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EastEnders (1985)

The everyday lives of working-class residents of Albert Square, a traditional Victorian square of terrace houses surrounding a park in the East End of London's Walford borough.

  • Julia Smith
  • Tony Holland
Release Date: Tue, Feb 19, 1985

Country: GB
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Season 39:

Episode 1: 01/01/2023 (Jan 01, 2023)
Disaster strikes at the Slaters’ New Year’s Eve party. Chelsea gives Whitney romantic advice, and Ricky makes a decision about his future.
Episode 2: 02/01/2023 (Jan 02, 2023)
The Slaters deal with the fallout from New Year’s Eve. Kat fears the consequences of Phil’s actions, and Nish is determined to strike a deal.
Episode 3: 03/01/2023 (Jan 03, 2023)
Kat faces a desperate plight, and Suki counsels caution to hot-headed Nish.
Episode 4: 04/01/2023 (Jan 04, 2023)
Phil desperately searches for a solution, Billy makes a life-changing decision, and Stacey is determined to get the truth.
Episode 5: 05/01/2023 (Jan 05, 2023)
Phil takes matters into his own hands, but will he be in time? Vinny fights for a role in the Panesar family business.
Episode 6: 09/01/2023 (Jan 09, 2023)
Martin is stunned by what he learns, a blast from the past rattles Zack, and Ricky Jr lashes out at Jack.
Episode 7: 10/01/2023 (Jan 10, 2023)
Zack’s world is turned upside down, Stacey is determined to keep her word, and Denise plans to put the spark back into her marriage.
Episode 8: 11/01/2023 (Jan 11, 2023)
Zack shatters Whitney’s dreams, the Slaters face serious money problems, and an impromptu party at Number 27 ends in a massive row.
Episode 9: 12/01/2023 (Jan 12, 2023)
Denise seeks solace in the bottle and a new friend. Sharon is desperate to find out why Zack’s a mess, and Lola and Jay have a big announcement.
Episode 10: 16/01/2023 (Jan 16, 2023)
Zack gets ready to take responsibility. Denise tries to make a problem disappear. Alfie hits upon a money-making idea.
Episode 11: 17/01/2023 (Jan 17, 2023)
Whitney goes for her first baby scan. Alfie sneakily reopens The Vic. Ben and Jay’s crossed wires cause problems.
Episode 12: 19/01/2023 (Jan 19, 2023)
Alfie’s plan backfires. Lola starts thinking about a face from her past. Zack is desperate for answers.
Episode 13: 20/01/2023 (Jan 20, 2023)
Alfie gathers everyone but the moment is interrupted. Lily makes a big decision. Sam contemplates her future.
Episode 14: 23/01/2023 (Jan 23, 2023)
Lily struggles with a life-changing decision. Jay turns to Linda to help fix a big mistake, and Sonia has an expensive problem to solve.
Episode 15: 24/01/2023 (Jan 24, 2023)
Sam gets the opportunity to make up for past failures. Phil offers to help Billy complete a secret mission. Bernie and Felix compete for a job at The Albert, and Martin realises he needs to support Lily.
Episode 16: 25/01/2023 (Jan 25, 2023)
Billy comes face to face with a new Walford arrival who has a connection to the Square. Ricky has an important question to ask, and Jack struggles with his guilt over Ricky Jr.
Episode 17: 26/01/2023 (Jan 26, 2023)
Will Jay and Lola make it down the aisle? Sam faces a difficult choice, and Sonia is surprised when help arrives.
Episode 18: 30/01/2023 (Jan 30, 2023)
Jack makes his feelings known but isn’t pleased with the reaction. Lola makes a big decision about Lexi, and Felix pitches a money-spinning idea to Kathy.
Episode 19: 31/01/2023 (Jan 31, 2023)
Lexi’s reaction shocks her loved ones, Jack’s behaviour alienates his family, and Zack tries to find out why Sam stayed in Walford.
Episode 20: 01/02/2023 (Feb 01, 2023)
Lola’s new client isn’t everything she seems to be, Patrick tries to calm troubled waters, and Sonia has teething problems with her new lodger.
Episode 21: 02/02/2023 (Feb 02, 2023)
Zack makes a big decision about the future, Lola is spooked by a strange gesture, and Martin is offered an opportunity that’s too good to miss.
Episode 22: 06/02/2023 (Feb 06, 2023)
Lola’s world is turned upside down, Nish is keen to expand the Panesar empire, and Reiss is jealous of Sonia’s free-spirited lodger, Jed.
Episode 23: 07/02/2023 (Feb 07, 2023)
Lola is overcome with emotion after a revelation about her past. Chelsea suspects something is wrong with Whitney, and Zack breaks down to Sharon over recent events.
Episode 24: 09/02/2023 (Feb 09, 2023)
Nish and Vinny go behind Suki’s back, Whitney makes an important decision, and Lola confronts her past.
