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Rating: 6.6/10 by 87 users

Hulk vs. Wolverine (2009)

Department H sends in Wolverine to track down a mysterious beast known by the US Military as the Hulk, who is rampaging across the Canadian wilderness. Surveying the extent of the damage to a destroyed town, Wolverine notices a toxic scent as well as the smell of gunpowder. He is then deployed to the wilderness to resume tracking the creature.

  • Frank Paur
  • Craig Kyle
  • Christopher Yost
  • Barry Windsor-Smith
Release Date: Tue, Jan 27, 2009

Rating: 6.6/10 by 87 users

Alternative Title:
Hulk vs Wolverine - US

United States of America
Runtime: 00 hour 38 minutes
Budget: $0
Revenue: $0

Plot Keyword: mutant, superhero, based on comic, norse mythology

Fred Tatasciore
Hulk (voice)
Bryce Johnson
Bruce Banner (voice)
Nolan North
Deadpool (voice)
Tom Kane
The Professor (voice)
Janyse Jaud
Lady Deathstrike (voice)
Nicole Oliver
Betty Ross (voice)
Qayam Devji
Bruce Junior (voice)
Steve Blum
Wolverine / Logan (voice)
Mark Acheson
Sabretooth (voice)
Colin Murdock
Omega Red (voice)


Was this the world's first good onscreen Deadpool? I think it might have been. I'm quite _fond of Hulk vs. Wolverine_, but honestly that has nothing to do with the parts where Hulk and Wolverine actually... verse. It's the Weapon X stuff that sets the scene for the showdown that I really came here for. _Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._

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