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EastEnders (1985)

The everyday lives of working-class residents of Albert Square, a traditional Victorian square of terrace houses surrounding a park in the East End of London's Walford borough.

  • Julia Smith
  • Tony Holland
Release Date: Tue, Feb 19, 1985

Country: GB
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Season 40:

Episode 1: 01/01/2024 (Jan 01, 2024)
The Knights receive two unexpected visitors, Whitney makes a shocking discovery, and Yolande agrees to keep a secret.
Episode 2: 02/01/2024 (Jan 02, 2024)
The Knight visitors cause a stir, while Whitney struggles in light of recent events.
Episode 3: 03/01/2024 (Jan 03, 2024)
Sonia is excited by a potential prospect, and Denzel misconstrues a situation.
Episode 4: 04/01/2024 (Jan 04, 2024)
Whitney receives comfort from an unlikely source as she makes a decision.
Episode 5: 08/01/2023 (Jan 08, 2024)
Lily returns to school, and Sonia delivers some news.
Episode 6: 09/01/2024 (Jan 09, 2024)
Lauren has an important decision to make, Gina lines Jay up with a running coach, and Peter gets a request.
Episode 7: 10/01/2024 (Jan 10, 2024)
Bobby steps up for a family member under fire, Alfie is let down by a good friend, and Honey and Jay get serious about training.
Episode 8: 11/01/2024 (Jan 11, 2024)
George gives Elaine advice, Sam ruffles feathers by asking some difficult questions, and Zack gets defensive.
Episode 9: 15/01/2024 (Jan 15, 2024)
The residents of Walford gather together for an event, what happened on Christmas Day continues to have repercussions for those involved, and Cindy interferes in Peter’s love life.
Episode 10: 17/01/2024 (Jan 17, 2024)
Sam continues to scheme, and Cindy continues to meddle in her children’s love lives.
Episode 11: 18/01/2024 (Jan 18, 2024)
Sam seeks solace with Ricky, following a reckless move.
Episode 12: 19/01/2024 (Jan 19, 2024)
Yolande supports a Walford resident in their hour of need, and Bobby opens up to Cindy.
Episode 13: 22/01/2024 (Jan 22, 2024)
Kat gets help from an unlikely source, Howie is handed an amazing opportunity, and Cindy speaks her mind.
Episode 14: 23/01/2024 (Jan 23, 2024)
Gina’s decisions have consequences, Kim proves her worth, and Stacey reveals a secret to protect a loved one.
Episode 15: 24/01/2024 (Jan 24, 2024)
Suki bumps into an old friend, Denzel causes concern, Whitney rushes to support a loved one.
Episode 16: 25/01/2024 (Jan 25, 2024)
The women face a new nightmare, Kim worries about Denise, and Penny causes an incident at the market.
Episode 17: 29/01/2024 (Jan 29, 2024)
Denise has a difficult birthday, Alfie befriends a fellow cancer patient, and Denzel gets into trouble.
Episode 18: 30/01/2024 (Jan 30, 2024)
Linda gives Alfie some sage advice, Chelsea tries to help her mum, and a video goes viral, upsetting the Square's teenagers.
Episode 19: 31/01/2024 (Jan 31, 2024)
Penny and Denise cross swords, Suki has a decision to make, and George counsels Denzel.
Episode 20: 01/02/2024 (Feb 01, 2024)
Psychic night at The Vic is illuminating, Yolande gives relationship advice, and Amy feels neglected.
Episode 21: 05/02/2024 (Feb 05, 2024)
A problem with the cafe's plumbing throws the reopening plans into chaos, Bernie tries to impress Nish with a plan, Denise continues to struggle with the Christmas aftermath.
Episode 22: 07/02/2024 (Feb 07, 2024)
An unexpected visitor spells trouble for the residents of Walford, Gina’s suspicions start to grow, and Denzel acts out of character.
Episode 23: 08/02/2024 (Feb 08, 2024)
Elaine takes matters into her own hands, Kat wrestles with a decision, and Ben receives good news.
Episode 24: 09/02/2024 (Feb 09, 2024)
Linda continues to cause concern, and Kat faces another setback.
Episode 25: 12/02/2024 (Feb 12, 2024)
George prepares for a big night, Linda causes her family concern, and Nish plays chef and host.
Episode 26: 13/02/2024 (Feb 13, 2024)
George is stunned by what he learns, Ben and Callum worry about a friend, and Denzel’s fitness regime irritates Amy.
Episode 27: 14/02/2024 (Feb 14, 2024)
George demands the truth, and Gloria confides in Elaine.
Episode 28: 15/02/2024 (Feb 15, 2024)
Amy worries about Jack and Denise, Denzel is shaken up, and Gina puts a plan into action.
Episode 29: 19/02/2024 (Feb 19, 2024)
Stacey realises the severity of the situation, Linda feels supported, and George grapples with a decision.
