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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (2015)

Peter Quill is Star-Lord, the brash adventurer who, to save the universe from its greatest threats, joins forces with a quartet of disparate misfits — fan-favorite Rocket Raccoon, a tree-like humanoid named Groot, the enigmatic, expert fighter Gamora and the rough edged warrior Drax the Destroyer.

Release Date: Sat, Sep 05, 2015

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 22

Trevor Devall
Rocket Raccoon (voice)
Vanessa Marshall
Gamora (voice)
David Sobolov
Drax the Destroyer (voice)
Jonathan Adams
Ronan the Accuser (voice)
Jeff Bennett
Rhomann Dey (voice)
Will Friedle
Peter Quill / Star-Lord (voice)

Season 3:

Mission: Breakout
Episode 1: Mission: Breakout (Mar 18, 2018)
The Guardians must work together to escape the elaborate prisons created for them by The Collector.
Back in the New York Groove
Episode 2: Back in the New York Groove (Mar 18, 2018)
The Guardians meet up with Spider-Man in New York City to defeat Thanos’ super-powered symbiote.
Drive My Carnage
Episode 3: Drive My Carnage (Mar 25, 2018)
The Guardians team up with Spider-Man to battle Thanos, who has harnessed the power of the Carnage Symbiote to become the ultimate weapon.
I Fought the Law
Episode 4: I Fought the Law (Apr 01, 2018)
The Guardians have captured Thanos, but it's no easy task transporting the most wanted criminal in the galaxy.
Titan Up
Episode 5: Titan Up (Apr 01, 2018)
The Guardians chase Thanos and Sam Alexander (Nova) to Thanos’ home planet of Titan, where they discover a gladiatorial arena featuring Jesse Alexander - Nova’s father!
Money Changes Everything
Episode 6: Money Changes Everything (Apr 08, 2018)
The Guardians now have everything they ever dreamed of, but money can’t solve their problems.
Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves
Episode 7: Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves (Apr 08, 2018)
Gamora decides to use her new riches to repay all of the people she has wronged throughout the years. When Nebula shows up, Gamora tries to teach her the value of doing good.
We Are the Champions
Episode 8: We Are the Champions (Apr 15, 2018)
Drax decides he no longer wants to be a Destroyer and looks into new occupations.
Episode 9: Fame (Apr 15, 2018)
Quill starts his own talk show after beating Thanos! But to his dismay, everyone seems to hate it, especially the Grandmaster who is rigging the segments to destroy Quill.
Happy Together
Episode 10: Happy Together (Apr 22, 2018)
The Guardians squander their riches and take on a simple transport job. It turns out that they are stealing from the Kree, and Phyla the Accuser will do anything to get it back!
Gotta Get Outta this Place
Episode 11: Gotta Get Outta this Place (Apr 22, 2018)
The Guardians find themselves in prison for stealing a mysterious package from the Kree - but it was all a set up by Howard the Duck.
Long Distance Runaround
Episode 12: Long Distance Runaround (Apr 29, 2018)
The Guardians track down Howard the Duck to find out who set them up and why, but they don’t get far before Phyla the Accuser catches up to them to deliver some Kree justice.
You Don't Own Me
Episode 13: You Don't Own Me (Apr 29, 2018)
Phyla-Vell reluctantly teams up with the Guardians to bring The Collector to justice for destroying her home planet.