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Prudential Family Playhouse (1950)

Prudential Family Playhouse is an American anthology drama series that aired on live CBS from October 1950 to March 1951.

Release Date: Tue, Oct 10, 1950

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Season 1:

Episode 1: Biography (Oct 10, 1950)
An attractive young magazine editor convinces a well know artist/playgirl to publish her memoirs. The resulting consternation of her former lover, now a respectably married politician, is balanced by the editor falling for the woman in spite of his disdain for that type of woman.
Episode 2: Dodsworth (Oct 24, 1950)
The story of Midwest industrialist who lets his youth obsessed wife bully him into retirement and a grand European tour, eventually seeing through her, her promiscuity, and the pretensions of European society and leaving for a civilized widow.
Call It a Day
Episode 3: Call It a Day (Nov 07, 1950)
Comedy about a day in the life of the Hilton family on the first day of spring and the romantic complications that ensue when the brother of a friend mistakes Mrs. Hilton for his prospective bride while daughter Cath mourns the end of her relationship with a married artist.
Three Men on a Horse
Episode 4: Three Men on a Horse (Nov 21, 1950)
Farce about a greeting card writer with a knack for choosing the winners at racetracks. A group of gamblers kidnap him and force him to pick the horses for their profit. Little do his captors know that when he attends the track, his talent is ineffective.
The Barretts of Wimpole Street
Episode 5: The Barretts of Wimpole Street (Dec 05, 1950)
Story about 19th century English poet Elizabeth Barrett, a semi-invalid, who finds romance with fellow poet Robert Browning, much to the dismay of her controlling father.
Over 21
Episode 6: Over 21 (Dec 19, 1950)
Middle-aged couple's life is turned upside down when the husband enlists in the army during WWII.
Episode 7: Burlesque (Jan 02, 1951)
Vaudevillians Skid and Bonny are partners onstage and off. When success comes to comedian Skid, he develops an oversized ego and a taste for booze. With help from friends, he gets back on the stage and reclaims his place in Bonny's act and in heart.
Episode 8: Skylark (Jan 16, 1951)
Sophisticated romantic comedy about a neglected wife who decides to divorce her workaholic husband. She has an affair with a playboy that turns sour and decides to return to her husband.
Episode 9: Icebound (Jan 30, 1951)
In Veazie, Maine where the people are cold, hard, and austere, live the Jordan family. The mother is a stern, sad old woman. Ben, the younger son, has more warmth in his nature than the rest of his family. His only real friend is a warm-hearted girl, Jane Crosby, a ward of his mother. When his mother is expected to die Ben returns. Ben's greedy, anxious relatives gather in the parlor of the Jordan home to await the death of the old lady and the reading of her will by the family lawyer. When the old woman leaves all her property to Jane, the family is more concerned at that than over her death. To win Ben back after he becomes enamoured of another girl Jane gives up the inheritance and Ben realizes that the two of them belong together.
Berkeley Square
Episode 10: Berkeley Square (Feb 13, 1951)
Fantasy time travel story about a man who is transported back to the 18th century while at his ancestral home in England. There he meets and falls in love with one of his ancestors, Helen a distant cousin. He can't tolerate the conditions of an earlier time so he returns to the present and finds out Helen died a maiden and he decides to remain unmarried and reunite with Helen in death.
Ruggles of Red Gap
Episode 11: Ruggles of Red Gap (Feb 27, 1951)
Condensed version of the classic tale of an English butler who is ""lost"" in a poker game by his noble English employer to a nouveau-riche couple from the American West. Once out west he charms the community and, ultimately, resigns from service to open a restaurant.
One Sunday Afternoon
Episode 12: One Sunday Afternoon (Mar 13, 1951)
Biff Grimes, a dentist, marries Amy but thinks he should have married Virginia instead. When he meets Virginia a few years later she's become a materialistic social climber, married to a wealthy blowhard, and he realizes he made the right choice.
The Bishop Misbehaves
Episode 13: The Bishop Misbehaves (Mar 27, 1951)
Tale about a mystery reading, crime solving English cleric aided by his sister.

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