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Rating: 6.857/10 by 3635 users

Lincoln (2012)

The revealing story of the 16th US President's tumultuous final months in office. In a nation divided by war and the strong winds of change, Lincoln pursues a course of action designed to end the war, unite the country and abolish slavery. With the moral courage and fierce determination to succeed, his choices during this critical moment will change the fate of generations to come.

  • Steven Spielberg
  • Tony Kushner
  • Doris Kearns Goodwin
Release Date: Fri, Nov 09, 2012

Rating: 6.857/10 by 3635 users

Alternative Title:
林肯 - TW
Линкольн - RU
リンカーン - JP
링컨 - KR
لنكولين - AF
Lincoln 2012 - BR
Lincoln (2012) - US
林肯 - CN

United States of America
Runtime: 02 hour 29 minutes
Budget: $65,000,000
Revenue: $275,300,000

Plot Keyword: mutiny, usa president, based on true story, speech, battlefield, historical fiction, family conflict, mourning, american civil war, cultural conflict, battle of gettysburg, secession, presidential cabinet, gettysburg address, conflagration, ethical dilemma, emancipation, 19th century, abraham lincoln, abraham
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Daniel Day-Lewis
Abraham Lincoln
Sally Field
Mary Todd Lincoln
David Strathairn
William Seward
James Spader
W.N. Bilbo
Hal Holbrook
Preston Blair
Tommy Lee Jones
Thaddeus Stevens
John Hawkes
Robert Latham
Jackie Earle Haley
Alexander Stephens
Bruce McGill
Edwin Stanton
Tim Blake Nelson
Richard Schell
Jared Harris
Ulysses S. Grant
Lee Pace
Fernando Wood
Peter McRobbie
George Pendleton
Gloria Reuben
Elizabeth Keckley
Jeremy Strong
John Nicolay
Boris McGiver
Alexander Coffroth
David Costabile
James Ashley
Stephen Spinella
Asa Vintner Litton
Walton Goggins
Clay Hawkins
David Warshofsky
William Hutton
Colman Domingo
Private Harold Green
David Oyelowo
Corporal Ira Clark
Lukas Haas
First White Soldier
Dane DeHaan
Second White Soldier
Carlos Thompson
Navy Yard – Shouting Soldier
Bill Camp
Mr. Jolly
Byron Jennings
Montgomery Blair
Julie White
Elizabeth Blair Lee
Charmaine White
Minerva – Blair's Servant
Ralph D. Edlow
Leo – Blair's Servant
Grainger Hines
Gideon Welles
Richard Topol
James Speed
Walt Smith
William Fessenden
James 'Ike' Eichling
William Dennison
Wayne Duvall
Senator Bluff Wade
Bill Raymond
Schuyler Colfax
Ford Flannagan
White House Doorkeeper – Tom Pendel
Robert Ayers
White House Petitioner
Robert Peters
Jacob Graylor
John Moon
Edwin LeClerk
Jamie Horton
Giles Stuart
Joe Dellinger
Nelson Merrick
Richard Warner
Homer Benson
Elijah Chester
Union Army Officer
Dave Hager
Captain Nathan Saunders – River Queen
Sean Haggerty
Officer in Peace Commissioners Exchange
Mike Shiflett
Senator R.M.T. Hunter
Gregory Itzin
Judge John A. Campbell
Stephen Dunn
Petersburg Siege Lines – Confederate Officer
Chase Edmunds
Willie Lincoln
John Hutton
Senator Charles Sumner
Robert Ruffin
Major Thompson Eckert
Drew Sease
David Homer Bates
John Lescault
Gustavus Fox
Scott Wichmann
Charles Benjamin
Adam Driver
Samuel Beckwith
Jean Kennedy Smith
House of Representatives – Woman Shouter
Shirley Augustine
House of Representatives – Woman Shouter
Sarah Wylie
House of Representatives – Woman Shouter
Margaret Ann McGowan
House of Representatives – Woman Shouter
Hilary Montgomery
House of Representatives – Woman Shouter
Lancer Dean Shull
Union Soldier – Bodyguard
Robert Wilharm
Wounded Soldier
Kevin Kline
Wounded Soldier
John Jones
Wounded Soldier
Paul Gowans
Wounded Soldier
Joseph Miller
Wounded Soldier
Christopher Evan Welch
Clerk – Edward McPherson
Alan Sader
Sergeant At Arms
Gannon McHale
Aaron Haddam
Ken Lambert
Augustus Benjamin
Thomas Belgrey
Arthur Bentleigh
Ted Johnson
John Ellis
Don Henderson Baker
Walter Appleton
Raynor Scheine
Josiah S. 'Beanpole' Burton
Armistead Wellford
Nehemiah Cleary
Michael Ruff
Harold Hollister
Rich Wills
House of Representatives – Soldier One
Stephen Bozzo
House of Representatives – Soldier Two
Christopher Alan Stewart
Sergeant – Grant's HQ
Teddy Eck
Corporal – Grant's HQ
Todd Fletcher
Walter H. Washburn
Charles Kinney
Myer Strauss
Joseph Carlson
Joseph Marstern
Michael Goodwin
Chilton A. Elliot
Edward McDonald
Daniel G. Stuart
Jim Batchelder
Howard Guillefoyle
Gregory Hosaflook
John F. McKenzie
Joe Kerkes
Andrew E. Finck
Larry Van Hoose
Avon Hanready
David Russell Graham
House of Representatives – Rebel Shouter
Benjamin Shirley
House of Representatives – Rebel Shouter
Henry Kidd
House of Representatives – Rebel Shouter
Joseph Frances Filipowski
House of Representatives – Rebel Shouter
Thomas Aldridge
House of Representatives
Sidney Blackmer Jr.
House of Representatives
Billy Caldwell
House of Representatives
Glenn T. Crone
House of Representatives
Martin Dew
House of Representatives
Theodore Ewald
House of Representatives
Todd Hunter
House of Representatives
Joe Inscoe
House of Representatives
Raymond H. Johnson
House of Representatives
Gary Keener
House of Representatives
Randolph Meekins
House of Representatives
Frank Moran
House of Representatives
Charley Morgan
House of Representatives
Chad Pettit
House of Representatives
Barry Privett
House of Representatives
Leslie Rogers
House of Representatives
Marcello Rollando
House of Representatives
Keith Tyree
House of Representatives
Kevin J. Walsh
House of Representatives
Robert Wray
House of Representatives
Christopher Boyer
General Robert E. Lee
Stephen Dunford
Actor Swordsman
David Doersch
Actor Demon Affrit
Robert Shepherd
Dr. Joseph K. Barnes
Lucas N. Hall
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Very powerful journey back into history!

