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Superjail! (2007)

An eccentric warden and his staff run a bizarre maximum security prison full of dangerous prisoners.

Release Date: Sun, May 13, 2007

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 11

David Wain
The Warden (voice)
Christopher McCulloch
The Doctor (voice)
Eric Bauza
Lord Stingray (voice)
Teddy Cohn
Jared (voice)
Christy Karacas
Alice / Jackknife (voice)
Richard Mather
The Twins (voice)

Season 4:

Episode 1: Superhell! (Jun 15, 2014)
The Warden, with the help of a disfigured inmate named Ash, continue their arson spree across Superjail. Meanwhile, Alice and Stingray get lost on a planet full of vicious monsters.
Last Pack
Episode 2: Last Pack (Jun 22, 2014)
After Warden comes to his senses and puts out the fires across Superjail, he begins blaming the whole thing on cigarettes. This prompts him to ban the use of tobacco products throughout the entirety of Superjail, which leads to some inmates to go to drastic measures in order to obtain their "buzz".
Jean, Paul, Beefy and Alice
Episode 3: Jean, Paul, Beefy and Alice (Jun 29, 2014)
After spotting two Peacocks together during mating season while hunting Jacknife through Africa, Jailbot becomes obsessed with finding love. The Twins capitalize on this and hand Jailbot a strange alien fungus with humanoid features which he promptly falls in love with. The fungus begins giving off mold spores infecting everyone in Superjail turning them into horrendous mutated monsters with a similar appearance as to itself.
The Superjail Inquisitor
Episode 4: The Superjail Inquisitor (Jul 06, 2014)
While the Warden is building a new dam in Superjail several inmates start to run a tabloid newspaper called the Superjail Inquisitor. The Warden is astonished by one of the fake articles and believes that his favorite childhood monster, "Manglefang" may be lurking in Superjail. This prompts the Warden to suspend construction and go on a massive hunt for Manglefang and torturing anyone who refuses to believe in it. The Twins then discover an article made by Ash about aliens, so they modify the image in the newspaper and then send it to the Triplets in space. The Triplets arrive on Earth in response, and in a fit of rage they make every fake article ever written in the tabloid (including Manglefang, to Warden's delight) manifest in reality resulting in chaos and the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to Superjail.
Episode 5: Superstorm! (Jul 13, 2014)
It's Superjail's annual Field Day, and Warden is dead-set on winning the Three-Legged Race this year. As such, he builds himself the perfect partner: A walking weather machine named "Sunshine". Using Sunshine to create weather anomalies that distracts the competitors, Warden cheats his way to victory. However in his gloating Warden breaks his remote controller for Sunshine causing it to develop its own will and abandon Warden. Sunshine promptly creates dangerous weather anomalies all over Superjail, destroying the Candyland section in the process which enrages Warden (as it's his favorite place in the prison). Meanwhile, Jared is crying over losing Sharice to The Doctor who makes multiple attempts to take his new relationship with her to third base. His plans backfire when Sharice blindly ignores his advances, leading The Doctor to create a Frankenstein-style clone of her with slutty tendencies. Which Jared finds first. In the end, Sharice and Jared reconcile while The Doctor decides to stick to using the Sharice clone he made for his libdo.
The Superjail Six
Episode 6: The Superjail Six (Jul 20, 2014)
During a routine sewer cleaning in Superjail, Stingray discovers a long forgotten secret that Alice and Jared had kept from the Warden. Apparently there were six dangerous inmates (known as the Superjail Six) during Superjail's early years that managed to escape from prison and make it into the badlands around the jail. After Warden learned of this he shut himself in his office for days due to depression which led to Alice and Jared forcing him to forget the incident. When Stingray learns of this story from one of the older inmates, he sets out with Prison Peedee's help to drive Warden back into his depression. The plan backfires, however, and Warden falls through the sewer pipes with Stingray and Peedee in tow. While Peedee and Stingray are chained together lost in the bayou the Warden comes across some mutated hillbilly/alligators. After partying with them he angers the entire group by destroying their sacred tree. This leads to a full invasion of Superjail by the Alligator Hillbillies. After Ash ends the invasion with a massive explosion, the last member of the Superjail Six returns to the Jail. Warden promptly kills him.

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