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Casualty (1986)

Drama series about the staff and patients at Holby City Hospital's emergency department, charting the ups and downs in their personal and professional lives.

Release Date: Sat, Sep 06, 1986

Country: GB
Language: En
Runtime: 50

William Beck
Dylan Keogh
Charles Venn
Jacob Masters
Milo Clarke
Theodore "Teddy" Gowan
Kirsty Mitchell
Faith Cadogan
Di Botcher
Jan Jenning
Neet Mohan
Rash Masum
Anna Chell
Jodie Whyte
Barney Walsh
Cameron Mickelthwaite
Adesuwa Oni
Ngozi Okoye
Melanie Hill
Siobhan McKenzie
Manpreet Bachu
Tariq Hussein
Jamie Glover
Patrick Onley
Sammy T. Dobson
Nicole Piper

Season 40:

System Failure
Episode 1: System Failure (Mar 23, 2024)
In the wake of his dad’s death, Rash deludes himself into thinking he’s fine. But with mounting pressure at work, how long will it be before he cracks?
Core Wounds
Episode 2: Core Wounds (Mar 23, 2024)
Jacob is given a second chance to do the right thing. Rida questions her future after a catastrophic incident rocks her and Rash, and Nicole has to make a shocking admission.
Earn Your Stripes
Episode 3: Earn Your Stripes (Mar 30, 2024)
Dylan faces disaster when he doesn’t listen to Rash, Teddy’s night turns sour after an encounter with a boisterous hen party, and a downbeat Ngozi turns to a colleague for support.
Childhood's End
Episode 4: Childhood's End (Apr 06, 2024)
Dylan is haunted by his past mistakes, while Tariq and Rash collide when Tariq ‘plays the hero’. Nicole is forced to come clean about her secret.
Breathe with Me
Episode 5: Breathe with Me (Apr 13, 2024)
A vulnerable Teddy is horrified when he is confronted by an unwelcome visitor, whilst Nicole is determined to prove herself to Stevie. Can Rash learn to take therapy seriously?
Into the Fire
Episode 6: Into the Fire (Apr 20, 2024)
Jacob fights for his grandchild, but is he ready to step up? And a still vulnerable Rash forgoes help when he treats a familiar face.
The Whistleblower
Episode 7: The Whistleblower (Apr 27, 2024)
A new exposé about Holby Hospital has shaken the team, whilst Dylan is cracking down on Patrick. The pressure is building on Siobhan, and Cam’s doubts are creeping in.
The Longest Shift
Episode 8: The Longest Shift (May 04, 2024)
During an explosive shift, Iain discovers Teddy’s secret, Dylan and Stevie try to prove that Patrick is a danger to patients, and Jacob questions himself as a grandfather
Shame the Devil
Episode 9: Shame the Devil (May 18, 2024)
Assessment day is here for Rash. Can he get through it? Faith is thrown as an old friend is brought into the ED, and is Ngozi interfering too much with Nicole’s surrogacy?
Siege Mentality
Episode 10: Siege Mentality (May 25, 2024)
The ripple effect of Teddy’s rage affects his career. And Faith’s good news is tainted when all eyes are on her and Nicole’s friendship is tested.

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