over.
The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (Crisis State)
Episode 682: The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (Crisis State) (Jan 12, 2013)
After discussing the suicide cases with Sato, Conan concludes that Takagi was looking for his mentor's girlfriend who never got news about his death. She committed suicide believing Date left her. The police find the girlfriend's old English teacher who mixed up the two Watarus and blamed Takagi for her death. Before Sato can get any information about Takagi's whereabouts, the old man succumbs to the poison wine he was drinking.
The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (The Inrush into the Scene)
Episode 683: The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (The Inrush into the Scene) (Jan 19, 2013)
With the kidnapper dead, the police have to rely on the video of Takagi to figure out where he is. Conan recognizes the Western Jackdaw that is only found in Hokkaido and narrows down the search area. Every four story building is searched, but Takagi remains missing. After reviewing the footage, Conan realizes that the kidnapper placed a mirror underneath Takagi to give the illusion of a tall building. Takagi manages to remove the scarf over his mouth and name his location. Sato finds him right before the bomb detonates. In her joy over his safety, she kisses him in front of the cameras. Every police officer who was worried or crying over Takagi earlier suddenly wants to beat him up again.
Foam, Steam, and Smoke (1)
Episode 684: Foam, Steam, and Smoke (1) (Jan 26, 2013)
Conan and Ai bump into Takagi coming out of a stakeout. He still has nightmares about falling off the plank he was tied to (see previous episode). A woman screams nearby and they discover the body of a publishing company president. 3 people were contacted by the victim right before his deadly fall. They all claim to have been alone in their apartment at the time. Takagi and Conan examine each apartment before the suspects can change anything. The first suspect shows the beer he recently poured out still foaming at the top. The second suspect shows her cup of hot coffee still steaming on the table. The third suspect shows his cigarette still smoking after it just burnt out. All 3 also admit that they're currently in a lawsuit against the president for doctoring photos and slandering a famous actress.
Foam, Steam, and Smoke (2)
Episode 685: Foam, Steam, and Smoke (2) (Feb 02, 2013)
After experimenting with beer, coffee, and cigarettes, the police conclude that neither suspect could've left their apartment for more than the 10 minutes required to push the president off his balcony and return by the stairs. Conan then remembers Uncle Kogoro telling him about sprinkling salt in his flat beers to make them foam when he was a poor student. The first suspect is arrested. He explains that the slandered actress was his friend and old classmate, and that the president stole his memory card so they lost their only piece of evidence for the lawsuit.
The Car Carrying A Time Bomb
Episode 686: The Car Carrying A Time Bomb (Feb 09, 2013)
A bomb detonates and kills an unknown man. On the other side of town, Ayumi's neighbour Mao runs to the Detective Boys for help with her runaway dog, Candy. While searching one of the nearby delivery trucks, they bump into Takagi and Chiba working a serial bombing case. The police locate the last bomb in a delivery truck, but it is then hijacked by two robbers. Candy happens to be in that truck. The police leak fake checkpoints and corner the robbers. Conan manages to jump into the truck and convince the robbers to drive somewhere open to throw out the bomb saving everyone.
The Unsolvable Ice Trap
Episode 687: The Unsolvable Ice Trap (Feb 16, 2013)
Professor Agasa take the Detective Boys to visit an ice village. The mayor and his secretary boast about cancelling the winter festival to build a resort to bring in more income. The group stays overnight in the ice hotel. The next morning, the mayor staying in another part of the ice hotel is found strangulated in his bed. Professor Agasa reveals the culprit to be the ice sculptor using an ice melting trick to murder the mayor without leaving any evidence behind. The sculptor explains that he overheard the mayor and his secretary talk about murdering the previous mayor who suspected their embezzling the city's finances.
Detective Takagi Picked Up 30 Million Yen
Episode 688: Detective Takagi Picked Up 30 Million Yen (Feb 23, 2013)
During his morning jog, Takagi comes upon a gym bag filled with 30 million yen. The owner of the bag, an organic grocery store manager, claims that he dropped it the previous night. When the newspaperman tells Conan that the bag wasn't there earlier that morning, he suspects that the grocer placed the bag for someone specific. Takagi questions the woman who was with him when he found the bag, but she doesn't know the grocer. The woman's partner then runs after Takagi thinking he was questioning her about a murder-robbery case that occurred 15 years ago. Ironically, the grocer was a suspect in that case but had a solid alibi being hospitalized at the time of the crime.
Messages From the Client
Episode 689: Messages From the Client (Mar 02, 2013)
Three months ago, 24-year-old Kaoru Sasamori, who hired Kogoro to investigate her boyfriend, fell down the stairs and died. At her funeral, Kaoru's brother accused her boyfriend Tsuge of pushing her down the stairs. In present day, Kogoro is summoned by Tsuge with the message, "Come and I'll tell you about her murderer". Kaoru's brother, her best friend Kazumi, and Tsuge's manager all show up at the same time. They find Tsuge bludgeoned to death in his workshop. Sleeping Kogoro explains that Tsuge was about to reveal Kazumi as the murderer through his shadow art. Kazumi, in love with Tsuge, killed Kaoru in hopes of being with him. She believed he was going to announce their relationship when she was summoned, but he instead told her to turn herself in. Blinded by rage, she kills him, but can't bring herself to destroy the incriminating sculpture as it was the only proof that Tsuge spent the last 3 months thinking about her.
Yusaku Kudo's Unsolved Case (1)
Episode 690: Yusaku Kudo's Unsolved Case (1) (Mar 09, 2013)
Ran, Sonoko, and Sera find the body of a man in an alleyway with the kanji symbol for "death" written in blood next to it. Ran is reminded of a similar case that happened 10 years ago and heads over to the Kudo residence to look for the case file in the library. Shinichi remembers the case as the one his father walked away from claiming that the murderer would never reappear. Subaru joins the girls and Conan in their deductions.
Yusaku Kudo's Unsolved Case (2)
Episode 691: Yusaku Kudo's Unsolved Case (2) (Mar 16, 2013)
In a phone call with Ran as Shinichi, Conan hears that Subaru compared him to a ninja. Reminded of the sanada flag with its six coins, Conan solves the mystery.
The Night Cherry Blossom Route on Sumida River (1)
Episode 692: The Night Cherry Blossom Route on Sumida River (1) (Mar 23, 2013)
Kogoro assists the police delivering ransom money to the Nihonbashi Post Office. When arriving at the post office, Kogoro is given a briefcase with further instructions. After Kogoro falls off a boat and gets sick, Conan and Ran begin investigating, but soon...they stumble upon a body!
The Night Cherry Blossom Route on Sumida River (2)
Episode 693: The Night Cherry Blossom Route on Sumida River (2) (Mar 30, 2013)
Despite being sick, Kogoro begins investigating the coworker of the victim. Conan investigates as well and finds clues that lead him to the culprit. Now, Kogoro is too sick to investigate and Conan has to figure out another way to use him to solve the case.
The Missing Japanese Sweet in the Old Shop
Episode 694: The Missing Japanese Sweet in the Old Shop (Apr 20, 2013)
The chocolate flavored sweets have gone missing in every branch shop around Kyoto. Conan, Ran, Sonoko, Kogoro and the Detective Boys are on the move to find the missing sweets.
The Roses in the Vineyard
Episode 695: The Roses in the Vineyard (Apr 27, 2013)
A murdered man was found in a barrel warehouse located in a vineyard. Conan is going to find out the murderer who murdered the man.
The Stormy Flowerbed Conspiracy
Episode 696: The Stormy Flowerbed Conspiracy (May 04, 2013)
At first, Detective Boys found that a flowerbed somewhere else has been vandalized. Soon after that, a murder has taken place near the destroyed flowerbed.
The Window of the Girls Academy
Episode 697: The Window of the Girls Academy (May 11, 2013)
Kogoro was hired by Misaki Yanai, an old friend of Ran and Sonoko from middle-high school, to re-investigate the suicide of her older sister, Nagisa. Misaki believe that her sister didn't commit suicide but instead, was murdered. Kogoro then phoned Inspector Megure and was confirmed that it was indeed a suicide which make Misaki burst into tears. With Conan suggestion, Kogoro allow her to retell what actually occurred. As Nagisa had planned to marry Shibagaki after she finished high school, she has no reason to commit suicide. They later arranged for Takagi to share them the crime scene's photo.
No Way! The UFO Crash Case
Episode 698: No Way! The UFO Crash Case (May 18, 2013)
Conan and Detective Boys encounter UFO crashed beside riverside, what could be this lead them to...?
The Shadow That Approaches Haibara's Secret (1)
Episode 699: The Shadow That Approaches Haibara's Secret (1) (Jun 08, 2013)
Agasa takes the Detective Boys on a camping trip when they run into Masumi Sera who eventually joins their camping trip. While Genta, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Haibara collect firewood, they encounter a man burying a female corpse. After being discovered by the killer and being chased by him, they find refuge in a cabin in the woods. While in the cabin, they discover that it was actually the crime scene of the murder. Meanwhile, Agasa, Conan, and Sera start to worry about them because their camping area happens to be out of cell-phone ranges. The Gunma police discover three suspicious men wandering alone in the forest claiming that they were innocent for the murder. While the Gunma police investigate the murder, the Detective Boys realize that they had been locked inside the cabin by the murderer while a fire is starting at the back of the cabin.
The Shadow That Approaches Haibara's Secret (2)
Episode 700: The Shadow That Approaches Haibara's Secret (2) (Jun 15, 2013)
In the cabin, Ayumi suddenly passes out due to a lack of oxygen. Suddenly, a woman appears with an ax and breaks the door down. Meanwhile, Conan and Sera discover the true meaning of the victim's dying message. The culprit was a man named Usagi who was claustrophobic who accidentally killed her. Afterward, Conan and Sera race to the burning cabin only to discover that Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko were safe because of a "beautiful woman." Conan figures that the "beautiful woman" was Haibara who took the antidote of APTX4869 and wore the deceased woman's clothes in order to save everybody. She tells them a lie in order to hide the fact that she was Haibara, returned in her normal state. However, Mitsuhiko had secretly taken a video of her and sent it to the Detective Agency. There, a waiter at the café below the agency sees the video and so does Subaru Okiya, while drinking Bourbon whiskey.
The Raven Mystery Train (Departure)
Episode 701: The Raven Mystery Train (Departure) (Jul 13, 2013)
Vermouth, Gin, Vodka, and Bourbon initiate a plan to eliminate Haibara aboard the Bell Tree Express. Meanwhile, an unrelated passenger is murdered under the guise of it being a performance.
The Raven Mystery Train (Tunnel)
Episode 702: The Raven Mystery Train (Tunnel) (Jul 20, 2013)
Conan and Sera involve in the investigation and in destination Nagoya station Jirokichi Suzuki and his team waiting for the Mystery train to arrive wherein meantime more visitors appear to be aboard the train, Haibara's feeling ultimately afraid after someone passed in front of her eyes...
The Raven Mystery Train (Junction)
Episode 703: The Raven Mystery Train (Junction) (Jul 27, 2013)
Conan is still investigating the case. He asks the suspects to be filmed while running. Masumi leaves the group, intending to take the recordings to the Detective Boys to ask them which looks most like the masked suspect they chased earlier. On the way, Amuro notices her from a room and contacts someone with his cellphone. Scar Akai then walks past the mysterious woman who had come with Subaru. The woman says something to Scar Akai as he passes which startles him. But before he can follow her, Masumi confronts him and asks, "Who are you?" Scar Akai smiles and tells Masumi, "you haven't changed a bit." and he reveals his face to her. Masumi, surprised and confused, responds with "Shu-nii". (nii is Japanese suffix to call an older brother). She questions Scar Akai, stating that she heard that Shuichi had died. Masumi and Scar Akai's confrontation ends abruptly when Scar Akai knocks Masumi unconscious with a taser.
The Raven Mystery Train (Final Destination)
Episode 704: The Raven Mystery Train (Final Destination) (Aug 03, 2013)
Conan reveals the truth of the murder via tranquilizing Mouri Kogorou. He is assisted by Tooru Amuro helping with Mouri's deductions. Akai's true identity is revealed by Yukiko Kudo and Amuro introduces himself to Haibara for the first time, explaining that he is Bourbon. Ran is looking for Sera and Haibara as she doesn't know where they are, but neither does Kogorou. Bourbon and Haibara discuss Moroboshi Dai(Shuichi Akai) before Bourbon explains that he believes Shuichi Akai truly did die during the Clash of Red and Black. As Bourbon attempts to capture Sherry, a strange man resembling Akai is watching concealed by smoke from the bombs Vermouth planted. During the explosion, Sherry appears to die and Bourbon reports this to Vermouth. Gin is unconvinced, and following his explanation for why Vermouth is uncertain as well but doesn't know who she saw "die." Subaru is seen watching Vermouth and Bourbon discussing the matter before being shown to be Akai in disguise.
Conan Inside The Locked Room
Episode 705: Conan Inside The Locked Room (Aug 10, 2013)
Ran, Sonoko, Kogoro, and Conan are at a tennis court when they find Tooru Amuro there. Later, Conan has a concussion from a flying racket and rests inside the racket's thrower's villa. Later, a man is killed inside the villa while Conan rests inside it. Conan deduces that it was a locked room murder as the body blocked entryway from the door and the windows were locked from the inside. Three suspects were named as Conan tries to figure out the mystery behind this locked room murder.
Bourbon Figures It Out
Episode 706: Bourbon Figures It Out (Aug 17, 2013)
Conan Wake up in a closed room to find a corpse, working along with Mori Kogoro to solve to case, but seems Bourbon has set a new target...
The Framed Great Detective
Episode 707: The Framed Great Detective (Aug 31, 2013)
While having a snack in a roadside café, Kogoro is called by Reiji Himuro, who seems envious of Kogoro's nice life and then says that at that moment, someone was to die because of Kogoro. At that time, Shingo Numao falls off a building, watched by a police officer who had been called there by an anonymous call. After Conan spots Himuro in a department store across the street, Kogoro runs there and up the stairs, where he is met by Himuro. Kogoro grabs Himuro at the lapels, which is photographed by customers. Both Himuro and Numao turn out to be bank robbers, with Numano having helped Kogoro apprehend Himuro who had been his boss. During the interrogation, Himuro provokes Kogoro into attacking him, knowing that Kogoro gave him an alibi for the time Numao fell. Kogoro accuses Himuro of killing Numao, but since there is no evidence at all and Kogoro himself gives an alibi to Himuro, Himuro is let go.
The Man That Fell Slowly
Episode 708: The Man That Fell Slowly (Sep 07, 2013)
Agasa and the Detective Boys are riding on a bus on a public holiday when, at exactly 2 p.m., they witness a man shoving another man off the roof of a nearby building. The bus starts before they can get out. When they get back at 2:20, an ambulance has just arrived, having been called by a pedestrian who almost was hit by the falling man. The man on the pavement is identified as Masaaki Ogata, a loan shark. As it takes on average 5-6 minutes for an ambulance in Tokyo to reach the site of an emergency, Conan asks when the call was made, and learns at about 2:10, right after the man hit the pavement. 10 minutes is a long time for someone to drop five floors, though. In the office of the loan shark signs of a struggle are found, and traces of someone who has been dragged from the balcony into the office. Also, there is a driver's license issued to Ryouhei Honda, and his glasses are found on the balcony outside of the railing.
The Case of the Unconfirmed Crash
Episode 709: The Case of the Unconfirmed Crash (Sep 14, 2013)
A man hit by the falling steel frame was dead. But Conan finds out that it wasn't supposed to be an accident but a murder.
Everyone Was Watching (1)
Episode 710: Everyone Was Watching (1) (Sep 21, 2013)
Hattori and Kazuha arrive at the Mouri agency with Osaka's, Inspector Otaki to inform Mouri and, specifically, Conan, of a suspicious case in Tokyo. The police had kept watch on all entrances to the victim, Hidemichi Mizuki's apartment, only to find him hung with a limited edition chair knocked below his feet. Kazuha identifies this chair and confirms that the chair's height is 10cm below where the victim's feet would be while hung. After solving the first mystery, the crew begins to exit the apartment building. While waiting for the elevator, third-floor resident, Nanami, overhears the detective's talk of Kaizou Fuura, a man who caused the victim to be in large debt, and comments on how her husband, too, suffered great losses due to Kaizou Fuura's influence of investing in the stock market. At that moment, Kaizou Fuura appears from the elevator window shooting himself.
Everyone Was Watching (2)
Episode 711: Everyone Was Watching (2) (Sep 28, 2013)
Conan and Heiji continues to solve the murder mystery.
Hattori Heiji and the Vampire Mansion (1)
Episode 712: Hattori Heiji and the Vampire Mansion (1) (Oct 05, 2013)
The Family meets in their Mansion but things doesn't seem so friendly since they fighting over the inheritance, which give both Heiji and Conan a feeling of bad things are coming, companion Mori Kogoro and Ran, Kazuha, according to the inspector before half year they find a female corpse and the killer is Vampire!
Hattori Heiji and the Vampire Mansion (2)
Episode 713: Hattori Heiji and the Vampire Mansion (2) (Oct 12, 2013)
The next victim in the mansion is Asanobu Torakura. Too many suspects remain!
Hattori Heiji and the Vampire Mansion (3)
Episode 714: Hattori Heiji and the Vampire Mansion (3) (Oct 19, 2013)
Kamiyo Torakura was found strangled outside the mansion in the forest. Can Conan and Heiji find the killer before another is murdered?
Hattori Heiji and the Vampire Mansion (4)
Episode 715: Hattori Heiji and the Vampire Mansion (4) (Oct 26, 2013)
In a case of inheritance and revenge, Conan and Heiji start their deduction show and catch the culprit.
Dancing Demon in the Noh Mask Mansion (1)
Episode 716: Dancing Demon in the Noh Mask Mansion (1) (Nov 02, 2013)
Detective Mouri, Ran and Conan shows up at a museum explaining that they received a letter warning them that the museum curator's life is in danger. They meet the museum curator, his personal nurse, and his businessman acquaintance in the garden. Soon a heavy pile of logs roll out of the shed and almost crush the group. Other "accidents" occur until the businessman is poisoned and dies.
Dancing Demon in the Noh Mask Mansion (2)
Episode 717: Dancing Demon in the Noh Mask Mansion (2) (Nov 09, 2013)
While awaiting the police, more attempts to murder the museum curator occur. A fire breaks out and the group is locked inside one of the buildings. A woman wearing a mask resembling the conspiring ex-wife kills her two partners. The group manages to escape and calls the nurse over the internal phone to see if she and the curator are safe. The nurse reassures him, but then screams and hangs up. The group runs to the nurse's location and finds a scene with the nurse unconscious, the ex-wife stabbed to death, and the museum curator severely wounded. Inspectors conclude that the ex-wife tried to kill the curator, and that the nurse fought back in self-defense. Sleeping Kogoro reveals the nurse to be the true culprit. The curator survives thanks to Conan's earlier suggestion to wear armor under his clothes.
Circuit of the Devil
Episode 718: Circuit of the Devil (Nov 16, 2013)
A mystery writer calls on Mouri Kogoro to investigate if there's anything going on between her husband and her assistant. Kogoro, Ran, and Conan stay in a different house overnight, and come morning, they find out all three people dead from poisoning. The husband dies first after eating poisoned sleeping pills. The assistant dies next after drinking poisoned tea. The writer dies last due to poisoned chocolate bars. Conan finds it odd that there is spilled water and two unopened chocolate bars in the garbage in the writer's room. Finally, it is deduced that the writer initially planned to commit suicide by eating poisoned chocolate bars and stage it as a murder done by the husband and assistant, but after seeing that they are both dead, dies herself by eating the same chocolate bars by mistake.
A Dispute Over a Platinum Ticket
Episode 719: A Dispute Over a Platinum Ticket (Nov 23, 2013)
While Ran, Sonoko, and Conan go to a coffee shop after getting a popular concert ticket, another customer arrives with her friend and loses her ticket there. The next day, she comes back showing the same ticket auctioned off on the internet. While the three along with the manager, another employee, and the customer go to the home of another employee who hadn't arrived to work, they find her dead. The house appears to have been robbed. Another tenant explains that she went to a convenience store after putting some clothes to wash in the machine. He observed this because it was emitting a different, loud noise. He also tells that there was a 5-minute pause in between. Conan, through a sleeping Sonoko, deduces that the employee is the murderer. She took the ticket but the aprons between them got exchanged. And while she was trying to get the apron out of the washing machine, the other employee returned. She accidentally causes her death and stages a robbery.
