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Murder One (1995)

Theodore 'Teddy' Hoffman is a highly-regarded defense attorney in a prestigious Los Angeles law firm. Having successfully defended the wealthy but suspicious Richard Cross in a much-publicised murder trial, he is now involved in the defense of Neil Avedon, a famous young actor who has been suffering from severe drug and alcohol problems - and has been charged with the murder for which Cross was acquitted.

  • Steven Bochco
  • Charles H. Eglee
  • Channing Gibson
Release Date: Wed, Sep 20, 1995

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 47

Mary McCormack
Justine Appleton
Michael Hayden
Chris Docknovich
J. C. MacKenzie
Arnold Spivak
John Fleck
Louis Hines
D.B. Woodside
Aaron Mosely
Barbara Bosson
Miriam Grasso
Clayton Rohner
Vince Biggio
Jack Kehler
Frank Szymanski

Season 2:

Chapter One, Year Two
Episode 1: Chapter One, Year Two (Oct 10, 1996)
Deputy District Attorney Jimmy Wyler joins Hoffman & Associates, and for his first case he defends Sharon Rooney, who was arrested for murdering the governor of California.
Chapter Two, Year Two
Episode 2: Chapter Two, Year Two (Oct 17, 1996)
Sharon testifies she was pregnant with Governor Van Allan's child, but he made her have an abortion, while Wyler learns the governor's wife was having an affair of her own.
Chapter Three, Year Two
Episode 3: Chapter Three, Year Two (Oct 24, 1996)
As Sharon continues to insist she is guilty, Wyler feels certain that she is not, and a surprising source offers to pay for Sharon Rooney's defense.
Chapter Four, Year Two
Episode 4: Chapter Four, Year Two (Nov 07, 1996)
Wyler talks to Sharon's husband concerning her confession, then later meets basketball superstar Rickey Latrell, who fears he'll be arrested for the murder of an NBA team owner.
Chapter Five, Year Two
Episode 5: Chapter Five, Year Two (Nov 14, 1996)
Wyler learns another of the governor's affairs ended badly for the woman involved, and Latrell is called in for questioning concerning the murder of team owner Sandy Fortas.
Chapter Six, Year Two
Episode 6: Chapter Six, Year Two (Nov 21, 1996)
While Wyler uncovers more connections between the various players involved in the Van Allan murder, Rickey Latrell is arrested and charged with murder.
Chapter Seven, Year Two
Episode 7: Chapter Seven, Year Two (Dec 05, 1996)
Sharon has trouble dealing with the jury's verdict, and an underworld figure already in jail promises to tell Wyler what really happened the night the governor was killed.
Chapter Eight, Year Two
Episode 8: Chapter Eight, Year Two (Dec 12, 1996)
The truth about the governor's murder is finally revealed as Mosley and Docknovich argue over who is best suited to make Rickey Latrell's bail argument.
Chapter Nine, Year Two
Episode 9: Chapter Nine, Year Two (Jan 09, 1997)
While Docknovich and Mosley clash over jury selection for the Latrell case, an agent eager to represent Latrell implies that his current agent has been stealing from clients.
Chapter Ten, Year Two
Episode 10: Chapter Ten, Year Two (Jan 16, 1997)
Witnesses in the Latrell case portray Rickey as a desperate and possessive man, but later it is Rickey himself who offers up the most damning statement.
Chapter Eleven, Year Two
Episode 11: Chapter Eleven, Year Two (Jan 23, 1997)
The defense brings forth witnesses attesting to Fortas' disregard for others and then has Rickey testify about how Fortas was blackmailing Rickey's wife.
Chapter Twelve, Year Two
Episode 12: Chapter Twelve, Year Two (Jan 23, 1997)
Rickey goes into hiding after a witness testifies that Rickey said he was going to kill Fortas because he was tired of being threatened over gambling debts.
Chapter Thirteen, Year Two
Episode 13: Chapter Thirteen, Year Two (May 25, 1997)
Wyler defends a serial killer who targeted ex-cons convicted of vicious crimes, and the firm receives bids from Hollywood producers vying for the movie rights.
Chapter Fourteen, Year Two
Episode 14: Chapter Fourteen, Year Two (May 25, 1997)
Jury selection for the Banks' trial proves difficult as many of the jurors interviewed feel Banks is a hero for killing murderers who received light sentences for their horrific crimes.
Chapter Fifteen, Year Two
Episode 15: Chapter Fifteen, Year Two (May 26, 1997)
Wyler's attempts to protect his client fail after Banks gets permission from the judge to testify on his own behalf and then angrily tells Wyler "You are now at the top of my list."
Chapter Sixteen, Year Two
Episode 16: Chapter Sixteen, Year Two (May 26, 1997)
While Grasso calls forth witnesses who believed Banks' final victim was innocent, Wyler begins to worry whether his client will kill again if he is found innocent and released.
Chapter Seventeen, Year Two
Episode 17: Chapter Seventeen, Year Two (May 29, 1997)
Banks is released, and as the firm tries to help him, one of their own is shot; Wyler defends a young man accused of killing his 83-year-old girlfriend.
Chapter Eighteen, Year Two
Episode 18: Chapter Eighteen, Year Two (May 29, 1997)
Wyler learns murder is often a family affair after a man claims to know who really murdered Tommy Banks and then Mary Beth's killer confesses.

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