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Ghost Adventures (2008)

Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans and his crew, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, search for haunted locations both domestically and internationally. During their investigations, Zak and crew acquaint themselves with the general area; interview locals about the hauntings; and go face-to-face with the evil spirits who reportedly haunt these locations.

Release Date: Fri, Oct 17, 2008

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 45

Season 20:

Horror in Biggs
Episode 1: Horror in Biggs (Feb 27, 2020)
The crew investigates a demonic entity terrorizing a small California town.
Franklin Castle
Episode 2: Franklin Castle (Mar 05, 2020)
Zak and the crew investigate the most-haunted residence in Ohio.
Union Brewery of Death
Episode 3: Union Brewery of Death (Mar 12, 2020)
The crew is back in Virginia City, NV, to investigate a haunted brewery.
Nightmare in Antelope
Episode 4: Nightmare in Antelope (Mar 19, 2020)
Zak and the crew travel to the Antelope Valley in Sacramento, California, to confront a demonic entity that's tearing a family apart. Zak believes an exorcism may be the only way to save them from the dark and powerful forces plaguing their home.
Goodwin Home Invasion
Episode 5: Goodwin Home Invasion (Mar 26, 2020)
Aaron's father, Don, calls Zak and the crew to his Las Vegas home to investigate threatening paranormal activity. The terrifying apparition of a little girl and a dark, powerful presence a neighbor believes is a witch has left Don scared for his life.
Haunted Hollow Forest
Episode 6: Haunted Hollow Forest (Apr 02, 2020)
Zak and the crew investigate reports of a mysterious gray entity haunting an ancient plot of land in West Haven, Utah. They uncover compelling evidence that suggests the paranormal creature originated with a shaman's curse.
The Chinatown Poltergeist
Episode 7: The Chinatown Poltergeist (Apr 09, 2020)
Zak and the crew investigate claims of poltergeist activity at a Las Vegas tiki bar. The staff believes a horrendous shooting on the property in 1995 may be responsible for recent sightings of moving objects, flying shadow figures and a ghost girl.
Beneath the Bonanza
Episode 8: Beneath the Bonanza (Apr 16, 2020)
A saloon in Virginia City, Nev., where staff are being violently attacked by an entity that inhabits the basement; a haunted artifact known as the Suicide Table may be responsible for the aggressive activity.
Industrial District of the Dammed
Episode 9: Industrial District of the Dammed (Apr 23, 2020)
Investigating a 120-year-old building in Salt Lake City's industrial district; local business owners claim paranormal activity has recently ramped up after a break-in revealed remnants of a dark ritual in the basement.

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