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EastEnders (1985)

The everyday lives of working-class residents of Albert Square, a traditional Victorian square of terrace houses surrounding a park in the East End of London's Walford borough.

  • Julia Smith
  • Tony Holland
Release Date: Tue, Feb 19, 1985

Country: GB
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Season 36:

Episode 1: 01/01/2020 (Jan 01, 2020)
Following recent events, secrets and lies continue to simmer away in more than one Walford family.
Episode 2: 02/01/2020 (Jan 02, 2020)
Sonia’s concerns grow for Martin, Mick and Linda have a heart to heart, and the Panesar brothers have some important news for Ash.
Episode 3: 03/01/2020 (Jan 03, 2020)
More than one family is torn apart following the events of Christmas Day, and despite Walford’s biggest secret being exposed, an even bigger one has now formed.
Episode 4: 07/01/2020 (Jan 07, 2020)
Gray is frustrated when he doesn't get the news he wanted, Jay has a stark reminder for Billy, and Whitney takes matters into her own hands
Episode 5: 09/01/2020 (Jan 09, 2020)
Chantelle tries to stay in control, Karen has some home truths for Honey, and Kush issues Leo a warning.
10/01/2020 - Part 1
Episode 6: 10/01/2020 - Part 1 (Jan 10, 2020)
Billy makes an alarming discovery, Whitney makes a risky decision, and Keegan and Vinny strike up a friendship.
10/01/2020 - Part 2
Episode 7: 10/01/2020 - Part 2 (Jan 10, 2020)
Vinny grows irate, Whitney is frustrated by Jack's advice, and Billy's worst fears are confirmed.
Episode 8: 13/01/2020 (Jan 13, 2020)
Louise makes a shocking confession, Linda is forced to face the consequences of her actions, and Leo is furious when Kat scuppers his plan.
Episode 9: 14/01/2020 (Jan 14, 2020)
Phil takes charge of the situation, the Carters receive some exciting news, and Sonia finds herself in an impossible situation.
Episode 10: 16/01/2020 (Jan 16, 2020)
Phil and Ben resort to desperate lengths, Honey opens up to Billy, and Sharon receives support from an unlikely source.
Episode 11: 17/01/2020 (Jan 17, 2020)
Jean and Daniel are the happiest they've ever been, Dotty is left humiliated, and Honey makes a big decision.
Episode 12: 20/01/2020 (Jan 20, 2020)
Linda tries her best to makes amends, Sharon makes an interesting discovery, and Sonia struggles with the pressure of her secret.
Episode 13: 21/01/2020 (Jan 21, 2020)
Mick resorts to desperate lengths to help Linda, Lisa makes an important decision, and Martin makes a worrying discovery.
Episode 14: 23/01/2020 (Jan 23, 2020)
Linda's problems become apparent to everyone, Patrick receives some unexpected news, and Bex issues Dotty a home truth.
Episode 15: 24/01/2020 (Jan 24, 2020)
Sonia takes matters into her own hands, Phil puts his plan into action, and Sharon makes an unlikely ally.
Episode 16: 27/01/2020 (Jan 27, 2020)
Leo makes his presence known, Sharon is distraught at Kathy's news, and a new face arrives in Walford.
Episode 17: 28/01/2020 (Jan 28, 2020)
Martin and Kat are forced to step up, Mick is faced with an impossible situation, and Tiffany is caught off guard.
Episode 18: 30/01/2020 (Jan 30, 2020)
Linda tries to distract herself from her problems, the tension between Kathy and Sharon reaches breaking point, and Iqra tries to reason with Keegan.
Episode 19: 31/01/2020 (Jan 31, 2020)
Kathy makes a big decision, Patrick's suggestion leaves Sheree nervous, and Karen is shocked by Keegan's actions.
Episode 20: 03/02/2020 (Feb 03, 2020)
Linda's drinking leaves her family in a dangerous situation, Denise and Sheree start to make amends, and Kat can’t bring herself to tell Kush the truth.