Episode 30: 20/02/2024 (Feb 20, 2024)
Ricky voices his concerns, Ian’s nose is put out of joint, and Jade makes new friends.
Episode 31: 21/02/2024 (Feb 21, 2024)
Amy is desperate and tries to help, Stacey and Jack have a big chat, and Denise seeks solace from an unlikely source.
Episode 32: 22/02/2024 (Feb 22, 2024)
Denise worries her family, Johnny lays down the law, while Suki has a plan.
Episode 33: 26/02/2024 (Feb 26, 2024)
Jade spies an opportunity, Jack struggles to keep it together, and Kat makes a shocking revelation.
Episode 34: 29/02/2024 (Feb 29, 2024)
Kat puts a dangerous plan into action, Denzel fails to put Amy first, and Dean is hit by a crushing blow.
01/03/2024 - Part 1
Episode 35: 01/03/2024 - Part 1 (Mar 01, 2024)
Stacey reels under the spotlight, Jade is faced with a difficult decision about her future, and Denzel wrestles with his priorities.
01/03/2024 - Part 2
Episode 36: 01/03/2024 - Part 2 (Mar 01, 2024)
Suki finds herself in hot water, Dean makes a calculated decision, and Kathy receives some shocking news.
Episode 37: 04/03/2024 (Mar 04, 2024)
Chaos for Zack and Whitney as they spend five weeks with Bianca in Milton Keynes.
Episode 38: 05/03/2024 (Mar 05, 2024)
Zack struggles to get through to Whitney as she attempts to take matters into her own hands.
Episode 39: 06/03/2024 (Mar 06, 2024)
Zack struggles in the wake of recent events, Gina’s big gesture falls flat, and Denzel is influenced by mean comments.
Episode 40: 07/03/2024 (Mar 07, 2024)
Zack tries to right a wrong, Reiss attempts to cheer up Sonia, and Denzel lies to fuel a new interest.
Episode 41: 11/03/2024 (Mar 11, 2024)
Lily celebrates her first Mother's Day, George is given an ultimatum, and Vinny gives Suki relationship advice.
Episode 42: 12/03/2024 (Mar 12, 2024)
George has a big decision to make, Stacey tries to solve a problem, and Jean struggles to organise a charity auction.
Episode 43: 13/03/2024 (Mar 13, 2024)
Elaine is worried sick, Jack has questions, and Yolande becomes the subject of gossip.
Episode 44: 14/03/2024 (Mar 14, 2024)
Denise faces the future, Phil covers for a friend in need, and Eve and Suki take a big step forward.
Episode 45: 18/03/2024 (Mar 18, 2024)
The Fox-Brannings and Slaters congregate for a barbecue, George struggles on his birthday, and Jean asks a big favour of Linda.
Episode 46: 19/03/2024 (Mar 19, 2024)
Martin has a dilemma, Kathy intervenes in somebody else’s problems, and Jade pleads with Dean.
Episode 47: 20/03/2024 (Mar 20, 2024)
Jade’s fundraiser takes place, Honey is on the warpath, and Lauren's birthday plans falter.
Episode 48: 21/03/2024 (Mar 21, 2024)
Penny is on a mission to help Lauren, Ravi tries to take control, and Martin has a new lady in his sights.
Episode 49: 25/03/2024 (Mar 25, 2024)
Zack makes a grand gesture, but things don’t go to plan, Ben fixes one issue before another arises, and Jean uncovers a worrying truth.
Episode 50: 26/03/2024 (Mar 26, 2024)
Ben finds himself in hot water, Yolande continues to struggle with Denzel’s behaviour, and Avani’s antics test Priya’s patience.
Episode 51: 27/03/2024 (Mar 27, 2024)
Kathy grows suspicious of Phil, Yolande gets advice from an unlikely source, and Ravi grows jealous of a situation.
Episode 52: 28/03/2024 (Mar 28, 2024)
Callum uses his job to his advantage, Lauren issues a stern warning, and Denzel tries a new tactic.
Episode 53: 01/04/2023 (Apr 01, 2024)
Linda makes a horrifying discovery, Harvey’s suspicions are raised further, and Yolande is shocked by unexpected behaviour.
Episode 54: 02/04/2024 (Apr 02, 2024)
Stacey suggests a risky plan, Phil demands answers, and Yolande decides to confront a situation.
Episode 55: 03/04/2024 (Apr 03, 2024)
Bernie’s drunken night takes an unexpected turn, and Dean comes up with a plan.
Episode 56: 04/04/2024 (Apr 04, 2024)
The residents of Walford deal with the fallout from recent events. Dean continues to scheme.
Episode 57: 08/04/2024 (Apr 08, 2024)
Johnny attempts to take charge of a situation, Phil receives backing from an unlikely source, and George suffers another setback.
Episode 58: 09/04/2024 (Apr 09, 2024)
Linda makes a decision based on new information, Eddie issues a chilling threat, and Harvey takes action as his suspicions grow.
Episode 59: 10/04/2024 (Apr 10, 2024)
George faces a devastating turn of events after his day in court, and Denzel’s actions spark a reconciliation.