Episode 25: 10/02/2023 (Feb 10, 2023)
Nish puts his new plan into action, Lola revaluates her time, and Reiss discovers an unsettling truth.
Episode 26: 13/02/2023 (Feb 13, 2023)
Whitney and Stacey clash over Lily, the Brannings' lunch quickly goes wrong, and Chelsea hatches a plan to help Keanu.
Episode 27: 14/02/2023 (Feb 14, 2023)
Whitney’s actions cause issues for Stacey, and Linda struggles on her first Valentine’s Day without Mick.
Episode 28: 15/02/2023 (Feb 15, 2023)
The Slaters prepare for Lily’s first baby scan, Lily faces a major dilemma, and Sharon is determined to help Linda.
Episode 29: 16/02/2023 (Feb 16, 2023)
Eve tries to make up for her past actions, Lily makes a big decision about her future, and Sharon moves forward with her plan.
Episode 30: 20/02/2023 (Feb 20, 2023)
It's an eventful night for the women of Walford at The Vic, Linda is shaken by the past, and Nish and Suki put their plan into action.
Episode 31: 21/02/2023 (Feb 21, 2023)
Kim tries to rope in a man to help with her latest venture, Sharon seeks advice from an unlikely source, and Freddie and Bobby get creative.
Episode 32: 22/02/2023 (Feb 22, 2023)
Denise can’t resist temptation, while Keanu’s behaviour catches up with him. Not wanting to make the wrong decision, Linda seeks advice.
Episode 33: 23/02/2023 (Feb 23, 2023)
Denise plays with fire, but at what cost? Nish continues to scheme to get what he wants. Sharon takes matters into her own hands and makes her feelings known.
27/02/2023 - Part 1
Episode 34: 27/02/2023 - Part 1 (Feb 27, 2023)
Whitney and Zack’s world is turned upside down, Nish is overcome with jealousy, and Howie is proud of Denzel.
27/02/2023 - Part 2
Episode 35: 27/02/2023 - Part 2 (Feb 27, 2023)
Zack and Whitney struggle with the news, Howie’s pride is short-lived, and Stacey must be brutally honest to protect her friend.
Episode 36: 02/03/2023 (Mar 02, 2023)
Nish and Suki come to blows, Whitney pushes her loved ones away, and Rocky hatches a plan.
Episode 37: 03/03/2023 (Mar 03, 2023)
It’s the day of Nish and Suki’s marriage blessing. Whitney and Zack have to face reality.
Episode 38: 06/03/2023 (Mar 06, 2023)
Whitney and Zack face further heartache, Sonia enlists the help of the Walford residents, and Stacey continues to worry.
Episode 39: 07/03/2023 (Mar 07, 2023)
Ash has exciting news, Zack and Whitney struggle and push those around them away, and Denise’s jealousy makes her react in the moment.
Episode 40: 08/03/2023 (Mar 08, 2023)
It’s a big day for Callum, but it doesn’t all go as smoothly as he’d like. Ash is encouraged to have an honest conversation with her mum, and Vi makes a decision.
Episode 41: 09/03/2023 (Mar 09, 2023)
Worried for her family, Stacey makes a rash decision. Nish becomes rattled and thinks the worst.
Episode 42: 13/03/2023 (Mar 13, 2023)
Stacey tries to put a big mistake right, Denise faces a moral conundrum, and Freddie comes up with a bizarre get-rich-quick scheme.
Episode 43: 14/03/2023 (Mar 14, 2023)
A massive argument rocks the Slater family, Ravi comes up with a new way to get what he wants, and Jay is frustrated by Emma’s influence over Lola.
Episode 44: 15/03/2023 (Mar 15, 2023)
Jay’s night out goes horribly wrong, Martin’s return is music to Jean’s ears, and Keanu takes Chelsea on a date.
Episode 45: 16/03/2023 (Mar 16, 2023)
Whitney pushes Zack away as she grieves for Peach. Chelsea demands the truth from Keanu, and Lola and Jay face a difficult day at the hospital.
Episode 46: 20/03/2023 (Mar 20, 2023)
Grieving Whitney struggles to cope on Mother’s Day, Emma makes a big mistake with Lexi, and Ravi is determined to get closer to Chelsea.
Episode 47: 21/03/2023 (Mar 21, 2023)
Is honesty the best policy for Zack? Stacey and Eve get the shock of their lives at the laundrette, and Jay gives Emma an ultimatum.
Episode 48: 22/03/2023 (Mar 22, 2023)
Ravi gatecrashes a family night at Jack and Denise’s place. Zack and Whitney are forced to confront their issues, and loan shark Shiv puts pressure on cash-strapped Stacey.
Episode 49: 23/03/2023 (Mar 23, 2023)
Alfie races against the clock to get Stacey’s loan repayment. Jack confronts Ravi about messing with Chelsea, and Patrick makes a big announcement to his shocked family.
