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Kensuke's Kingdom (1970)

A young boy Michael is taken by his family on a round-the-world sailing trip. But when a storm strikes, Michael and his dog Stella are swept overboard and washed up on a remote island. They struggle to survive, but one day Michael wakes to find fresh fish and coconut milk by his cave. He discovers his mysterious benefactor is Kensuke, a former Japanese soldier, creator of a treetop kingdom and protector of the orangutans. Slowly, communicating through drawings rather than words, Michael and Kensuke form a friendship. But something threatens to destroy the fragile world Kensuke has created. A thrilling adventure story with a poignant message that will resonate with audiences across the world.

  • Neil Boyle
  • Kirk Hendry
  • Frank Cottrell Boyce
  • Michael Morpurgo
Release Date: Thu, Jan 01, 1970

Rating: 0/10 by 0 users

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United Kingdom
Runtime: 01 hour 30 minutes
Budget: $0
Revenue: $0

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