The Mystery Tour of Fire and Water (Aso)
Episode 720: The Mystery Tour of Fire and Water (Aso) (Nov 30, 2013)
Conan, Ran, The Detective Boys, Haibara, and Kogoro go on a trip to Mt. Aso. They meet a boy called Justin and his mother there. Justin shows them his stamp collection book, where he has stamps from all the tourist attractions at Mt Aso. They later part. While they are on a break, we see a man leaving behind a bag on a bench, and another man picks it up and leaves behind a stuffed toy. Ayumi tries to return the toy but is pushed away by the man. He is chased by the police and Conan. They see the man dashes into Justin, who is carrying a similar toy and the toys get exchanged. Everyone returns and we find that the man who left the bag is Monkichi Kumada, who owns Kumamon Foods. He says a thief stole important details regarding new sweet tastes which are un-patented and demanded 10 million. Another detective calls, Kouda, and informs them that the thief is caught but there was nothing in the stuffed toy. Conan explains that the toys got exchanged and tracks down Justin's location.
The Mystery Tour of Fire and Water (Kumamoto)
Episode 721: The Mystery Tour of Fire and Water (Kumamoto) (Dec 07, 2013)
Conan overhears the police talking to Kogoro about the thief's next call. He is suddenly joined by Haibara and The Detective Boys and Inoue. They start searching for Justin and the culprit. After tracking him down, they make him lose the stuffed toy by spilling more similar toys and the police manage to catch him when he tries to take the money. He turns out to be Kouda. Ayumi manages to find the toy with the usb and when Inoue tries to take it, Haibara stops him. Sleeping Kogoro tells them all that it was actually Inoue who stole the secret data.
The Cold and Sweet Delivery (1)
Episode 722: The Cold and Sweet Delivery (1) (Dec 14, 2013)
As Conan, Haibara, and The Detective Boys are playing football, they meet a cat that makes rounds around the Beika area. Following it, they get locked up in a delivery truck, within which they find a dead body. The delivery men talk about how it was an accidental death and they are making rounds and getting people to notice them make up an alibi. As the kids realize that they cannot ask for help directly, Conan comes up with an idea.
The Cold and Sweet Delivery (2)
Episode 723: The Cold and Sweet Delivery (2) (Dec 21, 2013)
Conan sends the cat with the message on the taxi receipt, but it gets blown away before Amuro can intercept it, but he chases after it and decodes it. Meanwhile, since there has been no help for quite long, Conan, deduceing that the final stop is Agasa's house, makes modifications on the receiver's address so that it reaches the Kudo house. Subaru interprets this and sends back another parcel with a phone in it via the delivery men. Before Conan can call the police, the delivery men catch them. By them, Amuro catches up and stops the delivery men from hurting the kids. But he denies having interpreted the message and says the receipt was blown away. He also declines when the kids invite him to Agase's house.
Kaitou Kid and the Blush Mermaid (1)
Episode 724: Kaitou Kid and the Blush Mermaid (1) (Jan 04, 2014)
The Blush Mermaid goes on display at the Suzuki Museum, stuck on the shell of a turtle swimming inside a water tank. Kaitou Kid has announced that he will steal the jewel.
Kaitou Kid and the Blush Mermaid (2)
Episode 725: Kaitou Kid and the Blush Mermaid (2) (Jan 11, 2014)
The blush mermaid was stolen by Kaitou Kid, but it appears it wasn't stolen but gone. Thus Conan and Police try to find where the jewel was gone and how that happened.
A Happy E-mail Brings Sadness
Episode 726: A Happy E-mail Brings Sadness (Jan 18, 2014)
Conan, Ran, and Kogoro come across Nana lying on the ground in the park after nearly driving into a scooter blocking the road. Nana left behind a dying message that resembles the top part of the kanji for "left" (左) or "right" (右).
The Treasure Chest Filled With Fruits (1)
Episode 727: The Treasure Chest Filled With Fruits (1) (Jan 25, 2014)
Ran, Sonoko, and Conan are watching "Which Sweets Show", a television program where two chefs compete to see who makes better sweets. The defending champion wins again, making him the winner for six weeks in a row. Thanks to Sonoko's father, Ran, Sonoko, and Conan can watch the preview from the show's gallery next week. Sonoko, who needs to invite five people, but she is stuck on the last person to invite.
The Treasure Chest Filled With Fruits (2)
Episode 728: The Treasure Chest Filled With Fruits (2) (Feb 01, 2014)
Shoutoku was murdered! The police, Kogoro, Conan, Masumi watch the surveillance room, where they see Shoutoku enter the storeroom last night at 9:05. They identify three people who were the only ones that had a chance to commit the murder.
The Diamond, the Painting, and the Great Actress
Episode 729: The Diamond, the Painting, and the Great Actress (Feb 08, 2014)
Mouri Kogoro, Ran, and Conan watching the ending of an old movie staring retired actress Misuzu Shirakawa at the actress's home. As the trio tour the home with the actress, her three children, and the maid, they are surprised to witness consistent quarreling in the household with Misuzu Shirakawa being the unpleasant one. As the afternoon draws close, the actress retires to her bedroom for an afternoon nap, a car accident occurs outside, and then smoke emerges from the bedroom.
The Figure That Was Too Good
Episode 730: The Figure That Was Too Good (Feb 22, 2014)
Doctor Agasa and Detective Boys including Ai and Conan went to Figure Expo to observe some Figures for research of their works. Upon hearing a woman scream, Conan and the Detective Boys rush into a room to find Kitajima lying dead on the floor from a stab wound. Thus the police have to find the culprit who killed Kitajima among the editor who was rude at him, his fiancé who was upset at him, and a fellow artist who owes him plenty and was distant at him.
The Ex-Boyfriend Living Next to a Crime Scene (1)
Episode 731: The Ex-Boyfriend Living Next to a Crime Scene (1) (Mar 01, 2014)
Conan and the Detective Boys run into Naeko Miike and Yumi Miyamoto, who were talking about Yumi's ex-boyfriend. Naeko Miike shortly receives a call from her acquaintance, Sakurako Yonehara, about a dead body. When the police arrive on the scene, the case seems to be a suicide, but Conan points out that the ripped-out suicide note does not match the ripped page of the victim's notebook. Also, the note is signed with the victim's full name, while all of her other notes were signed with only her first name. Thus, the case develops into a possible murder.
The Ex-Boyfriend Living Next to a Crime Scene (2)
Episode 732: The Ex-Boyfriend Living Next to a Crime Scene (2) (Mar 08, 2014)
Conan pieces all the clues together: the suicide note with somewhat strange contents, Shukichi Haneda mentioning a "well-prepared move", same phone models of all the family members, the trick behind the bedroom door closing upon Sakurako and the victim's husband entering the room, and the victim's phone on the floor.
The Wedding Reception and the Two Gunshots
Episode 733: The Wedding Reception and the Two Gunshots (Mar 22, 2014)
Sonoko must go to a wedding representing her family, and since she doesn't want to go alone she ropes Conan and Ran into going with her. The groom is the eldest son and heir of the incredibly rich Hatakeyama family, and he's marrying a young woman named Miho. The wedding takes place in a very nice villa, and things go well at first until the end of the reception.
Jodie's Memories and the Cherry Blossom Viewing Trap
Episode 734: Jodie's Memories and the Cherry Blossom Viewing Trap (Mar 29, 2014)
Professor Agasa takes the Detective Boys to see cherry blossoms. Conan informed Jodie Starling that Scar Akai is actually Bourbon in disguise. Professor Agasa told Conan that he have witnessed someone being hit repeatedly at the shrine grounds. After solving the case, Conan finds it weird that the suspect Benzaki does not seem to recognize the victim despite seeing her twice. Benzaki’s pregnant wife Motoe appears and falls on Jodie Starling. Both Conan and Ai find it weird that Motoe appears to be 6 months pregnant but still having morning sickness.
The Coded Invitation
Episode 735: The Coded Invitation (Apr 19, 2014)
A client named Kaori Kitasaka asks Kogoro for help to decode the location in an invitation. Before she leaves, she gives Kogoro her home and cellphone number. After realizing he has deduced and given her the wrong location, Kogoro tries calling her home number but realizes she gave him a fake number. Kogoro calls her cellphone number and she picks up. Kogoro gives her the correct location, Bell Tree Tower, to Kaori. Conan finds her suspicious and figures out Kaori's real home phone number then calls it. He's surprised when Sato begins talking to him on the phone and the group discovers that a gun (Nambu Taisho 14) is missing from Kaori's home.
The Secret of the Statue of Kogoro Mouri
Episode 736: The Secret of the Statue of Kogoro Mouri (Apr 26, 2014)
Since Kataoka is a big fan of Mouri, the crew got invited to Kataoka's house. While all the people got gathered in the garden, Kataoka, disguised as 'Kaito K', insisted Mouri and others to find him as a seeker during the hide and seek in his house. After hearing Kataoka scream, Conan, Ran, and Seiya head in the direction of the sound to find Sada holding the deceased Kataoka. It appears Kataoka died after receiving blunt force trauma from falling off a ladder.
The Suspicious Walking Path
Episode 737: The Suspicious Walking Path (May 03, 2014)
Conan and his friends were playing Frisbee at the park when a dog named Matsunosuke launched off of Conan's head and caught the Frisbee. Matsunosuke's owner, Kanae Asakawa, apologized and took Conan's jacket in order to get it cleaned after Matsunosuke left dirt all over it. The next day when Conan and the Detective Boys arrived at her house to get the jacket they met Kanae's friend Tomoko and see Matsunosuke in his dog house, asleep.
Kogoro In The Bar (1)
Episode 738: Kogoro In The Bar (1) (May 10, 2014)
Kogoro is undercover at the Blue Parrot, because Yuzuki Fukui request him to investigate on a weird popping sound she hears frequently. Conan joins him stating that Ran is angry because Kogoro is not home. But a simple investigation in a bar becomes more dramatic when Chikafumi Usuda, the company’s boss, is found dead.
Kogoro In The Bar (2)
Episode 739: Kogoro In The Bar (2) (May 17, 2014)
Kogoro summons the police to explain the details of the case. Once again, Conan solves the mystery. After solving the case, Detective Takagi told Conan that the suspect Benzaki from “Jodie's Memories and the Cherry Blossom Viewing Trap” Case said that he does not remember being involved in the pickpocket case. Conan realized the fake couple was Bourbon and Vermouth in disguise and rushes back to the Mouri Detective Agency in panic.
Bathroom Where Ran Collapsed As Well (1)
Episode 740: Bathroom Where Ran Collapsed As Well (1) (May 31, 2014)
As Conan and Ran are waiting for a meeting with Eri, they meet Sera, who is investigating Rumi Kitao's boyfriend, Kenya Settsu, about adultery. Thinking that Kenya will make a move upon seeing Ran, Sera has Conan and Ran approach the couple upon the pretense of needing a meal. However, Kenya doesn't seem to be interested in Ran and asks Ran to accompany Rumi to wake Waka, Kenya's ex-girlfriend. Rumi and Ran have to open Waka's apartment with a key when no one answers. Later, Ran finds Waka on the bathroom floor, but she collapses herself due to chloroform in the air.
Bathroom Where Ran Collapsed As Well (2)
Episode 741: Bathroom Where Ran Collapsed As Well (2) (Jun 07, 2014)
Ran has to open Waka's apartment with a key when no one answers. Later, Ran finds Waka on the bathroom floor, but she collapses herself due to chlorofoam in the air.
The Promise with the J-League
Episode 742: The Promise with the J-League (Jun 14, 2014)
While practicing penalty kicks, Sanada's soccer ball accidentally hits Kou while he's riding his bike past the park, injuring Kou's ankle. Kou is upset and makes Sanada promise to play his next match and score a goal using his right leg.
Two Overlapping Accidents
Episode 743: Two Overlapping Accidents (Jun 21, 2014)
Ran is almost attacked by "The Hooded Man" after staying late at school for her extracurricular activities but defends herself. A scream is heard and Conan correctly deduces the man to be the aforementioned criminal who is arrested. They manage to save his latest victim, Mizuki Tachibana, but her friend, Yoko Katsuragi, is found bludgeoned to death, allegedly by the same man. He denies involvement but the similarities in the previous cases are too great to ignore. After finding unusual clues, Conan puts Kogoro to sleep to reveal that Mizuki killed Yoko. Mizuki was attacked by the Hooded Man but saw it as an opportunity to frame him for Yoko’s murder. As evidence, Mizuki has been followed by Ran for the majority of the time; she didn‘t have time to dispose of the clothes and weapon used in the crime, meaning she is still in possession of them. Mizuki confesses that Yoko took everything, including her boyfriend, from her.
The Suspect, Makoto Kyogoku (1)
Episode 744: The Suspect, Makoto Kyogoku (1) (Jun 28, 2014)
Deciding to go bowling after they are rained out for tennis, Ran, Sonoko, Masumi, and Conan are met by Makoto, who engages Sera in a fight after mistaking her for a boy interested in Sonoko. After this is straightened out, we learn that he was attacked by teacher Masahiro Tanba, who was drunk. His coworker Sunami Masaki took him to the car to calm down. Makoto soon leaves to nap in the car, not finding bowling to be his strong suit. After a while, math teacher Michiko Monna becomes worried about Tanba, and in going to check on him, finds him missing. They all check around the local bars, but the missing teacher is found drowned in a portable toilet, and Makoto becomes the prime suspect due to the strength required for such a feat. He also had the opportunity, remaining in the parking lot during the estimated time of death.
The Suspect, Makoto Kyogoku (2)
Episode 745: The Suspect, Makoto Kyogoku (2) (Jul 05, 2014)
Sunami discovered the missing Tanba in the toilet in the parking lot of the bowling center. When Sera and Conan examine the body they're surprised to see the cause of death is drowning.
Kaito Kid VS Makoto Kyogoku (1)
Episode 746: Kaito Kid VS Makoto Kyogoku (1) (Jul 19, 2014)
Sonoko has decided to introduce Makoto to her parents. But while her father wholly approves of Makoto, especially as he is a fan of martial arts competitions himself, her mother, in turn, is strictly against a union between her younger daughter, as the prospective heir of the Suzuki Corporation, and an (in her eyes) uneducated, fight-obsessed never-do-wel.
Kaito Kid VS Makoto Kyogoku (2)
Episode 747: Kaito Kid VS Makoto Kyogoku (2) (Jul 26, 2014)
Jirokichi learns of Makoto's victory record and swiftly changes his mind about the young man's offer and sends a demonstration video to Superintendent Chaki and Inspector Nakamori. However, amidst the slack-jawed policemen witnessing Makoto's fighting prowess lurks Kaitou Kid in disguise, who merely shows amusement at this new, if unusual challenge
Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Confession)
Episode 748: Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Confession) (Aug 02, 2014)
A man was found murdered inside on his apartment! What love story will continue to develop among the Metropolitan police this time?!
Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Truth)
Episode 749: Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Truth) (Aug 09, 2014)
Conan, Detective Takagi and Detective Sato are solving the mystery of the murder and tries to deduce who is murderer.
The Man Betrayed by the Sea
Episode 750: The Man Betrayed by the Sea (Sep 06, 2014)
The Detective Boys are invited on the yacht of a wealthy businessman in Shinta City. The owner's wife invited the group to eat on the boat. During lunch, the woman shows guys two videos: one in which the husband swims with the help of a tablet and one in which the man has finally learned to swim. After a few hours, the boys see the entrepreneur jump into the sea and drown.
The Beckoning Calico Cat Case (1)
Episode 751: The Beckoning Calico Cat Case (1) (Sep 20, 2014)
Three different people have come forward claiming Taii belongs to them. Now it's up to the group to determine who is telling the truth.
The Beckoning Calico Cat Case (2)
Episode 752: The Beckoning Calico Cat Case (2) (Sep 27, 2014)
After unlocking the door, Conan runs into the bedroom to find Teishi barely breathing after apparently falling off a chair and hitting his head while fixing a light, but something doesn't seem quite right...
The Blind Spot in the Share House
Episode 753: The Blind Spot in the Share House (Oct 04, 2014)
Ran visits her former school friend who now lives in a shared apartment house that goes by a bunch of scheduled rules. When Kogoro and Conan arrive to pick her up, one of the housemates is found dead on her bed, and suspicion is placed on the sole male housemate who had argued with her earlier.
The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Steam)
Episode 754: The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Steam) (Oct 11, 2014)
Conan, Ran, Sonoko, and Masami walk through the woods to a villa where Masami's brother was called to investigate the mystery of the Red Woman, a person who 15 years ago had murdered her husband because he had an affair and is reputed to be haunting the area. They meet with a group of friends who have made an annual visit to the villa because their friend Satoko died 3 years ago after which they have found her dead body. They describe how every year they had experienced strange events related to the Red Woman such as a window breaking and a room with red apples, a water heater filled with red rose petals, and a big splotch of red paint on their door. While Conan and Sera investigate the Red Woman's appearances in the woods, Ran, Sonoko, and the rest of the group split off to do house chores. When Ran, Sonoko, and one of the women Masaie go to take a bath, they found Hakuya (one of the guys) dead in a bath full of tomatoes.
The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Evil Spirit)
Episode 755: The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Evil Spirit) (Oct 18, 2014)
Yui Uehara of the Nagano police arrives and learns of the murder case and details, such as the fact that no blood traces where found in the bathroom. As the other guests are in distraught over Masaie's death, their whereabouts are told to the detective. Why were tomatoes floating in the bathtub?
The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Revenge)
Episode 756: The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Revenge) (Oct 25, 2014)
A search is conducted they don't find any knife-like objects or wigs. A woman is seen lurking outside again. The group checks some pictures which point to the red hints of all the previous 'pranks'. In one the pictures, Yui points out that on the day she was found she was wearing a red coat. She notices the ones who found the knife 3 years ago were Kansuke Yamato and Taka'aki Morofushi, while they were still attending police academy. Morofushi was sure that the bones which were found belonged to the red woman, while Yamato refused to accept it.
The Comedian Who Turned Himself In (1)
Episode 757: The Comedian Who Turned Himself In (1) (Nov 01, 2014)
After an unlucky while at the pachinko salon, Kogoro who walks about sees Conan at a small police office near a train-station. He walks in angrily only to find out that Conan was there only to return a found wallet. As they are about to leave the well-known comedian Rokusuke DoDonPa (real name: Rokusuke Tanigaki) walks in and announces to have murdered his chief.
The Comedian Who Turned Himself In (2)
Episode 758: The Comedian Who Turned Himself In (2) (Nov 08, 2014)
Conan and Kogoro feel something is wrong with DoDonPa's all too convenient alibi. After taking on the guilt for a murder he didn't commit, DoDonPa becomes the man of the hour for trying to protect the reputation of his benefactor Tendo. Conan begins to strongly suspect him.
The Love Novel With Unexpected Results (1)
Episode 759: The Love Novel With Unexpected Results (1) (Nov 22, 2014)
Conan, Ran, and Sonoko visit the hotel room where Masumi Sera is living. In the hallway on the 30th floor of Sera's hotel, various editors wait for famous romance author Hiura Keigo to finish his manuscripts. Later, Hiura's assistant Minazuki Chiori is found murdered in the room directly below Hiura's.
The Love Novel With Unexpected Results (2)
Episode 760: The Love Novel With Unexpected Results (2) (Nov 29, 2014)
Author Keigo Hiura's assistant Chiaki Minazuki is found strangled to death in a hotel room directly below his. Conan and Sera are certain he committed the crime, but cannot find a hole in his alibi. After learning of the condition of Minazuki's room they get closer to the truth. After seeing and hearing more, Conan and Sera realize how Hiura manipulated his alibi...
Kaga Hyakumangoku Mystery Tour (Kanazawa)
Episode 761: Kaga Hyakumangoku Mystery Tour (Kanazawa) (Dec 06, 2014)
Conan, Ran, and Kogoro visit the city of Kanazawa where Kogoro has been asked to provide a story for the city's Kaga-Hyakumangoku mystery tour. They participate in a scavenger hunt for clues that lead them to all sorts of sightseeing spots around the city. Along the way, Kogoro, Conan, and Ran notice a young couple that seems to visit the same places they are, as well as a purse snatcher that Kogoro was able to stop, appearing at a later site. It is revealed that the tour hosts were trying to get video footage of Kogoro to help promotions, and the couple and the purse snatcher and victim were all actors. However, at Kanazawa Castle, one of the actors is soon found assaulted for real.
Kaga Hyakumangoku Mystery Tour (Kaga)
Episode 762: Kaga Hyakumangoku Mystery Tour (Kaga) (Dec 13, 2014)
Conan tries to find out the culprit behind the attempted murder of Harumi. Ran is sent to join Harumi to the hospital, while the others continue on the tour. Conan discovers that Harumi had actually had the original clues stashed in her bag, and pretends to voice Kogoro in telling Ran to help him. Ran informs everyone that Harumi has escaped from the hospital, so the group splits up to look for her. The culprit tries to attack Harumi, but it is Ran is disguise, and the suspect is revealed to be her fiance, who had been involved in the theft of five million yen four years ago.
