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Cranford (2007)

A rich and comic drama about the people of Cranford, a small Cheshire town on the cusp of change in the 1840s. Adapted from the novels by Elizabeth Gaskell.

Release Date: Sun, Nov 18, 2007

Country: GB
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Eileen Atkins
Miss Deborah Jenkyns
Judi Dench
Miss Matilda Jenkyns
Lisa Dillon
Mary Smith
Simon Woods
Dr Harrison
Julia McKenzie
Mrs Forrester
Alex Jennings
Reverend Hutton
Alex Etel
Harry Gregson
Joseph McFadden
Doctor Jack Marshland
Kimberley Nixon
Sophy Hutton
Greg Wise
Sir Charles Maulver
Julia Sawalha
Jessie Brown
John Bowe
Dr. Morgan
Selina Griffiths
Caroline Tomkinson
Barbara Flynn
Mrs Jamieson
Emma Fielding
Mrs Galindo
Michelle Dockery
Erminia Whyte

Season 2:

August 1844
Episode 1: August 1844 (Dec 20, 2009)
Miss Matty becomes concerned about an isolated youngster as Mr Buxton returns to town.
October 1844
Episode 2: October 1844 (Dec 26, 2009)
Defying his father, William finds a job with Captain Brown working on the railway.

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