Andres Gomez

It lacked a big deal of rhythm but the revision of the history and, specially, the great performance by Day-Lewis makes it a movie worth watching.

Peter McGinn

This is a flat out great movie. I first watched it several years ago and enjoyed it, so recently I noticed it on the IMDB streaming service and decided to watch it again. I still think it is great. I guess I had forgotten that it was a Spielberg film, so why wouldn’t it be great? It was many years in the making and was partially based on Doris Goodwin Kearns excellent non-fiction book Team of Rivals. The cast is excellent: Daniel Day-Lewis is really impressive as President Lincoln. Lincoln is believable, human, showing several sides of his personality. He is at times funny, wise, empathetic, coarse, tortured and — well, everything I would expect after reading so much about him over the years. For me, the movie lost a little of its energy when it shifted to the political maneuvers undertaken concerning the obtaining of votes to pass the amendment Lincoln wants to push through Congress, but it is integral to the plot, illustrating that Lincoln was pragmatic and willing to play the game to achieve his goals. Because he narrowed the scope of this Lincoln biopic to the last months of the great president’s life, Spielberg was able to cover a lot of ground, and explore the issue of slavery and the war from numerous perspectives. I do regret watching it through that streaming service. I don’t mind ads, but they popped in randomly, sometimes twenty minutes apart, once five minutes apart, and always right in the middle of scenes. I plan to watch it again, with no commercials. I suggest you do the same.

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