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Kate & Allie (1984)

Kate & Allie is an American television situation comedy which ran from March 19, 1984, to May 22, 1989. Kate & Allie first aired on CBS as a midseason replacement series and only six episodes were initially commissioned, but the favorable response from critics and viewers alike easily convinced CBS to commit to a full season in the fall of 1984. The series was created by Sherry Coben.

Release Date: Mon, Mar 19, 1984

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Susan Saint James
Katherine "Kate" McArdle
Jane Curtin
Allison 'Allie' Lowell
Allison Smith
Jennie Lowell
Frederick Koehler
Charles "Chip" Lowell
Ari Meyers
Emma McArdle

Season 6:

Wedding Belle Blues
Episode 1: Wedding Belle Blues (Dec 11, 1988)
As the nervous bride-to-be, Allie has nightmares about meeting her fiancé's parents.
Kate Gets Dumped
Episode 2: Kate Gets Dumped (Dec 12, 1988)
While honeymooners Allie and Bob fly off to Hawaii, Bob dumps Kate.
Allie Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Episode 3: Allie Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Dec 19, 1988)
As Allie moves into her new high-rise condo, Kate interviews a potential housemate.
The Odd Couples
Episode 4: The Odd Couples (Dec 26, 1988)
Kate is saved from perky Haven and Blair when Allie suggests that Kate move in.
Anchor Away
Episode 5: Anchor Away (Jan 09, 1989)
Watching a tape of Bob's sportscast, Allie notices an attractive anchor making an on-air play for her husband.
Better Never Than Late
Episode 6: Better Never Than Late (Jan 16, 1989)
Bob's mother questions Allie about having another child.
Moving On
Episode 7: Moving On (Jan 23, 1989)
Kate spends her 40th birthday wondering what she has done with her life -- and, shaken by Emma's transfer to UCLA, decides to join the Peace Corps.
A Tree Grows on West 56th Street
Episode 8: A Tree Grows on West 56th Street (Jan 30, 1989)
Kate organizes a block association to save a park.
The Nearlyweds
Episode 9: The Nearlyweds (Feb 06, 1989)
Allie's reaction upon hearing that Jennie and her boyfriend are sharing a dorm room doesn't compare with her reaction when they announce they're getting married.
Wanted: One Husband
Episode 10: Wanted: One Husband (Feb 13, 1989)
A rich neighbour offers a hefty sum to Kate and Allie if they can find her ""a Bob..""
What's Love Got to Do with It?
Episode 11: What's Love Got to Do with It? (Feb 20, 1989)
Kate is dating a man with no charm, looks or personality, yet everyone loves him -- except Kate.
I've Got a Secret
Episode 12: I've Got a Secret (Feb 27, 1989)
Kate has trouble keeping quiet about Bob's broadcasting future.
Chip's Notes
Episode 13: Chip's Notes (Mar 06, 1989)
Chip is so thrilled to be associated with the ultracool Mike Sheridan that he becomes his partner in a scam.
Love Thy Neighbor
Episode 14: Love Thy Neighbor (Mar 13, 1989)
Trying to mend a broken romance, Kate feigns love in front of the woman who dumped her neighbor -- but he thinks Kate's serious.
Trojan War
Episode 15: Trojan War (Mar 20, 1989)
Allie discovers a condom in Chip's pocket.
Loan-some Bob
Episode 16: Loan-some Bob (Mar 27, 1989)
Kate and Allie get a loan from Bob.
The Review
Episode 17: The Review (Apr 10, 1989)
When Allie's sushi draws a bad review from a critic, Kate determines to please the man's palate to gain a retraction.
The Wedding
Episode 18: The Wedding (Apr 24, 1989)
Kate reluctantly agrees to accompany Lou to his cousin's wedding.
The Last Temptation of Allie
Episode 19: The Last Temptation of Allie (May 01, 1989)
While Allie prepares her entry for Cousin Cabot's Country Cookbook contest, Kate cooks up a way to help Lou.
Hockey Team
Episode 20: Hockey Team (May 08, 1989)
Bob lets Chip join the hockey team without consulting Allie.
My Boyfriend's Back
Episode 21: My Boyfriend's Back (May 15, 1989)
Allie's ex-boyfriend returns to New York for the opening of his off-Broadway play, which turns out to be based on their romance. Unfortunately for Allie, he has eyes only for Kate.
What a Wonderful Episode (a.k.a. It's a Wonderful Episode a.k.a. Kate and Allie Go to Hell)
Episode 22: What a Wonderful Episode (a.k.a. It's a Wonderful Episode a.k.a. Kate and Allie Go to Hell) (May 22, 1989)
A job offer and a $2000 check from a man named Gabriel prompt Kate and Allie to take account of their lives.

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