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Prodigal Son (2019)

The son of a notorious serial killer becomes an acclaimed criminal psychologist who uses his unique insight into how killers think to help the NYPD.

Release Date: Mon, Sep 23, 2019

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 43

Tom Payne
Malcolm Bright
Michael Sheen
Dr. Martin Whitly
Bellamy Young
Jessica Whitly
Halston Sage
Ainsley Whitly
Keiko Agena
Dr. Edrisa Tanaka

Season 1:

Episode 1: Pilot (Sep 23, 2019)
Bright deals with the repercussions of seeing his father for the first time in years.
Episode 2: Annihilator (Sep 30, 2019)
As Bright slips into the mind of a serial killer, he must deal with the repercussions of seeing his father for the first time in years.
Fear Response
Episode 3: Fear Response (Oct 07, 2019)
A drug-induced homicide forces Malcolm to rethink his fears. Gil, Jessica and Ainsley catch wind that Malcolm has been seeing his father again.
Designer Complicity
Episode 4: Designer Complicity (Oct 14, 2019)
As Malcolm's childhood memories surface, he realizes his father's killing spree may not have been a surprise to everyone in the family. Malcolm, Gil, Dani and JT hunt for a stalker with a creepy eye for design.
The Trip
Episode 5: The Trip (Oct 21, 2019)
Malcolm searches the depths of his mind to unravel the mystery of the girl in the box. When the NYPD investigates a homicide and assumes it is linked to a drug cartel, Malcolm discovers a secret about Dani's past that draws them closer together.
All Souls and Sadists
Episode 6: All Souls and Sadists (Oct 28, 2019)
When Bright uncovers a photo of himself and Martin from when he was a kid, he is forced to focus on the repressed memories from his childhood psyche. Jessica and Malcolm agree they must put a stop to Ainsley's idea.
Episode 7: Q&A (Nov 04, 2019)
Bright's quest for answers about his childhood leads him to a junkyard, where he's bombarded with gunshots. Ainsley's exclusive interview with Martin takes an unexpected turn, forcing her to team up with Bright.
Family Friend
Episode 8: Family Friend (Nov 11, 2019)
Malcolm realizes the suspect in the "Junkyard Killer" case may have a connection to his father.
Episode 9: Pied-A-Terre (Nov 25, 2019)
When Martin is locked away in solitary confinement and the FBI takes over the Junkyard Killer case, Malcolm uses his spare time as an excuse to try out a “normal” lifestyle.
Silent Night
Episode 10: Silent Night (Dec 02, 2019)
Knowing that the “Junkyard Killer” was in cahoots with his father, Malcolm goes against the FBI’s wishes and continues to investigate. His findings reconnect him with a disgruntled ex-detective who was once heavily involved in the search for “The Surgeon,” delivering them both into danger.
Alone Time
Episode 11: Alone Time (Jan 20, 2020)
The FBI and NYPD band together to save Malcolm from the "Junkyard Killer," aka John Watkins, who Watkins reveals shocking details about his involvement in the camping trip memories that have been plaguing his psyche. Meanwhile, as Gil looks for answers from The Surgeon, Ainsley and Jessica search through their memories of the past, hoping to find some sort of clue as to where Malcolm could be hidden.
Internal Affairs
Episode 12: Internal Affairs (Jan 27, 2020)
Following a mysterious and catastrophic incident in the precinct, Bright faces an internal affairs review as Gil and the team worry about his mental health.
Wait & Hope
Episode 13: Wait & Hope (Feb 03, 2020)
Malcolm takes a detour from his mandated vacation time when he finds out a killer on the loose is mimicking homicides from one his favorite children's books, "The Count of Monte Cristo." With added help from a very excited Martin Whitly, the NYPD trace the case back to a high society family planning one of the biggest weddings of the season, so Malcolm and Dani get dressed up to attend the event and track down their culprit.
Eye of the Needle
Episode 14: Eye of the Needle (Feb 10, 2020)
Jessica continues to search for more information on the "Girl in the Box," but is confronted by the "Carousel Killer," who has a very public vendetta against the Whitlys. While the NYPD investigates families tied to Martin's victims, it's ultimately up to Malcolm and Jessica to track down the tip-line caller, turned killer, who is blackmailing her. Meanwhile, Ainsley receives a big promotion at work, but quickly realizes she may never escape the high demand for serial killer reports.
Death's Door
Episode 15: Death's Door (Feb 17, 2020)
When a body is found professionally preserved and embalmed, the NYPD teams up with Edrisa to go undercover at a convention of funeral directors. While there, they discover their top suspects - morticians Tilda and Dev - who used to be in business with the victim. Then, enter the mind of a serial killer as Martin revisits his past through a series of hallucinations.
The Job
Episode 16: The Job (Mar 16, 2020)
When a motorcycle gang robbery turns into a murder, Malcolm and team are called to the scene to investigate. While he's working on a profile, he runs into an old friend from boarding school, licensed insurance investigator Vijay (guest star Dhruv Singh). Together they work to uncover the identity of the murderer and his accomplices who stole millions in watches. Meanwhile, Martin blackmails Jessica, exchanging his silence about who stabbed him for more quality time with his son.
Stranger Beside You
Episode 17: Stranger Beside You (Mar 23, 2020)
The NYPD dives into a case surrounding a famous mommy blogger, whose husband was mysteriously stabbed just days after their baby was born. Meanwhile, Bright finds his way back to Eve, but can't shake his paranoia that there's more to her than meets the eye. To help ease his nerves, Ainsley helps him do some investigating and uncovers a secret she has been keeping.
Episode 18: Scheherazade (Mar 30, 2020)
When an up-and-coming ballet dancer is mysteriously poisoned, the NYPD dives deep into the rigorous world of dance. Meanwhile, Jessica reunites with an old friend, socialite Nicholas Endicott, and Bright and Eve turn to Martin for answers regarding the girl in the box.
The Professionals
Episode 19: The Professionals (Apr 20, 2020)
After a catastrophic turn of events, Malcolm and Ainsley are convinced there's more to Nicholas Endicott than meets the eye. Their only hope just might be an impromptu Whitly family reunion.
Like Father...
Episode 20: Like Father... (Apr 27, 2020)
Malcolm continues to unravel as the mystery of the girl in the box comes to a head. As Nicholas Endicott's (guest star Dermot Mulroney) true colors continue to show, the Whitlys must decide to what lengths they are willing to go in order to take him down

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