Episode 60: 11/04/2024 (Apr 11, 2024)
George receives advice from an unlikely source, Linda makes a risky move, and Jay covers for Billy.
Episode 61: 15/04/2024 (Apr 15, 2024)
George can’t contain his emotions, while Patrick arrives home and is suspicious about what’s going on. Jay is surprised when he gets an unexpected voice note.
Episode 62: 16/04/2024 (Apr 16, 2024)
Cindy goes looking for answers, while Denise keeps Patrick in the dark about what's really been going on. Whitney tells a lie.
Episode 63: 17/04/2024 (Apr 17, 2024)
A shocked Jay realises he needs to tell his family some news, the Beales gather to remember Lucy, the fundraiser event takes a dark turn, and Elaine supports a friend in need.
Episode 64: 22/04/2024 (Apr 22, 2024)
The Square is full of excitement as Jay and Honey prepare to run the London Marathon, Whitney and Zack make a worrying discovery, and Billy faces several hurdles as he attempts to make a gesture.
Episode 65: 23/04/2024 (Apr 23, 2024)
Whitney tries to conceal the truth, Jay receives some advice from an unlikely source, and Sonia makes an announcement.
Episode 66: 24/04/2024 (Apr 24, 2024)
Whitney’s meddling backfires, Jade makes an important decision, and Nadine is overcome with guilt.
Episode 67: 25/04/2024 (Apr 25, 2024)
Whitney prepares to face the music, Nadine meets her match, and Jade seeks out the truth.
Episode 68: 29/04/2024 (Apr 29, 2024)
Zack faces some uncomfortable questions. Bernie takes advice from an unlikely source. Billy accidentally puts his foot in it following a conversation with Jay.
Episode 69: 30/04/2024 (Apr 30, 2024)
The Mitchells receive an unwelcome visitor, Zack faces another stumbling block, and Yolande is inspired by Jean.
Episode 70: 01/05/2024 (May 01, 2024)
Lexi attempts to repair the Mitchell family, Yolande’s efforts aren’t received well, and Zack joins forces to fix a new problem.
Episode 71: 02/05/2024 (May 02, 2024)
Yolande’s behaviour starts to raise alarm bells, and Anna makes an upsetting discovery.
Episode 72: 06/05/2024 (May 06, 2024)
Patrick asks the wrong person for help, Anna and Gina make a call in the hope of bringing the family closer, and Martin and Chelsea become party planners.
Episode 73: 07/05/2024 (May 07, 2024)
Elaine is the bearer of bad news, and Yolande and Patrick have a heart-to-heart.
Episode 74: 08/05/2024 (May 08, 2024)
George gets a wake-up call, Billy lashes out, and Whitney has a big question for Bianca.
Episode 75: 09/05/2024 (May 09, 2024)
Cindy goes all out to help, Stevie lays his cards on the table, and Denzel annoys Amy
Episode 76: 13/05/2024 (May 13, 2024)
The Knights pull ranks as they try to get through to George, Bianca enlists Britney’s help for a pre-wedding task, and Amy prepares to take a big step.
Episode 77: 14/05/2024 (May 14, 2024)
George is rocked by recent events, Whitney makes a huge decision following a revelation, and Denzel puts his foot in it.
Episode 78: 15/05/2024 (May 15, 2024)
Penny attempts to fix a situation but unknowingly causes more drama, Nugget lies to conceal a truth, and Alfie is warmed by a gesture.
Episode 79: 16/05/2024 (May 16, 2024)
Whitney faces a daunting prospect, and Tommy tries to play matchmaker.
Episode 80: 20/05/2024 (May 20, 2024)
Zack and Whitney prepare to say ‘I do’, and the Knights are shocked by a discovery. Alfie takes matters into his own hands, but not all is what it seems.
Episode 81: 21/05/2024 (May 21, 2024)
Elaine puts her own emotions aside for her family, Whitney receives advice from an unlikely source, and Kat makes a decision for her boys.
Episode 82: 22/05/2024 (May 22, 2024)
Whitney makes a decision, and George finds an unexpected connection to his heritage.
Episode 83: 23/05/2024 (May 23, 2024)
Whitney is daunted as she puts a plan in motion.
Episode 84: 27/05/2024 (May 27, 2024)
There’s an unexpected visitor at the Panesar house, Cindy makes her disapproval known, and Freddie plays matchmaker.
Episode 85: 28/05/2024 (May 28, 2024)
Ravi struggles with his emotions, while tensions rise for George. Peter steps up for a loved one.
Episode 86: 29/05/2024 (May 29, 2024)
Eve’s birthday celebrations don’t go according to plan, Harvey makes a new friend, and Elaine breaks her silence.
Episode 87: 30/05/2024 (May 30, 2024)
Ravi has a lot to think about, Junior plays peacemaker, and Kathy stands up for her son.

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