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Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre (1956)

Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre, sometimes simply called Zane Grey Theatre, is an American Western anthology series which ran on CBS from 1956 to 1961.

Release Date: Fri, Oct 05, 1956

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Dick Powell
Self - Host

Season 5:

A Gun for Willie
Episode 1: A Gun for Willie (Oct 06, 1960)
When simple Willie receives a reward for killing an outlaw he becomes the big man in town, until it turns out that Willie killed the wrong man.
Desert Flight
Episode 2: Desert Flight (Oct 13, 1960)
Brenner, Doyle and Sandy are a trio of bank robbers, who've come up with a really slick plan. But Brenner, the mastermind, hasn't taken Doyle's itchy trigger finger into account.
Cry Hope! Cry Hate!
Episode 3: Cry Hope! Cry Hate! (Oct 20, 1960)
After her son goes missing a search party goes out looking for the youngster.
The Ox
Episode 4: The Ox (Nov 03, 1960)
A former Confederate soldier who has spent some long years in prison, Ox has only one thing in mind - revenge on his old commanding officer for putting him behind bars.
So Young the Savage Land
Episode 5: So Young the Savage Land (Nov 10, 1960)
Beth and Jim Brayden have struggled to keep their ranch when the greed of a neighboring rancher tries to lay claim to their land.
Episode 6: Ransom (Nov 17, 1960)
Comanche Indians raid a shepherd's camp, killing all the hands except an itinerant cowboy named Dundee. He doesn't have to wait long before he learns why he have to wait long before he learns why he was spared. The Indians plan to trade him for horses and guns.
The Last Bugle
Episode 7: The Last Bugle (Nov 24, 1960)
Geronimo and his renagades are on the warpath again. Army officer Gatewood heads for the Mexican Sierras with two Apache prisoners to try and talk the ruthless leader into surrender.
The Black Wagon
Episode 8: The Black Wagon (Dec 01, 1960)
Sarah Harmon is traveling in a wagon train which halts at the scene of an Apache raid.
Knife of Hate
Episode 9: Knife of Hate (Dec 08, 1960)
Dr. Pittman's daughter is held hostage until the good doctor performs surgery on one of the outlaws.
The Mormons
Episode 10: The Mormons (Dec 15, 1960)
Matt Rowland is determined to prevent Mormons from entering into Joshua City after he hears there is cholera aboard the wagon train. His son Tod begins to question his father's motives after he meets a young lady from the train.
The Man From Yesterday
Episode 11: The Man From Yesterday (Dec 22, 1960)
An old-time gunslinger named Mapes gets out of prison and returns to track down John Duncan, the man who framed him many years ago.
Morning Incident
Episode 12: Morning Incident (Dec 29, 1960)
Laurie Pritchard is a farm girl engaged to a farm boy but the farm life isn't consistent with her dreams. Then she meets a man who might be able to make her dreams come true.
Episode 13: Ambush (Jan 05, 1961)
Union Army Col. Blackburn commands a squad of mercenary soldiers whose current mission is to get vital papers through Confederate lines. There's an air of mutiny as the mercenaries complain about the dangerous duty.
One Must Die
Episode 14: One Must Die (Jan 12, 1961)
John Baylor is summoned to the home of a friend of his fathers. The man is dying and wishes to leave everything to one of his two daughters. John wants to find out why one daughter is excluded.
The Long Shadow
Episode 15: The Long Shadow (Jan 19, 1961)
Widow Amy Lawson's son, a Cavalry Officer, is killed in action. Amy blames Major Sinclair for her son's death. The major isn't just the Cavalry commander - he's Amy's fiance.
Blood Red
Episode 16: Blood Red (Jan 29, 1961)
Jess Whiting is a driven man, he is afraid that the Indian uprising is because of his Indian wife and that she will be taken from him.
Honor Bright
Episode 17: Honor Bright (Feb 02, 1961)
Ex-convict Ed Dubro has reluctantly agreed to his daughter's marriage to Vince Harwell. But on the wedding day, Laurie learns that Vince is already married.
The Broken Wing
Episode 18: The Broken Wing (Feb 09, 1961)
Lyman now a cripple, years ago tried to fly through the air under his own power. Now Lyman's nephew Thalian is determined to do the same thing.
The Silent Sentry
Episode 19: The Silent Sentry (Feb 16, 1961)
A wintery outpost leaves the last two soldiers, one a Rebel the other Confederate to survive their blistering hatred.
The Bible Man
Episode 20: The Bible Man (Feb 23, 1961)
Jimmy Pierce holds his father, a religious preacher responsible for the death of his mother.
The Scar
Episode 21: The Scar (Mar 02, 1961)
The scar on Jesse Martin's life is his memory of his months in a prison camp during the Civil War.
Knight of the Sun
Episode 22: Knight of the Sun (Mar 09, 1961)
Henry Jacob Hanley, a drunken desert rat, is just making himself at home in a deserted fort when he acquires some company. Beth Woodfield arrives on a mission taken over from her dead father- delivering the new Gatling gun to the troops in Mexico.
A Warm Day in Heaven
Episode 23: A Warm Day in Heaven (Mar 23, 1961)
In the sleepy decent town of Heaven, evil arrives in the form of Nick Finn, as Michael Peters soon finds out he is the only one not swayed by the devil.
The Empty Shell
Episode 24: The Empty Shell (Mar 30, 1961)
Madden a cowardly farmer is fearful that not only are they after his land but his wife as well.
The Atoner
Episode 25: The Atoner (Apr 06, 1961)
New Bethlehem, Arizona, has no saloons or gambling halls because of the House of Matthew religious sect which inhabits it.
Man from Everywhere
Episode 26: Man from Everywhere (Apr 13, 1961)
Sheriff Jed Morgan is worried about his prisoner, Tom Bowdry, because the local gentry seems to be getting lynch fever. Morgan hires guide Branch Taylor to hustle Bowdry to the nearby town of Borrego.
The Release
Episode 27: The Release (Apr 27, 1961)
Prisoner Lee DuVal could go free by working for the governor of Texas.
Storm Over Eden
Episode 28: Storm Over Eden (May 04, 1961)
Chet Loring, Ellen Gaynor, and Billie Gaynor grew up together in the same house. Chet wants to marry Ellen but accidentally shoots and kills Billie. Now Ellen and Billie's father wants to hang Chet.
Image of a Drawn Sword
Episode 29: Image of a Drawn Sword (May 11, 1961)
Union Lieutenant Sam Kenyon informs the citizens of an isolated Rebel community that some rookie troops will be camping near there for a few days. For the sake of their own health, he offers the townspeople a warning - don't taunt the young soldiers.
Episode 30: Jericho (May 18, 1961)
A woman sentenced to hang for the murder of her husband is sent a second chance by a Government Agent.

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