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The People's Court (1970)

The People's Court is an American arbitration-based reality court show currently presided over by retired Florida State Circuit Court Judge Marilyn Milian. Milian, the show's longest-reigning arbiter, handles small claims disputes in a simulated courtroom set. The People's Court is the first court show to use binding arbitration, introducing the format into the genre in 1981. The system has been duplicated by most of the show's successors in the judicial genre. Moreover, The People's Court is the first popular, long-running reality in the judicial genre. It was preceded only by a few short-lived realities in the genre; these short-lived predecessors were only loosely related to judicial proceedings, except for one: Parole took footage from real-life courtrooms holding legal proceedings. Prior to The People's Court, the vast majority of TV courtroom shows used actors, and recreated or fictional cases. Among examples of these types of court shows include Famous Jury Trials and Your Witness. The People's Court has had two contrasting lives. The show's first life was presided over solely by former Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Joseph Wapner. His tenure lasted from the show's debut on September 14, 1981, until May 21, 1993, when the show was cancelled due to low ratings. This left the show with a total of 2,484 ½-hour episodes and 12 seasons. The show was taped in Los Angeles during its first life. After being cancelled, reruns aired until September 9, 1994.

Release Date: Thu, Jan 01, 1970

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 44

Harvey Levin
Host and Legal Reporter
Curt Chaplin
In-Court Reporter

Season 18:

