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Chief Kim (2017)

Kim Gwan-Chul used to work as an accountant, but now he works as a chief for a company. He is man who follows his principles and uses common sense. He also stands up for those in weaker positions.

Release Date: Wed, Jan 25, 2017

Country: KR
Language: Ko
Runtime: 60

Namkoong Min
Kim Sung-Ryong
Nam Sang-mi
Yoon Ha-Kyung
Jung Hye-sung
Hong Ga-Eun
Lee Il-hwa
Jang Yoo-Sun
Kim Won-hae
Choo Nam-Ho
Kim Kang-hyun
Lee Jae-Joon
Park Young-gyu
Park Hyun-Do
Im Hwa-young
Oh Kwang-Suk
Kim Sun-ho
Sun Sang-Tae
Dong Ha
Park Myung-Suk

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