Episode 50: 27/03/2023 (Mar 27, 2023)
Ben finds himself in a tough situation as he tries to impress Phil. Keanu seeks advice from an unlikely source, and Rocky worries about his past.
Episode 51: 28/03/2023 (Mar 28, 2023)
Sharon is torn over a decision, Lola remains determined in the wake of recent news, and Sam and Alfie have a heart-to-heart.
Episode 52: 29/03/2023 (Mar 29, 2023)
Rocky enlists the help of Sonia, Reiss and Harvey. Lola is touched by her family's unwavering support, and Keanu gives Karen an ultimatum.
Episode 53: 30/03/2023 (Mar 30, 2023)
Rocky is forced to confront his past, Sonia is touched by Reiss’s recent actions, and Emma reverts to old tactics.
Episode 54: 03/04/2023 (Apr 03, 2023)
Kim’s happy moment soon ends in disaster, Freddie struggles with the dating game, and Denise is infuriated by Ravi’s intentions.
Episode 55: 04/04/2023 (Apr 04, 2023)
Freddie makes an admission to Jean, Denise panics over recent events, and Ravi seethes at Nugget’s recent behaviour.
Episode 56: 05/04/2023 (Apr 05, 2023)
Howie struggles to cope, Kim issues a warning to Chelsea, and Ravi finds himself in hot water.
Episode 57: 06/04/2023 (Apr 06, 2023)
Kim makes a decision for the sake of her relationship, while Chelsea acts on impulse.
Episode 58: 10/04/2023 (Apr 10, 2023)
Kim fights for her relationship with Howie, Ricky grapples with the enormity of being a dad, and Eve’s jealousy gets the better of her.
Episode 59: 11/04/2023 (Apr 11, 2023)
Lily’s gender reveal party doesn’t go to plan, Nugget struggles to cope with a secret, and Eve plays a dangerous game with Nish.
Episode 60: 12/04/2023 (Apr 12, 2023)
Sam’s news sends shockwaves through her family, Nish makes a disturbing discovery about Suki, and Denzel faces a terrible dilemma over Amy.
Episode 61: 13/04/2023 (Apr 13, 2023)
Stacey makes a big decision to support her family. Suki and Eve have to think on their feet, and Sam wonders if she can ever make things right with Ricky.
Episode 62: 17/04/2023 (Apr 17, 2023)
Amy struggles to deal with recent revelations, and a smitten Ravi takes his relationship to the next level.
Episode 63: 18/04/2023 (Apr 18, 2023)
Denise attempts to fess up to her actions, and Ravi tries to make amends.
Episode 64: 19/04/2023 (Apr 19, 2023)
Amy is consumed by her emotions, Suki receives some devastating news, and Zack is faced with a tough dilemma.
Episode 65: 20/04/2023 (Apr 20, 2023)
The Brannings worry about Amy, and Zack decides to be honest.
Episode 66: 24/04/2023 (Apr 24, 2023)
It’s fight night in Crunch Time, but who will take home the win? Zack has got big plans for Whitney. And Amy is desperate to make things right.
Episode 67: 25/04/2023 (Apr 25, 2023)
A shock revelation sparks big debate in The Vic, Billy has to face devastating news on his return to Walford, and Jay and Lola blindside Ben with a shocking request.
Episode 68: 26/04/2023 (Apr 26, 2023)
Ben enlists Phil and Richie’s help in his new fight, Keanu takes a big risk to solve his money worries, and Chelsea steps up to help struggling Amy.
Episode 69: 27/04/2023 (Apr 27, 2023)
The Branning-Fox family face some hard conversations, and Kathy and Callum are united in their worry for Ben. Keanu and Ravi join forces, but at what cost?
Episode 70: 01/05/2023 (May 01, 2023)
Albie’s christening doesn’t go the way that Sharon planned. Jay’s plans come undone, but is he doing too much? Denise takes Kim’s advice to win back Jack.
Episode 71: 02/05/2023 (May 02, 2023)
Keanu’s arrest puts him in danger. Linda awaits news about Janine’s sentence. Reiss accidentally disappoints Sonia.
Episode 72: 03/05/2023 (May 03, 2023)
Ravi’s actions have far-reaching consequences. Billy’s birthday stirs up difficult emotions. Reiss’ party planning infuriates Sonia.
Episode 73: 04/05/2023 (May 04, 2023)
Coronation fever hits Walford – but will Linda agree to host a party? Nish rages about the damage to the Panesar family's reputation. Finlay makes a surprising discovery.
Episode 74: 08/05/2023 (May 08, 2023)
The residents of Walford try to pull off the perfect coronation party, Rocky is tempted to meddle in Sonia and Reiss’s relationship, and Linda grapples with her decision to deceive Sharon.