Room Rental With Fringe Benefits
Episode 10: Room Rental With Fringe Benefits (Sep 19, 2014)
Kicking A Guy To the Curb Spoiling A Guy's Day A Film-Flam Pool Man
Caught Stealing From a Friend
Episode 11: Caught Stealing From a Friend (Sep 22, 2014)
Stop! Thief! Kicking Up A Dust Storm Keeping It All
Wedding Dress Rental Ruckus
Episode 12: Wedding Dress Rental Ruckus (Sep 23, 2014)
Rotten Returning Skipping Out In The Middle Of The Night Letting One Get Away
A Fast Loan Fiasco
Episode 13: A Fast Loan Fiasco (Sep 24, 2014)
Leading A Guy On Low-Blow-Tow Failing To Pay A Fee
Lover Loan Crisis
Episode 14: Lover Loan Crisis (Sep 25, 2014)
Being A One Night Stand Selling A Sick Kitty U-Haulin' It Into court
Classmates Become Courtmates
Episode 15: Classmates Become Courtmates (Sep 26, 2014)
Ruining A Beautiful Friendship Taking It Out On A TV Shuffle Off To Buffalo
A Cheating Spouse Takes His Ex to Court!
Episode 16: A Cheating Spouse Takes His Ex to Court! (Sep 29, 2014)
Home Unhappy Home Being Sticky Fingered Letting A Long Time Friend Down
Concert Ticket Castastrophe
Episode 17: Concert Ticket Castastrophe (Sep 30, 2014)
Having The Worst Behavior Talking Way Too Much Breaking A Buyers Heart
Denial Disaster
Episode 18: Denial Disaster (Oct 01, 2014)
A Denati Dilemma Not Getting The Job Done Driving A Woman Mad
You Killed My Dog on Christmas Eve
Episode 19: You Killed My Dog on Christmas Eve (Oct 02, 2014)
My Poor Dog Cody Is Gone Waiting Too Long Being A Real Phony-Baloney
You Have a Terrible Temper, Now Get Out of My House!
Episode 20: You Have a Terrible Temper, Now Get Out of My House! (Oct 03, 2014)
Kicking A Tenant To The Curb Shirting The Issue Crummy Chroming
Online Dating Disaster
Episode 21: Online Dating Disaster (Oct 06, 2014)
Leading A Guy Astray Not Fixing It Right Grinding To A Halt
Hit and Run Dilemma
Episode 22: Hit and Run Dilemma (Oct 07, 2014)
Dinging & Dashing You Owe...It's Off To Court You Go! Showing No Green
Landlord/Tenant Confrontation
Episode 23: Landlord/Tenant Confrontation (Oct 08, 2014)
Tossing A Guy's Stuff Being A Little Too Green Not Getting It Right
My Wedding Videographer Missed the Ceremony!
Episode 24: My Wedding Videographer Missed the Ceremony! (Oct 09, 2014)
Not Getting The Picture Not Going Tow To Tow Unloading A Crummy Car
Boat Repair Botch-Up
Episode 25: Boat Repair Botch-Up (Oct 10, 2014)
Blowing An Engine A Subpar Tar Standing His Ground
Dumped After 19 Years!
Episode 26: Dumped After 19 Years! (Oct 13, 2014)
Not Treating A Woman Right Stop Stealing! Being Full Of Static
Concert Loan Catastrophe
Episode 27: Concert Loan Catastrophe (Oct 14, 2014)
Singing The Blues Rotten Rooming Giving A Customer The Cold Shoulder
Cleaning Disaster
Episode 28: Cleaning Disaster (Oct 15, 2014)
Not Cleaning Up Asking For Money & More Money Compromising A Cooktop
Car Loan Mess
Episode 29: Car Loan Mess (Oct 16, 2014)
Take Back That Crummy Car That's One Dangerous Neighborhood Not Computing
Cancer Patient Wig Debacle
Episode 30: Cancer Patient Wig Debacle (Oct 17, 2014)
Wigging Out A Customer Banging Up A Guy's Truck Not Being Chipper Over The Chipper
Lifetime Membership Mayhem
Episode 31: Lifetime Membership Mayhem (Oct 27, 2014)
Saying One Thing & Doing Another Going Down Too Fast Burning A Customer
Family Drama Over a Crashed Motorcycle
Episode 32: Family Drama Over a Crashed Motorcycle (Oct 28, 2014)
Tapping A Nephew The Wrong Way Control Your Dog Decking A Woman
Air Conditioning Disaster
Episode 33: Air Conditioning Disaster (Oct 29, 2014)
An H20 Cover Up Bailing On A Bonneville Let Me In Or Else
Scorned Lover Looking for Payback
Episode 34: Scorned Lover Looking for Payback (Oct 30, 2014)
Leading A Lady On Taking Off With A Guy's Dough Jumping Through Hoops
Car Sale Catastrophe
Episode 35: Car Sale Catastrophe (Oct 31, 2014)
Unloading A Piece Of Junk Rotten Renting Holding On Tight
College Prank Gone Too Far
Episode 36: College Prank Gone Too Far (Nov 03, 2014)
Fouling Up A Friendship Running Out On Rent Fouling Up A Friendship
Contractor Gets Stiffed and the Cops Are Called
Episode 37: Contractor Gets Stiffed and the Cops Are Called (Nov 04, 2014)
Spreading Lies Cracking A Woman Up Letting A Roommate Down
You're Not Welcome Here Anymore!
Episode 38: You're Not Welcome Here Anymore! (Nov 05, 2014)
Shortchanging A Club Member Being Dim-Witted Fouling Up A Friendship
Party Nightmare
Episode 39: Party Nightmare (Nov 06, 2014)
You Ruined My Birthday Being All Wet Swinging It
You Vandalized My Car!
Episode 40: You Vandalized My Car! (Nov 07, 2014)
Making His Mark Dissing The Music Man It Does Note Compute
Family Drama When a Daughter Sues Her Mother
Episode 41: Family Drama When a Daughter Sues Her Mother (Nov 10, 2014)
Dodging A Daughter Having No Horse Sense
Bee Rampage Kills a Beloved Dog
Episode 42: Bee Rampage Kills a Beloved Dog (Nov 11, 2014)
Stinging A Neighbor Being A Boob Over The Tube Trucking It Up
A Scorned Woman Squares Off Against Her Ex
Episode 43: A Scorned Woman Squares Off Against Her Ex (Nov 12, 2014)
Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth Not Seeing Too Clearly Causing Doggie Damage
Engagement Ring Scam
Episode 44: Engagement Ring Scam (Nov 13, 2014)
Firing Up An Ex A Terrible Tow Illegally Sneaking In Another Tenant
Teens in Trouble
Episode 45: Teens in Trouble (Nov 14, 2014)