Episode 21: 04/02/2020 (Feb 04, 2020)
Whitney takes matters into her own hands, Sharon is desperate to fix her relationship with Dennis, and Suki shows her true colours.
Episode 22: 06/02/2020 (Feb 06, 2020)
Bobby is stunned after hearing Ian's confession, Linda is forced to face her problems, and Bernadette is on a mission to find out what happened to Keanu.
Episode 23: 07/02/2020 (Feb 07, 2020)
The Carters are thrown into turmoil, Karen makes a risky move, and Daniel enjoys winding up Stuart and Rainie about his funeral plans.
Episode 24: 10/02/2020 (Feb 10, 2020)
Callum receives a surprise visitor, Mick and Linda put on a united front, and Bex works out a solution to her problems.
Episode 25: 11/02/2020 (Feb 11, 2020)
Mick is left distraught at Linda’s actions, Jean receives a pleasant surprise, and Whitney opens up to Kush about everything that has happened.
Episode 26: 13/02/2020 (Feb 13, 2020)
Linda has a shocking announcement, Leo is on a mission to get what he needs, and things go from bad to worse for Bobby.
Episode 27: 14/02/2020 (Feb 14, 2020)
Whitney finds herself in a very dangerous situation, Kathy plays Ian at his own game, and Mick tries his hardest to make Linda see sense.
Episode 28: 17/02/2020 (Feb 17, 2020)
It’s the day of the Queen Vic’s boat party, but as the punters set sail, the celebrations are thrown into chaos.
Episode 29: 18/02/2020 (Feb 18, 2020)
Ian contemplates reaching out to Bobby, but nothing can prepare him for the news he’s about to receive. As the Beales reel from what’s happened, Peter returns. Bex struggles with her discovery, leading her to take alarming action.
Episode 30: 20/02/2020 (Feb 20, 2020)
Tensions between Ben and Phil are already at an all-time high, and Ben is also at breaking point, determined to go to any lengths to get what he wants. He takes drastic action leading to the ultimate showdown and disaster.
Episode 31: 21/02/2020 (Feb 21, 2020)
As chaos ensues, the grave situation for those on board the boat grows worse. Back in Albert Square, the drama continues.
Episode 32: 24/02/2020 (Feb 24, 2020)
Following the dramatic events, a number of families are in turmoil. For some, things will never be the same again.
Episode 33: 25/02/2020 (Feb 25, 2020)
Gray feels the pressure of his situation, Jean hatches a plan, and Whitney struggles to cope.
Episode 34: 27/02/2020 (Feb 27, 2020)
Lola is left surprised, Stuart takes matters into his own hands, and Jean’s good mood is short lived.
Episode 35: 28/02/2020 (Feb 28, 2020)
One person’s lies begin to unravel, Keegan’s plan for Tiffany backfires, and Shirley is left unsettled.
Episode 36: 02/03/2020 (Mar 02, 2020)
Keegan and Iqra receive some exciting news, and Suki is forced to cover her tracks.
Episode 37: 05/03/2020 (Mar 05, 2020)
Dotty makes an interesting discovery, Gray feels the pressure to deliver for Kush and Whitney, and Lola has a bombshell for Jay.
Episode 38: 06/03/2020 (Mar 06, 2020)
Jean puts her plans in place, while Kush makes a big decision. On the day of Whitney’s bail hearing, she prepares to hear her fate.
Episode 39: 09/03/2020 (Mar 09, 2020)
Gray’s day goes from bad to worse, Jean is on a mission to uncover the truth, and Jay makes a big decision about his future.
Episode 40: 10/03/2020 (Mar 10, 2020)
Lola is caught off guard, Rainie’s past comes back to haunt her, and Kheerat tries his best to charm Chantelle.
12/03/2020 - Part 1
Episode 41: 12/03/2020 - Part 1 (Mar 12, 2020)
Isaac shows his true colours, and Mitch’s suspicions about Gray reach fever pitch.
