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Paris (1979)

Paris is an American television series that appeared on the CBS television network from September 29, 1979 to January 15, 1980. A crime drama, the show is notable as the first-ever appearance of renowned actor James Earl Jones in a lead role on television and was created by Steven Bochco, who later achieved fame for Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue, also served as executive producer. The program told the story of Los Angeles Police Captain Woody Paris, who supervised a team of young detectives. The rookie investigators were led by Sergeant Stacy Erickson and included officers Charlie Bogart, Ernesto Villas, and Willie Miller. Hank Garrett portrayed Deputy Chief Jerome Bench, Paris' superior, and, in an unusual turn for police dramas of that era, Paris' home and off-duty life was given considerable attention in the plots, with Lee Chamberlin playing his wife, Barbara. Paris was also shown moonlighting as a professor of criminology at a local university. Although Paris was critically acclaimed for its portrayal of the tension between the professional Paris character and his often impetuous underlings, CBS scheduled the show in one of the worst possible timeslots on a weekly schedule: Saturdays at 10 p.m./9 Central. All three networks debuted new shows for the 1979-80 season in that slot; only ABC's Hart to Hart survived its first 13 weeks. Toward the end of its run, CBS moved it to Tuesdays at 10/9, but to no avail. Edward DeBlasio produced the show for MTM Enterprises, which would unveil, during the next season, executive producer Bochco's landmark Hill Street Blues, on NBC.

Release Date: Sat, Sep 29, 1979

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Lee Chamberlin
Barbara Paris
Michael Warren
Willie Miller
Cecilia Hart
Stacey Erickson
Hank Garrett
Deputy Chief Jerome Bench
Frank Ramírez
Ernie Villas
Jake Mitchell
Charlie Bogart

Season 1:

Episode 1: Pilot (Sep 29, 1979)
Captain Woodrow Paris is brought in to solve the murder of a prominent councilman's wife.
Dear John
Episode 2: Dear John (Oct 06, 1979)
After his mother is crippled by muggers, a rookie cop under the command of Captain Paris tries to take the law into his own hands.
Episode 3: Pawn (Oct 13, 1979)
Paris finds that identifying a killer-rapist is a lot easier than coming up with evidence to convict him.
Friends and Enemies
Episode 4: Friends and Enemies (Oct 20, 1979)
Paris investigates the slaying of an unarmed restaurant owner by a policeman.
Once More for Free
Episode 5: Once More for Free (Oct 27, 1979)
Two quite different police philosophies cause conflict between Paris and his old mentor in a case of an elusive drug dealer.
Dead Men Don't Kill
Episode 6: Dead Men Don't Kill (Dec 04, 1979)
In a desperate effort to save a possibly innocent man on death row, Paris searches for evidence linking a suave robber to a six-year-old cop killing.
Episode 7: Burnout (Dec 11, 1979)
Paris' delicate investigation of a gun-running gang is jeopardized by the insatiable ambition of a fellow officer.
Episode 8: Decisions (Dec 18, 1979)
Paris' conscience is deeply troubled when an innocent man is killed by hijackers in the course of an undercover investigation.
The Price Is Right
Episode 9: The Price Is Right (Jan 01, 1980)
With a juicy political appointment on the line, Paris persists in his investigation of crooks who are driving elderly people from their beach-front homes.
The Ghost Maker
Episode 10: The Ghost Maker (Jan 08, 1980)
Paris locks horns with federal agents when he tries to prosecute a killer who, as star witness in a gangland trial, is being protected by the government.
Fitz's Boys
Episode 11: Fitz's Boys (Jan 15, 1980)
Paris becomes an honorary Irishman when he and his squad investigate thefts from the docks and the suspicious death of an old stevedore.
America the Beautiful
Episode 12: America the Beautiful (Jan 22, 1980)
When a good friend is framed for murder due to an extortionist's plot, Paris works to exonerate the innocent man.
Pay the Two Bucks
Episode 13: Pay the Two Bucks (Jan 29, 1980)
Paris finds himself caught in the middle when violence erupts between a neighbourhood association and American Nazis on the eve of a 4th of July rally.

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