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Is This a Zombie? (2011)

Some guys have no luck; he’s got no pulse. That’s life for poor unfortunate, undead Ayumu. First, he was murdered by a serial killer. Total bummer. Then he was resurrected as a zombie by a cute little Necromancer. That seemed pretty cool until she moved into his house, refused to speak, and forced his rotting carcass to do all the cooking. After that, a magical girl in a pretty pink dress used her matching chainsaw to chop his corpse in half. Luckily, the Necromancer’s powers of resurrection trumped those of the chainsaw chick, so instead of dying (again), Ayumu became the world’s first magical girl zombie. There’s also a voluptuous vampire ninja who thinks zombie boy’s a pervert – and a hideous crayfish demon who wants to devour him. Confused? All you gotta know is this: zombies, frilly dresses, demons, and moe chainsaws. Pink. It’s the new dead.

Release Date: Tue, Jan 11, 2011

Country: JP
Language: Ja
Runtime: 25

Junji Majima
Ayumu Aikawa (voice)
Midori Tsukimiya
Eucliwood "Eu" Hellscythe (voice)
Iori Nomizu
Haruna (voice)
Youko Hikasa
Seraphim "Sera" (voice)
Hisako Kanemoto
Mael Strom / Yuki "Tomonori" Yoshida (voice)
Hitomi Nabatame
Chris (voice)
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Orito (voice)
Rie Yamaguchi
Taeko Hiramatsu (voice)
Kanami Mihara (voice)
Itsuki Takizawa
Shimomura "Anderson" (voice)

Season 2:

Yes, I'm Now Making a Magical Transformation Again!
Episode 1: Yes, I'm Now Making a Magical Transformation Again! (Apr 05, 2012)
Ayumu finds himself wearied by the stress of everyday life, and happens upon a drinking partner with whom he is able to share his concerns. Meanwhile, Haruna's increased appetite has her thinking she has recovered her Magical Garment Girl abilities.
Aah, Farewall to Me
Episode 2: Aah, Farewall to Me (Apr 12, 2012)
With Mystletainn unable to erase anyone's memories, they still remember the events of the day before, thrusting unwelcome attention upon Ayumu. Tomonori invites Ayumu to go up into the mountains, to get away from the commotion and do some stargazing.
Yo! That's Some Friendly You-nity!
Episode 3: Yo! That's Some Friendly You-nity! (Apr 19, 2012)
Haruna and Eu perform a delicate operation on Mysteltainn to try to repair the damage done to him. Ayumu gets advice on how to deal with Orito. Tomonori takes a crash course in dancing in order to be a backup dancer for Sarasvati at her upcoming concert.
No, Get Lost, Good Sir
Episode 4: No, Get Lost, Good Sir (Apr 26, 2012)
Thinking he is doing him a favor, Orito invites Ayumu out to a restaurant run by the vampire ninjas, which offers a full course of unsociable service. Afterward, the two of them engage the ninjas in a mood-changing contest, to win the cost of their meal.
Yes, It Goes Around Every Year
Episode 5: Yes, It Goes Around Every Year (May 03, 2012)
Sera and the other vampire ninjas are called back to their village, leaving Haruna in charge of the house. Eucliwood comes down with a fever, and Ayumu goes to great lengths to look after her, but ends up having to call in outside, underworlder help.
No Way, We Were Winning!
Episode 6: No Way, We Were Winning! (May 10, 2012)
The Head Teacher calls Ayumu with news that Mystletainn will be returning shortly. Souyu High School holds its culture festival, and Haruna helps Ayumu's class prepare for their activities. Ayumu admits to a sense of fulfillment in his high school life.
Mm-hmm, Teacher is the Greatest!
Episode 7: Mm-hmm, Teacher is the Greatest! (May 17, 2012)
Having absorbed Eu's magic power, Haruna now suffers from the same side-effects that prevented Eu from speaking. The culture festival enters its second day. Tomonori has her control ring taken from her by the teacher, leading to an unforeseen outcome.
Whoo, a Mixer with Kyoko!
Episode 8: Whoo, a Mixer with Kyoko! (May 24, 2012)
Kyoko returns, offering to reveal Chris's weakness, but only if Ayumu will keep her sufficiently entertained. She wants him to throw her a big blind-date party, with lots of people. Will getting all of the arrangements made be too much for Ayumu?
Ah, My Darling is a Ne'er-do-well
Episode 9: Ah, My Darling is a Ne'er-do-well (May 31, 2012)
In order to defeat Chris and get Haruna's magical power back, Ayumu meets with Nene, the mightiest of underworlders. In exchange for her help, Ayumu and the others help her illustrate her comic. Meanwhile, Saras gets ready to put on another concert.
Still, That's Okay
Episode 10: Still, That's Okay (Jun 07, 2012)
Head Teacher Ariel proposes a test to Ayumu, to see if he is ready to take on Chris. At stake are Ayumu's memories, which will be erased if he fails the test. Haruna decides to help Ayumu pass the test, but will her help end up doing more harm than good?

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