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Mama Flora's Family (1988)

A black matriarch in the early 20th century is determined to free her children from the bonds of prejudice.

Release Date: Tue, Nov 08, 1988

Country: US
Language: En

Cicely Tyson
Mama Flora
Shemar Moore
Lincoln Fleming
Sicily Johnson
Diana (Teenager)
Novella Nelson
Pearl (1955-1970)
Elijah Kelley
Young Willie
Tommy Hollis
Reverend Jackson
David Ramsey
Booker Palmer (Adult)
Rhoda Griffis
Mrs. Hopkins (Younger Woman)
Edith Ivey
Mrs. Hopkins (Older Woman)
E. Roger Mitchell
Charlie (1912)
Ronald McCall
Johnny Metzer
Wilbur Fitzgerald
Public Defender
Angela Elayne Gibbs
Woman with Baby
Tony Vaughn
Man (1941)
Jody Thompson
Another Boy
Wesley Yates
Booker Palmer (Age 8)
Angelina Spicer
Ruthana (Teenager)
Tom Even
Judge Bennett
Mitchell Laurance
State's Attorney
Tina King
House Maid
Joe Cobb Jr.
Dock Worker #2
Scott Oliver
Judge Hogan
James Mayberry
Blood Donor #1
Jordan Williams
Kevin Hopkins (Older Man)

Season 1:

Episode 1
Episode 1: Episode 1 (Nov 08, 1988)
Upon being called upon to help her troubled granddaughter, a Southern black woman in her 70s looks back on a life filled with joy and heartbreak.
Episode 2
Episode 2: Episode 2 (Nov 10, 1988)
Booker, Jr. develops into a classically-trained pianist, but his life is forever changed when he enlists in the Vietnam War. He gets wounded so badly that he never plays the piano again. The Civil Rights Movement brings more unexpected changes to the Palmer Family. Ruthana becomes an activist. Luke converts his religion to that of Nation of Islam. Diana is highly influenced by Luke's newfound beliefs, but takes it to the extreme. Her beliefs and actions grow militant and hostile. Flora believes she has failed her family and asks God for direction. On her birthday, the Palmer clan reunites, finally giving Flora what she's been looking for, a chance for her family to make amends and start over with a clean slate.

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