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Ghostbusters (1986)

Jake Kong Jr. and Eddie Spencer Jr. are sons of the original Ghost Busters, and they work alongside Tracy the Gorilla (who also worked with their fathers). Together, they are dedicated to ridding the world of the evil ghost wizard Prime Evil and his cast of henchmen.

Release Date: Mon, Sep 08, 1986

Country: US
Language: Fr
Runtime: 30

Lou Scheimer
Tracy the Gorilla / Anabone / Skelevision / Fuddy / Fib Face / Sir Trance-A-Lot
Alan Oppenheimer
Merlin / Prime Evil / Fangster / Captain Long John Scarechrome / Airhead
Pat Fraley
Jake Kong, Jr. / Ghost Buggy, Jr. / Scared Stiff
Susan Blu
Belfry / Futura / Jessica Wray
Linda Gary
Madam Why / Mysteria / Apparitia
Erika Scheimer
Corky / Skelevator / Shock Clock
Peter Cullen
Eddie Spenser, Jr. / Haunter / Brat-a-Rat / Floatzart / Big Evil / Corpulon

Season 1:

I'll Be a Son of a Ghostbuster
Episode 1: I'll Be a Son of a Ghostbuster (Sep 08, 1986)
The original Ghostbusters decide to retire and turn their ghostbusting business over to their sons. When their fathers are kidnapped by Prime Evil's ghosts, Jake and Eddie must overcome their fears and go ghostbusting sooner than they expected by journeying to the future.
Frights of the Roundtable
Episode 2: Frights of the Roundtable (Sep 09, 1986)
Arriving in the future the Ghostbusters bust their first ghosts and meet Futura, the bewitching Ghostbuster of the future. They learn of an ancient Stone Tablet which has clues to their fathers' whereabouts leading them back in time to Camelot.
No Pharoah at All
Episode 3: No Pharoah at All (Sep 10, 1986)
In Camelot the Ghostbusters team-up with Merlin's apprentice Fuddy in order to battle Sir Trance-A-Lot and recover the next piece of the Stone Tablet. Then they must travel back in time to ancient Egypt where Apparitia and Airhead capture Tracy intent on mummifying him.
The Secret of Mastodon Valley
Episode 4: The Secret of Mastodon Valley (Sep 11, 1986)
As Jake and Futura attempt to rescue Tracy. Eddie gets lost and is worshipped by the Egyptians as the ghost of the Great Pharoah. The Ghostbusters must race to get their act together in an effort to locate the next piece of the Stone Tablet.
The Ones Who Saved the Future
Episode 5: The Ones Who Saved the Future (Sep 12, 1986)
Avoiding danger in prehistoric times and escaping the Ghost of the Missing Link, the Ghostbusters and Futura are overpowered and imprisoned in Prime Evil's Hauntquaters. The Ghostbusters must locate their fathers and defeat all of the ghosts before being turned into ghosts themselves.
Witch's Stew
Episode 6: Witch's Stew (Sep 15, 1986)
The Ghostbusters race back in time to rescue Futura from Prime Evil at a Salem witch trial. They must not only stop the villain's latest plan, but they must convince the townsfolk that they are not evil spirits.
Mummy Dearest
Episode 7: Mummy Dearest (Sep 16, 1986)
Knowing the world would come to a standstill without any oil Prime Evil transforms Airhead into a giant so that he can scare the workers from the oil fields. The Ghostbusters travel to the Middle East to defeat the giant mummy.
Wacky Wax Museum
Episode 8: Wacky Wax Museum (Sep 17, 1986)
The Ghostbusters happily journey to Paris for the unveiling of their statues in Madame Tutu's Wax Museum. During their visit they have to stop the Tooth Scaries from bringing evil statues to life and prevent the Eiffel Tower from being destroyed.
Statue of Liberty
Episode 9: Statue of Liberty (Sep 18, 1986)
Jake's grandfather is due to be sworn in as a citizen of the United States of America, but during the ceremony everyone is shocked to discover that Prime Evil has stolen the Statue of Liberty. The Ghostbusters must rush to save the day.
The Ransom of Eddie Spenser
Episode 10: The Ransom of Eddie Spenser (Sep 19, 1986)
Prime Evil's latest plan has his Thunder Ghosts scaring the clouds into making it rain in an attempt to flood the Earth. Jake and Tracy are torn between saving the Earth or saving Eddie who has been captured by Prime Evil.
Eddie Takes Charge
Episode 11: Eddie Takes Charge (Sep 22, 1986)
When Jake and Jessica go on a date Eddie and Tracy go to the rescue of a little girl which turns out to be a trap laid by Prime Evil and find themselves in an old ghost town where they meet a good ghost named Sheriff Stumbleweed and learn that Prime Evil has brought together the most fearsome ghosts from across the universe.