Episode 75: 09/05/2023 (May 09, 2023)
Sonia tries to process the truth about Reiss, Alfie’s decision puts massive pressure on skint Stacey, and Kim suffers a debilitating panic attack on the eve of her court appearance.
Episode 76: 10/05/2023 (May 10, 2023)
Linda’s decision sends shockwaves across Albert Square, Kim faces the music in court, and Lola’s deteriorating health forces her hand at work.
Episode 77: 11/05/2023 (May 11, 2023)
Kathy’s Eurovision-themed birthday party is beset by drama, the new co-owner of The Vic makes their presence felt, and Sharon and Linda’s friendship lies in tatters.
Episode 78: 15/05/2023 (May 15, 2023)
Elaine and Linda have to deal with the fallout from recent events, the Slaters' money issues spiral out of control, and Ben tries to right his wrongs.
Episode 79: 16/05/2023 (May 16, 2023)
Lola’s health takes a worrying turn, Stacey battles with a difficult decision, and Alfie tries to impress Elaine.
Episode 80: 17/05/2023 (May 17, 2023)
Lola makes a decision after receiving some devastating news, Martin unknowingly reassures Stacey, and Kim struggles to cope with recent events.
Episode 81: 18/05/2023 (May 18, 2023)
Lola and Jay enjoy an eventful day at the seaside.
Episode 82: 22/05/2023 (May 22, 2023)
Stacey takes matters into her own hands, Ben struggles to deal with recent events, and Ravi tries to right his wrongs.
Episode 83: 23/05/2023 (May 23, 2023)
Lola takes comfort from an unlikely source, Stacey deals with the repercussions of her actions, and a quiz at The Vic causes tensions to rise amongst the residents of Walford.
Episode 84: 24/05/2023 (May 24, 2023)
Phil tries to make Ben see sense, Jean tries to restore peace at the Slaters, and Freddie refuses to accept help.
Episode 85: 25/05/2023 (May 25, 2023)
Ben goes to drastic measures to help Lola, Stacey comes up with a plan to help her family, and Patrick works his magic at a special event.
Episode 86: 29/05/2023 (May 29, 2023)
Billy lets his emotions get the better of him, leading to dire consequences. Kim stages a beautiful surprise for Lola, and Jay can’t believe it when he discovers what Ben has done.
Episode 87: 30/05/2023 (May 30, 2023)
Lola’s loved ones brace themselves for what’s to come, Honey and Phil go on a desperate mission, and Kim struggles when a fan accosts her in the salon.
Episode 88: 31/05/2023 (May 31, 2023)
Jay faces the most difficult moment of his life.
Episode 89: 01/06/2023 (Jun 01, 2023)
George Knight arrives in Walford with his daughters Gina and Anna, and their presence is immediately felt at The Vic. The Knight girls immediately catch the attention of one Walford resident, and Ben has to face the consequences of his actions.
Episode 90: 05/06/2023 (Jun 05, 2023)
A shocking revelation from George provokes Linda to lash out, Freddie and Bobby pursue the Knight girls, and Ben and Jay are worried about withdrawn Lexi.
Episode 91: 06/06/2023 (Jun 06, 2023)
Suki and Eve make a decision about their future, Keanu is stunned by Sharon’s gift, and George opens up about his past.
Episode 92: 07/06/2023 (Jun 07, 2023)
Suki puts her daring plan into action, Linda quizzes the Knight girls, and Ben and Jay share Lola’s memory box with Lex.
Episode 93: 08/06/2023 (Jun 08, 2023)
Suki’s actions have far-reaching consequences, an irritated Keanu is thrown together with Reiss, and George opens up to Linda.
Episode 94: 12/06/2023 (Jun 12, 2023)
The finger of suspicion is pointed at Nish, Rocky’s world is turned upside down by news from Jo, and Elaine makes a mistake when trying to matchmake Gina and Freddie.
Episode 95: 13/06/2023 (Jun 13, 2023)
Ravi makes a shocking admission to Vinny, Bobby is alarmed when he overhears Rocky conversation, and Freddie discusses his future.
Episode 96: 14/06/2023 (Jun 14, 2023)
Suki has a lot of explaining to do to Vinny, Stacey is angry when she realises she hasn’t been listened to, and Linda sets up a pamper party for Elaine and the Knight girls.
Episode 97: 15/06/2023 (Jun 15, 2023)
Suki makes a decision that will affect the rest of her life, Amy is concerned for Lily, and Linda starts digging for more info on George and Rose’s marriage.
Episode 98: 19/06/2023 (Jun 19, 2023)
Vinny and Eve have a dangerous clash, Phil agrees to do some digging on George for Linda, and Ben and Lexi fall out over Lola’s funeral.
Episode 99: 20/06/2023 (Jun 20, 2023)
An off-the-book investigation brings trouble to Callum’s door, Suki tries to clean up Vinny’s mess, and Ben makes a mistake with Lexi.
