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Silent Partner

Brenda seeks help from a businessman, played by guest star Jason George (Grey's Anatomy), with old ties to the neighborhood where Turell Baylor was murdered.

Release Date: Mon, Jun 13, 2005

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 46

Kyra Sedgwick
Brenda Leigh Johnson
Corey Reynolds
David Gabriel
Robert Gossett
Russell Taylor
G.W. Bailey
Louie Provenza
Tony Denison
Andy Flynn
Phillip P. Keene
Officer Buzz Watson
Jon Tenney
Special Agent Fritz Howard
Raymond Cruz
Julio Sanchez
Mary McDonnell
Captain Sharon Raydor
Matt McCoy
Kevin Adams

Season 7:

Unknown Trouble
Episode 1: Unknown Trouble (Jul 11, 2011)
Brenda and the squad investigate the owner of a hip-hop record label when one of his rap artists and six innocent bystanders are gunned down. The case hits home for Gabriel who knows two of the victims from church. Meanwhile, Chief Delk is getting ready to announce the department’s new organizational chart just as Brenda becomes the target of a civil suit against the police department.
Repeat Offender
Episode 2: Repeat Offender (Jul 18, 2011)
Brenda has to figure out how house sitting led to the death of a young lady. As the fallout from the civil lawsuit continues Captian Rader has to broaden her investigation to include the LAPD while the realignment within be in LAPD gets started.
To Serve with Love
Episode 3: To Serve with Love (Jul 25, 2011)
Flynn and Provenza get into the usual trouble moonlighting as process servers when a man dies shortly after they serve him.
Under Control
Episode 4: Under Control (Aug 01, 2011)
Tao's son works at a camp where a boy goes missing.
Forgive Us Our Trespasses
Episode 5: Forgive Us Our Trespasses (Aug 08, 2011)
A family works to protect their late minister's reputation from scandal. Meanwhile, most of the Major Crimes Division is subpoenaed, raising suspicions about the one who wasn't.
Home Improvement
Episode 6: Home Improvement (Aug 15, 2011)
A body turns up on a home construction site, while Brenda and Fritz weigh the expense of a high priced attorney.
A Family Affair
Episode 7: A Family Affair (Aug 22, 2011)
The team investigates the puzzling death of a fellow officer's daughter. Elsewhere, Captain Raydor advances in her meticulous audit of Brenda's unit and begins to sharpen focus on Detective Sanchez.
Death Warrant
Episode 8: Death Warrant (Aug 29, 2011)
Brenda seeks Capt. Raydor's help in an investigation of possible police brutality; Brenda's attorney starts deposing the squad about the Baylor case.
Star Turn
Episode 9: Star Turn (Sep 05, 2011)
Brenda can't understand what led to a father's disappearance just as his daughter's single was about to hit the charts making her famous very quickly. Brenda has an opportunity to make her lawsuit disappear by settling with the family that brought it against her but that deal may not be as good as everybody hoped it would.
Fresh Pursuit
Episode 10: Fresh Pursuit (Sep 12, 2011)
The squad investigates the death of a deputy sheriff; the judge considers dropping the charges against Brenda.
Necessary Evil
Episode 11: Necessary Evil (Nov 28, 2011)
The death of a high school principal who had been trying to raise test scores at his school to prevent it from being closed causes Brenda and Fritz to fight over who has control of the case because an already existing FBI investigation causes the cases to overlap.
You Have the Right to Remain Jolly
Episode 12: You Have the Right to Remain Jolly (Dec 05, 2011)
Fred Willard (Modern Family) guest stars as Santa Jack, the owner of a Christmas village who believes he could be the real Father Christmas.
Relative Matters
Episode 13: Relative Matters (Dec 12, 2011)
Brenda's parents return with surprising news that keeps Brenda's mind from her case.
Road Block
Episode 14: Road Block (Dec 19, 2011)
The LAPD's Police Commissioner and his wife, Gail, may be in trouble when Brenda becomes determined to uncover a scandal one of them tried to cover up.
Silent Partner
Episode 15: Silent Partner (Dec 26, 2011)
Brenda seeks help from a businessman, played by guest star Jason George (Grey's Anatomy), with old ties to the neighborhood where Turell Baylor was murdered.
Hostile Witness
Episode 16: Hostile Witness (Jul 09, 2012)
Brenda encounters her nemesis, Philip Stroh. the defense attorney she suspects is a murdering rapist. Obsessed with taking him down, she pulls a shock-and-awe courtroom stunt that jeopardizes a case and lands her in hot water with the new D.A..
Fool's Gold
Episode 17: Fool's Gold (Jul 16, 2012)
Provenza tries to help his ex-wife locate her wedding ring, but he stumbles into red-faced fumbles that include a robbery, an evidence-destroying canine and a frenetic appraiser.
Drug Fiend
Episode 18: Drug Fiend (Jul 23, 2012)
Investigating the death of a beloved cancer doctor hits too close to home for Brenda who's already upset after learning that Pope is monitoring everything she does.
Last Rites
Episode 19: Last Rites (Jul 30, 2012)
The murder of a priest puts the squad on a collision course with the Catholic Church and drives a wedge between Brenda and Chief Pope. Meanwhile, Brenda’s parents are in town while her father continues his cancer treatments.
Armed Response
Episode 20: Armed Response (Aug 06, 2012)
Brenda finds a young couple involved to in the investigation by accident after finding two people dead outside in the street Brenda has no idea that the DA is watching her every move Capitan Raydor and Chief Pope find out who the leak is.
The Last Word
Episode 21: The Last Word (Aug 13, 2012)
In the series finale, we bid a final farewell to Brenda Leigh Johnson. When a young man calls 911 to report seeing someone being buried in Griffith Park, police find not only her remains, but those of several other women who were kills as far back as two years ago. Brenda immediately suspects Philip Stroh and, despite departmental restrictions, sets out to finally tie him to the murders. Meanwhile, the witness who called 911 makes Brenda look at her life and future. Stay tuned to the next show, Major Crimes, which will pick up from the moment The Closer ends. A large portion of the characters are moving to the new show. to work under the new supervisor of Major Crimes, Captain Sharon Raydor.

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