The Great Ghost Gorilla
Episode 12: The Great Ghost Gorilla (Sep 23, 1986)
While patrolling the skies the Ghostbusters are taken by surprise and Tracy is kidnapped. Traveling to another planet the Ghostbusters learn that it is the Great Ghost Gorilla who has kidnapped Tracy and is planning to use him as the model for an army of super gorilla robots.
A Friend in Need
Episode 13: A Friend in Need (Sep 24, 1986)
Prime Evil's rival, Big Evil arrives at Hauntquarters and using his Specter Scepter overpowers and imprisons the villain. In order to save the Earth the Ghostbusters find themselves working alongside Prime Evil.
No Mo' Snow
Episode 14: No Mo' Snow (Sep 25, 1986)
Prime Evil creates a dragon to melt the polar ice caps and flood the Earth. When the Ghostbusters discover their Ghost Command underwater they race to the North Pole where they find that fighting a fire-breathing dragon is not an easy bust.
Prime Evil's Good Deed
Episode 15: Prime Evil's Good Deed (Sep 26, 1986)
Big Evil returns to Hauntquarters and curses Prime Evil with the Arcane Curse, a spell that can only be broken by performing a geniune heartfelt good deed. A battle between Prime Evil and Big Evil takes place at Ghost Command with no winner in sight for the Ghostbusters.
Cyman's Revenge
Episode 16: Cyman's Revenge (Sep 29, 1986)
In the future the evil cyborg Cyman sends a ghostly being into the master computer of the Star Base Crusader in attempt to get revenge on Futura. The Ghostbusters travel to the future, shrink themselves down and enter the master computer, not knowing what lies ahead of them.
The Headless Horseman Caper
Episode 17: The Headless Horseman Caper (Sep 30, 1986)
When Prime Evil sends Fangster to retrieve the Aztec Medallion, the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow, a former hench-ghost of Prime Evil arrives at the Ghostbusters Ghost Command warning them of the danger. But can they trust him?
Banish That Banshee
Episode 18: Banish That Banshee (Oct 01, 1986)
After a howling contest takes place at Hauntquarters Prime Evil summons the Wailing Banshee whose voice can cause thunderstorms. The Ghostbusters must go back in time and find a leprechaun to help them defeat the Banshee.
Episode 19: Rollerghoster (Oct 02, 1986)
A newly opened ghostly-themed amusement park prompts Prime Evil to send Apparitia and Bratarat to haunt it. When the Ghostbusters realize that the ghosts are loose in the park they fight back, but they must first find Jessica's mischievous nephew Corky.
He Went Brat-A-Way
Episode 20: He Went Brat-A-Way (Oct 03, 1986)
In an attempt to impress Bratarina, Bratarat capitalizes on Prime Evil's vacation claming that he owns Hauntquarters. The Ghostbusters race to England to stop Bratarat, but not before the villain has already overthrown Buckingham Palace.
The Looking Glass Warrior
Episode 21: The Looking Glass Warrior (Oct 06, 1986)
When the other-dimensional Invertroids begin capturing people through mirrors the Ghostbusters join forces with Jessica's uncle John Guardian in order to defeat them. But for the Ghostbusters to prevail a great sacrifice has to be made.
Laser and Future Rock
Episode 22: Laser and Future Rock (Oct 07, 1986)
The Ghostbusters travel to the future to help Futura save her nephew, Laser and his friends Rae and Tempo who have been captured by Corpulon, a large slug-like energy ghost who seeks vengeance against Futura.
Runaway Choo-Choo
Episode 23: Runaway Choo-Choo (Oct 08, 1986)
The Ghostbusters travel to Norway to guard peace prize winner Dr. Alex Miller and Jessica from Prime Evil's latest ghostly plan. The gang not only has to protect Dr. Miller from Apparitia and Scared Stiff, but also stop the runaway train they find themselves on.
Dynamite Dinosaurs
Episode 24: Dynamite Dinosaurs (Oct 09, 1986)
Prime Evil sends Haunter to steal a recently discovered dinosaur egg, believing that he can raise the creature and conquer the earth. The Ghostbusters journey back to the past with the egg to reunite it with its mother before it hatches.
Episode 25: Ghostbunglers (Oct 10, 1986)
The Ghostbusters go back in time to ancient Rome to aid Madam Why's great ancestor , Tonya and prevent Prime Evil's ghosts from stealing a magical wreath owned by Julius Ceasar. It is not long before the Ghostbusters are taking part in a deadly chariot race against Marcus Phantamus.
