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Pucca (2006)

"Pucca" is a TV series based on a Flash animation series published by Vooz Character Systems. It follows the trails and exploits of a South Korean girl named Pucca who is insanely in love with a prideful ninja named Garu. Meanwhile, Garu and Pucca help their town of Sooga Village out when evil ninjas attack, as well as diffuse a lot of the absurd situations that frequently plague the town. This show could best be described as a cleaned-up version of South Park meets Looney Tunes meets Naruto. There is some very subtly hidden adult humor; but most of the adult jokes would not go noticed by small children, who are the primary audience.

Release Date: Mon, Sep 18, 2006

Country: CA | US
Language: En
Runtime: 8

Season 2:

Episode 1: Puccapatra (Mar 03, 2008)
Ring Ring plans to become the most beautiful girl in Egypt.
Knock It Off!
Episode 2: Knock It Off! (Mar 03, 2008)
Master Soo bans Kung Fu and Marital Arts from the village.
Trial by Fury
Episode 3: Trial by Fury (Mar 03, 2008)
Tobe plans to defeat Garu in a court of law.
Unsinkable Pucca
Episode 4: Unsinkable Pucca (Mar 10, 2008)
Tobe plans to sink the Gigantic with Garu in it.
Break My Day
Episode 5: Break My Day (Mar 10, 2008)
Garu discovers that his day is happening over and over.
Samba of Doom
Episode 6: Samba of Doom (Mar 10, 2008)
Tobe plans to sabotage the Samba dance contest.
Pucca's Fishy Tale
Episode 7: Pucca's Fishy Tale (Mar 24, 2008)
Doga fish-naps all the merpeople of the ocean.
Invincible Vengeance
Episode 8: Invincible Vengeance (Mar 24, 2008)
Tobe seeks advice from Heil Kick Yu.
Dragon Player
Episode 9: Dragon Player (Mar 24, 2008)
A golden dragon kidnaps Pucca.
Chop Chewie
Episode 10: Chop Chewie (Mar 31, 2008)
The Vagabonds bring a plague of termites to the village
Episode 11: Janitaurus (Mar 31, 2008)
Dada quits his job as a janitor and becomes a wrestler
Stop That Yang
Episode 12: Stop That Yang (Mar 31, 2008)
The balance of Yin and Yang has gone screwy.
Monster Truck Island
Episode 13: Monster Truck Island (Apr 21, 2008)
Tex Lugie and Sloppy Sue return with an SUV factory.
Astral Boy and Dream Girl
Episode 14: Astral Boy and Dream Girl (Mar 21, 2008)
Garu's astral self travels to learn the secret of enlightenment.
Hex Door Neighbour
Episode 15: Hex Door Neighbour (Mar 21, 2008)
Doga moves in the Goh-wong and gives the chefs a hard time.
Chef-Napped Part 1
Episode 16: Chef-Napped Part 1 (Jun 16, 2008)
The chefs have been kidnapped during a convention in Las Vegas.
Chef-Napped Part 2
Episode 17: Chef-Napped Part 2 (Jun 16, 2008)
Secret Agent Abyo follows clues to the chefs' whereabouts.
Chef-Napped Part 3
Episode 18: Chef-Napped Part 3 (Jun 16, 2008)
Abyo and the gang encounter the mastermind in the kidnappings.
Enter the Dragon Girls
Episode 19: Enter the Dragon Girls (Jun 23, 2008)
Ring Ring wants to have more merit badges than Pucca.
Hot and Bothered
Episode 20: Hot and Bothered (Jun 23, 2008)
Pucca gets a flu, and the soup that will cure her calls for lava peppers. While Ho is getting them, a fire goddess falls in love with him.
Stuck on Goo
Episode 21: Stuck on Goo (Jun 23, 2008)
A laundry accident causes Garu and Tobe to be stuck together.
Hooray for Bollywood
Episode 22: Hooray for Bollywood (Jun 30, 2008)
Garu travels to India to find Swami Soo until Pucca pursues him.
He Loves Me Not
Episode 23: He Loves Me Not (Jun 30, 2008)
Pucca is shocked to see Garu in love with Ring Ring until she finds out its Dada in a mask.
4 Eyes - 2 Minds
Episode 24: 4 Eyes - 2 Minds (Jun 30, 2008)
Chief possesses the wise turtle's glasses, making her a genius so she can impress Tobe.
Ching It On
Episode 25: Ching It On (Jul 07, 2008)
Ching and Ring Ring battle as Cheerleaders.
Striking Out
Episode 26: Striking Out (Jul 07, 2008)
Tobe fires his ninjas until they go looking for another job.
Tomb It May Concern
Episode 27: Tomb It May Concern (Jul 07, 2008)
Kua returns with the chefs to find the essence of 1,000 moons.
Fab Abyo
Episode 28: Fab Abyo (Jul 14, 2008)
Abyo becomes a fashion model until Ching gets jealous.
The Bride of Muji
Episode 29: The Bride of Muji (Jul 14, 2008)
Muji creates a zombified Pucca bride.
Full Moon Pucca
Episode 30: Full Moon Pucca (Jul 14, 2008)
Pucca uses the full moon to release Garu's love side.
It's a Ring Ring Thing
Episode 31: It's a Ring Ring Thing (Jul 21, 2008)
Ring Ring splits herself from her "bad" side.
Jingle Cans
Episode 32: Jingle Cans (Jul 21, 2008)
The vagabonds try to steal cans from a food drive.
Garu Hood
Episode 33: Garu Hood (Jul 21, 2008)
Garu Hood must rescue the noodle bowl and Dada.
Cuckoo Love
Episode 34: Cuckoo Love (Aug 04, 2008)
Won falls in love with a Cuckoo bird and leaves with it but makes Ching feel weak and powerless.
Double 'A' Attack
Episode 35: Double 'A' Attack (Aug 04, 2008)
Both Santa and Doga get the wrong kind of batteries.
Super Sooga Squad
Episode 36: Super Sooga Squad (Aug 04, 2008)
Pucca and her friends become superheroes and battle Master Soo's brother Mel when he wants revenge on the village for forgetting about him.
Tame That Toon
Episode 37: Tame That Toon (Aug 11, 2008)
Ring Ring travels back to the past and erases Garu from history.
Episode 38: Abra-Ca-Pucca (Aug 11, 2008)
The magic hat hops away with a female Rabbit planning to marry Garu.
Skip to My Loo
Episode 39: Skip to My Loo (Aug 11, 2008)
Master Loo returns to take the maidens on a date with Soo trying to ruin it.

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