Conan and Heiji, Code of Love (1)
Episode 763: Conan and Heiji, Code of Love (1) (Jan 10, 2015)
Conan, Ai and the Detective Boys bump into a drug dealer on the run. The drug dealer loses his notebook and Conan finds that there's a code inside about a drug exchange which is going to take place that same day. In order to stop it, they'll first need to solve the code and find the location and exact time of drug deal. The Detective Boys contact Heiji and they determine that the code is connected to the train networks for both of their cities.
Conan and Heiji, Code of Love (2)
Episode 764: Conan and Heiji, Code of Love (2) (Jan 17, 2015)
With the help of Heiji, Conan and the Junior Detectives found out that the drug exchange is going to take place in Osaka, and that the suspect will be carrying a white rose. Heiji goes to the spot and finds three possible suspects, which Heiji uses his phone camera to show the kids. However, one of the suspects is acting awfully friendly and chatty to Kazuha who happens to be in the area, and Heiji becomes infuriated.
Teimuzu River Kite Flying Case (1)
Episode 765: Teimuzu River Kite Flying Case (1) (Jan 24, 2015)
The Detective Boys participate in a kite competition, hoping to advertise their business. Ai hums a tune that gets the others curious as to what she is listening to, but she says that's a secret, challenging Conan to try to figure it out. Conan plans to have Ayumi try to record it, but she accidentally reveals to Ai the trick but then realizes she had lost her phone. During the competition, one of the guys who had attracted trouble with some of his associates as well as his wife is backing up while holding a kite, but falls over a high ledge into a river where he nearly drowns. Conan and the kids suspect foul play, especially when they discover the lengths of the rope barrier do not match.
Teimuzu River Kite Flying Case (2)
Episode 766: Teimuzu River Kite Flying Case (2) (Jan 31, 2015)
Conan finds out that the man falling into the river wasn't an accident but a murder attempt. The main suspects are: the man's wife (who he was on the phone at the moment of the crime), his partner, and one of the contestants whose sister was having and affair with him.
The Lover Gone Missing in a Snowstorm
Episode 767: The Lover Gone Missing in a Snowstorm (Feb 07, 2015)
Conan, Haibara, Agasa and the Detective Boys spend the weekend at a cottage with the three sisters who own it and the little sister's boyfriend. After dinner, the little sister realized she ran out of medicine and her boyfriend volunteers to walk through the storm to bring her more. Once the storm has ended, everyone decides to look for him since he was taking too long, and they find him dead on the snow.
Ai Haibara Imprisonment Case
Episode 768: Ai Haibara Imprisonment Case (Feb 21, 2015)
The Detective Boys are wandering the streets in the residential area around Professor Agasa's house, worrying about Ai Haibara, who has gone missing since she went shopping several hours ago. At first, Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Ayumi are wondering whether Ai has become the victim of a traffic accident, but then Conan finds a cat's shawl lying on the street. Seeing this, he remembers how he, Ai, and the Professor recently met a friendly young woman named Mitsuru Higaki, along with her pet cat Chiro (who wore the shawl) and her Indian Star Tortoise. Searching the vicinity for Chiro, they find the kitten inside a well in a park, but as they try to return it, Mrs. Higaki does not answer the doorbell, so they take the cat back to Agasa's house to feed it. After contacting Detective Chiba to learn whether there have been any accidents in the area (none have), Conan tries to contact Ai through her badge, but to no avail.
The Troublesome Emergency Patient
Episode 769: The Troublesome Emergency Patient (Feb 28, 2015)
A man running away from a police officer stumbles into the Detective Boys, grabs Ayumi as a hostage but collapses. They see a big wound on the back of his head and move him to Beika Hospital. He has no identifying papers on him, only a torn piece of magazine paper, seeing which, the police decide that he was attacked and decide to protect him. The doctor who comes out of the surgery starts acting suspicious when he hears Mauri's name. Conan and the Detective Boys track back the places the man has been to - realizing he had the wound for quite a while - and finally find themselves at the backside of Beika Hospital.
The Tense Tea Party (1)
Episode 770: The Tense Tea Party (1) (Mar 07, 2015)
Ran, Kogoro and Conan are at the hospital where Eri has had appendix surgery. While coming out, Kogoro and Conan run into Amuro and they find a woman dead from poisoning. They figure out that the woman, Reina, was visiting a sick friend Juri, and they were having tea party with two more friends. The police interrogates each of the suspects, which reveals their possible motive; Tokie's former boyfriend was stolen by Reina and became her current husband, Katsuki lost large amount of money because of the stock that Reina recommended, and Juri's son failed an exam because he caught a cold from Reina's son. The three of them denies wanting to kill the victim, since it is not possible to switch a teacup with different colors of tea to poison her.
The Tense Tea Party (2)
Episode 771: The Tense Tea Party (2) (Mar 14, 2015)
Bourbon and Conan help with the investigation and arrive to the conclusion that the culprit must have switched her cup with the victim in order to poison her. There is one problem though: each one of them is drinking a tea of a different color.
Shinichi Kudō Aquarium Case (1)
Episode 772: Shinichi Kudō Aquarium Case (1) (Mar 21, 2015)
Ran, Conan, and Detective Boys are visiting the Beika Aquarium. While Ran is looking at the shark, she starts thinking about an old story, back when Ran and Shinichi visited the Beika Aquarium. Ran questions if Shinichi liked her at that time already as much as he does now. Conan also starts remembering the day back when Ran and him, as Shinichi, visited the place... Shinichi was waiting for Ran inside Beika Aquarium. Ran was late. She tells him that she planned to invite her mother and father to visit the Aquarium for a romantic situation. Shinichi tells Ran not to run but Ran asked why. Shinichi didn't answer her. While Shinichi and Ran were talking, he spots the dead body of Kunihiro Shumoto.
Shinichi Kudō Aquarium Case (2)
Episode 773: Shinichi Kudō Aquarium Case (2) (Mar 28, 2015)
Shinichi helps the police to solve the murder case. As an apology for what happens, he promises Ran that he will take her to the new amusement park, Tropical Land, if she wins the next karate tournament.
Munch's Missing Scream
Episode 774: Munch's Missing Scream (Apr 18, 2015)
Ran and Conan accompany Jirokichi Suzuki to Narita Airport to wait for the arrival of Munch's "Anxiety" and "Despair". Before and after packing, photos are taken to check the authencity. These two paintings were checked to have no defects, so they were packed and transferred to Suzuki Museum by a truck. The three of them get in a car and follow the truck. Meanwhile, Munch's "Scream" arrived at Haneda Airport, and after it was checked to have no problems using the photos, it was sent to the museum by another truck. However, Hiroshi Numajiri tells Jirokichi that the truck carrying "Scream" drove off course and disappeared.
The Manipulated Great Detective (1)
Episode 775: The Manipulated Great Detective (1) (Apr 25, 2015)
Kogoro Mouri is asked to infiltrate a robber group. However, his identity is discovered by Mr. Head, the boss of the group. Mr. Head requests Kogoro to find the one who killed his son among the group members. If he doesn't do it or if he calls the police, then Ran will be killed. Conan quickly follows the robbers and Kogoro through the sewer system, using shortcuts to get ahead of them. After reaching the exit, he hides in Miss Lip's car. Soon enough, the robbers and Kogoro exit the tunnel and get on the car and drive off as they're chased by the police. Using her ungodly driving skill, Miss Lip successfully causes all the police cars, among them Megure and Chiba, to crash. She also notices that the car's back weight strange, and causes the robbers to discover Conan hiding in it. Meanwhile, at the Agency, Ran receives a call from the police, with someone spying on her from afar...
The Manipulated Great Detective (2)
Episode 776: The Manipulated Great Detective (2) (May 02, 2015)
As the group reaches their hideout, they find that it is made to resemble the crime scene where Mr. Pimple, who is Mr. Head's son, was killed. All of them, including Kogoro and Conan, are locked inside, until the culprit is revealed.
Detective Boys vs. Detective Elderlies
Episode 777: Detective Boys vs. Detective Elderlies (May 09, 2015)
The Detective Boys and Conan met a group called the Detective Elderlies, who are similar to them. The Detective Elderlies said that they saw a thief with blond hair and followed him into a house, where they saw Kiyomasa Kuroda's corpse. The Detective Elderlies then seemed to have solved the case and said that the blond thief killed Kiyomasa, but Conan is doubting whether that is the truth.
The Mirage of Missing Angel
Episode 778: The Mirage of Missing Angel (May 16, 2015)
A woman asks Kogoro to find her missing husband, who went to an unknown location to draw and has stopped communicating with her. Thanks to the last picture he sent to his wife, they are able to find the location. When they arrive, they find the missing man dead, with his painting being the only clue of who the culprit may be.
The Scarlet Prologue
Episode 779: The Scarlet Prologue (May 30, 2015)
Tooru Amuro witnesses a woman pushed from the top of the stairs at Haido Park. However, he doesn't see the culprit's face. The unconscious and gravely injured woman pushed from the stairs is Jodie Starling's friend and Haido Elementary School teacher Natsuko Shibuya. Conan and Jodie head to the park and determine Natsuko was attacked somewhere else, and it soon becomes clear she was assaulted at the school. Later, Megure and the police question her coworker Yoshiharu Sugamoto, who tried to give Natsuko a ride home, and Akiyo Ueno and Fumiyuki Kandachi, parents of students who had appointments to see Natsuko.
The Scarlet Pursuit
Episode 780: The Scarlet Pursuit (Jun 06, 2015)
The police review a photo of the answer sheets Natsuko was grading. Jodie and Camel fail to discover any information that could help them solve the crime from the photo, but Amuro and Conan realize who the culprit is after seeing the picture.
The Scarlet Intersection
Episode 781: The Scarlet Intersection (Jun 13, 2015)
When Conan hears Camel's story, he realizes Vermouth disguised herself as Jodie and spoke with him. Conan is frustrated that he acted just as Bourbon (Amuro) and Vermouth planned. Amuro meets with Vermouth, who is still disguised as Jodie. She informs him she learned from Camel that Kusuda shot himself. Amuro responds that there was another burned man who was shot in the head when Kusuda disappeared. With thoughts of FBI agent Akai Shuichi on his mind, Amuro deduces that Akai is still alive.
The Scarlet Return
Episode 782: The Scarlet Return (Jun 20, 2015)
Amuro visits Okiya at his home and begins explaining how one corpse was swapped out for another. The suspected corpse, Shuichi Akai, was shot in the head and burned along with his car at Raiha Pass. However, Amuro believes Akai switched his own body out for Kusuda's and is in fact still alive. Amuro explains Akai's trick step by step to Okiya. Meanwhile, Jodie was thinking the same thing as Amuro. Amuro reasons the body swap was planned not by Akai but by Conan. Amuro then asks Okiya to remove his mask. He is certain Okiya is Akai, but..
The Scarlet Truth
Episode 783: The Scarlet Truth (Jun 27, 2015)
Akai suddenly appears in the back seat of Jodie's car and fires at the secret police's vehicles. The bullet strikes a tire, and the FBI agents successfully shake off the secret police. Meanwhile, at the Kudo family home Amuro's subordinates inform him Akai shot out a tire, causing their cars to crash. Later, Jodie's car returns to the crash site. Akai takes a cell phone from the secret police and begins speaking to Amuro (Bourbon). He tells him it was a mistake to let Conan know he had the nickname Zero. Akai knew who Amuro truly was...
Welcome to Club Orihime
Episode 784: Welcome to Club Orihime (Jul 11, 2015)
Sonoko's acquaintance Chikada Eimi of Orihime Club invites her to investigate pranks, to which Ran and Conan get dragged along. Before each prank, warning letters are sent to Club Orihime warning them of the pranks. That morning they received a letter stating, "EC will be brought to justice!" The letters are the initials of the victim. At the scene of the crime, they find a new letter stating, "TB dies as sundown tonight!" Only two hours remain until sunset. To prevent another incident from occurring, Conan and his friends search for a student with the initials TB.
Taiko Meijin's Match of Love (1)
Episode 785: Taiko Meijin's Match of Love (1) (Jul 18, 2015)
Shukichi Haneda is at Tokiwa Hot Springs, preparing for his shogi match for the title of Meijin. As he was talking to two women, a picture of Yumi Miyamoto fell out of his robe. When he picked up the photo, he thought back to two days ago, when Yumi told him she already through away the envelope he asked her to not open until he obtains all seven because he never called her ever since he gave it to her. After that small conversation, she stormed out of the cafe, where they were talking; when he came out, she was nowhere to be seen. As he tries to find her, a stranger watches him in a car, carrying an evil smile.
Taiko Meijin's Match of Love (2)
Episode 786: Taiko Meijin's Match of Love (2) (Jul 25, 2015)
During his Meijin title match, Haneda Shukichi receives a threatening letter from a man calling himself the Headless Shogi Player who claims to have kidnapped his girlfriend Yumi. Conan solves the second game's code and arrives at a grave on Yureizaka.
The Mystery Sinking in the Midsummer Pool (1)
Episode 787: The Mystery Sinking in the Midsummer Pool (1) (Aug 01, 2015)
Conan and his friends go to a hotel pool where Nagami, daughter of the president of Oiso Finance, drowns to death. She had been wearing a diving tank and searching the pool for her lost necklace. Based on the crime scene, Inspector Megure believes it may have been an accident. However, the hotel bellboys claim the body in the pool suddenly appeared.
The Mystery Sinking in the Midsummer Pool (2)
Episode 788: The Mystery Sinking in the Midsummer Pool (2) (Aug 08, 2015)
Nagami's body is discovered in the hotel pool. Megure questions Samaki, Hamaka, and Toyoshima regarding the actions they took after they left Nagami alone in the pool. The bellboys describe the situation at the pool while they were searching for Nagami, leading Conan and Sera to investigate the pool and discover which of her three acquaintances murdered her. They reproduce the manner in which the body disappeared in an experiment, bringing them closer to the culprit...
The Queen's Weather Forecast
Episode 789: The Queen's Weather Forecast (Aug 15, 2015)
Kogoro is at Nichiuri TV Office, filming "Detective VS Weather Reporter" with Yasumi Sekine while Conan and Ran watch at the sidelines with Yukio Kodama, Takuya Yamaguchi, and Hiroko Shinohara. After the filming, Kogoro and Ran rest in a room while Conan goes to a vending machine to buy a bottle of oolong tea. As he picks up the bottle, he notices Yasumi and Yukio conversing secretly; after the small talk, they head out and split off. Then, Takuya hesitantly comes out of a room and follows Yasumi, and Conan follows him. Yasumi meets with Hiroko, who tells her the stage is good and ready. Hiroko asks her if she wanted to check the stage, but she said no because she trusted her.
Bekapon's Bleeding Service
Episode 790: Bekapon's Bleeding Service (Sep 05, 2015)
Supermarket Beikado employee Kanzaki receives death threats over the phone. He hires Kogoro to investigate the threats, but Kogoro believes it to be a prank played by a friend. However, an incident occurs the following day on Sunday...
Detective Takagi On the Run in Handcuffs
Episode 791: Detective Takagi On the Run in Handcuffs (Sep 12, 2015)
Conan, Ran, and Kogoro are having dinner at Restaurant Danny's when they witness Ryuta Someya punch Yasuo Nashimoto in the face. Kogoro calls the police while Ryuta flees from the restaurant.
Three First Discoverers (1)
Episode 792: Three First Discoverers (1) (Sep 19, 2015)
Conan asks Haibara to give him information about Rum, the new Black Organization member who is on the move. She says she doesn't know much about him, but she knows that the descriptions about Rum are always different. Some people say Rum looks feminine, others say he looks like a well-built man, and some describe him as an old man. However, there is a common characteristic about him that she can't recall. The Detective Boys end up involved in a case again and the three suspects fit each one of the descriptions about Rum.
Three First Discoverers (2)
Episode 793: Three First Discoverers (2) (Sep 26, 2015)
Conan helps the police solve the case and reveals the truth behind it. The Detective Boys leave the crime scene and Ai Haibara has remembered this common feature about Rum that everyone who has met him agrees on.
Bodyguard Kogorō Mōri
Episode 794: Bodyguard Kogorō Mōri (Oct 03, 2015)
Kogoro, Conan, and Ran accompany actresses Haneki Ryo and Sawazaki Reina to the on-location shoot of their gourmet travels TV show. After several attempts on her life, Kogoro is hired to protect Ryo as her bodyguard and determine who is trying to kill her.
The Secret of Missing Young Lady
Episode 795: The Secret of Missing Young Lady (Oct 10, 2015)
While humming the song "Nazo", Ayumi jogs toward school, but as she passes by the Makabe residence, she sees a man carrying a woman. Both people look injured, and Ayumi, peeking through the bushes, believes the man killed the woman.
Inseparable Couple's Strategy
Episode 796: Inseparable Couple's Strategy (Oct 17, 2015)
Chosaku Kanbayashi was found dead on the ground after apparently falling from his office window.
The Dreaming Girl's Confusing Deduction
Episode 797: The Dreaming Girl's Confusing Deduction (Oct 24, 2015)
A weird girl who calls herself Funachi meets with Kogoro to get his help to find a missing person. But Kogoro declines her request, so Conan decides to help her instead. Funachi and Conan work together to find a missing person named Hikone who apparently resembles a hero in an otaku game.
The Moving Target
Episode 798: The Moving Target (Nov 07, 2015)
A drunken man was saved by Conan when he fell from the top of a building, before the man hit the other person who is standing right below the place where the man fell. It seems the man committed suicide, but the evidence lead Conan to think that someone else caused the man to fall.
Detective Boys' Locked Room Mystery Battle
Episode 799: Detective Boys' Locked Room Mystery Battle (Nov 14, 2015)
One morning, the Detective Boys are on their way to an abandoned building lot which Professor Agasa has managed to loan from a wealthy acquaintance, in order to practice their soccer skills for an upcoming school match. The lot is located next to an eight-story building and was formerly the site of a mansion that is already torn down, with only a family-sized pool and a shed remaining. However, when they arrive at the lot, they find the grounds crowded by the police: A body has been found in the pool.
Chase 100 Million Yen
Episode 800: Chase 100 Million Yen (Nov 21, 2015)
The police (Inspector Megure, Detective Sato, and some others), dressed in Cheetah Delivery uniforms, Kogoro, and Conan are at the Saekis' house, ready to carry out the plan to catch Reina's kidnapper. Before the housekeeper, Suzuko Tanaka, sets out to deliver 100 million yen of ransom to the kidnapper, Conan sneakily places a transmitter on the her sleeve.
Tottori Sand Dunes Mystery Tour (Kurayoshi)
Episode 801: Tottori Sand Dunes Mystery Tour (Kurayoshi) (Nov 28, 2015)
Kogoro takes Ran and Conan to Tottori prefecture to come up with a story for the first Super Mystery Award. He brings them to Tottori Sand Dunes, ties up Conan, and throws him down, because he wants to write a story of how a kid who is tied up and abandoned at the sand dunes escapes from danger; in other words, he is using Conan to find inspiration. However, since this place has numerous tourists, someone is definitely bound to save any kid in that situation. As a result, he gives up on that story and that award, and they go sightseeing instead.
Tottori Sand Dunes Mystery Tour (Tottori)
Episode 802: Tottori Sand Dunes Mystery Tour (Tottori) (Dec 05, 2015)
While Kogoro and the police detectives continue to investigate the alibis of every family member, Conan and Ran head to Nashikkokan to gather information on Naomi Senda, who they think is suspicious, from her uncle, Kozo Adachi. After a bit of investigation, the three of them realize the truth behind the robbery.
Pitfall of Fire Precautions
Episode 803: Pitfall of Fire Precautions (Dec 12, 2015)
Arsons have been occurring at different children's playgrounds. The Detective Boys, accompanied by firefighters, go on a fire safety patrol. A man is seen running past them toward the direction of fire and Genta knows who he is. The Detective Boys try to find evidence to prove that the man is the arsonist.
Conan and Ebizō's Kabuki Jūhachiban Mystery (1)
Episode 804: Conan and Ebizō's Kabuki Jūhachiban Mystery (1) (Jan 09, 2016)
Conan prevents an accident involving a out-of-control car with no working breaks. Someone poked holes in the brake hose, and the police investigate the incident as an attempted murder. The driver Hosoo was on his way to deliver a valuable double-sided mask to Ichikawa Ebizo, who is rehearsing at the kabuki theater. Ebizo plans to use the mask at next month's performance of "Nanatsu Men."
Conan and Ebizō's Kabuki Jūhachiban Mystery (2)
Episode 805: Conan and Ebizō's Kabuki Jūhachiban Mystery (2) (Jan 16, 2016)
While on his way to meet Kaneko, Conan is kidnapped! Conan awakens in the dark basement of a building being demolished. Realizing he doesn't have his phone, he attempts to use his Detective Boys badge to call for help, but there is no answer.
