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Rating: 7.8/10 by 151 users

Sunny (2011)

Seven girls become good friends in high school, then events pull them apart for 25 years. When one of the friends lies dying in a hospital, she wishes to see each of them one last time.

  • Kang Hyung-chul
  • Kim Jang-mi
  • Kang Hyung-chul
  • Lee Byeong-heon
Release Date: Wed, May 04, 2011

Rating: 7.8/10 by 151 users

Alternative Title:
Sseo-ni - KR
써니 - KR
Sunny - US
วันนั้น วันนี้ เพื่อนกันตลอดไป - TH
サニー 永遠の仲間たち - JP
サニー えいえんのなかまたち - JP
サニー 永遠の仲間たち:2011 - JP
Sunny - KR
阳光姐妹淘 - CN

South Korea
Runtime: 02 hour 15 minutes
Budget: $3,550,000
Revenue: $48,000,000

Plot Keyword: bullying, gang
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Kang So-ra
Young Choon-hwa
Kim Min-young
Young Jang-mi
Park Jin-joo
Young Jin-hee
Nam Bo-ra
Young Geum-ok
Kim Bo-mi
Young Bok-hee
Min Hyo-rin
Young Su-ji
Kim Shi-hoo
Young Joon-ho / Joon-ho's Son
Park Young-seo
Young Jong-ki
Kim Hye-ok
Na-mi's Mother
Kim Yeong-ok
Na-mi's Grandmother
Baek Jong-hak
Nami's Husband
Jung Won-joong
Na-mi's Father
Kim Sae-byuk
Class Monitor
Kang Rae-yeon
Jong-ki's Girlfriend
Kim Ye-won
Girls' Generation Leader
Ryu Hye-rin
Girls' Generation Member
Hwang Choon-ha
Past Detective
Bae Soo-kyung
Gang High School Girl
Park Soon-cheon
Woman in Past Picture
So Hee-jung
Homeroom Teacher
Cha Tae-hyun
Insurance Company Main Model
Lee Jun-hyeok
President of Private Detective Office
Han Seung-hyeon
Jung-mi's Older Brother
Yang Hee-kyung
Jang-mi's Mother
Ju Jin-mo
Go Joon
Private Detective
Kwon Eun-soo
School Broadcasting Club DJ
Choi Yi-sun
Joon-ho's Friend
Sung Ji-ru
Choon-hwa's Lawyer
Eom Hye-soo
Sang-mi's Group
Jun Yoon-ji
Student Presenter at Festival
Choi Soo-im
Bully Female Student
Yang Joo-ho
Insurance Company Branch Manager
Lee Sang-ah
Woman in Past Picture
Lee Seung-heon
Joon-ho's Friend


This is a fantastic film. It reminds me a lot of a Hamaguchi in that it is a women-centric story about relationships. But the resemblance ends there. This is an epic film about the survival and meaning of friendship that has humor, pathos, drama and even a touch of magic surrealism. If anything I've mentioned is up your alley, then don't pass on this one.

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