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Moloney (1996)

Nick Moloney is a divorced psychiatrist working for the LAPD, sometimes torn between doctor-patient confidentiality and his duty to uphold the law.

Release Date: Thu, Sep 19, 1996

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Peter Strauss
Dr. Nick Moloney
Wendell Pierce
Calvin Patterson
Nestor Serrano
Lt. Matty Navarro
Cherie Lunghi
Dr. Sarah Bateman
Ashley Johnson
Kate Moloney
James Marsters
Billy O'Hara

Season 1:

Hard Choices
Episode 1: Hard Choices (Sep 19, 1996)
Moloney is torn between doctor-patient confidentiality and his duty to uphold the law when a cop tells him the real story behind a drug dealer's murder.
Episode 2: Pilot (Sep 26, 1996)
Moloney is called in when a botched jewelry-store robbery turns into a hostage situation after a clerk is accidentally shot.
Night of the Gardenia
Episode 3: Night of the Gardenia (Oct 03, 1996)
Moloney is on the trail of a serial killer who murders battered women - to free them from their pain - and leaves a paper gardenia as his signature.
Friendly Fire
Episode 4: Friendly Fire (Oct 17, 1996)
Moloney handles the case of a cop who accidentally killed his partner but is branded a crooked cop by an internal-affairs investigator.
Episode 5: Clueless (Oct 24, 1996)
Moloney recommends hypnotic therapy to trigger the repressed memory of a teenager who witnessed a murder, but the idea alienates the child's father.
All the King's Horses
Episode 6: All the King's Horses (Oct 31, 1996)
A cop lies in a coma following an attack by one of Moloney's patients, a homeless man who had failed to receive medication from a clinic-delivery service.
Sweet Sorrow
Episode 7: Sweet Sorrow (Nov 07, 1996)
Moloney tries to persuade a teenage boy to tell the real story behind the death of a young Latina with whom the boy had once been romantically involved.
A Matter of Principle
Episode 8: A Matter of Principle (Nov 14, 1996)
Moloney helps solve a case involving a murdered woman who had a restraining order against her estranged husband.
Second Sight
Episode 9: Second Sight (Nov 21, 1996)
Moloney tries to persuade one of his patients, a latchkey teen with psychic abilities, to use to help find a girl who's been missing for five weeks.
Nothing But The Truth
Episode 10: Nothing But The Truth (Dec 12, 1996)
A man convicted of raping a married woman is released from jail - against Moloney's recommendation - and is later found shot to death.
I'm Ambivalent About L.A.
Episode 11: I'm Ambivalent About L.A. (Jan 09, 1997)
A teenager joins a gang to try to protect herself and her younger sister---who is a classmate of Kate's---from the sexual advances of their uncle.
Clarity Begins At Home
Episode 12: Clarity Begins At Home (Jan 16, 1997)
Moloney intercedes when one of Sarah's patients is threatened by her husband, a prominent member of a church that frowns on psychotherapy.
Damage Control
Episode 13: Damage Control (Jan 30, 1997)
Moloney tries to reason with a troubled man who slowly unravels while holding a doctor and a group of patients hostage in a psychiatric ward.
Herniated Nick
Episode 14: Herniated Nick (Feb 06, 1997)
Laid up after he throws out his back, Moloney leaves his bed - via stretcher - to talk to a troubled cop who's holding his girlfriend and his partner hostage after finding them together.
Episode 15: Misconduct (Feb 13, 1997)
Moloney is suspicious of a judge who has repeatedly issued orders to remove a child from the custody of his mother, a former drug user trying to straighten out her life.
Deep Cover
Episode 16: Deep Cover (Feb 20, 1997)
Sarah's life is in danger after a delusional detective who's obsessed with Moloney - and convinced that she's having his baby - confronts her at home.
Loved and Lost
Episode 17: Loved and Lost (Mar 27, 1997)
Moloney's first love - a woman he hasn't seen in 33 years - comes to town and asks for his help in dealing with her son, a doorman at a hip club, whom she believes is in trouble. Meanwhile, Sarah drops a bombshell.
Ball and Chain
Episode 18: Ball and Chain (Apr 03, 1997)
Nick is unhappy that Sarah hasn't considered his and Kate's feelings about her pregnancy; Matty is attracted to a prisoner he's escorting to a budget hearing.
The Ripple Effect
Episode 19: The Ripple Effect (Apr 10, 1997)
Moloney tries to help a cop deal with his feelings after he inadvertently shoots and kills a troubled teen in a mall.
Past Forgiveness
Episode 20: Past Forgiveness (Apr 17, 1997)
Moloney's efforts to help former gang member Carmella Rubios hit a snag when the girl is hauled before a judge for violating her probation.
The Pleading
Episode 21: The Pleading (May 22, 1997)
A hostage situation ends when a preteen is murdered and the suspect - a convicted sex offender - is left in a coma following a struggle with police prior to his arrest.

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