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Primeval (2007)

When strange anomalies start to appear all over England, Professor Cutter and his team must track down and capture all sorts of dangerous prehistoric creatures from Earth's distant past and near future.

Release Date: Sat, Feb 10, 2007

Country: GB
Language: En
Runtime: 52

Ben Mansfield
Hilary Becker
Andrew-Lee Potts
Connor Temple
Hannah Spearritt
Abby Maitland
Alexander Siddig
Philip Burton
Ruth Kearney
Jess Parker
Janice Byrne
April Leonard
Ruth Bradley
Emily Merchant
Ben Miller
James Lester

Season 5:

Matt's Secret
Episode 1: Matt's Secret (Feb 10, 2011)
The team attempt to track a giant, underground insectoid predator from the future, and there is something about the creature that Matt isn't telling the team. Meanwhile, Philip shows Connor the true purpose behind New Dawn, and Abby becomes more suspicious of Matt and grows closer to discovering his secret, while Lester struggles at the ARC to make a good impression to Ms. Reece of the Cabinet Office for a knighthood.
The Submarine
Episode 2: The Submarine (May 30, 2011)
When a Navy submarine in the North Sea discovers a giant underwater Anomaly, Matt, Connor and Abby join the Navy crew aboard, but things go awry when the submarine is pulled through the Anomaly into a prehistoric sea inhabited by giant pliosaurs. The team subsequently attempt to get the submarine back through the Anomaly to their time, while Lester struggles to stop an Admiral from nuking the Anomaly and potentially altering history.
In the Good Old Days
Episode 3: In the Good Old Days (Jun 05, 2011)
When the team send a Raptor at an art museum back through the wrong Anomaly, Matt goes through into Victorian London in pursuit of the Raptor, and there he reunites with Emily and attempts to help her escape her grim fate of incarceration at Bedlam Asylum by her shallow husband. Meanwhile, Abby infiltrates Connor's lab to capture Connor's files on New Dawn for Matt.
The Prototype
Episode 4: The Prototype (Jun 12, 2011)
The team learn the truth about New Dawn when Connor creates an artificial Anomaly in the ARC, and trouble soon erupts when the Anomaly unleashes swarming, carnivorous beetles from the future into the ARC, which trigger the lockdown but threaten to burrow out and swarm onto the modern world. The situation is only exacerbated when the beetles trigger Jess' deadly allergy to insect bites, and when Philip threatens to incinerate the entire ARC to stop the beetles.
The End of the Future (1)
Episode 5: The End of the Future (1) (Jun 19, 2011)
With Convergence having finally arrived, while Becker and the entire ARC struggle to contain an increasing outbreak of numerous Anomalies and creatures, New Dawn begins to power up for its final phase, as the team struggle to stop Philip from activating New Dawn before it's too late.
The End of the Future (2)
Episode 6: The End of the Future (2) (Jun 26, 2011)
Matt and Abby go through New Dawn's Anomaly on a rescue mission for Connor into the barren, Predator-ruled wastelands of the future, while back in the present, the future apocalypse looms closer as New Dawn spirals out of control. Meanwhile, Jess and Lester face problems of their own when the ARC is invaded by Mutated Future Predators.

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