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The Comeback (2005)

The series initially follows Valerie Cherish, a veteran sitcom actress who has been out of the spotlight for more than a decade, as she attempts in 2005 to return to the industry that made her famous. Valerie lands a role on a new network sitcom, but struggles with the matter of being an aging, non-influential performer in an increasingly-youthful Hollywood, while her every move on and off the set is being documented for a companion reality show. When the cameras catch up with Valerie in 2014, she is cast in an HBO series entitled Seeing Red, which chronicles the career of the sitcom writer/producer who tormented her nine years earlier.

Release Date: Sun, Jun 05, 2005

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Season 2:

Valerie Makes a Pilot
Episode 1: Valerie Makes a Pilot (Nov 09, 2014)
Valerie discovers that Paulie G has written a new HBO show based on his experiences working with her on 'Room and Bored'. Valerie goes to confront him, only to be cast in the role of Malerie Church herself.
Valerie Tries to Get Yesterday Back
Episode 2: Valerie Tries to Get Yesterday Back (Nov 16, 2014)
HBO asks Valerie to bring back the producer that followed her on "Room and Bored".
Valerie Is Brought to Her Knees
Episode 3: Valerie Is Brought to Her Knees (Nov 23, 2014)
Valerie is excited to meet her co-star during the first day on set for "Seeing Red".
Valerie Saves the Show
Episode 4: Valerie Saves the Show (Nov 30, 2014)
Valerie makes an impulsive decision when she learns that some of her "Seeing Red" scenes may be cut. Later, she brushes up on her improv skills at The Groundlings Theatre.
Valerie Is Taken Seriously
Episode 5: Valerie Is Taken Seriously (Dec 07, 2014)
Valerie's set up for an exclusive interview by the network's publicity department. Later, Valerie visits Paulie G.'s old writing partner when she's concerned about her current boss.
Valerie Cooks in the Desert
Episode 6: Valerie Cooks in the Desert (Dec 14, 2014)
Valerie plans a special date for her and Mark, but a re-shoot threatens to change her plans. Paulie feels anxious over early reviews.
Valerie Faces the Critics
Episode 7: Valerie Faces the Critics (Dec 21, 2014)
"Seeing Red" premieres and Valerie deals with a barrage of reviews, but the harshest criticism comes not from the ladies on "The Talk" or the media but from her husband, Mark. Meanwhile, Valerie gets a surprise on a trip to Mickey's apartment.
Valerie Gets What She Really Wants
Episode 8: Valerie Gets What She Really Wants (Dec 28, 2014)
It's the weekend of the Emmys in the second-season finale, and Valerie is riding high thanks to her success in "Seeing Red," and even gets noticed by a former "Room and Bored" costar at Juna's big bash, but she's still not sure if her husband, Mark, will be by her side on the most important night of her life.

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