12/03/2020 - Part 2
Episode 42: 12/03/2020 - Part 2 (Mar 12, 2020)
Stuart thinks he has the best idea to cheer up Rainie, Gray gets the wrong end of the stick, and Sheree gives Isaac some home truths.
Episode 43: 16/03/2020 (Mar 16, 2020)
Gray is desperate to prove himself, Sharon struggles to cope, and Keegan is left frustrated.
Episode 44: 17/03/2020 (Mar 17, 2020)
Sharon makes a heart-wrenching decision, Mitch is left conflicted, and Jack is unimpressed by Isaac’s actions.
Episode 45: 23/03/2020 (Mar 23, 2020)
Everyone anxiously awaits the outcome of Whitney’s bail hearing, Ben hatches a plan, and Ian makes a shocking proposition.
Episode 46: 24/03/2020 (Mar 24, 2020)
Keegan takes matters into his own hands, Linda issues some home truths, and Callum is left distraught.
Episode 47: 30/03/2020 (Mar 30, 2020)
It’s the day of Dennis’s funeral, but a surprise visitor threatens to ruin everything. Meanwhile, Dotty and Vinny strike up a friendship.
Episode 48: 31/03/2020 (Mar 31, 2020)
Sharon struggles to stay in control, Dotty plays with fire, and Mick and Linda make a big decision.
Episode 49: 06/04/2020 (Apr 06, 2020)
Ben is taken aback by Jay’s news, Vinny is gutted when he doesn’t get the help he needs, and Ian revels in his latest plan.
Episode 50: 07/04/2020 (Apr 07, 2020)
Bobby develops a crush, and Vinny is determined to prove himself.
Episode 51: 13/04/2020 (Apr 13, 2020)
Vinny’s plan to prove himself ends in disaster, tensions rise between Keegan and Tiffany, and an unwelcome visitor returns to Walford.
Episode 52: 14/04/2020 (Apr 14, 2020)
Things go from bad to worse for Keegan, Iqra is stunned by Ash’s actions, and Kush is torn.
Episode 53: 20/04/2020 (Apr 20, 2020)
Sonia’s plan to protect Whitney backfires, Stuart gets inspiration from his brother, and Suki is up to her usual tricks.
Episode 54: 21/04/2020 (Apr 21, 2020)
Whitney contemplates her future in the square, Jean gets a touching surprise, and Kush turns to Isaac for help.
Episode 55: 27/04/2020 (Apr 27, 2020)
The stakes are high for Gray, Patrick has a big surprise for Sheree’s birthday, and Lola confides in Callum.
Episode 56: 28/04/2020 (Apr 28, 2020)
Isaac demands the truth from Sheree, Bobby hatches a plan to impress Dotty, and Linda and Mick get a surprising offer.
Episode 57: 04/05/2020 (May 04, 2020)
Chantelle opens up to Kheerat, and Lola fears the worst.
Episode 58: 05/05/2020 (May 05, 2020)
Kush grows concerned about Jean, Ian plans a touching surprise for Sharon, and Linda makes a big decision about the future.
Episode 59: 11/05/2020 (May 11, 2020)
Phil contemplates doing a deal with the devil, Kush and Shirley take drastic action, and Stuart gets wedding inspiration from an unexpected place.
Episode 60: 12/05/2020 (May 12, 2020)
Keegan sees a glimmer of hope, Shirley is taken aback by Jean’s behaviour, and Ben takes advantage of Callum’s new situation.
Episode 61: 18/05/2020 (May 18, 2020)
Suki attempts to manipulate a bad situation in her favour, Ben receives another knockback, and Keegan’s latest actions leave Tiffany torn.
Episode 62: 19/05/2020 (May 19, 2020)
Callum has an idea to help Ben, Lola makes a peace offering to Peter, and Danny has a proposition for Phil.
Episode 63: 25/05/2020 (May 25, 2020)
Phil is floored when Sharon makes an unexpected return. Karen does her best to help Tiffany with Keegan, and Kush feels the pressure.
