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Are You Being Served? (1972)

This comedy series, which follows the exploits of employees at London's fictional "Grace Brothers" department store, is full of sexual innuendo, slapstick, visual gags, and double entendres. Much of the show's humor parodies Britain's class system, and many of the show's characters are based on stereotypes of the period, including the effeminate Mr. Humphries and the rich, but stingy, store owner.

Release Date: Fri, Sep 08, 1972

Country: GB
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Frank Thornton
Captain Peacock
John Inman
Mr. Humphries
Mollie Sugden
Mrs. Slocombe
Wendy Richard
Miss Brahms
Mike Berry
Mr. Spooner

Season 10:

Goodbye Mrs. Slocombe
Episode 1: Goodbye Mrs. Slocombe (Feb 18, 1985)
Mrs. Slocombe is forcibly retired from her position. Mr. Humphries and Captain Peacock get her job back, but they are retired in the same manner. They end the show as the cleaner and the lift operator.
Grounds for Divorce
Episode 2: Grounds for Divorce (Feb 25, 1985)
When Captain Peacock tries to salvage his marriage, he resorts to radical measures to discourage an admirer.
The Hold Up
Episode 3: The Hold Up (Mar 04, 1985)
When the store is robbed late one night, the staff determine to capture the burglars themselves.
Gambling Fever
Episode 4: Gambling Fever (Mar 11, 1985)
Security cameras are again installed at Grace Brothers, and when the staff bet their bonuses on a horse race, it's up to Mr. Humphries to mime the race to them by closed-circuit.
The Night Club
Episode 5: The Night Club (Mar 18, 1985)
When Old Mr. Grace decides to allow the staff to use the store for after-hours money-making, they decide to open a nightclub. However, the advertising campaign has some rather unexpected results.
Friends and Neighbours
Episode 6: Friends and Neighbours (Mar 25, 1985)
When traveling to and from work becomes difficult, the staff threaten to resign unless they receive a travel allowance. Old Mr. Grace offers them the empty apartments on the top floor as living space, but they soon discover cohabitation isn't what it's cracked up to be.
The Pop Star
Episode 7: The Pop Star (Apr 01, 1985)
This episode we find Mr. Spooner is about to be discovered by a record company. One problem is that his voice keeps giving out. Mr. Humphries gives him a tonic and he recoveres for a little while. While auditioning on tv with Grace Brothers Staff, his voice gives out.

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