The Ventriloquist's Illusion (1)
Episode 806: The Ventriloquist's Illusion (1) (Jan 30, 2016)
The ventriloquist Tengan puts on a show about a ventriloquist who becomes possessed by his doll and murders his wife. Tengan falls victim to a genuine split personality disorder, and the personality of his doll appears and orders him to kill his wife Kazuko. The next morning, Kazuko is found murdered. Tengan confesses...
The Ventriloquist's Illusion (2)
Episode 807: The Ventriloquist's Illusion (2) (Feb 06, 2016)
Ventriloquist Tengan's wife Kazuko is bludgeoned to death with a trophy. Afflicted by multiple personality disorder, Tengan confesses that he may have killed her while he was unaware, but based on the circumstances, Tengan's apprentice Togawa, who was having an affair with Kazuko, rises as a suspect. Conan feels as though something is wrong with the case and investigates Tengan's home with Detective Takagi. He examines the sideboard where the trophies are displayed and realizes what has been bothering him. Later, Conan asks Takagi some questions and closes in on the truth behind the case..
The Kamaitachi Inn (1)
Episode 808: The Kamaitachi Inn (1) (Feb 13, 2016)
Conan, Ran, Kogoro, Heiji and Kazuka visit an inn deep in the mountains of Nagano. Heiji acquires a photo of a figure carrying a scythe running across the surface of the inn's outdoor bath. Conan and his friends have come to investigate the identity of this figure who resembles a kamaitachi, a supernatural demon. At the inn they meet writers Daigo Nakama and Midori Koyanagi, who have come to gather information on the incident as well. While searching inside a dark storehouse, Heiji, Kogoro and Koyanagi are attacked.
The Kamaitachi Inn (2)
Episode 809: The Kamaitachi Inn (2) (Feb 20, 2016)
As incidents thought to be the work of the kamaitachi demon occur one after another, the innkeeper's father-in-law, Bonzo Ohno, is murdered in the annex of the inn. Based on the crime scene, Heiji believes the culprit came to the annex through the outdoor bath. However, the snow around the bath is undisturbed, meaning the culprit could only have run across the bath's surface. After hearing everyone's testimony, Conan and Heiji realize who the culprit is from a casual remark.
The Darkness of the Prefectural Police (1)
Episode 810: The Darkness of the Prefectural Police (1) (Feb 27, 2016)
Kogoro, Conan, and Ran are visiting Nagano Prefecture when they run into Inspector Yamato and his associates of the Nagano Prefectural Police. Conan and his friends visit the Kansuke Shrine ruins and Yamamoto Kansuke's grave. While visiting the Chikumagawa River, their final destination, Inspector Shigeru Takeda's severed head is found in the river. On the body's forehead is a mark resembling a woodpecker's footprint. Allegedly, a mysterious group known as the Woodpecker Society exists in the Nagano Prefectural Police. Yamato and his associates search for someone who may have borne a grudge against Takeda when two cases involving Takeda resurface.
The Darkness of the Prefectural Police (2)
Episode 811: The Darkness of the Prefectural Police (2) (Mar 05, 2016)
Police Lt. Shoji Kano is found dead in his home. From the body's condition, Inspector Morofushi reasons that after being strangled, Kano was hung from the ceiling. Later, the culprit sends an e-mail declaring that he will kill three additional people. Sgt. Shinsuke Akiyama is called to Mt. Saijozan by the culprit and is murdered. Inspector Yamato's fingerprints are found on the rope that was wrapped around Kano's neck, so Section One Chief Kuroda puts out a BOLO for Yamato as the suspect.
The Darkness of the Prefectural Police (3)
Episode 812: The Darkness of the Prefectural Police (3) (Mar 12, 2016)
Members of the Nagano Prefectural Police are killed one after another. After observing the crime scenes, Section One Chief Kuroda puts out a BOLO for Inspector Yamato as the murderer of the three men.
The Shadow Approaching Amuro
Episode 813: The Shadow Approaching Amuro (Apr 16, 2016)
In the morning, Conan notices a suspicious man watching Amuro at the Cafe. Later, on his way home from school, he spots the same man. Believing something must be up if Conan is interested in him, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Ayumi follow the man. Conan warns Amuro that the man may be a member of the Black Organization...
The Actress Blogger's Locked Room Case (1)
Episode 814: The Actress Blogger's Locked Room Case (1) (Apr 23, 2016)
Professor Agasa takes the Detective Boys to a cake buffet in a hotel, where they meet Saya Kitami and Kyona Shono, two rival actresses who are filming a drama. Kyona asks Saya if she's seen her blog and warns her that she should surrender if she doesn't want to have her secret exposed. Conan checks Kyona's blog but is unable to determine what the secret is. Later, Kyona is found murdered in her locked hotel room.
The Actress Blogger's Locked Room Case (2)
Episode 815: The Actress Blogger's Locked Room Case (2) (Apr 30, 2016)
Kyona is found murdered in her locked hotel room. Based on their hatred for each other, in addition to Saya's actions, Conan believes she is the culprit. Conan remembers what Kyona said previously about Saya’s secret and tries to uncover it from her blog. After talking with the Detective Boys, he figures out the trick to the locked room!
Regrettable and Kind Alien
Episode 816: Regrettable and Kind Alien (May 07, 2016)
Unemployed man Hanzaki Yasuo slips and falls to his death after he sees office worker Takedera Hitoshi wearing an alien costume. After questioning Takedera's three acquaintances who witnessed the incident, the Detective Boys investigate and close in on the truth.
Missing Fiancée
Episode 817: Missing Fiancée (May 14, 2016)
A man comes to Kogoro for him in locating his missing fiancée. Kogoro narrows down the list of suspects, but Conan believes that the case was too easy to resolve.
Kogoro's Great Pursuit of Anger (1)
Episode 818: Kogoro's Great Pursuit of Anger (1) (May 21, 2016)
Ran attends a concert of Risa Purple, a rising idol. Kogoro is also acting as her bodyguard. However, before the performance can start, Ran is mistaken for Risa and is kidnapped. Things take a turn for the worse when the kidnappers find out their mistake and try to bury Ran alive to cover their tracks.
Kogoro's Great Pursuit of Anger (2)
Episode 819: Kogoro's Great Pursuit of Anger (2) (May 28, 2016)
Conan and Kogoro set a trap for the culprit and the real culprit behind the kidnapping is captured and Ran is rescued and rushed to the hospital.
Seven People in the Waiting Room
Episode 820: Seven People in the Waiting Room (Jun 04, 2016)
Seven people, including Kogoro, Ran and Conan, are caught in a typhoon and forced to take shelter in a train station, along with the station master and his assistant. Kogoro receives a warning that a murder will occur. The murder occurs in the middle of the night, with no one knowing who the murderer is. Will Conan figure out the culprit before a second murder occurs?
The Secret of the Dongara-ji
Episode 821: The Secret of the Dongara-ji (Jun 11, 2016)
Detective Takagi and Chiba are investigating the robbery happened in Beika involving 30 million yen. However, the robber died in a car accident and the money he stole was not there.
Suspect Is the Hot Couple (1)
Episode 822: Suspect Is the Hot Couple (1) (Jun 18, 2016)
A rumor is floating around that Yoko Okino and soccer star Ryusuke Higo are dating when they are seen together. Yoko fan Kogoro, Conan, and Higo fan Haibara decide to investigate if the news is true. They end up in an Italian restaurant belonging to Higo's former teammate, Teiya Asuka, who is discovered in a storeroom with his throat cut.
Suspect Is the Hot Couple (2)
Episode 823: Suspect Is the Hot Couple (2) (Jun 25, 2016)
With the owner found dead in the storeroom, the culprit appears to be an employee. Can Conan figure out which one before Higo gets blamed?
The Detective Boys Get Out of the Rain
Episode 824: The Detective Boys Get Out of the Rain (Jul 09, 2016)
The Detective Boys take shelter from rain in a house filled with toys. As Genta is struggling to go to the toilet, they ask the two men in the house to let them in for a bit. It turns out that all is not as it seems, when they hear a woman shout out for help from within the house.
The Tidal Park Comeback Case
Episode 825: The Tidal Park Comeback Case (Jul 16, 2016)
Conan, Ran, and Mouri visit a tidal park in Chiba Prefecture. Kogoro is about to take them to a seafood restaurant for dinner when they discover a body on a flooded bridge.
The Beauty, The Lie, and The Secret
Episode 826: The Beauty, The Lie, and The Secret (Jul 23, 2016)
Conan, Kogoro and Ran come across the scene of an accident. A man named Takeshi Yaginuma fell to his death from the staircase of a parking structure. On top of the stairs is Misaki Takizawa, who claims Yaginuma attacked her and accidentally fell. During the investigation, it is discovered Yaginuma is a criminal who broke into Misaki's home and murdered her husband, Akira, and stole 100 million yen worth of precious jewels. Kogoro believes Yaginuma attacked Misaki to silence her, but Conan suspects there's something wrong with Misaki's testimony.
Ramen So Good, It's to Die For 2 (1)
Episode 827: Ramen So Good, It's to Die For 2 (1) (Jul 30, 2016)
Conan, Ran, and Sonoko are taken to Sera's regular ramen spot, Ramen Ogura, where a murder previously occurred. Inside they find regulars Shono Yuna, Mizushina Sosuke, and Nakanishi Osamu eating. Conan finds the great quantities of condiments and seasoning they put in the food strange. After they leave, employee Sayo reveals a robbery-murder occurred in the neighborhood a few days earlier. The police chased the culprit into the restaurant, and the customers present at the time were Shono, Mizushina and Nakanishi.
Ramen So Good, It's to Die For 2 (2)
Episode 828: Ramen So Good, It's to Die For 2 (2) (Aug 06, 2016)
The police have narrowed the suspects down to three regulars of the shop: Shono, Mizushina and Nakanishi. After the incident, Yumi ran into her ex-boyfriend Haneda, who says he heard a strange noise every time the culprit took a step. Upon hearing Haneda's story, Conan realizes something. He and Sera solve the mystery behind the reason the culprit was swinging a hose around after committing the crime, determine the reason the culprit continued to visit the shop, and close in on the truth.
The Mysterious Boy
Episode 829: The Mysterious Boy (Aug 13, 2016)
After making him drunk, a man was lured to the Kometo Bridge. While his back was temporarily turned, a flashing boomerang quickly drew attention. When the man looked after the mysterious glowing object flying by, he was grabbed his legs and tipped him over the bridge railing to his death in the dried-out riverbed.
A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies (1)
Episode 830: A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies (1) (Sep 03, 2016)
When Kogoro, Conan, and Ran go to the cottage where a zombie movie was filmed, they encounter Heiji and Kazuha there. Later, a movie crew arrives to shoot a trailer for the sequel to the zombie movie. While filming, producer Takashi Harawaki goes missing, and the others search for him in the cottage. Conan and Heiji discover Harawaki's body.
A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies (2)
Episode 831: A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies (2) (Sep 10, 2016)
Conan and his friends discover Harawaki's body at the filming location of a zombie movie. On his smartphone is a video of Harawaki drinking hydrocyanic acid. Because only Harawaki was able to drive and there is no cell phone service at the cottage, they are unable to call the police. That night, the bedridden Kogoro tells Ran and Kazuha that zombies have surrounded the cottage. The girls do not believe him, but then they are attacked.
A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies (3)
Episode 832: A Cottage Surrounded By Zombies (3) (Sep 17, 2016)
Camerawoman Kyoko Ejiri is found dead. On her smart phone is a video in which a zombified Harawaki bites Kyoko on the neck, and Harawaki's body has disappeared from the other room. Conan and Heiji believe this case and the one from eight years ago may be related. Gunma police Inspector Yamamura begins his own investigation, while Conan and Heiji close in on the truth.
The Great Detective's Weakness
Episode 833: The Great Detective's Weakness (Sep 24, 2016)
Kogoro inadvertently gets caught up in a bank robbery and chases an armed robber onto a building rooftop. Kogoro, who has a fear of heights, enters a state of shock and loses the robber. The police eventually arrest the robber, but the robber tossed the gun while fleeing. Two days later, Taizo Sakaki, a futures trader accused of fraud, is shot in the shoulder and leg by a person riding a motorcycle. The gun used in the incident is the same one thrown away by the robber. Kogoro determines the identity of the individual who picked up the missing gun, but the case is not over yet.
The Man Who Died Twice (1)
Episode 834: The Man Who Died Twice (1) (Oct 01, 2016)
Kogoro and Conan witness secretary Shinkai stabbing moneylender Takarada with a chef's knife. However, Takarada had been murdered two hours earlier. Kogoro believes Shinkai stabbed Takarada without realizing he was already dead. Kogoro had been summoned to the apartment by Takarada to discuss a murder threat he received in the mail. Inspector Megure reasons that one of Takarada's financial victims killed him for revenge, and Shinkai testifies that he stabbed Takarada to prevent said victim from becoming a murderer. Megure also suspects one of Takarada's family members may have committed the crime and questions his wife, Mika, and younger brother, Koji.
The Man Who Died Twice (2)
Episode 835: The Man Who Died Twice (2) (Oct 08, 2016)
Takarada's wife, Mika, has no alibi, and she becomes the prime suspect in the strangling when material evidence is discovered, meaning Koji will inherit Takarada's fortune. Conan suspects Koji set up Mika and questions him, but it becomes clear that Koji has an alibi. Conan goes over the facts again and gradually closes in on the truth.
The Unfriendly Girls Band (1)
Episode 836: The Unfriendly Girls Band (1) (Oct 15, 2016)
Conan, Sonoko, Ran, and two friends decide to go to a recording studio to record some songs. They meet the members of a girl's band, who are arguing about their upcoming performance. The drummer is later found strangled in the studio. Three of her band members are suspected of killing her, but when the police cannot find the string used to kill her, the investigation encounters some trouble.
The Unfriendly Girls Band (2)
Episode 837: The Unfriendly Girls Band (2) (Oct 22, 2016)
Inspector Megure learns the drummer often fought with other bands and believes someone else may have committed the murder. After listening to the stories of the three surviving band members, Conan checks the video of the band practicing. He realizes why the string-like weapon used to kill the victim has not been found in the studio and determines the identity of the killer and the surprising trick that was used.
Mystery in a Hot Air Balloon
Episode 838: Mystery in a Hot Air Balloon (Nov 05, 2016)
The Suzuki Corporation holds a hot balloon competition, and Sonoko, Ran, and Conan take part in it. During the race, the reigning champion Shingo Mizuguchi's balloon collides with Akihiro Okuda's and begins falling. As the balloon descends, his wife, Arisa Mizuguchi, falls to her death. Because Mizuguchi and Okuda fought before the race, the police suspect Okuda deliberately crashed into Mizuguchi's balloon. Okuda insists it was an accident but based on the condition of Okuda's balloon, Conan determines it was not an accident but a murder.
You Can Hear the Tengu's Voice
Episode 839: You Can Hear the Tengu's Voice (Nov 12, 2016)
While hiking, Kogoro, Conan, and Ran hear the moaning voice of the tengu, a mythical dog-like creature. After staying the night at a guest house at the bottom of the mountain, they decide to visit the tengu's cave, one of the town's historic sites. Inside the cave, Conan discovers a body wearing a tengu mask hanging from the shrine. The body belongs to Mayor Shoji Mayama. Kogoro determines the death is a suicide based on the absence of anyone else in the cave, but Conan feels there's something off about the body and crime scene.
The Last Gift
Episode 840: The Last Gift (Nov 19, 2016)
Officer worker Junko Hirose is arrested for a murder that took place in Tonkoro City. Junko confesses she was being blackmailed by the victim, Masaru Katsui, and killed him because she could not take it anymore. However, Kogoro saw Junko in Beika City at the time of the murder. Because Tonkoro City and Beika City are an hour's drive apart, Kogoro explains to Inspector Megure that it was impossible for Junko to commit the crime. As her alibi was verified, Junko is released. However, a dissatisfied Conan, Kogoro, and Ran question Junko's coworker and ex-boyfriend as they close in on the truth.
The Rainy Bus Stop
Episode 841: The Rainy Bus Stop (Nov 26, 2016)
While walking home in the rain, Kogoro and Conan come across a car accident with Toshiaki Kikuchi unconscious in the driver's seat. In front of his car is the deceased Naohiro Tsutsumi. Kikuchi is shocked when he comes to and sees Tsutsumi's body, as he was a former coworker. Kikuchi testifies that a man with an umbrella suddenly jumped into the intersection and he could not stop his car in time. Tsutsumi's will is found in his jacket pocket.
Turning Point on a Driving Date
Episode 842: Turning Point on a Driving Date (Dec 10, 2016)
Kogoro drives Conan and Kei down a seaside highway. Six months earlier, Remi hanged herself in her apartment. Her neighbor Kei blamed herself for being unable to prevent her suicide. Now Kei has moved and is working at her uncle's resort inn. Kei is showing Kogoro and Conan around the local area. Remi used fake names to flee from debt collectors. Conan finds it strange that she used her real name to rent an apartment just before she died. He notices a few other strange things about the story as well...
The Detective Boys in a Grove (1)
Episode 843: The Detective Boys in a Grove (1) (Dec 17, 2016)
Conan, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Genta, Ai, and Professor Agasa go to the Beika Department Store together. In the stairwell, they witness Hosokoshi, the head chef at the high-end restaurant on the top floor, being stabbed in the stomach by a disgruntled customer. Conan calls Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Ayumi to let them know the culprit escaped down a different stairway. The potential suspects are part-time worker Kamaya, housewife Mitsuko, and chef Miyanodai. Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Ayumi all saw the culprit, but each of their accounts is totally different from the others. Determining the culprit's identity will be rather difficult...
The Detective Boys in a Grove (2)
Episode 844: The Detective Boys in a Grove (2) (Dec 24, 2016)
Conan, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Ai go to the Beika Department Store with Professor Agasa. During their visit, head chef Hosogoe of the restaurant on the top floor is stabbed by a customer near the stairs. Inspector Megure questions Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko who all saw the culprit, but their testimonies are all over the place. Together the Detective Boys visit the various floors to determine the why the kids seemed to have seen different culprits.
Conan Cornered in the Darkness (1)
Episode 845: Conan Cornered in the Darkness (1) (Jan 07, 2017)
Conan suddenly wakes up in the darkness. While walking with the Detective Boys to go shopping, Conan witnessed a figure breaking open a safe inside a building. Conan was attacked by the culprit and imprisoned inside a rectangular box. Meanwhile, Kogoro is hired to find the thief who stole the will of Karabashi Group chairman Karabashi Gotaro. The suspects have been narrowed down to Kozo the eldest son, Mitsuyo the eldest daughter, and Hideo the second son. Conan manages to get in touch with the Detective Boys using his badge, but he soons finds himself cornered in a desperate situation...
Conan Cornered in the Darkness (2)
Episode 846: Conan Cornered in the Darkness (2) (Jan 14, 2017)
Conan is attacked by a theif attempting to break into a safe and trapped inside a coffin. Kogoro is hired to find the person who stole Karahashi Gotaro's will and narrows the suspects down to his three children. Conan uses his DB badge to contact Ai and the others and tells them the coffin he's trapped inside is being transported by a hearse. Mitsuhiko hears about the case Kogoro has been hired to investigate from Ran and deduces that it must be related to the robbery Conan witnessed. Ai and the others realize Conan is inside Gotaro's coffin, but the hearse is already on its way to the crematorium...
Chiba's UFO Case (1)
Episode 847: Chiba's UFO Case (1) (Jan 28, 2017)
Detective Chiba is investigating a strange case that took place three months earlier. Magazine editor Kyogo Nakatsu was suffocated to death and pressed face-first into a patch of concrete at Haido High School. The prime suspect is UFO fanatic Yusuke Kuchiki, who testifies that an alien flew down in a UFO and murdered Nakatsu while floating mid-air, and a security camera captured a mysterious shadow.
Chiba's UFO Case (2)
Episode 848: Chiba's UFO Case (2) (Feb 04, 2017)
Conan visits Yusuke Kuchiki's house with Detective Chiba and Kogoro to question him. While there, Conan discovers something in the room and realizes the reason behind Kuchiki's strange actions. Later, Conan confirms the appearance of the UFO. Having closed in on the truth, Conan gathers everyone to conduct an experiment.
The Marriage Registration's Password (1)
Episode 849: The Marriage Registration's Password (1) (Feb 11, 2017)
When police Officer Yumi Miyamoto sees a news story about the shogi championship match, she learns for the first time that Haneda is a professional shogi player. Several years earlier, Yumi received an envelope from Haneda and was instructed not to open it until he had acquired "all seven." Haneda has now won all seven major shogi titles. Detective Sato reasons that the envelope's contents must be a marriage registration, but Yumi threw out the magazine she kept the envelope in that morning. They immediately head to the dump site, but the magazine is gone. Conan and the Detective Boys attempt to help Yumi find the envelope.
