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Bret Maverick (1981)

Bret Maverick is a 1981-82 American Western television series starring James Garner in the role that made him famous in the 1957 series Maverick: a professional poker player traveling alone year after year through the Old West from riverboat to saloon. In this sequel series, Maverick has settled down in Sweetwater, Arizona Territory, where he owns a ranch and is co-owner of the town's saloon. However, Maverick is still always on the lookout for his next big score, and continues to gamble and practice various con games whenever the chance arises. The series was developed by Gordon Dawson, and produced by Garner's company Cherokee Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Release Date: Tue, Dec 01, 1981

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60

James Garner
Bret Maverick
Darleen Carr
Mary Lou Springer
Ramon Bieri
Elijah Crow
Ed Bruce
Tom Guthrie
John Shearin
Sheriff Mitchel Dowd
David Knell
Rodney Catlow

Season 1:

The Lazy Ace (1)
Episode 1: The Lazy Ace (1) (Dec 01, 1981)
In what may very well be the last of the great poker games in the Old West, Bret wins ownership of the saloon and decides to settle down in the town of Sweetwater in the Arizona Territory. (Part 1 of 2)
The Lazy Ace (2)
Episode 2: The Lazy Ace (2) (Dec 01, 1981)
Former sheriff Tom Guthrie joins Bret as partner in the Red Ox saloon, to the dismay of the townspeople who just booted the old-fashioned lawman out of office.
Welcome to Sweetwater
Episode 3: Welcome to Sweetwater (Dec 08, 1981)
Maverick's reluctance to sell his ranch, the Lazy Ace, is the major stumbling block to bringing the railroad into Sweetwater.
Anything for a Friend
Episode 4: Anything for a Friend (Dec 15, 1981)
A barn-raising celebration at Maverick's ranch helps him conceal Billy the Kid from authorities.
The Yellow Rose
Episode 5: The Yellow Rose (Dec 22, 1981)
Women's suffrage catches fire in Sweetwater and no one feels the heat more than Maverick, who's just won a Chinese girl in a poker game.
Horse of Yet Another Color
Episode 6: Horse of Yet Another Color (Jan 05, 1982)
Teddy Roosevelt comes to town to present an Indian chief with a horse from the president, but Maverick ends up winning the stallion.
Dateline: Sweetwater
Episode 7: Dateline: Sweetwater (Jan 12, 1982)
Eastern financial interests attempt a takeover of Sweetwater businesses.
The Mayflower Women's Historical Society
Episode 8: The Mayflower Women's Historical Society (Feb 02, 1982)
It looks like Maverick is going to be hanged, unless he agrees to sell his life story to an ambitious historian.
Episode 9: Hallie (Feb 09, 1982)
An old flame of Bret's shows up in Sweetwater, pursued by two homicidal brothers she swindled.
The Ballad of Bret Maverick
Episode 10: The Ballad of Bret Maverick (Feb 16, 1982)
A stranger arrives in town, claiming to be in the process of finishing an epic ballad on the life and death of Bret Maverick.
A Night at the Red Ox
Episode 11: A Night at the Red Ox (Feb 23, 1982)
Vigilantes take over the Red Ox saloon and put former sheriff Tom Guthrie on trial for crimes he allegedly committed in the past.
The Not So Magnificent Six
Episode 12: The Not So Magnificent Six (Mar 02, 1982)
Six men who each want to gain a reputation as the one who killed the famous Bret Maverick have followed a western pulp writer to Sweetwater.
The Vulture Also Rises
Episode 13: The Vulture Also Rises (Mar 16, 1982)
When a stagecoach is attacked by Apaches and a woman is killed, the angry townspeople want to call in the cavalry.
The Eight Swords of Dyrus and Other Illusions of Grandeur
Episode 14: The Eight Swords of Dyrus and Other Illusions of Grandeur (Mar 23, 1982)
Bret exposes a crooked magician who is performing at the Red Ox.
Faith, Hope and Clarity (1)
Episode 15: Faith, Hope and Clarity (1) (Apr 13, 1982)
A religious charlatan dupes the townpeople so that he can obtain the rights to their land.
Faith, Hope and Clarity (2)
Episode 16: Faith, Hope and Clarity (2) (Apr 20, 1982)
Bret masterminds a con to get back the townsfolk's land, which was legally stolen by the clever leader of a religious cult.
The Rattlesnake Brigade
Episode 17: The Rattlesnake Brigade (Apr 27, 1982)
Maverick and Guthrie are suckered into agreeing to protect a shipment of gold from a ruthless band of outlaws.
The Hidalgo Thing
Episode 18: The Hidalgo Thing (May 04, 1982)
Tom Guthrie, who is trying to get re-elected as sheriff, tries to get Maverick to keep a low profile, but Bret is working on the biggest con of his life and isn't going to stop now.

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