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Rating: 8.559/10 by 213 users

The Legend of Hei (2019)

In the bustling human world, spirits live peacefully with mankind. Luo Xiaohei, a young cat spirit, becomes a nomad after his forest home is destroyed. His natural talent soon attracts spirits and humans alike, but all of them have their own motivations.

  • MTJJ
  • Gu Jie
  • MTJJ
  • Kexin Peng
  • Fengxishenlei
Release Date: Tue, Aug 27, 2019

Rating: 8.559/10 by 213 users

Alternative Title:
罗小黑战记大电影 - CN
The Legend of Hei: The Movie - US
The Legend of Luo Xiaohei: The Movie - US
罗小黑战记 - CN
Luo Xiao Hei zhan ji - CN
나소흑전기 - KR
羅小黒戦記(ロシャオヘイセンキ) ぼくが選ぶ未来 - JP
羅小黒戦記 ぼくが選ぶ未来 - JP
羅小黒戦記 (ロシャオヘイセンキ) ぼくが選ぶ未来 - JP
The Legend of Luo Xiaohei - US
羅小黒戦記(ロシャオヘイセンキ) - JP
羅小黒戦記 (ロシャオヘイセンキ) - JP
羅小黒戦記 - JP
ロシャオヘイセンキ - JP
ロシャオヘイセンキ ぼくが選ぶ未来 - JP
Luō Xiǎohēi zhànjì - CN
소흑이의 신비한 모험 - KR
罗小黑战记 电影版 - CN
La leyenda de Hei - MX
羅小黒戦記 - CN
L'histoire de Luo Xiaohei - FR

Runtime: 01 hour 42 minutes
Budget: $0
Revenue: $48,045,728

Plot Keyword: cat, monster, shapeshifting, magic, betrayal, dilemma, animal, environmental, journey, anime, wandering

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