The Marriage Registration's Password (2)
Episode 850: The Marriage Registration's Password (2) (Feb 18, 2017)
Building manager Koroku Hachitsuka hides the envelope containing a marriage registration form Haneda gave to Yumi and locks his computer with an eight-digit password. The location of the envelope will be revealed when the password is entered. Believing the solution may require more than one sheet of paper, Conan and his friends decide to search the room for the other sheet. During their search, Yumi notices the code sheet is a copy and not the original. This clue leads Conan to the solution.
The Descent Into Hell Tour of Love (Beppu)
Episode 851: The Descent Into Hell Tour of Love (Beppu) (Mar 04, 2017)
Kogoro takes Conan and Ran to the Beppu hot springs in Oita Prefecture. Kogoro's true purpose is to find Manami Nakadai, the missing daughter of Nakadai Electric's president. It's highly probable that Manami came to Beppu to see her ex-boyfriend, Hiroyuki Hayami. Kogoro is able to find Manami, but she is then kidnapped. Meanwhile, Detective Miwako Sato and the police are pursuing an armed robber in Oita Prefecture.
The Descent Into Hell Tour of Love (Oita)
Episode 852: The Descent Into Hell Tour of Love (Oita) (Mar 11, 2017)
Manami is kidnapped, and the bag containing the 100 million yen in ransom money is carried away by Ryuji Ogikubo using a drone. Detectives Sato and Takagi are also pursuing Ogikubo as the suspect in an armed robbery. Ogikubo takes Sato hostage and heads for the hot springs, where he plans to meet up with his accomplice and split the ransom money. The detectives arrest Ogikubo, but the 100 million yen inside the bag has disappeared. Conan pursues Manami and Ogikubo's accomplice in order to solve the case.
Memories from Sakura Class (Ran GIRL)
Episode 853: Memories from Sakura Class (Ran GIRL) (Mar 18, 2017)
While Conan walks with Ran, Sonoko and Sera along a cherry blossom-lined road, Ran recalls how she met Kudo Shinichi. Thirteen years ago, Ran was being bullied by some boys in her kindergarten class. She was approached by Shinichi, who had just joined the school. Shinichi suspects something is up when he notices teacher Ronsuke Efune staring at Ran the whole time. Later, he's suspicious when Efune shows favoritism to Ran. Efune explains each of his actions, but Shinichi suspects Efune is plotting something.
Memories from Sakura Class (Shinichi BOY)
Episode 854: Memories from Sakura Class (Shinichi BOY) (Mar 25, 2017)
Shinichi tells his parents about Ronsuke Efune's suspicious behavior toward Ran. The next day, Efune takes the children to the park far away from kindergarten. Yusaku Kudo goes to check on the children while dressed in disguise and witnesses the driver of a parked van taking photos of the children. Yusaku learns Efune's wife is staying at the hospital next to the park and begins to unravel Efune's plot.
Mystery of the Missing Black Belt
Episode 855: Mystery of the Missing Black Belt (Apr 15, 2017)
Conan and Sonoko arrive at a dojo in Osaka where Kyogoku is training. Takami, the master of the dojo, once provided Kyogoku with a great deal of help with his karate training. While Conan and Sonoko watch the children practice, Kajiyoshi shows up to get Takami's signature on their agreement. Operating the dojo has become difficult to the point that Takami has taken out a loan, and he is considering selling the dojo. Later, an important black belt is stolen from the dojo's display case. When Kyogoku is suspected of stealing the belt, he challenges Takami to a fight. If he wins, the dojo will remain open, and if Takami wins, he'll return the belt...
The Socialite Couple's Secret
Episode 856: The Socialite Couple's Secret (Apr 22, 2017)
Kogoro and Conan search a fourth-floor apartment when they're asked for help by the trio standing in front of the room: Saki's friend Maiko, building manager Yoshie, and deliveryman Matsuda. Inside they find the bodies of residents Maehara and his wife Saki. Day trader Maehara had recently made a lot of money, and the valuables are missing from the apartment. Inspector Megure deduces from the apartment's condition and the testimony of the trio that Saki pretended to be a robber and murdered Maehara but made a mistake while disguising herself as a victim and suffocated herself. However, Conan notices something strange about the crime scene...
The Shifting Mystery of Beika City (1)
Episode 857: The Shifting Mystery of Beika City (1) (Apr 29, 2017)
The body of neighborhood nuisance Tatsuya Amagi is found in the park of a high-class neighborhood. He was stabbed numerous times by an awl-like weapon. Next to the body is the bloodstained medical examination card of neighborhood association president Hikoichi Bando. The police head to Bando's home to question him, but discover Bando has been poisoned with a combination of liquor and pesticides, and near his body is a bloodstained awl.
The Shifting Mystery of Beika City (2)
Episode 858: The Shifting Mystery of Beika City (2) (May 06, 2017)
A piece of evidence discovered at Bando's home leads to college professor Yosuke Chino becoming the prime suspect. However, Conan realizes something is off about the case and reasons that the real killer framed Chino. Conan discovers an important clue at a café and realizes what really happened and the identity of the real killer.
The Dark Mountain Route
Episode 859: The Dark Mountain Route (May 13, 2017)
While hiking, Conan and his friends meet campers Eiko, Ashizuka, Hayashida, and Takemi at a mountain cottage. The four of them have gathered to commemorate the death of their friend Motoki who accidentally fell to their death three years ago. Takemi, who camped by herself in a tent at the bottom of a cliff, is found murdered the next morning!
The Security System's Pitfall
Episode 860: The Security System's Pitfall (May 20, 2017)
Kogoro is hired to catch a thief. While working the case, the body of Junko's neighbor Kitagami is discovered in the parking lot behind her apartment building. Kogoro reasons Kitagami got drunk and accidentally fell from his room, number 704. Conan finds it strange that Kitagami left his front door unlocked when his apartment was fully equipped with anti-theft devices...
Just Like a 17-Year-Old Crime Scene (1)
Episode 861: Just Like a 17-Year-Old Crime Scene (1) (Jun 03, 2017)
Real estate company president Hiyama is murdered while holding a pair of scissors invented by Agasa, so Conan and Okiya accompany Agasa to the crime scene. The man who discovered the body is former candy shop owner Senba. Agasa suspects Senba is the murderer, but it was impossible for Senba to have entered the house with a weapon. The current case closely resembles a 17 year old case in several ways, such as the murder victim holding scissors and the sink left running at the crime scene. Conan and Okiya watch as Senba recreates the steps he took when he discovered the body and notice several contradictions...
Just Like a 17-Year-Old Crime Scene (2)
Episode 862: Just Like a 17-Year-Old Crime Scene (2) (Jun 10, 2017)
Real estate company president Hiyama is murdered while holding a pair of scissors. The crime scene is very similar to that of an unsolved case from 17 years ago. Conan and Okiya believe former candy shop owner Senba who discovered the body is the culprit, but are unable to determine how he brought the weapon inside the annex where the crime took place. Later, Conan and Okiya question the bodyguards standing at the entrance and identify the trick the culprit used to bring the weapon inside. They even find the weapon, and they begin solving the whole case...
The Spirit Detective's Murder (1)
Episode 863: The Spirit Detective's Murder (1) (Jun 17, 2017)
Kogoro is invited to go on TV with the Soul Detective who has promised to help solve the mysterious death of Kohji Haneda. When Conan and Kogoro arrive, they find the Soul Detective dead in his room.
The Spirit Detective's Murder (2)
Episode 864: The Spirit Detective's Murder (2) (Jun 24, 2017)
Conan and Masumi investigate the Soul Detective murder. While investigating, Conan suspects Masumi is hiding something...or someone in her room. Does this case have anything to do with the murder of Haneda 17 years ago?
The Foul-Mouthed Myna Bird
Episode 865: The Foul-Mouthed Myna Bird (Jul 08, 2017)
An old children's story writer is found dead by her nephew next to the park the Detective Boys are playing soccer at. All three suspects have an alibi, but what does her missing Myna Bird have to do with the case?
The Traitor's Stage (1)
Episode 866: The Traitor's Stage (1) (Jul 15, 2017)
While cleaning Shinichi's house, Conan and Subaru overhear Ran and Sonoko talking about a musician about to release lyrics from a song written 17 years ago with the title, ASACA. Something about this leads them to believe it could be related to the Black Organization. When arriving at the musician's rehearsal, Amuro is there with Azusa from the Cafe....but it's Vermouth in disguise!
The Traitor's Stage (2)
Episode 867: The Traitor's Stage (2) (Jul 22, 2017)
Musician Hado is found hanging by the neck above the stage of a concert hall. Conan attempts to balance as he does not want his or Subaru's identity to come under suspicion as Amuro begins to bait Subaru into revealing who he truly is. During the case, all three confirm which objects disappeared from the crime scene. Giving a joint deduction, Conan, Amuro and Subaru search the stage and determine the truth behind the case and the trick the killer used to lift the victim's body...
The Whistling Bookstore
Episode 868: The Whistling Bookstore (Jul 29, 2017)
Conan and the others help an old bookseller with books he was unable to carry. While at the store, he's seen arguing with his son over getting new books they don't need. While in the park next door, a stack of books falls over and hurts the owner!
Conan Disappears Over a Cliff (1)
Episode 869: Conan Disappears Over a Cliff (1) (Aug 05, 2017)
A robbery goes wrong when a gang starts to murder it's victims. One gang member manages to escape, but is shot with a crossbow bolt in the process. While Conan and the Detective Boys are on a weekend adventure with Professor Agasa, they find the shot gang member passed out on a villa property. It seems the gang is still hunting for him.
Conan Disappears Over a Cliff (2)
Episode 870: Conan Disappears Over a Cliff (2) (Aug 12, 2017)
After falling head first off a cliff into the sea, Conan and the escaped gang member are thought to be dead. Having managed to get into a tunnel under the cliff, they now use their status to try and catch the rest of the gang at their next heist with Haibara's help.
The Nobunaga 450 Case
Episode 871: The Nobunaga 450 Case (Sep 02, 2017)
The Detective Boys go to Gifu to explore and see a local hero show. Afterwards, Mitsuhiko goes to ask for their autographs. While waiting, the Detective Boys feel he's been gone a long time. When they go to their tent, they find the heroes and Mitsuhiko have gone missing!
Conan and Heiji's Nue Legend (Roar)
Episode 872: Conan and Heiji's Nue Legend (Roar) (Sep 09, 2017)
Heiji is invited to Yadori Village along with a historian, archaeologist, reporter, and a writer along with Conan, Ran, and Kazuha. Following a group dinner, a mysterious sound is heard and a fire is started outside. A mythical beast, known as a Nue is thought to be seen outside.
Conan and Heiji's Nue Legend (Scratch)
Episode 873: Conan and Heiji's Nue Legend (Scratch) (Sep 16, 2017)
While seeing the Nue outside, the historian goes missing and is found dead in the woods with claw-like marks. Ran and Kazuha move rooms after finding mysterious writings from its deceased inhabitant.
Conan and Heiji's Nue Legend (Resolution)
Episode 874: Conan and Heiji's Nue Legend (Resolution) (Sep 23, 2017)
As the Nue appears again, the archaeologist has been poisoned, but everyone was visible while it happened. Conan and Heiji quickly move towards finding the culprit before another murder occurs.
The Mysterious Prophetic Buddha
Episode 875: The Mysterious Prophetic Buddha (Sep 30, 2017)
Kogoro, bringing along Ran and Conan, is requested to investigate a Buddha statue rumored to have moved on its own. He meets Eikyo Fukuhara, his family (wife Masako, daughter Yuka, and son Eizen) and Buddhist trainee Junko Wakuda. After dinner, Eikyo displays uncaring behavior, leaves to go pray, and is later found dead with a knife in his neck. Kogoro, after finding clues thanks to Conan, declares Junko to be the killer after he attempted to scare Eikyo. Junko confesses but Conan isn’t satisfied. After finding rice powder near the victim, Kogoro is tranquilized and Conan reveals Masako to be the real killer. She discovered Junko’s scare tactic had failed, stabbed her husband to death, and framed Junko for the murder. Masako confesses stating Eikyo‘s rude and cruel treatment to his family as her motive and has a sense of relief now that he is dead. She maniacally laughs over her actions as she is arrested.
The Mechanical Eyewitness
Episode 876: The Mechanical Eyewitness (Oct 07, 2017)
While at a high tech plant, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro witness a murder. One of the employees was strangled. Was it a murder or is there more to it?
A Pair of Crossing Fates
Episode 877: A Pair of Crossing Fates (Oct 14, 2017)
A thief makes a run for it after being caught by the person they were stealing from. During his escape, he runs into Genta, who he quickly pushes out of his way. As Genta pursues, the thief runs into another man knocking him unconscious, both tumbling down a hill. When he awakes, he switches clothes to frame the man he knocked out.
The Blind Spot in the Changing Room (1)
Episode 878: The Blind Spot in the Changing Room (1) (Oct 28, 2017)
As Ran, Sonoko, and Sera try on swim suits, Conan wonders through the department store and overhears a lady accosting the other people near her dressing room. After Conan leaves, he later hears a scream from that area. The rude woman turned up dead.
The Blind Spot in the Changing Room (2)
Episode 879: The Blind Spot in the Changing Room (2) (Nov 04, 2017)
As Conan investigates the dressing room murder, he thinks about a bigger mystery: what Sera is hiding about her past. Conan and Ran both begin to recall a meeting with her from over 10 years ago.
The Detective Boys and the Haunted House
Episode 880: The Detective Boys and the Haunted House (Nov 11, 2017)
Conan and the Detective Boys get stranded in the rain and take shelter in a nearby mansion. Upon entering, it is learned the master of the house's wife died several months ago and he believes he is seeing her ghost!
The Magician of the Waves (1)
Episode 881: The Magician of the Waves (1) (Nov 18, 2017)
Ten years ago, Masumi, taken by her middle brother Shukichi and their mother Mary, reunite with Shuichi who did not take the test yet to become an FBI agent in the Atsuhama Beach, Shizuoka Prefecture. Mary had an off-screen fight with him where they both managed to injure each other's eye. Throughout the case Mary warns him to stop investigating the disappearance of his father. The Akai family also encountered Shinichi, Ran, and Yukiko who also happened to be there. Shinchi introduces himself as "Holmes Apprentice". All of them end up being involved in a case where two robbers robbed a watch shop with one of them accidentally got killed in an accident, and the other was still on the run.
The Magician of the Waves (2)
Episode 882: The Magician of the Waves (2) (Nov 25, 2017)
Ten years ago, immediately after a young Kudo Shinichi meets Akai Shuichi's family on the beach, a car falls off a cliff. It becomes clear the car belonged to two thieves who robbed a watchmaker. The driver died immediately, but their accomplice fled from the sinking car and blended in with the crowd on the beach. With the help of Shinichi and his friends, Shuichi narrows down the suspects to Fukumizu Shigekatsu, Kitamori Yasue, and Oami Raiya. The police detective decides to question the three of them, and Shuichi determines which of them is the robber based on their testimony...
The Pop-up Book Bomber (1)
Episode 883: The Pop-up Book Bomber (1) (Dec 02, 2017)
A pop-up book and pink smartphone arrive at the Mori Detective Agency. The book turns out to be a warning of the serial bombings that have been occurring. The culprit is Hirukawa Takuji, half-brother of Imai Kenichi, the now deceased author of the book, and a man with a previous bomb manufacturing conviction. Due to his hatred of detectives, Hirukawa chose the famous Kogoro to become involved in the case. The locations of the bombs are riddles, and Conan works with Kogoro, Megure, and publisher Tomonaga Hiroyuki to find them, but...
The Pop-up Book Bomber (2)
Episode 884: The Pop-up Book Bomber (2) (Dec 09, 2017)
A pop-up book and pink smartphone are delivered to the Mori Detective Agency. In the pop-up book are warnings of a series of explosions. The riddle for the location of the third bomb is "the middle of 7." Conan and his friends think of things expressed in sevens and what the middle of those things might be. In a week, it's Thursday. In a rainbow, it's green. In a musical scale, it's fa. Overwhelmed by the number of possibilities, Kogoro holds his head in his hands. At the police station, they begin searching for places, companies, and schools corresponding to Thursday, Green, and fa, but Conan reasons that Hirukawa's target lies elsewhere...
Solving Mysteries at the Poirot Café (1)
Episode 885: Solving Mysteries at the Poirot Café (1) (Dec 16, 2017)
Conan and Heiji go to Poirot to while waiting for Ran and Kazuha. While there, a gathering of old friends is quickly interrupted by a power outage. During the blackout, one of them turns up stabbed with blood splattered everywhere. Yet, nobody has blood on them...
Solving Mysteries at the Poirot Café (2)
Episode 886: Solving Mysteries at the Poirot Café (2) (Dec 23, 2017)
With all of the possible suspects having no blood on them, Conan and Heiji quickly discover the method used. Now they need to discover the motive.
Kaito Kid and the Trick Box (1)
Episode 887: Kaito Kid and the Trick Box (1) (Jan 06, 2018)
Kimika asks Jirokichi to help her open a trick box created by a mid-19th Century tinkerer. Inside the box is Luna Memoria, the world's largest moonstone left to her by her late husband. The instructions to open the box are written on a piece of paper stuck between the pages of one of ten thousand books given to Jirokichi. In order to lure Kaito Kid, Jirokichi puts the trick box containing Luna Memory on display. Conan and friends try to figure out how to open the box, while Kid lurks nearby in disguise...
Kaito Kid and the Trick Box (2)
Episode 888: Kaito Kid and the Trick Box (2) (Jan 13, 2018)
Jirokichi holds an exhibition for a trick box containing Luna Memoria, the world's largest moonstone, on display in order to lure Kaito Kid. Kimika asked Jirokichi to open the trick box left to her by her husband. Conan senses Kid's presence nearby and is on his guard. The group sets to finding the written instructions for opening the box in the ten thousand books donated by Kimika. Later, Kimika recounts a memory of her husband in hopes that it will help them find the book. Conan realizes where the book is and the true contents of the box, but Kid makes his move.
The New Teacher's Skeleton Case (1)
Episode 889: The New Teacher's Skeleton Case (1) (Jan 20, 2018)
Conan and his friends, along with assistant homeroom teacher Wakasa, discover a skeleton in the old storage shed at the school. The victim died approximately ten years earlier. Ten years ago, a group of four thieves broke into the home of a wealthy man and fled with 200 million yen worth of gold ingots. That same night, a group of suspicious figures were seen entering Teitan Elementary School. Conan and his friends attempt to crack the code written on the headband found in the skeleton's hand. Conan realizes the class schedule Ayumi found in the storage shed is the key to cracking the code.
The New Teacher's Skeleton Case (2)
Episode 890: The New Teacher's Skeleton Case (2) (Jan 27, 2018)
Conan, the Detective Boys, and their assistant homeroom teacher Wakasa discover a ten year old skeleton in the basement of the old school storage shed. They begin attempting to crack the code written on the headband the skeleton was holding in its hand. The class schedule Ayumi found in the storage shed is the key to the code, which is related to a ten year old case in which four thieves stole 200 million yen worth of gold ingots from a wealthy man's home. The skeleton belonged to the boss of the thieves. Conan cracks the code and comes up with a plan to catch the other three thieves who are coming for their shares.
Bakumatsu Revolution Mystery Tour (Yamaguchi)
Episode 891: Bakumatsu Revolution Mystery Tour (Yamaguchi) (Feb 03, 2018)
Kogoro receives a letter from a mysterious person named Kurataya Komakichi claiming he wants to give him his family treasure, so he heads to Yamaguchi prefecture with Conan and Ran, but he's mistaken for a robber's accomplice and is arrested. Komakichi is the name of a robber who shot owner of Japanese-style cafe Takarada in the arm and stole millions of yen worth of Keicho gold coins. Kogoro is released after news site reporter Asuka clears up the misunderstanding. Kogoro, Conan, and Ran visit Hagi in their investigation into the case, but someone is trying to kill them.
Bakumatsu Revolution Mystery Tour (Hagi)
Episode 892: Bakumatsu Revolution Mystery Tour (Hagi) (Feb 10, 2018)
Mouri Kogoro received a letter from a mysterious person called Kurataya Komakichi saying he wanted to give him his family treasure. So, Ran and Conan decided to accompany him to Yamaguchi. The letter said: "I'll be waiting in front of the large fox at the Yuda hot springs Station at 3 PM" signed Kurataya Komakichi. He suddenly exclaimed himself that he would be rich and woke up the whole train wagon making Ran and Conan a bit uncomfortable. They later arrived at the Shin-Yamaguchi Station and again, Kogoro exclaimed himself that they arrived in Yamaguchi. Because they had plenty of time before the meeting started, they decided to do sightseeing but Kogoro ran into Natsume Asuka, a Yamaguchi news site reporter at Yamaguchi Shimbun and she gave him her business card. When she asked Kogoro why they were in Yamaguchi, he said that they were only sightseeing not mentioning the mysterious letter from Kurataya Komakichi...