My Present to the Future
Episode 26: My Present to the Future (Oct 13, 1986)
When a young boy named Copernicus Randall sees Fangster in the moon through his new telescope. The Ghostbusters must find out why Prime Evil is trying to prevent the young boy from looking into the stars. They discover the truth in the future.
The Beastly Buggy
Episode 27: The Beastly Buggy (Oct 14, 1986)
The Ghostbusters take part in a round the world race in an effort to raise money for a charity. Unfortunately the late entrant turns at to be Hot Rod, driving Prime Evil's Beastly Buggy. The Ghostbusters have to cope with many obstacles that Prime Evil throws at them to win the race.
Belfry Leads the Way
Episode 28: Belfry Leads the Way (Oct 15, 1986)
When Prime Evil discovers mole creatures living in underground caves with an entrance at the North Pole he and Apparitia see an opportunity to overthrow the Earth. Belfry and the Ghostbusters attempt to stop Prime Evil and convince the mole-like people that they are friends.
The Battle For Ghost Command
Episode 29: The Battle For Ghost Command (Oct 16, 1986)
The Ghostbusters are puzzled when their ghostly devices in Ghost Command begin acting crazy. A strange green vapor appears to be the cause of the odd behavior. When the Ghostbusters travel into the sewer to discover the source they also they find out the vapor is coming from a toxic waste factory.
Going Ape
Episode 30: Going Ape (Oct 17, 1986)
When Prime Evil's cousin, Count Grumpette creates a double of Tracy using some of the ape's hairs he sends the clone to create havoc. The Ghostbusters are shocked when Tracy is imprisoned and vow to prove their friend's innocence.
The Haunting of Gizmo
Episode 31: The Haunting of Gizmo (Oct 20, 1986)
Prime Evil's latest plan to defeat the Ghostbusters has his ghosts travel to the future and reprogram Morrow's robot Roballos for evil. Back in the past, the Ghostbusters are surprised to find themselves attacked by robots they believed to be good.
Episode 32: Ghostnappers (Oct 21, 1986)
Madam Why receives a gift that turns out to be from Prime Evil and spirits her away as his captive in Hauntquaters. Using her as bait he captures the Ghostbusters, so its up Futura and Jessica to save the day.
Inside Out
Episode 33: Inside Out (Oct 22, 1986)
Prime Evil steals the futuristic Megalaser device and hides it in the center of the earth prompting the Ghostbusters to retrieve it. However, when they arrive they discover that Prime Evil's Golem warriors have overthrown the peaceful inhabitants who dwell in the depths below.
The Sleeping Dragon
Episode 34: The Sleeping Dragon (Oct 23, 1986)
Jessica, Futura and the Ghostbusters travel to China to discover why the Sleeping Dragon has awoken and is turning people into stone. When they arrive Jake and Eddie are turned to stone, and will only be freed along with all the other people if Jessica, Futura and Tracy agree to compete against the Dragon's warriors.
The Phantom of the Big Apple
Episode 35: The Phantom of the Big Apple (Oct 24, 1986)
Always trying to get the latest scoop, Jessica receives a note and decides to meet with the mysterious person it came from. She is soon captured by the Phantom who wants to use her TV show to tell the people to surrender. As he threatens her, the Ghostbusters battle their way through the New York nightmares!
Shades of Dracula
Episode 36: Shades of Dracula (Oct 27, 1986)
When the Ghostbusters receive a call from the Mayor of Transylvania they learn that much to everyone's surprise, the famous Count Dracula has returned! The Ghostbusters travel to Transylvania but even they are not prepared to fight one of the greatest villains of all time.
Outlaw In-Laws
Episode 37: Outlaw In-Laws (Oct 28, 1986)
In his latest plan to rule the world Prime Evil decides to amplify Belfry's sonic blast. However things do not go according to plan when his sister Prime Ordeal and her bratty child Snookums arrive. As the Ghostbusters fight to save Belfry, Prime Evil is occupied with many other problems!
Our Buddy Fuddy
Episode 38: Our Buddy Fuddy (Oct 29, 1986)
In an effort to increase his power Prime Evil sends Haunter and Scared Stiff to kidnap Merlin, only to have them return with Fuddy instead! The Ghostbusters learn of Fuddy's capture and race to his rescue as he is subjected to the jokes of a giant rat with no sense of humor!
Train To Doom-De-Doom-Doom
Episode 39: Train To Doom-De-Doom-Doom (Oct 30, 1986)
The Ghostbusters receive a call from Prince Otis of Petronia who asks them to protect the Royal Crown of Petronia situated in England's Tower of London. Prime Evil wishes to obtain the crown so that he can take advantage of the Royal Law which dictates that he must be declared King of Petronia!
