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Culprits (2023)

Family man Joe Petrus is living the American dream with his fiancé and step-kids. However, unbeknownst to them, Joe was involved in a mysterious crime three years ago and now his dangerous past is about to catch up with him. When a killer starts targeting the crew behind the crime, Joe realizes it's only a matter of time before his family is targeted. He returns to London to track down his old gang and find out who is coming after them.

Release Date: Wed, Nov 08, 2023

Country: GB
Language: En
Runtime: 55

Season 1:

Change of Use
Episode 1: Change of Use (Nov 08, 2023)
Joe is living the dream but is hiding a dangerous secret and his past is about to catch up with him.
Angler Fish
Episode 2: Angler Fish (Nov 08, 2023)
While Joe's lies spiral in the present, a flashback reveals a shocking new member of The Culprits.
Episode 3: Pflegedienstleitung (Nov 08, 2023)
Specialist has an unexpected visitor and Joe embarks on a mission to neutralize the looming threat.
Circles in a Circle
Episode 4: Circles in a Circle (Nov 08, 2023)
After an uneasy reunion, Joe and Officer travel to France to find the killer before he finds them.
Let Us Sit Bent, and Talk Straight
Episode 5: Let Us Sit Bent, and Talk Straight (Nov 08, 2023)
The killer closes in on the Culprits and his motives become clearer. But who is he working for?
Episode 6: Vessels (Nov 08, 2023)
The Culprits make a shocking discovery, and a trap set for the killer takes a dark turn.
This Is Our Exit
Episode 7: This Is Our Exit (Nov 08, 2023)
The Culprits are outnumbered, and a horrified Joe is presented with an impossible decision.
A Forest
Episode 8: A Forest (Nov 08, 2023)
Joe tries to maneuver Dianne into a trap, and the fate of his family hangs in the balance.

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