The Mystery of the Michelin Starred Restaurant
Episode 893: The Mystery of the Michelin Starred Restaurant (Feb 24, 2018)
Kogoro, Conan, and Ran arrive at a popular lakeside restaurant. On the table are five settings for dinners that have just been started, but the customers are missing. Later, Conan and friends find chef owner Kuchiishi bleeding from his head. When Kogoro asks about the missing customers, he points towards the back door. A note with the character for "curse" is posted on the door, and five sets of footsteps lead to the lake ten meters past it. Conan feels something is off about the crime scene and closes in on the truth behind the mysterious case...
The Tokyo-Style Detective Show Next Door (1)
Episode 894: The Tokyo-Style Detective Show Next Door (1) (Mar 03, 2018)
Kogoro wins a horse race with the price money being 100 times the original bet, which turns out to be 1 Million Yen. But he admits that it is a ticket he accidentally picked up. Regardless, they go to the neighborhood sushi restaurant to celebrate. There they meet Wakita who turns out to be proficient in deductive reasoning. He correctly predicts the horse Kogoro bet on just by listening to their conversation. While introducing himself, Wakita says that he is a detective maniac and that he struggles to stay in one place and is constantly moving. He wanted Kogoro to narrate some cases he had solved. It seems that Wakita has a 'bad' eye, much to the suspicion of Conan as an eligible 'Rum' suspect.
The Tokyo-Style Detective Show Next Door (2)
Episode 895: The Tokyo-Style Detective Show Next Door (2) (Mar 10, 2018)
Wakita seems to be getting competitive with Kogoro, who avoids going any further into the matter as it seems that the ticket he accidentally picked up was originally hers.
The Woman With White Hands (1)
Episode 896: The Woman With White Hands (1) (Mar 17, 2018)
Early in the morning, professional golfer Banno Tengo tells his girlfriend Kurumi he wants to break up, so Kurumi demands 100 million yen in damages. The two of them decide to discuss things that night. That night, while at Wakasa-sensei's apartment, Conan and friends hear loud music coming from the apartment next door. They go to Banno's room to complain, where they discover him and Kurumi on the floor. Banno is only unconscious, but Kurumi is dead. Banno claims he was attacked by a woman with white hands. Conan and his friends saw the same woman, but...
The Woman With White Hands (2)
Episode 897: The Woman With White Hands (2) (Mar 24, 2018)
Professional golfer Banno lives in the apartment next door to Wakasa-sensei's, and his girlfriend Kurumi has been murdered. Banno claims he was attacked by a strange woman, but Conan believes Kurumi was murdered by Banno. Several residents of the apartment saw a strange woman. She was also on the security camera footage of the elevator. The police proceed with the investigation with a crazy fan of Banno's as their suspect. Conan is still unable to solve the trick Banno used to write on his own face, but Ai and Genta's comments bring him closer to the truth...
The Melting Cake!
Episode 898: The Melting Cake! (Apr 07, 2018)
When Conan, Kogoro, and Ran go to Cafe Poirot in the morning, they discover the special cakes Amuro Toru put in the mini fridge have melted. It has apparently happened several times before, but the cause is unknown. Later, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Ayumi arrive at Poirot. Azusa hires a professional to fix the fridge, but it's not broken. Genta reasons the owner of a rival bakery must be destroying the cakes during the night. Conan believes Genta's theory is wrong, but sets up a camera outside the store to film the interior of the shop after closing anyway.
The Real Culprit's Scream
Episode 899: The Real Culprit's Scream (Apr 28, 2018)
Ayano visits Mifuyu's apartment where she discovers Mifuyu bleeding from her chest. After saying, "Tabata-san is... Run," Mifuyu dies. Ayano explains the situation to Kogoro and Conan, who happen to be passing by the apartment building. They head to the apartment, but the body is missing. Mifuyu was conned out of ten million yen by Tabata, the man she was seeing. Kogoro reasons Tabata killed Mifuyu to silence her. Later, they head to Tabata's home in order to question him, but... The case begins to rapidly unfold.
Solving Mysteries in a Locked Room
Episode 900: Solving Mysteries in a Locked Room (May 05, 2018)
Kogoro, Conan, real estate company president Azuma, secretary Kasai, and office worker Matsuko gather at an abandoned research facility. Azuma has been threatened with murder and hired Kogoro to find the culprit. Officer worker Sannan, auto mechanic Kitao, and waitress Kana, all of whom hate Azuma, have also been invited to the research facility. Kogoro reports the results of his investigation to Azuma and identifies the person who attacked Azuma. However, upon noticing the mistake in Kogoro's reasoning, Conan fires his stun watch at him. Conan closes in on the truth as the Sleeping Kogoro, but...
Lawyer Kisaki's SOS (1)
Episode 901: Lawyer Kisaki's SOS (1) (May 12, 2018)
Ran receives a message from Kisaki Eri through a messaging app saying she's been captured by some bad guys. But two Eri's are participating in the group chat, and the other claims it's just a joke. Ran doesn't know which is the real Eri. Two hours earlier, Eri was kidnapped by a group of three men and taken to an abandoned building. Eri stole one of the men's phones, escaped from them, and sent Ran a message asking for help from inside a locker. Conan and friends search for Eri, but...
Lawyer Kisaki's SOS (2)
Episode 902: Lawyer Kisaki's SOS (2) (May 19, 2018)
Eri manages to stay hidden, while trying to send coded messages to Ran, Conan, and Kogoro. Conan continues to try and pinpoint her location by what she can see and hear. Just as she's about to be discovered...
Birds of a Feather at Loggerheads
Episode 903: Birds of a Feather at Loggerheads (May 26, 2018)
Conan, Mouri, and Ran witness Nichiuri Sports reporters arguing at a restaurant. One leaves the restaurant and accidentally takes the other's travel mug with him. That night, a body is found on the riverbank. The cause of death is poisoning by cyanide mixed into the coffee in his travel mug.
Result of the Draw
Episode 904: Result of the Draw (Jun 16, 2018)
Conan and his friends discover the bodies of real estate company president Kawai Shinzo and his former employee Shibata Kensuke in Shinzo's home.
The Eyewitness Testimony Seven Years Later (1)
Episode 905: The Eyewitness Testimony Seven Years Later (1) (Jun 23, 2018)
Kogoro, Conan, and Ran arrive at the boarding house Hatobue Lodge. Also staying at the lodge are entertainer Otaro, web designer Ide, stationery company employee Fujiyoshi, and local magazine writer Shirogane. Otaro's former comedy duo partner Kyujiro's body is discovered. In his possession is a card of the Masked Comet Byun, a character from a TV showed that aired seven years prior. The manager's daughter Miona appears to be frightened by the mention of Byun, and Conan investigates the connection between this case and the robbery and murder committed by the culprits wearing Byun masks seven years earlier.
The Eyewitness Testimony Seven Years Later (2)
Episode 906: The Eyewitness Testimony Seven Years Later (2) (Jun 30, 2018)
After the body of Otaro's former partner Kyujiro is found, Otaro is found dead in a locked room at the Hatobue Lodge. It becomes clear that Otaro was one of two culprits wearing Byun masks responsible for the robbery and murder that happened seven years ago. It also comes to light that Manager Yuri Asako's daughter Miona was the witness in the case. The police believe Otaro died in his room accidentally after killing Kyujiro to keep him quiet, but... While investigating Otaro's room, Conan closes in on the truth...
The J League Bodyguard
Episode 907: The J League Bodyguard (Jul 14, 2018)
Kogoro is asked to open the Tokyo Spirits versus Ganba Osaka game, so he brings Conan and his friends with him to the stadium. However, Kogoro becomes a laughingstock when he becomes sick during the opening ceremony. Afterward, a doctor diagnoses him with diarrhea, which Conan believes was caused by the sports drink Kogoro drank. Apparently, the drink was meant for Tokyo Spirits player Akagi. When Conan and Haibara examine the bottle Kogoro drank out of, they make a surprising discovery, but...
Friendship Washed Away in the Riverbed
Episode 908: Friendship Washed Away in the Riverbed (Jul 21, 2018)
Kogoro, Conan, and Ran arrive at a restaurant with a sitting room looking out on a river. The watermill upstream catches Conan's eye. Later, they meet Teito University students Juri, Maria, and Yuko, who ask Kogoro for feedback on the photos they've been taking to submit to a photo contest. All three leave the restaurant for one reason or another, but only Maria and Juri return. Just as they are wondering where Yuko went, they see a body floating down the river amidst the blood-red water...
Mystery of the Burning Tent (1)
Episode 909: Mystery of the Burning Tent (1) (Jul 28, 2018)
Conan and his friends visit a campground with their assistant homeroom teacher Wakasa where they meet Shiraami University basketball team members Ashizawa, Urushibara, Danno, and Midori. Danno is the former ace whose eye was damaged when Urushibara hit him with his elbow during practice. Urushibara gets into an argument with Danno and Ashizawa, creating an awkward atmosphere. The sullen Urushibara says he's going to drink and go to sleep and heads to his tent alone. Danno, Ashizawa, and Midori each take turns going to get Urushibara, but he refuses to come out. Later, Genta notices Urushibara's tent burning...
Mystery of the Burning Tent (2)
Episode 910: Mystery of the Burning Tent (2) (Aug 04, 2018)
The body of Shiraami University basketball team member Urushibara is found inside a burning tent. When Conan examines the interior, his attention is drawn to the single bamboo skewer mixed in with the melted candle. Conan deduces it must have been used in some kind of trick and suspects the killer is among his classmates Midori, Ashizawa, and Danno. Inspector Yuminaga questions the three who visited Urushibara's tent and suspects Danno, the last to visit the tent, killed him. Later, with the help of a photo of the charred Urushibara's left hand and his playing friends, Conan identifies the killer's trick...
The Job Request From Inspector Megure
Episode 911: The Job Request From Inspector Megure (Sep 01, 2018)
Inspector Megure asks Kogoro to help him solve the case of Japanese literature scholar Reigan's murder at his home in Yotsubadai. The day before Reigan's nephew Maihama was to go to trial, he claimed he was committing a burglary in Sasago-cho when Reigan was murdered.
The Detective Boys Become Models
Episode 912: The Detective Boys Become Models (Sep 08, 2018)
Painter Kitasono is murdered. Two of his apprentices visited him on that day, and his apprentice Higashio was the first to discover his body. His other apprentice Nishiyama was painting at Lake Okuho and was late. Nishiyama was working on a painting of Conan, Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Ayumi in front of Lake Okuho. The police look into the alibis of Higashio, Nishiyama, Kitasono's wife Kinuko, and housekeeper Shizu. Conan and friends return to Lake Okuho with Detective Takagi, and...
Conan Kidnapped (1)
Episode 913: Conan Kidnapped (1) (Sep 15, 2018)
The police corner robber Takatori in a warehouse. The previous night, two masked men stole 300 million yen worth of jewels from a jewelry store in Beika City. As the Sleeping Kogoro begins to explain his reasoning, Takatori fires a gun. The Sleeping Kogoro is interrupted for the first time ever. Takatori takes Conan hostage and flees by car. When they arrive at an abandoned factory, Takatori enters a giant chimney and instructs Conan to retrieve the jewels. At the bottom of the chimney are the scatter jewels and the body of his accomplice Utsumi.
Conan Kidnapped (2)
Episode 914: Conan Kidnapped (2) (Sep 22, 2018)
Jewelry store robber Takatori pushes Conan out of a moving car. He is taken to the hospital for minor injuries but leaves at the earliest opportunity. He heads to the Shingetsu bar to follow up on his only clue. Near the bar he discovers Takatori's accomplice Utsumi's apartment and the body of jewelry store buyer Yamaga inside. However, he soon realizes that he's not alone in the apartment...
High School Girl Detective Suzuki Sonoko
Episode 915: High School Girl Detective Suzuki Sonoko (Sep 29, 2018)
While stargazing at a playground, Sonoko directs her binoculars towards the city and witnesses someone lifting an arm in the shadow of a flowerbed. Sonoko brings Conan and Ran with her to investigate the scene of the alleged crime. The flowerbed is located in front of Sasaki Studio, and Sonoko explains the situation to studio director Hiroto and his assistant Rika. Hiroto believes Sonoko saw the arm of a mannequin. Sonoko and her friends decide to investigate the Yoshimura building next door, which has the same flowerbeds on its roof. Since Yoshimura is away on a business trip, they try to speak with his wife Nanae, but they're unable to find her...
Kendo Tournament of Love and Mystery (1)
Episode 916: Kendo Tournament of Love and Mystery (1) (Oct 06, 2018)
The National High School Spring Kendo Tournament is being held at Toto Gymnasium, and Heiji has made it to the semifinals. During the lunch break, referee Nukitani is murdered when he has his throat cut. The old blind man Katsunari at the crime scene says the killer headed into the bathroom after the murder. The individuals inside the bathroom, Nenji, Tsuneyuki, and Akane, are suspects. All three had motive to kill Nukitani. The tournament is nearly canceled, but Heiji panics, as he has something he wants to tell Kazuha when he wins...
Kendo Tournament of Love and Mystery (2)
Episode 917: Kendo Tournament of Love and Mystery (2) (Oct 13, 2018)
During the lunch break of the National High School Spring Kendo Tournament Heiji is attending, referee Nukitani has his throat slashed, and Nenji, Tsuneyuki, and Akane, who were in the bathroom near the crime scene, are the three suspects in the case. Detective Sato examines their belongings, but she's unable to find the box cutter that is the murder weapon. Based on the suspects' possessions, new testimony from Katsunari, the blind old man at the crime scene, the kendo uniform worn by the culprit, and information from the forensics team, Heiji determines who killed Nukitani and what they used to kill him...
The Mini-Patrol Car Police’s Big Chase
Episode 918: The Mini-Patrol Car Police’s Big Chase (Oct 27, 2018)
The Detective Boys went to an eel warehouse's exhibit where there was a huge country fair at Genta's recommendation. Professor Agasa had asked them to bring some eels back to cook for them but, at the fair, Genta goes to the washroom and disappears. The Detective Boys search for him until they go to the loading deck and see Genta in a van gagged and attached by two mysterious kidnappers. They pursue on foot until they run into officer Yumi and Naeko's mini-patrol car and tell them to follow the truck since Genta is inside and has been kidnapped.
The High School Girl Trio’s Secret Café (1)
Episode 919: The High School Girl Trio’s Secret Café (1) (Nov 03, 2018)
When Conan and Kogoro follow Ran because she's unusually excited, they see her meeting Sonoko and Sera at a café. They're planning a trip to Kyoto together. Later, waiter Saraie is clubbed to death with a large vase in the changing room of the café. Customer Motosu's restaurant was heavily criticized by Saraie on his food blog. Waitress Isuzu was being harassed by Saraie's romantic advances. The manager Tamao previously dated Saraie. All three have a motive to murder Saraie, but none of them are able to swing the vase used to kill him...
The High School Girl Trio’s Secret Café (2)
Episode 920: The High School Girl Trio’s Secret Café (2) (Nov 10, 2018)
Waiter Saraie has been clubbed to death with a large vase in the changing room in the back of a café. Kogoro believes customer Motosu is faking his injury and begins accusing him. Meanwhile, Sera determines the trick the culprit used to murder the victim. However, the normally helpful Conan remains silent, apparently deep in thought...
The Murderous Carpool
Episode 921: The Murderous Carpool (Nov 17, 2018)
Kogoro, Conan, and Ran's rental car runs out of gas, so they have college student Saeki tow them to a nearby supermarket with his van. Saeki and his classmates Haruka and Tamada leave their drunk professor Goto in the back stea while they go shopping. Later, the students discover Goto dead inside the car. Goto wore his cell phone on a strap around his neck, which strangled him when he slid down in his seat. Inspector Megure believes it was an accident, but Conan finds something strange about the case...
The Disappearing Detective Boys
Episode 922: The Disappearing Detective Boys (Nov 24, 2018)
Conan, Mitsuhiko, Genta, Ayumi, and Haibara discover counterfeit ten thousand yen bills and a phone in the park. While Conan is calling Inspector Megure, Haibara, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Ayumi follow counterfeiter Bella Hikifune, who has come to the park to collect the counterfeit bills and phone. However, they are detected and captured by Bella. Conan contacts Haibara using her Detective Boys badge, deduces that they are being held inside a moving container truck, and goes after them. Haibara questions Tatsumi, who is being held inside the same container, but..
A Day Without Conan
Episode 923: A Day Without Conan (Dec 01, 2018)
Mitsuhiko, Genta, Ayumi, and Haibara discover the body of serial blackmailer KUMO at a construction site. Conan is visiting the hot springs with Kogoro and learns about the case when Mitsuhiko contacts him. The Detective Boys witnessed a tall man fleeing the crime scene around the time the murder took place. The police believe KUMO was blackmailing ten men and one woman. However, all 11 of them have alibis, and the investigation comes to a standstill. When Conan hears about the situation, he notices a few inconsistencies...
The Sun Sets Over Tangerine Fields
Episode 924: The Sun Sets Over Tangerine Fields (Dec 03, 2018)
Conan, Ran, and Sonoko go to a tangerine farm located in a mountainous region within the prefecture in order to pick fruits. Farm manager Terauchi Tetsuji scolds Sokono for carelessly picking and damaging his tangerines. Conan and his friends are treated to a variety of tangerine-based dishes at the Terauchi family home. At the recommendation of Tetsuji's wife Nobuko, they head up to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset. Just as they're finished watching the sunset, they see Tetsuji riding the agricultural monorail up the mountain, but...
The Heartfelt Strap (1)
Episode 925: The Heartfelt Strap (1) (Dec 15, 2018)
Conan, Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Haibara return to Professor Agasa's home after a BIG Osaka versus Tokyo Spirits match. Haibara realizes the Higo phone strap she purchased is missing. She lost it while they were on the train. In the video Mitsuhiko recorded by coincidence is a sun-tanned man with a mustache picking up the strap. Conan and his friends go to look for the strap for the heartbroken Haibara, but...
The Heartfelt Strap (2)
Episode 926: The Heartfelt Strap (2) (Dec 22, 2018)
Haibara loses her phone strap of her favorite soccer player Higo on the train. Realizing the man who mistook her strap for his son's was most likely on his way to go digging for clams, Conan, Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Amuro go to the beach for the still not recovered Haibara in order to look for them. With Amuro's help, they learn the son's name. The Detective Boys successfully use the beach house's announcement system to find the son, but the man who's been watching Conan and his friends steals the strap as the father and son return it to them...
The Scarlet School Trip (Bright Red Arc)
Episode 927: The Scarlet School Trip (Bright Red Arc) (Jan 05, 2019)
After receiving an antidote from Haibara, Conan temporarily turns back into Kudo Shinichi so he can go on the school trip to Kyoto with Ran, Sonoko, and Sera. Shinichi meets his mother's friend actress Kurachi Keiko at Kiyomizu Temple. She asks Shinichi to decipher a code delivered to her former college classmate Nishiki. While trying to crack the code, Shinichi receives a message from Keiko telling him to come to Nishiki's room, where he finds Nishiki lying on the floor upside down and bleeding from the chest with two bumps on his forehead...
The Scarlet School Trip (Red Love Arc)
Episode 928: The Scarlet School Trip (Red Love Arc) (Jan 12, 2019)
Shinichi, Ran, and their classmates come to Kyoto on a school trip where they become involved in the murders of Nishiki and Ihaya, staff and casts members of the movie "The Fighting Red Tengu." Evidence left at the crime scene seems to suggest that the murders were committed by a tengu. Sera questions the suspects about the circumstances surrounding Ihaya's death and believes any of Keiko, Agata, or Mayama could have killed him. Later, a hint from Momiji helps Shinichi and his friends realize the cipher refers to location names in Kyoto, bringing them one step closer to cracking it. They ask Keiko and her former classmates about Dekuri, who created the cipher, and it becomes clear that Dekuri held a grudge against the five of them. Shinichi gains new information about Keiko and her former classmates when he calls his mother Yukiko. As Shinichi closes in on the truth, he questions the hotel reception staff and Inspector Ayanokoji and identifies the culprit...
The Woman Standing in the Window (1)
Episode 929: The Woman Standing in the Window (1) (Feb 02, 2019)
In an unexpected turn of events, Ayumi becomes friends with Saki. Conan and his friends learn of Tazuko, Tachibana, and Michiyo, all of whom view Saki in a baleful way. They then learn all three of their apartment buildings can be seen from Saki's window. Tazuko's apartment is in a blind spot, but Conan and his friends believe it's possible Saki has seen Tachibana and Michiyo's secrets from her window. However, after questioning the three of them, they learn none of them hate Saki. They believe their fears were groundless, but then...