Episode 100: 21/06/2023 (Jun 21, 2023)
Phil starts delving into George’s past, Ravi takes control at Suki’s behest, Bobby tries his best to make Kathy happy.
Episode 101: 22/06/2023 (Jun 22, 2023)
The truth about what happened to Rose Knight is finally revealed.
Episode 102: 26/06/2023 (Jun 26, 2023)
George struggles to come to terms with recent news, Billy attempts to distract himself from reality, and Finlay learns an unsettling truth.
Episode 103: 27/06/2023 (Jun 27, 2023)
The residents of Walford prepare to say a final farewell to Lola, Whitney and Zack agree on a promising step in their relationship, and Suki resorts to drastic measures to protect her family.
Episode 104: 28/06/2023 (Jun 28, 2023)
Gina spirals as she learns the truth, and Ben steps in to help Jay cope with his grief.
Episode 105: 29/06/2023 (Jun 29, 2023)
Gina and Anna prepare to take drastic measures, Elaine is determined to restore peace at the Vic, and Zack gets more than he bargained for, trying to impress Felix.
Episode 106: 03/07/2023 (Jul 03, 2023)
Kim faces her day in court, Martin tries to support struggling Lily, and Elaine’s wedding plans suffer a hitch.
Episode 107: 04/07/2023 (Jul 04, 2023)
The Slaters and Brannings attend a family conference about Lily’s baby. Whitney decides to throw a moving in party for Zack. Elaine launches ‘Bride Club’ for Kat, Sharon and Kathy.
Episode 108: 05/07/2023 (Jul 05, 2023)
Ravi tries to talk to Chelsea at Zack’s party. Patrick worries about Denise and Kim. Kat and Sharon clash at Bride Club.
Episode 109: 06/07/2023 (Jul 06, 2023)
Stacey tries to convince Martin that Theo is trustworthy. Howie struggles to celebrate his birthday. Keanu gets relationship advice from an unlikely source.
Episode 110: 10/07/2023 (Jul 10, 2023)
Keanu is stunned when Lisa returns with Peggy, Kim’s family prepare to welcome her home from prison, and Jean meddles in Stacey’s love life.
Episode 111: 11/07/2023 (Jul 11, 2023)
Keanu is overjoyed to be spending time with his daughter Peggy, Stacey goes on a date with Theo despite Martin’s misgivings, and Kim’s return to work doesn’t go as planned.
Episode 112: 12/07/2023 (Jul 12, 2023)
Phil quizzes Lisa, who's being cagey about Louise, a desperate Keanu takes matters into his own hands, and Eve offers Stacey some romantic advice.
Episode 113: 13/07/2023 (Jul 13, 2023)
Rocky’s stag night sees the groom go rogue, Kathy’s hurt by a cutting comment at her hen do, Lisa's presence continues to cause suspicions for Phil.
Episode 114: 17/07/2023 (Jul 17, 2023)
It’s Kathy and Rocky’s wedding day, Sharon asks Keanu to come clean, and double-booked Stacey finds herself in an awkward position.
Episode 115: 18/07/2023 (Jul 18, 2023)
Rocky’s past comes back to haunt him, Lisa is caught in a lie, and Jean gives Stacey relationship advice.
Episode 116: 19/07/2023 (Jul 19, 2023)
Sharon is determined to get the truth about Lisa, Martin and Stacey unite for a family conference about Lily’s baby, and Rocky is given an ultimatum.
Episode 117: 20/07/2023 (Jul 20, 2023)
Keanu seeks legal advice over access to Peggy, Martin has a decision to make about his future, and Ben is less than impressed with Rocky.
Episode 118: 24/07/2023 (Jul 24, 2023)
Keanu faces the consequences of Lisa’s actions. Martin struggles with Stacey’s cam work. Howie gives Kim a pep talk.
Episode 119: 25/07/2023 (Jul 25, 2023)
Martin’s emotions get the better of him. Suki and Kathy raise the stakes. Kim takes the first steps to help herself.
Episode 120: 26/07/2023 (Jul 26, 2023)
Stacey gets a disturbing request. Zack offers his sister some advice. Freddie tries to raise job-seeker Alfie’s spirits.
Episode 121: 27/07/2023 (Jul 27, 2023)
Eve and Stacey look for answers. Alfie gets some good news and tries to prove himself. Linda and Sharon are forced to talk.
Episode 122: 31/07/2023 (Jul 31, 2023)
Anna gets caught out after making a rash decision, Freddie helps Alfie plan a surprise that gives him food for thought, and Eve and Stacey hatch a plan.
Episode 123: 01/08/2023 (Aug 01, 2023)
Stacey’s fears escalate, Freddie seeks to find out the truth, and tensions rise between Anna and Gina.
Episode 124: 02/08/2023 (Aug 02, 2023)
Bobby helps Freddie put a secret plan into action, and Elaine attempts to distract Gina and Anna.