Episode 64: 26/05/2020 (May 26, 2020)
Recent decisions play on Sharon’s mind, Jean takes Shirley’s guidance to the extreme, and Keegan’s dreams come crashing down.
Episode 65: 01/06/2020 (Jun 01, 2020)
Phil and Ben prepare for the job ahead, but Ben’s hearing problems put him in a life threatening situation.
Episode 66: 02/06/2020 (Jun 02, 2020)
Sharon is faced with a life-changing decision, Denise offers Tiffany some words of encouragement, and Max tries to prove himself to Ruby.
Episode 67: 08/06/2020 (Jun 08, 2020)
Peter and Dotty take their relationship to the next level, tension grows between Phil and Sharon as they battle with a lifechanging decision, and Ian puts on a touching tribute for Dennis.
Episode 68: 09/06/2020 (Jun 09, 2020)
Gray’s anger boils when he jumps to conclusions, Whitney makes a risky move that could change everything, and Max takes action to protect his finances.
Episode 69: 15/06/2020 (Jun 15, 2020)
Trouble is brewing for Dotty as she takes a big risk, Bobby is left heartbroken, and Billy prepares to fight for love.
Episode 70: 16/06/2020 (Jun 16, 2020)
Billy and Karen go on a disaster date, and Phil is more determined than ever to get what he wants.
Episode 71: 07/09/2020 (Sep 07, 2020)
Lockdown in the Queen Vic has been bliss for Ian and Sharon – until Dotty decides to burst their bubble. Callum fears Ben’s crimes have caught up with them, Ruby faces serious financial problems, and Linda and Mick look to build a new life away from the pub.
Episode 72: 08/09/2020 (Sep 08, 2020)
Vinny and Ruby realise that they share an urgent goal, and Kathy worries that Ian has got himself in too deep.
Episode 73: 10/09/2020 (Sep 10, 2020)
Mick is determined to get back on track, Chantelle puts her plan into action, Callum demands the truth.
Episode 74: 11/09/2020 (Sep 11, 2020)
Suki swoops in to help her family – but at what cost? Ben panics as his past comes back to haunt him.
Episode 75: 14/09/2020 (Sep 14, 2020)
Max wants his money back from Ian, Tina and Frankie grow closer, and Ruby demands the truth from Vinny.
Episode 76: 15/09/2020 (Sep 15, 2020)
Ian’s attempt to fix his money issues goes awry, and Ruby makes a shock confession.
Episode 77: 17/09/2020 (Sep 17, 2020)
Stuart's stag and Rainie’s hen do don’t quite go to plan, and Ian tightens the reins on Sharon running the Vic.
Episode 78: 18/09/2020 (Sep 18, 2020)
Chantelle is determined to find a way out.
Episode 79: 21/09/2020 (Sep 21, 2020)
Ruby opens up to Martin and tells him the truth, pressure mounts on Callum to make a choice, and Denise cottons on to Amy’s not-so-secret crush.
Episode 80: 22/09/2020 (Sep 22, 2020)
Callum makes the ultimate gamble on his future, Kheerat ignites Mitch’s suspicions and a big return to the square makes waves.
Episode 81: 24/09/2020 (Sep 24, 2020)
Sharon tries to take the upper hand, while Mitch’s theory upsets Karen.
Episode 82: 25/09/2020 (Sep 25, 2020)
Isaac is put in a tricky situation, while Ruby and Martin’s relationship is tested.
Episode 83: 28/09/2020 (Sep 28, 2020)
Ian’s attempt to solve his money issues falls apart, and Mick’s suspicions rise.
Episode 84: 29/09/2020 (Sep 29, 2020)
Wedding bells ring for Stuart and Rainie, and emotions run high for Mitch and Karen.
Episode 85: 01/10/2020 (Oct 01, 2020)
Jack finally hears the truth, and there’s no turning back for Ian.
Episode 86: 02/10/2020 (Oct 02, 2020)
It’s a big night at the Prince Albert, and sparks fly for Tina.

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