The Woman Standing in the Window (2)
Episode 930: The Woman Standing in the Window (2) (Feb 09, 2019)
Saki, who may have incurred the enmity of Tatsuko, Tachibana, and Michiyo, dies after falling from her apartment. Conan determines her death was not a suicide but a murder. He deduces that Saki was blackmailing one of the three using something she witnessed, and they killed her in order to keep her quiet. Conan and his friends tell Detective Takagi about the three suspects, and since Tatsuko has an alibi, he goes to question the other two. The police believe Michiyo murdered Saki after her secret was discovered, but something doesn't seem right to Conan...
The Northern Kyushu Mystery Tour (Kokura Arc)
Episode 931: The Northern Kyushu Mystery Tour (Kokura Arc) (Feb 16, 2019)
Kogoro arrives in Okura, Fukuoka with Conan and Ran. Company president Fukamachi, his senior from his days as an MPD police officer, accidentally fell, and he's unconcious in the hospital. Managing director Kiriyama hires Kogoro to catch the culprit who graffitied the office. If Fukamachi is unable to return to work, Kiriyama will become the next president. Kiriyama believes Fukamachi's son Torahiko graffitied in the office in order to prevent that. Kogoro investigates the graffiti, but the possibility that Kiriyama pushed Fukamachi arises...
The Northern Kyushu Mystery Tour (Moji Arc)
Episode 932: The Northern Kyushu Mystery Tour (Moji Arc) (Feb 23, 2019)
Kogoro arrives in Okura, Fukuoka with Conan and Ran. Kogoro's senior and company president Fukamachi accidentally fell and is unconscious in the hospital. Managing director Kiriyama hires Kogoro to catch the culprit who graffitied the office. Meanwhile, Ran meets suspected vandal and Fukamachi's son Torahiko. Torahiko insists he didn't do it and is conducting his own investigation into who pushed Fukamachi. Eager to solve the case, Kogoro gathers everyone involved including Torahiko at the office and begins explaining his reasoning, but...
The Thoroughbred Kidnapping Case (1)
Episode 933: The Thoroughbred Kidnapping Case (1) (Mar 09, 2019)
Kogoro is hired by three different clients to perform the same job: protect the racing horse White Spirits. Conan believes there's more to these requests than meets the eye. Later, Kogoro meets with company president and owner of the horse Tokuyoshi to explain the situation. After hearing his story, Tokuyoshi also hires Kogoro to perform the same job. The next day, White Spirits is transported by trailer to the track in order to race, but... when the trailer arrives, the horse that comes out of it is a different horse that looks a lot like White Spirits...
The Thoroughbred Kidnapping Case (2)
Episode 934: The Thoroughbred Kidnapping Case (2) (Mar 16, 2019)
Kogoro is hired by four different clients to perform the same job: protect the racing horse White Spirits, which Conan finds strange. White Spirits is transported by trailer to the track in order to race, but when the trailer arrives, the horse that comes out of it is a different horse that looks a lot like White Spirits. Kogoro becomes discouraged when the media blast him and the police for allowing White Spirits to be kidnapped on their watch, leaving Conan to solve the case.
The Fortune Teller and the Three Customers
Episode 935: The Fortune Teller and the Three Customers (Mar 23, 2019)
The body of strangled fortune teller Barbara Sadako is discovered in an old building. On her computer is a text document with the words, "I was nearly killed again. Which one of those three did it? Is it K? Is it E? Is it S?" Former construction worker Kanawa Shinsuke, officer worker Endo Fukami, and former ramen restaurant owner Sazanami Ryoichi emerge as suspects, all of whom had miserable experiences as a result of Sadako's fortune telling. Evidence suggesting all three did it is discovered one after another, but Conan finds it strangely convenient that evidence incriminating all three of them was found...
Intrigue at the Food Court
Episode 936: Intrigue at the Food Court (Apr 13, 2019)
Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Ayumi arrive at the Beika City farmer's market. Conan was unable to come due to something that suddenly came up. The Detective Boys happen to overhear a conversation between Kadokura, Yamawaki, and Kaori. The group is discussing the "explosive" time they're going to have, leading the kids to reason that they're plotting to bomb Inspector Megure, who is scheduled to deliver a speech at the event. The group of adults splits up and begins taking action. Genta follows Yamawaki, Mitsuhiko follows Kadokura, and Ayumi follows Kaori as they attempt to find evidence of their criminal activity, but...
The Killer Fist of Talos (1)
Episode 937: The Killer Fist of Talos (1) (Apr 20, 2019)
The Detective Boys, Professor Agasa, and Ran arrive at Kagami Studio, where several figures are on display. Secretary Shinobu shows the visitors around the studio tour dome and uses her remote control to activate a giant figure of Talos the bronze giant. Business manager Hanyu insists the figure will never be completed, while chief designer Yamagata believes the company should be investing in its future. Meanwhile, Agasa and company president Kagami argue in his office. Later, while having dinner at the studio, a scream is heard coming from the dome. When the Detective Boys arrive, they discover Hanyu lying on the ground after being struck on the head...
The Killer Fist of Talos (2)
Episode 938: The Killer Fist of Talos (2) (Apr 27, 2019)
Hanyu was found with a head injury in the Kagami Studio dome as though the statue of Talos had struck him. There are no signs the sculpture Genta placed in front of the service entrance was moved, making it likely the culprit is still inside. Conan believes the remotes used to control the dome's power are the key to solving the case. Later, Conan notices something strange about the ceiling of the dome and checks the photos on Ayumi's camera. The floating boat suspended from the ceiling has moved. Conan gradually closes in on the truth, and...
The Dangerous Fossil Finding Trip
Episode 939: The Dangerous Fossil Finding Trip (May 04, 2019)
Conan and his friends come to a lodge and fossil museum in Gunma to go on a fossil finding trip. Journalist Miyashita Umika also arrives at the lodge. She explains that she has come to write a story on the rare moon's droppings fossil that was discovered in the town. Museum owner Ogami and village mayor Nakatani are planning to make the fossil the town's village in order to promote it, but Umika mutters that she hopes it doesn't become a negative symbol. Later, Ogami is interrupted while trying to tell something to Umika, and his dead body is discovered in the bathroom...
The Missing Girlfriend
Episode 940: The Missing Girlfriend (May 11, 2019)
Naruse hires Kogoro to find his girlfriend Kaho who suddenly disappeared. Later, Kaho's sneakers and photo ID are found on a bridge, and Kogoro deduces that she killed herself by jumping from it. Newspaper deliveryman Ushio filmed a long-haired woman jumping from the bridge. The police also learn that Kaho took a taxi driven by Maki to the scene of the crime. Conan searches for connections between Kaho's suicide and the college student who died after falling down the steps in the park three months earlier, and...
Find Maria-chan! (1)
Episode 941: Find Maria-chan! (1) (Jun 01, 2019)
A large group of reporters have gathered in front of the Kudo family home. Everyone online is talking about how Shinichi solved the Fighting Red Tengu murder case. Conan decides to hide in Agasa's home until the commotion blows over. Haibara, Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko are asked by their homeroom teacher Kobayashi to visit Higashio Maria's home after school. Maria should have been at school that day, but she never showed up. Believing Maria most likely went to look for the treasure hidden by her late grandmother, Haibara and friends begin deciphering the treasure hunt clues, but...
Find Maria-chan! (2)
Episode 942: Find Maria-chan! (2) (Jun 08, 2019)
Believing Higashio Maria went to look for the treasure hidden by her late grandmother, Haibara, Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko visit her grandmother's home and begin deciphering the clues with Conan's help. Meanwhile, Kudo Yusaku and Kudo Yukiko begin acting to quell the commotion caused by Shinichi. Later, Yusaku and Yukiko go to see Conan and tell him they've identified the boss of the Black Organization...
The Tokyo Barls Collection
Episode 943: The Tokyo Barls Collection (Jun 15, 2019)
Kogoro is invited by a female fan named Toyoko to visit her monja restaurant with Conan. Kogoro is shocked to discover that Toyoko is an old woman who looks nothing like her photo. While eating monja, Toyoko chokes and spits out a cabbage core. She claims someone put the core in the monja in an attempt to take her life. Toyoko suspects the culprit is one of her three childhood friends Eiko, Kyoko, or Yuko. Kogoro is hired to talked to the three women, and all three of them seem to resent Toyoko..
The Cost of Likes (1)
Episode 944: The Cost of Likes (1) (Jun 22, 2019)
Conan and his friends go to visit Genta, who has been taken to the hospital. A false bomb threat was called into a bank, and the passers-by in front of the bank including Genta, Otsubo, and Kagura were injured when they were caught in the panic. Kagura was also injured two weeks earlier when an unexploded bomb was detonated at a construction site. His friend Kochiyama uploaded pictures of the unlucky Kagura to social media to earn lots of "likes." Conan and his friends begin investigating who called in the false bomb threat, and...
The Cost of Likes (2)
Episode 945: The Cost of Likes (2) (Jun 29, 2019)
Conan and his friends go to visit Genta, who has been taken to the hospital. A false bomb threat was called into a bank, and the passers-by in front of the bank including Genta, Otsubo, and Kagura were injured when they were caught in the panic. Kagura was also injured two weeks earlier when an unexploded bomb was detonated at a construction site. His friend Kochiyama uploaded pictures of the unlucky Kagura to social media to earn lots of "likes." Conan and his friends begin investigating who called in the false bomb threat, and..
The Cursed Tears of Borgia (1)
Episode 946: The Cursed Tears of Borgia (1) (Jul 06, 2019)
Kanoya Construction company president Umeki and Nonogaki Real Estate employee Mizusawa discover the car at the bottom of a dried up dam. Inside the car they discover the skeleton of actress Yuri, who went missing 40 years ago. She was stabbed in the stomach with a fruit knife. According to rumors, Yuri disappeared after stealing a cursed jewel known as the Tears of Borgia while working on the live TV drama "I Killed Them." Yuri's granddaughter Sumire hires Kogoro to prove her grandmother's innocence, but...
The Cursed Tears of Borgia (2)
Episode 947: The Cursed Tears of Borgia (2) (Jul 20, 2019)
Kogoro goes to the Nonogaki Real Estate office to visit his drinking buddy Mizusawa, who claims to have information about the cursed Tears of Borgia, but gets caught in a fire. He is taken to the hospital, where he is informed by Inspector Megure that Mizusawa died in the fire. Mizusawa loves to take photos, but there wasn't a single one remaining on his phone. Conan deduces that there was a photo on the phone that the culprit didn't want seen. The next day, Conan and Professor Agasa visit the Kanoya family mansion to view the final scene of the drama "I Killed Them" before heading to the dried up dam where the body was found. Having arrived at the truth behind the two 40-year-old cases, Conan gathers everyone at the mansion so the Sleeping Kogoro can solve the two mysteries...
The Man Crushed by a Dinosaur
Episode 948: The Man Crushed by a Dinosaur (Jul 27, 2019)
Conan and the Detective Boys go to the Beika Dinosaur Museum where they watch a show featuring dinosaur costumes. After the show, they hear a loud noise from the second exhibition hall. Museum direction Shida has been crushed by a fossil display. Curator Kuchiki and office clerk Yua begin accusing each other of murder, but show host Naito jumps in to defend Yua. It seems that nobody liked Director Shida. While the police question each of them individually, the Detective Boys search the museum for clues, and...
The Radio Questions and Concerns Show (Challenge Arc)
Episode 949: The Radio Questions and Concerns Show (Challenge Arc) (Aug 03, 2019)
Kogoro appears as a guest on a radio show where he discusses the topic of an obnoxious woman living in the apartment above the listener's. Several hours later, apartment resident Kumi goes to yell at her downstairs neighbor Towako. Kumi is furious she was mocked on a radio show, and the two get into an argument. The next morning, Towako's body is discovered, and the police suspect Kumi killed her. Towako is the estranged wife of radio producer Manda. The police believe Manda is also involved in the case, and...
The Radio Questions and Concerns Show (Solution Arc)
Episode 950: The Radio Questions and Concerns Show (Solution Arc) (Aug 10, 2019)
Towako's body is discovered the morning after Kogoro appears as a guest on a radio show where he discussed the topic of an obnoxious woman living in the apartment above the listener's. Radio producer and prime suspect Manda is taken to the police station for questioning, but Conan, believing the slick Manda couldn't have carried out such a carefully planned murder, suspects news presenter Inuyama and director Kujirai. He speaks with AD Rie, who tells him about the debut work of broadcast writer Kaede. While listening to a recording of the drama, Conan realizes something...
The Whistling Bookstore 2
Episode 951: The Whistling Bookstore 2 (Aug 17, 2019)
Tamaki Book Cafe manager Yujiro visits Akiko's home to purchase some books. Ten of the books are rare and valuable, but they apparently belong to her hospitalized husband, so Yujiro declines to buy them and tells Akiko to get her husband's permission to sell them. That evening, Sawada arrives at the store and shows Yujiro a picture on his phone of about ten old books and asks how much they're worth. Yujiro tells him it depends on their condition, but they're worth at least two million yen. The next day, the rare books are stolen from Akiko's home. Akiko believes Yujiro stole them, but...
The Unsolved Cocktail Case (1)
Episode 952: The Unsolved Cocktail Case (1) (Aug 31, 2019)
Kogoro is hired by Morooka, a wealthy man who claims to have received a threatening letter, and comes to the Black Rabbit Restaurant with Conan, Ran, and Amuro to meet his client. When Morooka and his butler Fukamachi arrive, Kogoro checks the threatening letter, which states, "If you want to live, stay away from the Black Rabbit Restaurant." Morooka and his party are entertained by bunny girl Yuri, while bunny girl Sana looks on angrily as it seems Yuri will be the top earner tonight. Later, Yuri takes a sip of her drink and suddenly begins choking...
The Unsolved Cocktail Case (2)
Episode 953: The Unsolved Cocktail Case (2) (Sep 07, 2019)
Black Rabbit Restaurant employee Yuri chokes and collapses after drinking from her glass. Arsenic is found in her drink, and Conan believes her glass was poisoned by Morooka, Fukamachi, or Sana. Inspector Megure begins questioning the suspects. Conan and Amuro speak with Morooka's bodyguards and learn that something was troubling Morooka. Later, they learn Fukamachi came to see Yuri alone, and Sana needs money to pay for her father's surgery. Amuro recalls his memories of Miyano Elena, and...
The Unsolved Cocktail Case (3)
Episode 954: The Unsolved Cocktail Case (3) (Sep 14, 2019)
Someone poisons Black Rabbit Restaurant employee Yuri's drink with arsenic. The suspects are narrowed down to Morooka,, Fukamachi, and Sana. Conan and Amuro determine the truth based on Yuri's fake nail discovered by Ran and a casual comment from Kogoro. Conan interrupts Megure as he's questioning the suspects, telling him two of them couldn't have been the cuprit based on their words and actions, and gradually closes in on the culprit as he reveals the trick they used. After the case is resolved, Amuro uses a spare key to break into the Kudo family residence. Amuro and Okiya Subaru, both armed with guns, end up face to face..
The Secret of the Insect Man
Episode 955: The Secret of the Insect Man (Sep 28, 2019)
Conan and friends arrive at Kuronosu Station where the village operated insect man ranch is located. The children of the village have dressed themselves up as insect people. Conan speaks to a grade school student dressed as a rhinoceros beetle and learns that a government official's plan to build a casino and public bath in the forest surrounding the village has been put on hold due to a curse. The adults of the village are preoccupied with their work in the forest. They are trying to uncover the treasure of the Moth Princess that the deceased former village mayor tried to keep to himself. Conan investigates the incident that occurred in the village, and...
The Mystery-Solving Water Taxi (1)
Episode 956: The Mystery-Solving Water Taxi (1) (Sep 30, 2019)
The body of Kadowaki Eiji is discovered in Beika Park with his head split open. Eiji was the problem child of the Kadowaki family. According to rumor, Eiji abused his mother Yasuko, and his older brother Yuichi would try to stop him. It also becomes clear that a suspicious man was investigating the Kadowaki family. Inspector Megure suspects Yuichi, but Yuichi has an alibi for the time of the crime. Later, they learn the suspicious man was Takase, a student of former grade school teacher Yasuko. The police go to question Takase, but...
The Mystery-Solving Water Taxi (2)
Episode 957: The Mystery-Solving Water Taxi (2) (Oct 05, 2019)
Kadowaki Eiji's body is discovered in Beika Park with his head split open. Later, a fire breaks out at the Kadowaki family residence, killing Kadowaki Yasuko. Megure believes someone who bore a grudge against the Kadowaki family is responsible for both Eiji's murder and the fire, but Conan and Kogoro believe Eiji's murder was committed by Takase out of hatred for Yasuko. They go to a bar to review security camera footage and expose Takase, but...
The Poodle and the Shotgun (1)
Episode 958: The Poodle and the Shotgun (1) (Nov 09, 2019)
Kogoro, Conan, and Ran are invited to dog food company president Anna's birthday party and arrive at the yacht harbor. Shortly after the party begins, Anna is shot to death by a masked man wielding a shotgun. Inspector Megure questions vice president Inamura, director Machiko, and secretary Morishima, and Anna's ex-boyfriend Hyodo emerges as a suspect. However, Hyodo has an alibi: he was robbing Anna's apartment. Kogoro and the police suspect he fabricated his alibi, but...
The Poodle and the Shotgun (2)
Episode 959: The Poodle and the Shotgun (2) (Nov 16, 2019)
Kogoro, Conan, and Ran are invited to dog food company president Anna's birthday party and arrive at the yacht harbor. Shortly after the party begins, Anna is shot to death by a masked man wielding a shotgun. Anna's ex-boyfriend Hyodo emerges as a suspect, but because he has an alibi, the police are unable to arrest him. The next morning, Hyodo's body is discovered alongside the shotgun that was used to kill him. Upon seeing the shotgun, vice president Inamura acknowledges that it belongs to him. Now that Hyodo has been murdered, the police believe someone else must be the true culprit, but Conan is certain Hyodo killed Anna...
Miss Lonely and the Detective Boys
Episode 960: Miss Lonely and the Detective Boys (Nov 23, 2019)
While playing soccer in the park, Conan, Mitsuhiko, Genta, Ayumi, and Haibara meet Komori Tomoko drinking wine alone. With tears streaming down her face, she confesses that her beloved boyfriend has passed away. Later, Tomoko takes the children to a botanical garden, where they meet Kajiki Kohei, the president of a men's cosmetics company. Tomoko and Kajiki hit it off, and the two begin dating. A few days later, Tomoko invites the children to her house to inform them of some exciting news. However, while ascending the stairs to the second-floor terrace, they hear a scream...
The Glamping Mystery
Episode 961: The Glamping Mystery (Nov 30, 2019)
Conan, Ran, and Sonoko arrive at a luxurious glamping facility so they can enjoying camping in elegance and comfort. That night, while relaxing around the campfire, they hear a scream. Lying in the darkness is the body of Tosaki Keidai, with makeup on his face, a crab leg in his mouth, and a note in his hand. His wife Tosaki Kyoko, makeup artist Miura Mika, and chef Tanabe Hiroshi arrive on the scene and begin behaving suspiciously. When Conan asks them about it, they all admit to tampering with the body, but all of them deny killing Tosaki...
Mouri Kogoro’s Grand Lecture (1)
Episode 962: Mouri Kogoro’s Grand Lecture (1) (Dec 07, 2019)
Kogoro is asked to give a lecture to commemorate the renovation of HISHIDA Hall, and Kisaki Eri is scheduled to participate on a panel. The day of the event, panelists security company president Tsukinogi Hideki and actor Inokoshi Kenichiro come to greet Kogoro in his dressing room. Later, former manager Reizei and hotel owner Hishida Junko get into an argument. And 20 minutes before the lecture, Inokoshi is found murdered in his dressing room. Based on the conditions of the crime scene, Conan judges the case a locked room mystery...
Mouri Kogoro’s Grand Lecture (2)
Episode 963: Mouri Kogoro’s Grand Lecture (2) (Dec 14, 2019)
Two murders occur at the event hall where Kogoro is scheduled to attend a speaking event. Kogoro accuses former hall manager Reizei of murdering actor Inokoshi Kenichiro, but he confesses to the murder of event hall owner Hishida Junko instead. The lecture is delayed an hour until Kogoro can determine the identity of the real culprit. However, everyone except for Reizei has an alibi for the time of the murder, leaving Megure and Kogoro without any suspects...