The Princess and the Troll
Episode 40: The Princess and the Troll (Oct 31, 1986)
In Fairy Land Prince Delwin and Princess Gwendolyn are about to be married when the evil ghost Gimghoul appears and conjures the Prince away! Unknown to all he has been transformed into a Troll and it is up to the Ghostbusters to aid the former Prince and reclaim the Kingdom.
Second Chance
Episode 41: Second Chance (Nov 03, 1986)
The Tooth Scaries, a quartet of mischievous inner city ghosts are persuaded by Prime Evil to steal the Diamond of the Nile which was stolen from him four thousand years ago. The Ghostbusters must convince the Tooth Scaries with the help of their sister Flossy that good is better than evil.
Tracy Come Back
Episode 42: Tracy Come Back (Nov 04, 1986)
Tracy is captured by Prime Evil and placed in a machine which will replace all of his good memories with memories in which Prime Evil always wins and he always fails. That Ghostbusters work against time to bring the big ape back to normal.
Doggone Werewolf
Episode 43: Doggone Werewolf (Nov 05, 1986)
Fangster goes out on his own and locates the Lost Bone of the Werewolf. With the mysterious bone he plans to complete a magical archway that can transform dogs into savage werewolves. Fangster must not only overpower the Ghostbusters for his plan to succeed, but also face the wrath of Prime Evil.
That's No Alien
Episode 44: That's No Alien (Nov 06, 1986)
Prime Evil and his gang of ghosts journey to the 24th century and pose as aliens. Prime Evil plans to befriend the people and gain control over the Global Energy Station with which he can overthrow the Earth. It is up to the Ghostbusters to find the aliens whom the spacecraft actually belongs to.
Episode 45: Scareplane (Nov 07, 1986)
Prime Evil hijacks Galaxy Airlines' Star Wing test flight; their secret new ship that has the ability to travel through space like no other ship. The Ghostbusters and Futura must team-up and prevent Prime Evil from gaining complete control of the most powerful ship of its kind.
The Ghost of Don Quixote
Episode 46: The Ghost of Don Quixote (Nov 10, 1986)
In Spain an unscrupulous mine owner plans to evict a farmer and his family from their property by using force. The Ghostbusters must help, but when the ghost of Don Quixote appears they question whether or not they can trust the aid of a ghost.
The White Whale
Episode 47: The White Whale (Nov 11, 1986)
The evil ghost Harpoon and his hip full of pirates kidnap the ghost of Moby Dick and they ghost of Captain Ahab. With Moby Dick in his power, Harpoon plans to capture space liners and continue plundering. The Ghostbusters learning of this race to rescue Moby Dick and Captain Ahab.
Whither Why
Episode 48: Whither Why (Nov 12, 1986)
The Batz; Beauregard, Rafter and Eaves, are horrified when their close friend Madam Why is kidnapped by the evil Wormwood. The villain plans to drain all of Madam Why's powers and add them to his own. The Ghostbusters must team-up with the Batz and overcome the many obstacles Wormwood throws in their direction.
Knight of Terror
Episode 49: Knight of Terror (Nov 13, 1986)
Corky's friend Gene, a young computer genius, is kidnapped by Prime Evil. The villain plans to use the boy to help take over the computers that control nuclear missiles and rule the world. Prime Evil's cousin the King of Terror uses his ghostly powers to scare Corky into not telling anyone about the incident.
The Girl Who Cried Vampire
Episode 50: The Girl Who Cried Vampire (Nov 14, 1986)
The Ghostbusters travel to a Moon Colony in the future to help install an anti-ghost security device. Whilst there they meet Keyta, a little girl with a penchant for false alarms. However when Keyta sees two vampires disguising themselves as humans can she get anyone to believe her?
Little Big Bat
Episode 51: Little Big Bat (Nov 17, 1986)
When Prime Evil learns that Belfry wants to be bigger he disguises himself as the magician Monroe and hands him an amulet to help him. When Belfry shows the amulet to the Ghostbusters it shoots out a beam, shrinking them. Belfry must learn a valuable lesson as he helps Jessica and Futura save the Ghostbusters.
Really Roughing It
Episode 52: Really Roughing It (Nov 18, 1986)
The Ghostbusters, in an effort to get away from it all, take a vacation in the wilderness with Corky. However, the evil ghosts Benny and Clyde have stolen a statue for Prime Evil and are hiding out nearby. When Corky is captured by the gruesome twosome the Ghostbusters rush to his rescue.
