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Rating: 5.2/10 by 2 users

Dyakon Levski (2015)

The movie is about the great historical figure Vasil Levski. It follows three different plot lines: the relationship with his mother, Gina, the relationship with his loved one, Ana, and the plans for freeing Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire. The movie starts in 1846 and follows Vasil Levski's whole life until his hanging in 1873.

Release Date: Mon, Feb 16, 2015

Rating: 5.2/10 by 2 users

Alternative Title:
Dyakov Levski - BG
Levski - US

български език
Runtime: 03 hour 30 minutes
Budget: $1,200,000
Revenue: $0

Plot Keyword: bravery, heroism, bulgaria, historical figure
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