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Rating: 7.5/10 by 6222 users

Zodiac (2007)

The true story of the investigation of the "Zodiac Killer", a serial killer who terrified the San Francisco Bay Area, taunting police with his ciphers and letters. The case becomes an obsession for three men as their lives and careers are built and destroyed by the endless trail of clues.

  • David Fincher
  • Kristine Kelly
  • James Vanderbilt
  • Robert Graysmith
Release Date: Fri, Mar 02, 2007

Rating: 7.5/10 by 6222 users

Alternative Title:
杀人十二宫 - CN
杀人十二星座 - CN
杀谜藏 - CN
索命黄道带 - CN
Zodiac - Die Spur des Killers - Directors Cut - DE
ZODIAC : ตามล่านักฆ่าจักรราศีอมตะ - TH

United States of America
Runtime: 02 hour 38 minutes
Budget: $65,000,000
Revenue: $84,785,914

Plot Keyword: california, san francisco, california, killing, journalist, newspaper, 1970s, mass murder, planned murder, embassy, victim, threat to death, code, police, murder, serial killer, reporter, 1960s

Jake Gyllenhaal
Robert Graysmith
Mark Ruffalo
Dave Toschi
Anthony Edwards
Bill Armstrong
Brian Cox
Melvin Belli
John Carroll Lynch
Arthur Leigh Allen
Richmond Arquette
Zodiac 1 / Zodiac 2
John Lacy
Zodiac 4
John Getz
Templeton Peck
John Terry
Charles Thieriot
Candy Clark
Carol Fisher
Elias Koteas
Jack Mulanax
Dermot Mulroney
Captain Martin Lee
Donal Logue
Captain Ken Narlow
Ciara Hughes
Darlene Ferrin
Lee Norris
Young Mike Mageau
Pell James
Cecilia Shepard
Philip Baker Hall
Sherwood Morrill
Jason Wiles
Lab Tech Dagitz
Charles Schneider
Cabbie / Paul Stine
Tom Verica
Jim Dunbar
Jimmi Simpson
Mike Mageau
Doan Ly
Belli's Housekeeper
Joel Bissonnette
Inspector Kracke
Zach Grenier
Mel Nicolai
John Mahon
Riverside Captain
Matt Winston
John Allen
Jules Bruff
Catherine Allen
John Ennis
Terry Pascoe
J. Patrick McCormack
Police Commissioner
Adam Goldberg
Duffy Jennings
James Le Gros
Officer George Bawart
Clea DuVall
Linda del Buono
Paul Schulze
Sandy Panzarella
Adam Trese
Detective #1
Penny Wallace
Mulanax's Secretary
John Hemphill
Donald Cheney
Michel Francoeur
Man on Marquee
Thomas Kopache
Copy Editor #1
Barry Livingston
Copy Editor #3
Ione Skye
Kathleen Johns (uncredited)
Brett Rickaby
Detective Roy (uncredited)
Micah Sauers
David Graysmith (uncredited)
Hayati Akbas
Hardware Store Customer (uncredited)
Martin Andris
Pedestrian (uncredited)
David Winston Barge
Vallejo Desk Ofiicer (uncredited)
Geoff Callan
Patrolman Zelms (uncredited)
Brad Carr
Camera Man (uncredited)
Cabran E. Chamberlain
Pedestrian (uncredited)
JD Cullum
Director (uncredited)
Rod Damer
FBI Codebreaker (uncredited)
Judith Drake
Florence Douglas (uncredited)
Mark Falvo
Reporter (uncredited)
Mitchell Fink
Reporter (uncredited)
Erica Ford
Traveler (uncredited)
Ted Garcia
Anchorman (uncredited)
Gloria Grant
Bettye Harden (uncredited)
Tish Hicks
Informant (uncredited)
Phoebe Holston
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Michael Hungerford
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Janis Jones
Police Receptionist (uncredited)
Roy Lee Jones
Distraught African American Male (uncredited)
Anna Katarina
Society Woman (uncredited)
Marty Lodge
Pinole Foreman (uncredited)
Danielle McKee
Prisoner (uncredited)
Cazimir Milostan
Internal Affairs Agent (uncredited)
Betty Murphy
Informant (uncredited)
Dave Nemeth
Newscaster (uncredited)
Derris Nile
Office Worker (uncredited)
James Joseph O'Neil
DOD Project Leader (uncredited)
Jeff Daniel Phillips
Informant (uncredited)
Carmen Plumb
Janie (uncredited)
Peter Quartaroli
Patrolman Fouke (uncredited)
Michael Rose
Navy Project Leader (uncredited)
Jack Samson
Young David Graysmith (uncredited)
Zachary Sauers
Aaron Graysmith (uncredited)
Bill Seward
TV News Anchor (uncredited)
Callie Thompson
Child Witness (uncredited)
Cooper Thornton
Internal Affairs Agent (uncredited)
Cassius M. Willis
Uniform Cop (uncredited)
Shane Woodson
Informant (uncredited)

John Chard

Peerless precision from Fincher. I have seen it written that this film shows that Fincher had grown up, and whilst I understand that train of thought, it simply isn't true. What Fincher has done is give a true story his meticulous care and standard deft precision by leaving no stone unturned. We get simply one of the (if not thee) best films to deal with the investigating process of a high profile serial killer, a film that as a character study is actually essential viewing in the pantheon of genre productions. The devilish greatness of this film is in the fact that it can't pay off with a pandering mainstream ending, the makers are telling a true story and any sort of research will lead viewers to the fact that there is no twist here, no joyous ticket selling round of applause at this ending, it is what it is, frustratingly brilliant. The case the film is about consumes all involved with it, and to see how it affects those involved is engrossing (yet sad) because if the viewer is so inclined to jump on board then it will consume you as well, the film and the actors within demand you see this for the affecting character piece it is. The acting here gives me hope that classic acting is alive and well in this generation, I was once not enamoured with Mark Ruffalo in his early days as an actor, but here he puts such heartfelt verve into the role of David Toschi I felt I need to send him a written apology!. Robert Downey Junior is joyous as Paul Avery, all 60s chic and swagger without tipping over the edge of the mountain caricature (both men to become future Avengers of course). Yet surprisingly to me I found that it is Jake Gyllenhaal as Robert Graysmith who is the film's key axis, the central heartbeat, with a performance that demands undivided attention, a performance brought about by Fincher's quest for perfection from everything to do with film making. Gyllenhaal hated working on the film, he hated Fincher's work ethic, but in time he must now look back and see that here the director coaxed out a performance that has in time been seen as not only great, but also beneficial to his career (hello Nightcrawler). This is not Se7en 2, and British film mags like Empire should have known better than to use that tag line to get the readers' attention, because fans of serial killer thrillers need not apply here, fans of outstanding cinema about the human psyche during the pursuit of a serial killer - Well get in line folks, for this is one of the best movies of the decade. 10/10

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