The Bad Old Days
Episode 53: The Bad Old Days (Nov 19, 1986)
At Hauntquaters, Prime Evil taps the power of four mysterious urns unleashing the spirits of the four phantoms of Babylon! With their power the villain plans on sending the world back to the time of Ancient Babylon in a nefarious plot to take over the world. The Ghostbusters must travel through time to stop him!
The Curse of the Diamond of Gloom
Episode 54: The Curse of the Diamond of Gloom (Nov 20, 1986)
Professor Von Ziflin locates the Diamond of Gloom, which is promptly stolen by Prime Evil's goons. The Ghostbusters retrieve it from Hauntquarters and must return it to its temple before the full moon or the Earth will be forever cursed.
The Bind That Ties
Episode 55: The Bind That Ties (Nov 21, 1986)
When the mysterious Vodun appears Prime Evil sends Scared Stiff and Haunter to capture the large creature. In an unexpected set of circumstances Eddie finds himself chained to Vodun with their enforced adventure giving both the monster and human a new perception of the other.
Like Father, Like Son
Episode 56: Like Father, Like Son (Nov 24, 1986)
Prime Evil sends Sir Trance-A-Lot into the past to capture Jake's great-grandfather, Marshall Clint, and bring him to Hauntquarters. Prime Evil places a curse on Marshall Clint, a werewolf curse that now curses every generation of the Kong family!
The Fourth Ghostbuster
Episode 57: The Fourth Ghostbuster (Nov 25, 1986)
The Ghostbusters offer Corky the position of honorary Ghostbuster. Unfortunately, this honor goes to his head and Corky steals the Ghost Buggy in order to hunt down ghosts and impress his friend. When the Ghostbusters realize that Corky and his friend are missing they pursue the pair to the Hauntquarters.
Country Cousin
Episode 58: Country Cousin (Nov 26, 1986)
As Belfry's cousin Beauregard visits Ghost Command, the Ghostbusters receive a phone call inviting them to attend a party. Jake, Eddie and Tracy leave for the party little knowing that there is no party, and only the evil powerful Mr. Squid awaits them.
A Cold Winter's Night
Episode 59: A Cold Winter's Night (Nov 27, 1986)
When Prime Evil sees a comet passing through space he sends Captain Long John Scarechrome and his band of pirate warriors to capture the comet and direct it towards Earth. The Ghostbusters have no idea what Prime Evil's plan is until the comet strikes the earth and the largest volcano ever seen appears.
Father Knows Beast
Episode 60: Father Knows Beast (Nov 28, 1986)
The Ghostbusters' peace and quiet is broken when a phone call summons them to Scotland where a young boy has accidentally released the Spirit of Slort, the King of the Trolls. When the Ghostbusters are overpowered by the power of the Troll they look to their fathers for help and the original Ghostbusters come out of retirement.
Back To The Past
Episode 61: Back To The Past (Dec 01, 1986)
An evil witch named Sassella arrives at the Hauntquarters claiming that she will scare the Ghostbusters into another line of business by transforming them into five-year olds. The original Ghostbusters once again rush to their sons' rescue with a horde of Prime Evil's ghosts standing in their way.
Pretend Friends
Episode 62: Pretend Friends (Dec 02, 1986)
Prime Evil desires to locate a decoding box that was accidentally dropped from space into the ocean. With the decoding box in his possession he believes that he could use it to learn every secret that the Governments of the world possess. When a new submarine is revealed to have been built Prime Evil sends Captain Long John Scarechrome to steal it.
The Haunted Painting
Episode 63: The Haunted Painting (Dec 03, 1986)
Eddie, wishing to be a great painter, asks Madame Why to conjure up some magic paints for him. When she refuses Prime Evil takes advantage of the situation and sends Eddie some magic paints. It is not long before Eddie has painted a masterpiece, a masterpiece that could lure the Ghostbusters to their doom.
Maze Caves
Episode 64: Maze Caves (Dec 04, 1986)
Captain Long John Scarechrome shows Prime Evil a map leading to a non-existent buried treasure. Knowing that the route would take them to the planet Doom, Prime Evil sends the map to Ghost Command. As Eddie and Tracy head off to find the treasure, Jake and Jessica realize their friends are missing.
The Way You Are
Episode 65: The Way You Are (Dec 05, 1986)
Count Freeze arrives at Hauntquarters informing Prime Evil that he can defeat the Ghostbusters. Prime Evil agrees and it is not long before Jake and Tracy are frozen by the Count in Castle Blackstone. Unknown to the Wizard of Castle Blackstone, Prime Evil offers Eddie the chance to become a super hero.

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