Episode 125: 03/08/2023 (Aug 03, 2023)
Freddie struggles to process the truth, Bobby opens up to Anna about his past, and Sonia finds herself in a potential predicament.
Episode 126: 07/08/2023 (Aug 07, 2023)
Honey tries to reach out to a friend in need, Patrick is rocked by a surprise visitor, and Reiss and Sonia are at loggerheads.
Episode 127: 08/08/2023 (Aug 08, 2023)
Callum begs Ben to open up, Kim and Denise try to make Patrick see sense, and Zack is hopeful for the future.
Episode 128: 09/08/2023 (Aug 09, 2023)
Ben seeks comfort from an unlikely source, and Zack and Whitney struggle to see eye to eye.
Episode 129: 10/08/2023 (Aug 10, 2023)
Reiss takes control of a tricky situation. Ben makes a brave move. Sharon tries to talk sense into Zack.
Episode 130: 14/08/2023 (Aug 14, 2023)
Tensions rise between Alfie and Tommy, a mystery woman comes looking for Eve, leaving Suki jealous, and Theo continues to try to win Stacey’s trust.
Episode 131: 15/08/2023 (Aug 15, 2023)
Alfie attempts to smooth things over with Tommy, Bobby’s plan to get closer to Anna backfires, and Vinny is worried about Suki.
Episode 132: 16/08/2023 (Aug 16, 2023)
Alfie gets some worrying news, Eve is shocked when she learns the truth about her past, and Freddie plays matchmaker.
Episode 133: 17/08/2023 (Aug 17, 2023)
A distraught Eve spirals downwards and lashes out, Tommy senses Alfie isn’t revealing the truth, and Bobby worries that Anna has eyes for someone else.
22/08/2023 - Part 1
Episode 134: 22/08/2023 - Part 1 (Aug 22, 2023)
Phil reminds Alfie to take his health seriously, Anna takes a huge step in the search for her mum, and Eve spirals downwards as she struggles to process the truth.
22/08/2023 - Part 2
Episode 135: 22/08/2023 - Part 2 (Aug 22, 2023)
Yolande struggles to admit the truth about what's been going on, Suki and Stacey come to Eve’s rescue, and Theo ups his manipulation to get closer to Stacey.
24/08/2023 - Part 1
Episode 136: 24/08/2023 - Part 1 (Aug 24, 2023)
Stacey is spooked by a shock event, Bobby is surprised when help arrives, and Yolande faces an ultimatum.
24/08/2023 - Part 2
Episode 137: 24/08/2023 - Part 2 (Aug 24, 2023)
Martin is concerned for Stacey, Phil and Alfie support each other, and Bobby stands up for himself.
Episode 138: 28/08/2023 (Aug 28, 2023)
After 25 years away, Cindy arrives back in the square, the Knights excitedly prepare for Anna’s surprise 21st birthday in the Vic, and there are fireworks as Kathy comes face to face with a ghost from her past.
Episode 139: 29/08/2023 (Aug 29, 2023)
George finally learns the truth, Peter prepares to face the music with Kathy, and Ian has an awkward reunion with former friends and foes.
Episode 140: 30/08/2023 (Aug 30, 2023)
Cindy and Ian’s arrival sends shockwaves through the square, Gina goes into self-destruct mode, and Bobby fears for his relationship.
Episode 141: 31/08/2023 (Aug 31, 2023)
The Knights reel from recent events, Cindy makes a decision, and Alfie puts a roof over an old friend’s head.
Episode 142: 04/09/2023 (Sep 04, 2023)
Stacey finds herself in danger, Freddie confides in Alfie, and Ben struggles as Lexi prepares for her first big life event without Lola.
Episode 143: 05/09/2023 (Sep 05, 2023)
Stacey fights to protect her family, Jack is choked by a gesture, and Ian makes big promises.
Episode 144: 06/09/2023 (Sep 06, 2023)
Ian goes above and beyond to impress, and Sonia helps Reiss in his hour of need.
Episode 145: 07/09/2023 (Sep 07, 2023)
Ian relies on Alfie for support, and Reiss is upset about being the talk of the town.
Episode 146: 11/09/2023 (Sep 11, 2023)
Kat is furious about being kept in the dark, Lily struggles with motherhood, and Emma makes an unwelcome return.
Episode 147: 12/09/2023 (Sep 12, 2023)
Phil tries to make amends, Chelsea faces a big life change, and Ben lays down the law.
Episode 148: 13/09/2023 (Sep 13, 2023)
Chelsea and Ravi’s party doesn’t go as they'd hoped, Jay fears he’s letting Lola down, and Alfie’s plans upset Kat.
Episode 149: 14/09/2023 (Sep 14, 2023)
Sharon gets an intriguing opportunity, Jean tries to guide Stacey and Lily, and Kat makes an announcement.