Mouri Kogoro’s Grand Lecture (3)
Episode 964: Mouri Kogoro’s Grand Lecture (3) (Dec 21, 2019)
Two murders occur at the event hall where Kogoro is scheduled to attend a speaking event. With the help of event staff Tsukuba Mei, the trick behind the locked room and time of the murder are exposed, and even evidence is found identifying security company president Tsukinogi as actor Inokoshi's killer. She is asked to appear on the panel as the new generation's detective, where she asks the great detective Mori Kogoro about a murder that happened at a certain college one year ago...
Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Prologue)
Episode 965: Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Prologue) (Jan 04, 2020)
Conan and friends come to Osaka when they are invited to the new building completion commemorative movie "Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba" announcement event. During the announcement, the talented producer Yonekura is found accidentally crushed to death beneath a giant kaiju figure in a storage room. The rope supporting the figure was cut by a knife, and Osaka police inspector Otaki proceeds with his investigation of the incident as a murder rather than an accident. The suspects are narrowed down to Yonekura's subordinate producers Kosugi, Mihara, and Kouchi, but...
Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Interlude)
Episode 966: Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Interlude) (Jan 11, 2020)
The talented producer Yonekura's murderers Kouchi and Mihara steal Yonekura's car and attempt to flee in it, but it immediately explodes. The driver of the car, Kouchi, dies instantly. Kyoto police inspector Ayanokoji is investigating a case in which scriptwriter Onda died when he drove his car off a cliff. Ayanokoji determines that Onda and Yonekura were once connected, and it also becomes clear that Yonekura was investigating Onda's case. Later, another explosion occurs, claiming another victim, and the relationship between the cases begins to come into relief...
Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Climax)
Episode 967: Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Climax) (Jan 18, 2020)
The fingerprints of Ishizawa, a former associate of Yonekura, Onda, and Suemura, are discovered on the bomb planted at the scene of Suemura's murder. Inspectors Otaki and Ayanokoji believe him to be the suspect and head to his home, where they discover him with his hands bound, bleeding from the back of his head. Meanwhile, Keiji goes to Kyoto to investigate Onda, and Conan meets with Haibara, who has been examining the connection between Yonekura, Onda, and Suemura. 15 years earlier, all three were in debt, and all three paid off their debts 10 years ago...
Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Finale)
Episode 968: Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Finale) (Jan 25, 2020)
Onda and Suemura were murdered by Yonekura over the robbery the four of them committed 10 years ago. Onda was blackmailing Yonekura, who then plotted to murder all of his former associates. Later, it becomes clear that there was a fifth robber. Conan and Heiji are certain Yonekura planted a fifth bomb somewhere in order to kill the last man. The police hurry to identify the fifth man, and Conan and Heiji go to the hospital to see Ishizawa. Later, they learn the identity of the fifth man, but they're unable to find the final bomb planted by Yonekura...
The Young Kaga Lady’s Mystery Tour (1)
Episode 969: The Young Kaga Lady’s Mystery Tour (1) (Feb 15, 2020)
Conan joins Ran and Kogoro on a trip to Kanazawa that Ran won in a lottery. While enjoying Kanzawa, they meet a woman named Mari who is behaving suspiciously. It turns out that she is a wealthy young lady disconnected from the real world. They decide to help Mari and later discover that she is involved in a criminal case. Furthermore, they all get caught up in the case as it moves in an unexpected direction...
The Young Kaga Lady’s Mystery Tour (2)
Episode 970: The Young Kaga Lady’s Mystery Tour (2) (Feb 22, 2020)
Conan, Ran and Kogoro get caught up in a kidnapping case while visiting Kanazawa. However, it's actually an act put on by the victim, former printed silk maker Saikawa Manabu. With the culprit identified, it's only a matter of time before he is arrested, but then company president Hayashi Soichi is attacked. Based on his possible motive and witness testimony, Manabu seems like the most likely suspect, but...?!
The target is the Metropolitan Police Traffic Department (1)
Episode 971: The target is the Metropolitan Police Traffic Department (1) (Mar 07, 2020)
Miike Naeko of the MPD Transportation Department is concerned about the lack of development in her romantic relationship with Detective Chiba and goes to karaoke with her colleagues Yagi Shiori and Momosaki Toko to sing away her sorrows. While there, Yagi and Momosaki learn that both of them have been followed by someone recently. Momosaki sends off the drunk Naeko and her caretaker Yagi. Once she's alone, a suspicious man begins talking to her...
The target is the Metropolitan Police Traffic Department (2)
Episode 972: The target is the Metropolitan Police Traffic Department (2) (Mar 14, 2020)
Miike Naeko of the MPD Transportation Department goes to karaoke with her colleagues Yagi Shiori and Momosaki Toko. On the way home, Momosaki is attacked once she's alone, and her body is discovered the next day. One week earlier, Momosaki and Yagi arrested Aono Kengo, Akamine Manji, and Shiroyama Yuzo for traffic violations and got into a fierce argument, and the police believe it may be related to this case. Meanwhile, Yagi goes to visit a certain individual...
The target is the Metropolitan Police Traffic Department (3)
Episode 973: The target is the Metropolitan Police Traffic Department (3) (Mar 21, 2020)
MPD Traffic Department members Momosaki Toko and Yagi Shiori are murdered one after another. Detective Sato and the rest of the police begin canvassing the neighborhood where Yagi fell. Miyamoto Yumi arrives on the scene and offers a certain tip... In order to acquire more hints, Yumi calls Miike Naeko, who went to karaoke with her colleagues the other day. All the while, a suspicious man listens in on her conversation with Naeko...
The target is the Metropolitan Police Traffic Department (4)
Episode 974: The target is the Metropolitan Police Traffic Department (4) (Mar 28, 2020)
With the help of Conan's detective skills, the identity of the culprit who murdered MPD Transportation Department officers Momosaki Toko and Yagi Shiori is determined. Additionally, the police learn that one week earlier, the culprit heard the name "Yumi" while he was being disciplined for a traffic violation. Though the name referred to someone else, based on the victims' mutual acquaintances, it's possible that Transporation Department officer Miyamoto Yumi may be his next target, and the search for the culprit begins. However, no one can get in touch with Yumi...
The Secret of the Search for His Wife
Episode 975: The Secret of the Search for His Wife (Jul 04, 2020)
Near the train station, Conan and Ran encounter Higuchi Masaki, who is looking for his missing wife. Believing that something may have happened to her, Conand Kogoro begin questioning people in Higuchi's neighborhood. Though they find few witnesses, the ones they do claim to have heard the couple arguing and screaming disturbing things at each other, such as, "Kill me tomorrow!"
Pursuit! The Detective Taxi
Episode 976: Pursuit! The Detective Taxi (Jul 18, 2020)
Kogoro and Conan are hired by a barmaid to find her missing pet "Armadillo-kun." The driver of the taxi they hire during their search turns out to be a huge fan of Kogoro and begins telling them about the suspicious brothers who rode in his taxi earlier...
The Broken Fishbowl
Episode 977: The Broken Fishbowl (Aug 01, 2020)
Kogoro was asked by a president of an investment company to provide bodyguards. When I went to hear the story with Conan, the company was a scam investing company that was conducting a fraudulent commercial method of making money by buying and selling rare goldfish. In front of Conan, the victims squeeze their complaints against the president. Some people even say, "I'll kill you." Still, he got angry at the president, who was eager to say, "The customers who pushed his desires were bad," and Kogoro refused his request and tried to return. But while you were waiting for the bus to return, did the company scream? When Conan and Kogoro rushed together, the president was killed!
The Case on the Opposite Shore
Episode 978: The Case on the Opposite Shore (Aug 15, 2020)
Conan and his Detective Boys who came to the park for bird watching start observing humans on the other side of the river with binoculars to "improve reasoning power". While playing with a profession, He finds Detective Takagi in disguise staking out. Apparently, cash is being handed over in the kidnapping case. He tries to go to the other side, but it takes time to move, so he keeps watching. After that, the criminal appears in the handing over the cash and is secured, but Conan gets caught. The criminal was not a kidnapping case, but a victim of a special scam. The Detective Boys begin observing the person who seems to be the criminal.
Leading a Detective Around by the Nose
Episode 979: Leading a Detective Around by the Nose (Aug 29, 2020)
A woman named Kanae who says "an important brooch was stolen" comes to Kogoro. Kanae said from the criminal, "I kept the treasure brooch. If you want me to return it, come to the other world. It's a park. However, if you notify the police, the treasure will be disposed of immediately.” Kogoro and Kanae headed to the designated park and found a new letter from the clock that was there. The text and the next place were specified, as if they were watching over their actions. Kogoro thinks that Kanae is being targeted for life because of the word "to that world" in the letter and the danger that often occurs. Kogoro, who had been moved from place to place one after another, remembered a certain incident that he solved two years ago.
An Encouragement of the Perfect Crime
Episode 980: An Encouragement of the Perfect Crime (Sep 05, 2020)
Detective Takagi and Detective Sato come to the detective agency Kogoro Mouri. "Recently, a number of strange incidents have occurred," the two show Kogoro the materials of the incident. The content of the case was disjointed with marriage fraud, bank murder, burglary ... However, these cases have something in common, and the "case plot" is always included in the evidence. According to the statements of the criminals caught, the "crime adviser" sold the crime plan. The two people who found their whereabouts set a white arrow on Kogoro as an advisor on the police side. Hamanaka, a crime advisor who claims to be a “Modern Moriarity,” admits what he has done by saying he is "selling plots of crime novels" and is arrested for abetting crime. Pushed by Detective Sato’s aggression, Hamanaka begins to talk about the case he is involved in, but only the suspect in the plot "Takashi Ishigami Review Plan" is missing.
Welcome to Bocchan Restaurant (1)
Episode 981: Welcome to Bocchan Restaurant (1) (Sep 19, 2020)
Edogawa Conan and the other Detective Boys discover a wounded cat assaulted by someone in a park. They search for the culprit from the bloodstains and fibers left on the cat's claws. On the other hand, at a restaurant called "Bocchan," the customer service chief was found dead. His coat looks a lot like the fibers left on the cat's claws ...
Welcome to Bocchan Restaurant (2)
Episode 982: Welcome to Bocchan Restaurant (2) (Sep 26, 2020)
On the day Conan and his boy detectives protected the injured cat, the chief customer service officer, “Uranari,” was found dead in the restaurant "Bocchan," which reproduced Natsume Soseki's novel "Bocchan." As the police investigation progresses, even the manager "red shirt,” who was thought to be a leading candidate for the criminal will be found dead the next day. The police think it was a suicide after they thought they couldn't escape. However, Conan, who noticed that the body of Uranari had been moved, discovers that it was a disguise to make the "red shirt" that lived on the premises look suspicious. At Ayumi's suggestion, "We want to find the criminal who did something terrible to the cat!", The Boy Detectives investigate the criminal, stopping Conan from trying to tell Kogoro and Inspector Megure.
Kid vs. Komei: The Targeted Lips (1)
Episode 983: Kid vs. Komei: The Targeted Lips (1) (Oct 03, 2020)
Heiji and Kazuha were on their way to Tokyo by Shinkansen to go to the Suzuki Museum with Conan and his friends. At the Suzuki Museum, the world's largest conk pearl "Fairy Lip” is on display, and it seems that the Phantom Thief Kid is aiming for this. Conan and his friends learn about it in Jirokichi Suzuki's challenge to Kid. The challenge letter said, "The jewels are ready to be seen from all directions." At the Suzuki Museum, "Fairy Lip" is in a room made of hard glass, placed in a huge icicle. Inspector Nakamori and Inspector Takaaki Morofushi of the Investigation Division 1 of the Nagano Prefectural Police Headquarters were there. On the other hand, the Phantom Thief Kid had already come to preview among the riot police and felt the presence of two high school detectives and a smart Inspector Komei was a threat.
Kid vs. Komei: The Targeted Lips (2)
Episode 984: Kid vs. Komei: The Targeted Lips (2) (Oct 10, 2020)
Conan, Ran, Kogoro, and Heiji, and Kazuha from Osaka come to the Suzuki Museum. Meanwhile, Kaito Kid, who had announced that he would steal the jewels on display at the museum and one of the world's largest conch pearls, "Fairy Lip," disguised himself as Kazuha and snuck into the exhibition room. Splendidly stealing the jewels......?
The Two Real Faces (1)
Episode 985: The Two Real Faces (1) (Oct 24, 2020)
A woman named Masako Muto is coming to Mori Kogoro detective agency. Masako is said to be looking for her husband, Issei Muto, who disappeared. The other day, Masako, who was driving her car to have lunch with a friend, saw her husband in a town that was not his place of work. She called out to him when he broke up with a strange woman he was with, but for some reason he ran away and she lost sight of him. Conan and Kogoro visit her husband's company from a business card at home, which was a fictional office virtual office used by young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses with cheap funds. What on earth was her husband doing....?
The Two Real Faces (2)
Episode 986: The Two Real Faces (2) (Oct 31, 2020)
Masako Muto's husband, Issei Muto, came to Mori Kogoro's office. His original job, which had disappeared, was not a trader but the president of a recycling company. Reflecting on the cover-up he had been hiding from Masako, it looked as if the Muto couple had settled safely. The next day, however, the detective agency was contacted that Issei had been found dead, and Conan and Kogoro hurried to the scene. The next day, however, the detective agency was contacted that Issei had been found dead, and Conan and Kogoro hurried to the scene.The estimated time of death of the body is between 2:00 and 6:00 today. The cause of death was not yet known, but the body was burned and charred, and all teeth had been removed to delay identification.
The Company Dissolution Party
Episode 987: The Company Dissolution Party (Nov 07, 2020)
Conan, Ran, and Kogoro go to a restaurant to eat, and they come across employees of the mail-order site "Kureno" holding a "company dissolution party". There were President Jiro Kureno, Public Relations Junnosuke Toda, Product Management Eiji Koshimoto, Accounting Mayu Narita, and Web Designer Hiroo Kamijo. Kureno, who was given a bouquet with words of labor, collapses. The bouquet was filled with poisonous needles. Hearing the story, each participant had a motive for killing. Meanwhile, an employee testifies that he witnessed Echimoto crouching in front of the bouquet and doing something. Participants are gathered again, but Echimoto is not there ...
Girls In Conflict
Episode 988: Girls In Conflict (Nov 14, 2020)
Conan, Ran, and Sonoko see models selling seal toys that can be operated with smartphones at the shopping mall where they came to shop. When the three of them were taking a break in the backyard, there were the models I saw earlier. The atmosphere of each of them was bad, especially the atmosphere of the two people who seemed to have competed in the audition of the commercial was the worst. Conan and his friends went back to shopping, but soon after they heard a scream ...
The Case of Ayumi's Illustrated Diary
Episode 989: The Case of Ayumi's Illustrated Diary (Dec 05, 2020)
A jewelry store in the Beika-cho shopping district on the school road of Conan and the Detective Boys. There there is a decorative clock of which only five exist in the world. The residents are also curious. The watch is fully secure, but Conan notices that he is being targeted by thieves. The reason for this was "Ayumi's picture diary" ...
The Automatic Tragedy (Part One)
Episode 990: The Automatic Tragedy (Part One) (Dec 12, 2020)
A man's request to the Mouri detective agency was to find the culprit in the case where his father was murdered. In the case, a father who was alone at home was beaten in the head by someone and died, and about 300,000 yen in cash was stolen. The man said, "It's like I've let him die."
The Automatic Tragedy (Part Two)
Episode 991: The Automatic Tragedy (Part Two) (Dec 19, 2020)
While the client, Fusaya Oide, was running away from home, his father, who was alone at home, was robbed and killed. Conan and Kogoro find the person who stole it, but say "he didn't killed him." While the criminal image was hard to see, they headed to the scene again. Who really murdered his father.....
Murder at the Townhouse Café
Episode 992: Murder at the Townhouse Café (Dec 26, 2020)
Conan comes to a machiya cafe that serves donuts that are reputed to look good on SNS with Ran and Sonoko. However, there are only a few clerks and suspicious customers in the store. After Conan and his friends spend a while at the cafe, suddenly they hear screams from the toilet. There was a manager who was hit in the head and collapsed.
Kyogoku Makoto the Understudy (Part One)
Episode 993: Kyogoku Makoto the Understudy (Part One) (Jan 09, 2021)
Conan, Ran, Sonoko, Kyogoku, and Sera went to see a movie on their way home and encountered a man holding a pistol and taking a woman hostage. I thought that the case would be resolved by the success of Kyogoku, but it was an actor who was shooting a TV drama. Kyogoku will take the place of the fainted actor. The shooting site where Conan and his friends came to visit was the closed schoolyard and the classroom on the fourth floor. There were many staff members such as director Shigematsu Tomioka and assistant director Daisaku Otori, actors Ayaya Tokuzono, Nanako Kamiaki, Hideka Yui of make-up, and Yota Hazuki of AD. Kyogoku begins practicing action with a detective. After the break, a camera was set in the schoolyard for Tokuzono to take a fall scene from the 4th floor. At that time, Tokuzo fell with a scream, and Kyogoku appeared from the window on the fourth floor ....
Kyogoku Makoto the Understudy (Part Two)
Episode 994: Kyogoku Makoto the Understudy (Part Two) (Jan 16, 2021)
Conan, Ran, Sonoko, and Sera come to visit the shooting site of the TV drama in which Kyogoku will take the place. However, there is an incident in which actor Ayaya Tokuzono falls from the 4th floor of the school building at the shooting site. The assistant director, Daisaku Otori, who seems to have noticed the criminal, seems to be secretly sending a message and planning something. The police started the investigation as murder because Tokuzono's smartphone was placed in an unnatural place outside the window on the fourth floor. On the other hand, Sera asked Conan and his friends about "Shinichi Kudo", "Isn't he taking strange medicine?" "When Shinichi is there, isn't Conan?"
Kyogoku Makoto the Understudy (Part Three)
Episode 995: Kyogoku Makoto the Understudy (Part Three) (Jan 23, 2021)
Tokuzono, an actor, falls at the drama filming site. Otori, an assistant director who may have noticed the perpetrator of the incident, is also murdered. He seems to have been poisoned, but no poison was detected in the drink he had until the last minute. Conan investigates while being at the mercy of Sera, who is obsessed with searching for "Shinichi Kudo".
The Skilled Hawk Hides His Crimes
Episode 996: The Skilled Hawk Hides His Crimes (Jan 30, 2021)
Conan, Ran, and Kogoro came to Takenoie, a traditional-style house cafe in a peaceful village. The "Okuhoriyama Festival" is being held there, but the inside of the store is empty. Conan and his friends enjoy experiencing puffed rice and falconry, but Genichi Takehara, the owner of the traditional-style house cafe who was hunting wild boar, appears injured after being shot by a gun and dies in front of them. Kogoro thinks it was due to an outburst when he was surprised by a hawk...
The Conspiracy of the Smile Village
Episode 997: The Conspiracy of the Smile Village (Feb 13, 2021)
Conan and the Detective Boys are invited to an ultra-high-end nursing care facility for the elderly. The grandmothers living there seem to have been fans since they saw the Detective Boys. Meanwhile, Conan and his friends, who felt uncomfortable with the chairman and the secretary-general, went to look into the chairman's office ...
The Hatred Frypan
Episode 998: The Hatred Frypan (Feb 20, 2021)
Conan, Ran, and Kogoro came to the monitoring venue of a frying pan developed by a venture company. When the introduction by the employees is over, the president is called to say hello, but it does not come out easily. When Conan and others rushed to hear the screams from the president's office, the president who shed blood from his chest was lying down. While the police were investigating, an explosion occurred in the research building on the premises.
Troublesome Kindness
Episode 999: Troublesome Kindness (Feb 27, 2021)
At the izakaya where Conan, Ran, and Kogoro are eating, there was a salaryman, Kusano, who proudly talked about the "kindness" he had been to. Yamanashi, a colleague who was listening to the story, smiled wryly because it was all thought to be "noisy". On the other hand, Kotani, who was sitting at the counter, was trembling with anger. Kotani was one of the "noisy" victims, and he was planning to be there and was listening to Kusano....
The Moonlight Sonata Murder (Part One)
Episode 1000: The Moonlight Sonata Murder (Part One) (Mar 06, 2021)
Conan, Ran and Kogoro are called to Moonshima, a small island in Izu, in a letter from a mysterious client. However, the client was a pianist who should have died playing the piano sonata "Moonlight" 12 years ago. The third memorial service of the former mayor, which I happened to see at the community center that I visited to investigate the client. In the midst of that, "Moonlight" began to flow...
The Moonlight Sonata Murder (Part Two)
Episode 1001: The Moonlight Sonata Murder (Part Two) (Mar 13, 2021)
Moonshima, a small island in Izu visited by Conan, Ran, and Kogoro. The third anniversary of the death of the former village mayor was going on at the community center. During that time, "Moonlight" began to flow and the current village mayor was found dead. There is a blood-stained musical score at the scene, and Conan reads the message from the criminal...
Episode 1015: Stakeout (Aug 14, 2021)