image of Lee Soo-kyung
Birthday: Mar 13, 1982
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Lee Soo-kyung

Lee Soo-kyung (이수경) is a South Korean actress and model.

Movie Cast Year
Triangle Han Ji-young 2009
Romantic Island Choi Soo-jin 2008
Tazza: The High Rollers Hwa-ran 2006
Rainbow Eyes Cha soo-jin 2007
Share the Vision 2011
lover Jeong-in 2024
Series Cast Year
X-Man Herself 2003
Soulmate Lee Soo Kyung 2006
Let's Eat Lee Soo Kyung 2013
Loving You a Thousand Times Go Eun-nim 2009
My Little Baby Han Ye-Seul 2016
Family Outing herself 2008
Love & Law Woo Lee-kyung 2008
Real Romance Love Letter Herself 2003
Father, I'll Take Care of You Lee Soo Kyung 2016
Men on a Mission Self 2015
Left-Handed Wife Oh San-Ha 2019
Dining Together Herself 2016
Salty Tour Self 2017
Call of the Country Oh Ha-na 2010
A Daughter Just Like You Ma In-Sung 2015
SBS Drama Awards Host 1992
Color of Woman Hwang Jin Joo 2011
Home Alone Self 2013
Dear Heaven 2005
Daughters-in-Law Cho Mi-jin 2007
10달러 셰프 2019
Law of the Jungle 2011
대화가 필요한 개냥 2017
What's Wrong with Secretary Kim Mrs. Choi [Young Joon's Mother - Young] 2018
Pots of Gold Sung Eun 2013
알게될거야 Song Na-Kyung 2004
왔어 왔어 제대로 왔어 Bae Soo-Jin 2011
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