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Dangerous Minds (1996)

Dangerous Minds is an American drama television series that aired on ABC network between September 1996 and March 1997. The series is based on the motion picture film, Dangerous Minds. Annie Potts stars in the lead role originated by Michelle Pfeiffer.

Release Date: Mon, Sep 30, 1996

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 42

Annie Potts
Louanne Johnson
Greg Serano
Gusmaro Lopez
Jenny Gago
Amanda Bardales
LaToya Howlett
Alvina Edwards
Michael Jace
Jerome Griffin
Tamala Jones
Callie Timmons
Vicellous Shannon
Cornelius Hawkins
Cedrick Terrell
James Revill
K. Todd Freeman
Jerome Griffin
María Costa
Blanca Guerrero

Season 1:

Episode 1: Pilot (Sep 30, 1996)
Louanne has misgivings about the job, and scant details about her predecessor. As Louanne starts to connect with the kids, three draw special attention: one tough who misses school to help his family financially; an aggressive lad interested in trains; and a girl who's raising her own child. Soon, Louanne finds that she, too, may need help-when she faces the girl's abusive boyfriend.
Hair Affair
Episode 2: Hair Affair (Oct 07, 1996)
Due to financial cutbacks, Louanne accepts a student's suggestion to hold a fund-raiser; Gusmaro becomes increasingly disturbed about belonging to a street gang.
See Me
Episode 3: See Me (Oct 14, 1996)
Louanne arranges for Cornelius to return to school, an action which angers Bartkus; Gusmaro is reluctant to list his date of birth and Social Security number on a form; and the students prepare for a practice job interview.
Bad Apple
Episode 4: Bad Apple (Oct 21, 1996)
Louanne tries to reach a new student, ""a hyperactive underachieve"", and she makes a first visit to Mickey's Tavern, the faculty's weekly hangout. Meanwhile, James is inspired by Mr. Griffin to plant an apricot tree in the schoolyard.
Family Ties
Episode 5: Family Ties (Oct 28, 1996)
When an unpopular student is slain, it turns out there's no one to bury him; the father of Callie's daughter returns, which delights the little girl, but not Callie; James and Gusmaro try to turn a goose into a pet.
The Code
Episode 6: The Code (Nov 11, 1996)
Louanne tries to understand ""the code"" to which her students adhere when two students swear that they won't continue a fight, and after Gusmaro is arrested for stealing a CD that someone else placed in his backpack. The class visits Alcatraz.
Need Deep
Episode 7: Need Deep (Nov 18, 1996)
When Blanca contemplates having a baby with her boyfriend so he can leave his gang, Louanne presses her to reconsider; James thinks his community service will be a piece of cake until he's ordered to serve as companion to a severely disabled boy; and Callie worries about her daughter's safety when Callie's mother's boyfriend becomes abusive.
Episode 8: Jumped (Nov 25, 1996)
After James is viciously beaten in the locker room, Louanne places herself in jeopardy by trying to find the attackers. Meanwhile, Gusmaro, also attempting to help, considers joining a new gang; and Cornelius seeks a videotape that depicts the assault.
Episode 9: Evolution (Dec 09, 1996)
After Callie shows compassion for a convicted child molester who's being beaten by protestors, her reaction is questioned by others. Meanwhile, Chaka and James try to photograph a ghost; and Blanca is hospitalized with a bleeding ulcer.
Trust Me
Episode 10: Trust Me (Dec 16, 1996)
When the students suspect a newcomer of being a narc, Louanne tries to prove them wrong. Meanwhile, Callie is worried about possible repercussions for having informed on a drug dealer; and Hal asks Louanne out to dinner.
Episode 11: Moonstruck (Dec 30, 1996)
Cornelius is attracted to Callie and encourages by Mr. Griffin to ask her out. Meanwhile, James, who wants to have his grades raised in order to try out for basketball, strikes a deal with Louanne.
To'e Me Up, To'e Me Down
Episode 12: To'e Me Up, To'e Me Down (Jan 06, 1997)
The news that her ex-husband is remarrying affects Louanne; a teacher's death causes Barkus to change his approach to students; and Cornelius is reluctant to take his graffiti talents to a higher level.
The Feminine Mystique
Episode 13: The Feminine Mystique (Jan 13, 1997)
Louanne arranges for a house to be built by volunteer labor for Blanca and her family, whose home was destroyed by fire. But when she asks the students for their help, she learns that the construction site is disputed territory between two rival gangs.
Everybody Wants It
Episode 14: Everybody Wants It (Feb 10, 1997)
The students ask (and some fail to ask) each other to a school Valentine's dance; Louanne takes a job as a waitress; Gusmaro works delivering liquor; and a new student joins the academy program.
Three Guns
Episode 15: Three Guns (Mar 01, 1997)
Gusmaro is with Louanne when preteens steal her car, and his self-confidence is shaken as a result. Meanwhile, Mr. Griffin brings Tibetan monks to school to talk about nonviolence; and James takes driving lessons from Mr. Bartkus.
A Different Light
Episode 16: A Different Light (Mar 08, 1997)
As the school's 50th anniversary approaches, Gusmaro discovers that the man for whom it's named was a racist. Meanwhile, Blanca learns a secret about Garrity and spreads it; and Alvina rebels against the cafeteria's food.
Teach, Don't Touch
Episode 17: Teach, Don't Touch (Mar 15, 1997)
After Louanne hugs a distressed student, the lad accuses her of molesting him. While her class and the faculty support her, opposition comes from the boy's father, who is president of the school board.

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