Episode 150: 18/09/2023 (Sep 18, 2023)
Suki hatches a dangerous plan, Phil lies in a desperate attempt to conceal a truth, and Jack offers Stacey a shoulder to cry on.
Episode 151: 19/09/2023 (Sep 19, 2023)
Suki takes a big risk to get the truth, and Sharon steps in to save Phil. It’s Kat’s hen do, but the event does not go without a hitch.
Episode 152: 20/09/2023 (Sep 20, 2023)
It’s the day of Phil and Kat’s wedding, and Suki regrets her actions.
Episode 153: 21/09/2023 (Sep 21, 2023)
Phil reels when he learns the truth, and Ian gives Cindy an ultimatum.
Episode 154: 25/09/2023 (Sep 25, 2023)
Cindy is determined to make her business dream happen, Tommy puts his faith in Phil, and George returns with some good news.
Episode 155: 26/09/2023 (Sep 26, 2023)
Ravi is plunged into a nightmare, Gina opens up to an unexpected confidante, and Sonia and Reiss have their second IVF appointment
Episode 156: 27/09/2023 (Sep 27, 2023)
George tries to keep his enemies close, Denise is hit with accusations from Ravi, and Stacey is mortified when she realises what is happening.
Episode 157: 28/09/2023 (Sep 28, 2023)
With no other option available to her, Stacey takes matters into her own hands, Gina unleashes fireworks in The Vic, and Whitney and Zack prepare for their new chapter.
Episode 158: 02/10/2023 (Oct 02, 2023)
Stacey hopes for a positive outcome. Whitney and Zack take an important step forward. Freddie gets an unwanted request
Episode 159: 03/10/2023 (Oct 03, 2023)
Theo refuses to back down. The past haunts Freddie. Anna tries to support a friend in need.
Episode 160: 04/10/2023 (Oct 04, 2023)
Jean worries for Stacey. Bobby is given pause for thought. Lily struggles with motherhood.
Episode 161: 05/10/2023 (Oct 05, 2023)
Callum makes an unexpected discovery. Whitney and Zack receive big news. Rocky tries to romance Kathy.
Episode 162: 09/10/2023 (Oct 09, 2023)
Jay struggles in the face of temptation. Sharon gets an offer and is seriously tempted. Ravi receives some shocking news.
Episode 163: 10/10/2023 (Oct 10, 2023)
Callum steps in to help a friend. Keanu takes a stand. Vinny has a brainwave about Nugget.
Episode 164: 11/10/2023 (Oct 11, 2023)
Karen comes up with a devious plan. Harvey is concerned about Rocky. Ben frets over Jay’s wellbeing.
Episode 165: 12/10/2023 (Oct 12, 2023)
Denzel puts a plan into action to reach out to Nugget. Keanu has a big decision.
Episode 166: 16/10/2023 (Oct 16, 2023)
Ravi learns an alarming truth, Rocky's attempts to make peace quickly turn to chaos, and Keanu and Karen put their plan into action.
Episode 167: 17/10/2023 (Oct 17, 2023)
A new face on the square stirs up trouble, Sharon makes a big decision, and Rocky agrees to a secret deal.
Episode 168: 18/10/2023 (Oct 18, 2023)
Ravi struggles in the wake of recent events, Honey attempts to get through to Jay, and Sharon and Kathy come together for a plan.
Episode 169: 19/10/2023 (Oct 19, 2023)
Jay is overcome with guilt, and Cindy and Ian’s hopes are scuppered.
Episode 170: 23/10/2023 (Oct 23, 2023)
Jay makes a confession to Billy, Cindy gets emotional after a trip down memory lane, and Reiss’s gift gives Sharon food for thought.
Episode 171: 24/10/2023 (Oct 24, 2023)
Jay desperately tries to right his wrongs, Karen enlists Zack’s help, and Cindy offers an olive branch.
Episode 172: 25/10/2023 (Oct 25, 2023)
George raises his concerns, Sharon makes a decision about Albie’s future, Cindy and Ian take a gamble on a business venture.
Episode 173: 26//10/2023 (Oct 26, 2023)
The Mitchells reel in the wake of recent events, and Cindy steps in to help Gina.
Episode 174: 30/10/2023 (Oct 30, 2023)
Halloween brings a shock for Linda, Ben tries to protect Lexi from more heartache, and Nish lays down the law.
Episode 175: 31/10/2023 (Oct 31, 2023)
Keanu tries to play the hero, and Halloween at The Vic continues. A desperate Rocky has nowhere to turn.
Episode 176: 01/11/2023 (Nov 01, 2023)
Karen voices her fears to Keanu, there’s chaos at the cafe when the fuse box blows, and Ian and Cindy realise their latest business move has consequences.
