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Peppa Pig (2004)

Peppa Pig is an energetic piggy who lives with Mummy, Daddy, and little brother George. She loves to jump in mud puddles and make loud snorting noises.

  • Neville Astley
  • Mark Baker
Release Date: Mon, May 31, 2004

Country: GB
Language: En
Runtime: 5

Lily Snowden-Fine
Peppa Pig (voice)
Morwenna Banks
Mummy Pig (voice)
Alice May
George Pig (voice)

Season 7:

Episode 1: America (Feb 27, 2021)
Peppa and her family win a trip to America. Miss Rabbit flies them to New York, where they meet a new Miss Rabbit.
The Diner
Episode 2: The Diner (Feb 28, 2021)
Peppa and her family are driving in a large campervan across America. They stop at a diner and meet another Miss Rabbit.
Canyon Country
Episode 3: Canyon Country (Mar 01, 2021)
Peppa and her family drive across America, where they fly over the canyon, ride the rapids and discover a cave from 700AD.
Episode 4: Hollywood (Mar 02, 2021)
Peppa and her family finally make it to Hollywood and arrive at the film set to meet Mr Potato and Hash Brown.
Episode 5: Motorbiking (Mar 03, 2021)
Peppa and George are in for a treat when they embark on a camping trip to the seaside with Granny and Grandpa.
Sea Treasure
Episode 6: Sea Treasure (Mar 06, 2021)
Peppa and George wake up in Granny and Grandpa’s motorbike tent by the sea. Peppa finds a message in a bottle with a telephone number on it – but who is it from?
Monkey Has a Cough
Episode 7: Monkey Has a Cough (Mar 07, 2021)
Mummy Pig shows Peppa how to pretend by teaching her how to wink. Zoe has come to visit with her toy monkey, so Peppa teaches her what she’s learnt.
Police Car
Episode 8: Police Car (Mar 08, 2021)
Police Officer Panda and Police Officer Squirrel have come to visit Peppa’s playgroup. They offer two lucky children the chance to spend the day with them.
Hop, Skip and Jump!
Episode 9: Hop, Skip and Jump! (Mar 09, 2021)
Peppa and her friends play some very active games in the garden and together they learn to hop, skip and jump.
Rescuing Miss Rabbit!
Episode 10: Rescuing Miss Rabbit! (Mar 10, 2021)
Miss Rabbit’s Rescue Service has saved many people from tricky situations, but what happens when Miss Rabbit needs rescuing herself?
Peppa's Diary
Episode 11: Peppa's Diary (Mar 13, 2021)
Peppa learns that Mummy Pig used to keep a diary when she was her age, so Peppa decides to give it a try.
Playing Golf
Episode 12: Playing Golf (Mar 14, 2021)
George and Peppa spend the day playing golf with Grandpa Pig, but they are much more interested in the colourful minigolf course next door.
Creepy Crawly Safari
Episode 13: Creepy Crawly Safari (Mar 15, 2021)
The playgroup visits a nature reserve run by Mr Lion. The reserve specialises in tiny insects, bugs and butterflies, so Pedro brings along his pet stick insect Stephen.

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