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The Bad News Bears (1979)

The Bad News Bears is an American sitcom that aired on CBS from March 24, 1979 until July 26, 1980, consisting of 26 episodes. It was based on the 1976 hit movie of the same name, that was followed by two sequels in 1977 and 1978.

Release Date: Sat, Mar 24, 1979

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Jack Warden
Morris Buttermaker
Catherine Hicks
Emily Rappant
J. Brennan Smith
Mike Engelberg
Tricia Cast
Amanda Whirlitzer
Billy Jayne
Rudi Stein
Sparky Marcus
Leslie Ogilvie
Meeno Peluce
Tanner Boyle
Kristoff St. John
Ahmad Abdul Rahim
Rad Daly
Josh Matthews

Season 2:

Run Down
Episode 1: Run Down (Sep 15, 1979)
The Bears try to track down Johnny Bench for an autographed baseball to replace the one that belonged to Rudi's father, before Rudi lost it.
Buttermaker Rides Again
Episode 2: Buttermaker Rides Again (Sep 22, 1979)
Buttermaker coaxes a student back to school by challenging him to athletic contests.
First Base
Episode 3: First Base (Sep 29, 1979)
The Bears sneak Wendi out to a party after her father has forbidden her to go.
Wedding Bells: Part 1
Episode 4: Wedding Bells: Part 1 (Oct 06, 1979)
Buttermaker pops the big question to Amanda's mother.
The Birds, the Bees and the Bears
Episode 5: The Birds, the Bees and the Bears (Jun 07, 1980)
After Amanda hugs her teammates, Buttermaker gives her a lecture on the facts of life.
Lights Out
Episode 6: Lights Out (Jun 14, 1980)
After being teased, Ogilvie persuades Regi, Tanner and Engelberg to believe that they caused a power failure.
Wedding Bells: Part 2
Episode 7: Wedding Bells: Part 2 (Jun 21, 1980)
After her mother accepts a job out of the country, Amanda moves in with Buttermaker.
Matched Set
Episode 8: Matched Set (Jun 28, 1980)
Old Timers' Day
Episode 9: Old Timers' Day (Jul 12, 1980)
Buttermaker sets up a game between the Bears and some old-timers, hoping to reconcile Ahmad and his grandfather.
Scrambled Eggs
Episode 10: Scrambled Eggs (Jul 19, 1980)
Dr. Rappant teaches the team a lesson after Buttermaker catches them hitchhiking to a rock concert.
Double Play
Episode 11: Double Play (Jul 26, 1980)
When Buttermaker's pool-cleaning business dries up, he must take a job working for Turner if he hopes to buy Amanda a bicycle.
The Good Life
Episode 12: The Good Life (Jan 01, 1970)
Ogilvie is in the clouds after Dr. Rappant gives him a kiss for winning a poetry contest.

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