Episode 177: 02/11/2023 (Nov 02, 2023)
Sharon’s world is turned upside down, Harvey takes drastic action, and Ben struggles with the arrival of the police at Jay’s hospital bedside.
Episode 178: 06/11/2023 (Nov 06, 2023)
Keanu and Karen find themselves in hot water, Rocky’s desperation grows, and Ian and Cindy continue to ruffle feathers with their new business.
Episode 179: 07/11/2023 (Nov 07, 2023)
Keanu tries to right a wrong, and Rocky makes a dangerous decision.
Episode 180: 08/11/2023 (Nov 08, 2023)
Sharon reels from recent events. Reiss and Sonia face a bump in their fertility journey.
Episode 181: 09/11/2023 (Nov 09, 2023)
Reiss gets relationship advice from the residents of Walford, and Karen makes her feelings known.
Episode 182: 13/11/2023 (Nov 13, 2023)
The Beales are distraught in the wake of recent events, Sharon makes a decision about her future, and Alfie prepares to face the music.
Episode 183: 14/11/2023 (Nov 14, 2023)
Kathy finds herself in hot water, Cindy lets her emotions get the better of her, and Sharon receives a worrying call.
Episode 184: 15/11/2023 (Nov 15, 2023)
Sharon receives life-changing news, and Eve explores a new love interest.
Episode 185: 16/11/2023 (Nov 16, 2023)
Zack offers some much-needed advice, and Cindy tries to right her wrongs.
Episode 186: 20/11/2023 (Nov 20, 2023)
Ian and Cindy’s business launch gets overshadowed, Vinny worries about Suki’s mental wellbeing, and Elaine voices her concerns.
Episode 187: 21/11/2023 (Nov 21, 2023)
George faces the consequences of his actions, Priya’s antics compromise her future in Walford, and Phil is put in an awkward position.
Episode 188: 22/11/2023 (Nov 22, 2023)
Linda has an impossible choice to make, Billy provides a shoulder to cry on, and Suki looks to the future.
Episode 189: 23/11/2023 (Nov 23, 2023)
Linda has an impossible choice to make, Billy provides a shoulder to cry on, and Suki looks to the future.
Episode 190: 27/11/2023 (Nov 27, 2023)
Suki faces a new setback, Stacey puts a risky plan into action, and Mitch’s suspicions are raised.
Episode 191: 28/11/2023 (Nov 28, 2023)
Nish stumbles upon new information, Stacey tries to remain resolute, and Keanu and Karen face new fears.
Episode 192: 29/11/2023 (Nov 29, 2023)
Nish calls on Ravi to see out a plan, Stacey drunkenly reveals a truth, and Mitch demands answers.
Episode 193: 30/11/2023 (Nov 30, 2023)
Ravi is forced to make a choice, and Jack makes a decision that might compromise his livelihood.
Episode 194: 04/12/2023 (Dec 04, 2023)
Ethan is rocked by an invitation, Suni is not in a good place, and Brenda encourages Pollard to speak to Manpreet
Episode 195: 06/12/2023 (Dec 06, 2023)
Phil is determined to get answers, Denise delivers an ultimatum, and Yolande starts recruiting for the community choir.
Episode 196: 07/12/2023 (Dec 07, 2023)
Sonia and Reiss reach the next stage of their IVF journey, Elaine resorts to bribery, and Ravi needles Denise.
Episode 197: 08/12/2023 (Dec 08, 2023)
Kathy provides a shoulder to cry on, the battle lines are drawn between Yolande and Elaine, and Reiss endures another difficult night.
Episode 198: 11/12/2023 (Dec 11, 2023)
Things go from bad to worse for Keanu, and Dean receives an unexpected visitor.
Episode 199: 12/12/2023 (Dec 12, 2023)
Linda prepares to face her first Christmas without Mick, Keanu and Nish come to blows, and Sonia and Reiss take a positive step.
Episode 200: 13/12/2023 (Dec 13, 2023)
Sharon takes precautions, and Stacey is touched by a gesture.
Episode 201: 14/12/2023 (Dec 14, 2023)
Stacey acts on impulse, and Kim tries to play matchmaker.
Episode 202: 18/12/2023 (Dec 18, 2023)
Denise and Jack’s marriage is on the rocks, Alfie strikes a Christmas deal with Honey, and Stacey receives an unexpected gift.
Episode 203: 20/12/2023 (Dec 20, 2023)
Suki puts a dangerous plan into action, Kim offers some harsh but honest advice, and Sharon and Keanu celebrate a positive step.
Episode 204: 21/12/2023 (Dec 21, 2023)
Denise makes a decision, disaster strikes for Sharon, and Dean hatches a plan after receiving advice from an unlikely source.
Episode 205: 22/12/2023 (Dec 22, 2023)
Howie saves the carol concert at the eleventh hour, Linda takes control of a situation, and Sharon, Kathy, Linda, Stacey, Suki and Denise try to suppress their inner torment.

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