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Yo, Yogi! (1991)

Yo Yogi! is an animated series and the sixth incarnation of Hanna-Barbera's Yogi Bear. It first aired in 1991 on NBC on Saturday morning.

Release Date: Sat, Sep 14, 1991

Country: CA | US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Season 1:

Yo, Yogi!
Episode 1: Yo, Yogi! (Sep 14, 1991)
In this origin story, the Jellystone Mall has been opened and Yogi and his friends go there at the time when an invisible bandit strikes Jellystone Town. When Dick Dastardly and Muttley get their hands on a clue, they end up flying off with Yogi in hot pursuit leading them to Bombastic Bobby's Bargain Barn as part of his plan to run Jellystone Mall out of business. With the help of his friends, Yogi manages to stop Bombastic Bobby and gain jobs at the mall's Lost & Found Detective Agency.
Huck's Doggone Day
Episode 2: Huck's Doggone Day (Sep 21, 1991)
Two criminals named Lou and Murray have escaped from Jellystone Prison and discovered that the area that they buried their in loot 50 years ago is where Jellystone Mall stands today. When they get to the elm tree there, Huckleberry Hound is under it unwinding causing Lou and Murray to try various ways to get rid of him with disastrous results.
Grindhog Day
Episode 3: Grindhog Day (Sep 21, 1991)
Two Grindhogs have infiltrated Jellystone Mall and are eating the mall's profits and Cindy Bear won't let anyone exterminate them since they're on the Endangered Species list. When they get to their Pickleyberry Patch habitat in Jellystone Park, Yogi, Cindy, and Snagglepuss stumble upon an abandoned underground mineshaft and discover that a criminal called Max the Mole is going to break into the First Jellystone Bank.
Jellystone Jam
Episode 4: Jellystone Jam (Sep 28, 1991)
Magilla Ice is in town to give a performance at Jellystone Mall and Doggie Daddy is holding a contest where the winner will spend the day with Magilla Ice. Roxie rigs the name drawing so that she can win the day with Magilla Ice. When Cindy Bear's name is drawn, Roxie teams up with Dick Dastardly and Muttley to make sure that Magilla Ice spends the day with her.
Mall Alone
Episode 5: Mall Alone (Oct 05, 1991)
Snagglepuss ends up locked in the mall, hours after closing time when he falls asleep while watching a movie. Yogi, Boo Boo, Cindy, and Huckleberry end up trying to break in to save him at the same time when two robbers attempt to steal the Rusty Diamond baseball card. Now, all through the night, it's up to Snagglepuss to overcome his huge fear of the dark for good and to stop the robbers, all by himself.
Tricky Dickie's Dirty Trickies
Episode 6: Tricky Dickie's Dirty Trickies (Oct 12, 1991)
After the L.A.F. Squad recovers a man's toupee after it was accidentally blown off by Peter Potamus' goldenrod allergies, Dick Dastardly plots to become leader of the L.A.F. Squad by getting rid of Yogi. When he does succeed, Yogi ends up being removed from the L.A.F. Squad and ends up hanging out with Hardy Har Har. Meanwhile, Mr. Slump and his assistant Leroy plot to kidnap Augie Doggie and hold him for ransom.
Super Duper Snag
Episode 7: Super Duper Snag (Oct 19, 1991)
A giant cockroach called The Pest is at large in Jellystone Town with plans to rule the world. Atom Ant ends up losing his Atomic Helmet which Snagglepuss mistakes for a pinkie ring. With it, Snagglepuss becomes a superhero. Atom Ant ends up seeking help from the other L.A.F. Squad members to find his Atomic Helmet before the Pest conquers the world.
Mellow Fellow
Episode 8: Mellow Fellow (Oct 26, 1991)
While the others are at the Picnic Basket, Huckleberry Hound helps the parents of Wee Willie Gorilla find their son in exchange for a reward. Dick Dastardly and Muttley also get involved in finding Wee Willy.
Hats Off to Yogi
Episode 9: Hats Off to Yogi (Oct 26, 1991)
Workers and patrons to Jellystone Mall are ending up having their hair shaved off by a mysterious Clipper at the same time Yogi loses his hat. Even without his hat, Yogi and Boo Boo end up finding the identity of the Clipper in Moe and Joe Wendell in the Mops 'N' Tops wig store.
Polly Want a Safecracker
Episode 10: Polly Want a Safecracker (Nov 02, 1991)
An evil parrot called the Birdbrain is in Jellystone Town cracking every safe in town. It is up to Yogi, Boo Boo, and Secret Squirrel to stop him.
Mall or Nothing
Episode 11: Mall or Nothing (Nov 09, 1991)
Taking advantage while Doggie Daddy goes to a mall owner convention, a con man tricks Augie Doggie into signing Jellystone mall to him. Now Augie seeks help from L.A.F.
There's No Business Like Snow Business
Episode 12: There's No Business Like Snow Business (Nov 09, 1991)
The L.A.F. squad sets out to stop the Abdominal Snowdude from threatening skiers.
It's All Relative
Episode 13: It's All Relative (Nov 16, 1991)
Yogi's uncle Bruno visits just as a villain called the Mad Painter begins a rampage in the mall.
Bearly Working
Episode 14: Bearly Working (Nov 16, 1991)
Yogi tries on a variety of the second jobs to supplement his income.
Yippee-Yo, Yogi!
Episode 15: Yippee-Yo, Yogi! (Nov 23, 1991)
Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Louie are doing a show at Jellystone Mall, when Dick Dastardly releases an angry bull in the mall. It's up to the L.A.F. Squad to find him and calm down the bull for the Wild West Show.
Of Meeces and Men
Episode 16: Of Meeces and Men (Nov 23, 1991)
Mr. Jinks who runs the local cheese store has had enough of Pixie and Dixie stealing his cheese. Dick Dastardly tells Mr, Jinks that he can teach him to be a bully to "muscle out" Pixie and Dixie. Yogi helps the two and shows Mr. Jinks that being a bully is not the way to do business.
Fashion Smashin!
Episode 17: Fashion Smashin! (Nov 30, 1991)
Calvin Clunk is in town to reveal his latest fashion designs. His rival Talula LeTrend plots to steal a dress that is the centerpiece of his fashion show at the same time Roxie helps Cindy with her fashion. When Talula does steal it, she ends up mixing it with a copy of Roxie's outfit style.
To Tell the Truth, Forsooth
Episode 18: To Tell the Truth, Forsooth (Nov 30, 1991)
Snagglepuss is sent on a mission to return the bust of William Shakesbear to Aunt Annie's Antique Antiquarium. When he ends up losing it at the Imovieplex movie theater, he fakes that he's been knocked out and robbed of the statue with the evidence being that Dick Dastardly stole the bust.
The Big Snoop
Episode 19: The Big Snoop (Dec 07, 1991)
Super Snooper (alongside his press agent P.R. Flack) is in town for a book signing at the Crooks 'n' Books store when a mystery contest is held. When the L.A.F. Squad are following the clues, Dick Dastardly and Muttley try to ruin their hopes. But when Super Snooper ends up kidnapped, Yogi and his friends try to locate him and find out that his kidnapper is his own press agent.

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