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Fate/Extra Last Encore (2018)

Hakuno Kishinami finds himself in the midst of a Holy Grail war with no memories of how he got there. Through his confusion, he must fight to survive.

Release Date: Sat, Jan 27, 2018

Country: JP
Language: Ja
Runtime: 25

Atsushi Abe
Hakuno Kishinami (voice)
Sakura Tange
Saber (voice)
Hiroshi Kamiya
Shinji Matou (voice)
Noriko Shitaya
Sakura Matou (voice)
Dan Blackmore (voice)
Kana Ueda
Rin Tohsaka (voice)
Urara Takano
Rider (voice)
Ai Nonaka
Caster (voice)
Kunihiko Yasui
Berserker (voice)
Wataru Hatano
Julius B. Harway (voice)
Ayaka Imamura
Misao Amari (voice)

Season 1:

Praeteritus Limbus Vorago
Episode 1: Praeteritus Limbus Vorago (Jan 27, 2018)
Hakuno feels a rage build up inside of him as he lives through the repetitive virtual world of SE.RA.PH, and it fills him with a sense of purpose.
Dead Face
Episode 2: Dead Face (Feb 04, 2018)
Saber proudly introduces herself and prepares Hakuno for the war ahead. But finding another Master to battle proves to be harder than anticipated.
Golden Wild Hunt
Episode 3: Golden Wild Hunt (Feb 11, 2018)
Hakuno and Saber meet Rin, a self-proclaimed Resistor. Hakuno learns that he must kill Shinji, the Floor Master, in order to ascend to the next level.
No Face May King
Episode 4: No Face May King (Feb 18, 2018)
After making it to the next level, Hakuno and Saber are immediately ambushed. Just as things seem hopeless, they meet a stranger named Rani VIII.
Yew Bow
Episode 5: Yew Bow (Feb 25, 2018)
Rani VIII tells Hakuno about the Floor Master, Dan Blackmore, and they learn why he can never ascend -- no matter how many lives he takes.
The Queen's Glass Game
Episode 6: The Queen's Glass Game (Mar 04, 2018)
After ascending to the mysterious third level, Hakuno meets Alice, a cyber ghost living alone in this haunted wonderland.
Nursery Rhyme
Episode 7: Nursery Rhyme (Mar 11, 2018)
The only way out of the time loop they're trapped in is to defeat Alice. Hakuno is hesitant, despite knowing how many she's killed before.
Episode 8: Bajiquan (Mar 18, 2018)
Rin gets them ready for the fifth level, where a Berserker wanders. There’s no floor master, but something perhaps much worse.
Aestus Domus Aurea
Episode 9: Aestus Domus Aurea (Mar 25, 2018)
A familiar-looking girl also named Hakuno Kishinami appears. Later, Saber tells the male Hakuno that she's ready to take on the Berserker once again.
Unlimited/Raise Dead
Episode 10: Unlimited/Raise Dead (Apr 01, 2018)
Now on the sixth floor, Hakuno and Saber are suddenly attacked by a swarm of beings who look just like Rin and Rani.

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