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The Innocent Man (2012)

The drama is a melodrama which depicts the story of a man, Kang Ma Roo who has been betrayed by the love of his life, Han Jae Hee. Years after the incident, Ma Roo begins to live a life of self-indulgence. He sacrificed his well being for his girlfriend only to discover that she never looked back and married another man for wealth. Thus, he sets off to take revenge. And in order to execute his revenge, he approaches Seo Eun Gi, the resilient and cold daughter of the man Jae Hee married.

Release Date: Wed, Sep 12, 2012

Country: KR
Language: Ko
Runtime: 60

Park Si-yeon
Han Jae-hee
Lee Kwang-soo
Park Jae-gil
Lee Yu-bi
Kang Choco
Lee Sang-yeob
Park Joon-ha
Yang Ik-june
Han Jae-sik
Kim Yeong-cheol
Seo Jung-gyu
Kim Tae-hoon
Ahn Min-young
Kang Ma-ru (young)

Season 1:

Episode 1
Episode 1: Episode 1 (Sep 12, 2012)
Ma Roo is studying to become a doctor when a shocking accident leads him to sacrifice his future.
Episode 2
Episode 2: Episode 2 (Sep 13, 2012)
Jae Hee's attempt to extricate Ma Roo from her life goes horribly wrong.
Episode 3
Episode 3: Episode 3 (Sep 19, 2012)
Eun Ki feels unusually indebted to Jae Hee when he saves a special possession from an accident. Jae Hee takes the chance to make a startling proposal to Eun Ki, one that might bring him closer to Jae Hee's world.
Episode 4
Episode 4: Episode 4 (Sep 20, 2012)
Eun Ki introduces Jae Hee to her family. The confrontational first meeting leads Eun Gee's father to make a decision that will pit his daughter against his wife.
Episode 5
Episode 5: Episode 5 (Sep 26, 2012)
Ma Ru shrewdly finds a way to prevent Aomori resort from being sold off. Jae Hee attempts to keep Eun Ki and Ma Ru from getting closer together.
Episode 6
Episode 6: Episode 6 (Sep 27, 2012)
Initially kicking Jae Hee out in an act of rage, the President gives her a chance to get her job back.
Episode 7
Episode 7: Episode 7 (Oct 03, 2012)
Eun Gee is torn when she discovers Ma Roo's past relationship with Jae Hee. Meanwhile, Jae Hee makes a bold move to extricate Ma Roo from her life once and for all.
Episode 8
Episode 8: Episode 8 (Oct 04, 2012)
The tables turn now that Chairman Seo has discovered of Jae Hee's duplicity. Jae Hee scrambles to recover from the shocking blow.
Episode 9
Episode 9: Episode 9 (Oct 10, 2012)
Two unexpected tragedies shake up the players' agendas and put Tae San's future into question.
Episode 10
Episode 10: Episode 10 (Oct 11, 2012)
One year later, despite Eun Gee's disappearance, Jae Hee is still hindered by her influence at Tae San. Jae Hee searches for a way rid herself of Eun Gee's shadow.
Episode 11
Episode 11: Episode 11 (Oct 17, 2012)
Jae Hee makes plans for Tae San in Eun Gee's absence.
Episode 12
Episode 12: Episode 12 (Oct 18, 2012)
Eun Gee's return to Tae San is extremely surprising and causes many snags for Jae Hee's plans.
Episode 13
Episode 13: Episode 13 (Oct 24, 2012)
Eun Gee struggles to regain her lost memories at the price of discovering the most painful ones first.
Episode 14
Episode 14: Episode 14 (Oct 25, 2012)
As Jae Hee schemes to expose Eun Gee's secrets to the public, Eun Gee falls into a dangerous trap.
Episode 15
Episode 15: Episode 15 (Oct 31, 2012)
Eun Gee's old flame returns, threatening Ma Roo's hold on Tae San.
Episode 16
Episode 16: Episode 16 (Nov 01, 2012)
Eun Gee begins to recovers bits and pieces of her memory while Ma Roo finds life has dealt him a fatal blow.
Episode 17
Episode 17: Episode 17 (Nov 07, 2012)
Having recovered her memory, Eun Gee tests those are around her, unable to trust anyone, including Ma Roo.
Episode 18
Episode 18: Episode 18 (Nov 08, 2012)
As Eun Gee tries to forget Ma Roo, Ma Roo declares his love for Jae Hee to protect the one he truly loves.
Episode 19
Episode 19: Episode 19 (Nov 14, 2012)
Secretary Hyun's sudden accident reaffirms Eun Gee's determination to get to the bottom of the conspiracy behind her father's scandal.
Episode 20
Episode 20: Episode 20 (Nov 15, 2012)
Ma Roo's head injury sends him to the hospital, and in the process makes things right.

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