A Phony-Baloney Phone Caper Being Sticky-Fingered Burning Up A Customer
Diamond Ring Disaster
Episode 46: Diamond Ring Disaster (Nov 17, 2014)
Diamond's Are Not A Guy's Best Friend Being Creaky Being A Real Phony
Birthday Party Catastrophe
Episode 47: Birthday Party Catastrophe (Nov 18, 2014)
Being A Party Crasher Faking It Not Seeing Things Too Clearly
A Doggone Doggie Dilemma
Episode 48: A Doggone Doggie Dilemma (Nov 19, 2014)
Doggy Dilemma Acting Squirrely Over A Bill Letting It Fly
Waging War Over Lack of Water
Episode 49: Waging War Over Lack of Water (Nov 20, 2014)
Disappearing In The Middle Of The Night Taking His Sweet Time Being A Lazy Boy
Caught Cashing Stolen Checks!
Episode 50: Caught Cashing Stolen Checks! (Nov 21, 2014)
Giving A Friend A Rubber Check Jailbirds Backing Up And Cracking Up
Phony Car Crash Witness
Episode 51: Phony Car Crash Witness (Nov 24, 2014)
Backing Out Into A Lawsuit Sticking It To An Ex Causing A Lot Of Stress
You Ruined My Name Over Social Media
Episode 52: You Ruined My Name Over Social Media (Nov 25, 2014)
Being A Defamatory Guy - A person takes their friend to court for dragging their name through the mud on a social media website. Robbing A Guy Blind Sick As A Dog
You Painted the Wrong House!
Episode 53: You Painted the Wrong House! (Nov 26, 2014)
Painting Himself Into A Corner Smacking Down A Car
Parking Lot Crash
Episode 54: Parking Lot Crash (Nov 27, 2014)
Causing A Fender Bender Not Paying His Dues Bothering A Boater
A Soiled Sofa Ruined Our Friendship
Episode 55: A Soiled Sofa Ruined Our Friendship (Nov 28, 2014)
Making A Mess Of Things Banging A Guy In The Rear Holding On Tight
Ex Loan Fiasco
Episode 66: Ex Loan Fiasco (Jan 26, 2015)
My Ex Is A Jerk Misrepresenting Rubbing A Friend The Wrong Way
Car Rental Ruckus
Episode 67: Car Rental Ruckus (Jan 27, 2015)
Renting A Rotten Car Pulling Out Too Soon Boxing In An Ex
Sax Return Chaos
Episode 68: Sax Return Chaos (Jan 28, 2015)
Refusing A Return Lying About A Car Holding On Tight
Car Crash Catastrophe
Episode 69: Car Crash Catastrophe (Jan 29, 2015)
Cracking Up Being A Boat Thief Collecting Twice
Stiffing an Ex
Episode 70: Stiffing an Ex (Jan 30, 2015)
Stiffing An Ex Pulling A Fast One Bad-Brokering
Jet Skiing Jerk!
Episode 71: Jet Skiing Jerk! (Feb 02, 2015)
Banging In A Boat Selling A Musty Couch Cutting Ties
Car Crash Catastrophe
Episode 72: Car Crash Catastrophe (Feb 03, 2015)
Denying Everything Breaking A Bride's Heart Laying Low With The Lawn Guy
Friendship Destroyed After a Wedding Disaster
Episode 73: Friendship Destroyed After a Wedding Disaster (Feb 04, 2015)
Leaving A Bride High & Dry Sinking A Guy's Income Fix It Forever & Ever
You Broke My Heart When You Stole My Dog
Episode 74: You Broke My Heart When You Stole My Dog (Feb 05, 2015)
Kidnapping Kobi. Phoning It In.
Renter Scam Revealed
Episode 75: Renter Scam Revealed (Feb 06, 2015)
Lackadaisical Landlording Wilting A Wedding Panting Over A Pair Of Pants
Cruise Crisis
Episode 76: Cruise Crisis (Feb 09, 2015)
Causing Rough Seas Not Getting It To Compute Being All Wet
Auction Con Artist
Episode 77: Auction Con Artist (Feb 10, 2015)
Faking Out A Customer Monkeying Around Being A Hot Landlord
Worst Tenant Ever
Episode 78: Worst Tenant Ever (Feb 11, 2015)
Making Too Much Noise Selling A Poor Poor Puppy Delivering A Few Lemons
Car Paint Catastrophe
Episode 79: Car Paint Catastrophe (Feb 12, 2015)
Not Landing The Eagle Going Doggone Crazy Of Moving It Along
Horse Stable Scandal
Episode 80: Horse Stable Scandal (Feb 13, 2015)
Horsing Around A Camaro Con Not Delivering
Magician Mishap
Episode 81: Magician Mishap (Feb 16, 2015)
Going Poof & Disappearing Holding On Very Tight
Fender Bender Fiasco
Episode 82: Fender Bender Fiasco (Feb 17, 2015)
Hotting A Lady & Running Pulling A Switcheroo Electrifying A Fence
You Beat My Dog With a Machete
Episode 83: You Beat My Dog With a Machete (Feb 18, 2015)
Causing A Doggone Confrontation Renting A Crummy Cottage Being Cagey About Cabinets
Motorcycle Sale Scam Exposes a Liar
Episode 84: Motorcycle Sale Scam Exposes a Liar (Feb 19, 2015)
Bilking A Guy Out Of A Bike Being A Nasty Neighbor Being Full Of Soot
Dog Run Debacle
Episode 85: Dog Run Debacle (Feb 20, 2015)
Causing A Fight Watch Where You're Going Move It Man!
Nasty Neighbors Battle It Out
Episode 86: Nasty Neighbors Battle It Out (Feb 23, 2015)
Nasty Neighbors Family Feud
Exes Square Off in Court
Episode 92: Exes Square Off in Court (Mar 03, 2015)
Letting His Lady Friend Down Running Out Ripping Off His Ex-Mother-In-Law To Be
Business Deal Disaster
Episode 93: Business Deal Disaster (Mar 04, 2015)
Taking Advantage Of A Friend Cracking Up A Neighbor Copping Out On A Cousin
Pet Groomer Accused of Stealing Clients
Episode 94: Pet Groomer Accused of Stealing Clients (Mar 05, 2015)
Clipping A Former Boss Lackadaisical Landlording Botching Up A Book
Flooding Fiasco
Episode 95: Flooding Fiasco (Mar 06, 2015)
A Commotion Over A Commode Creating A Crummy Cake Rubbing A Tenant The Wrong Way
Messy Tenant Mayhem
Episode 96: Messy Tenant Mayhem (Mar 16, 2015)
Wrecking The Joint Letting A Life Long Friend Down Shooting A Foul
Nasty Neighbors
Episode 97: Nasty Neighbors (Mar 17, 2015)
Cutting It Up Hitting It In The Rear Running Out On The Rent
Dog Stud Service Disaster
Episode 98: Dog Stud Service Disaster (Mar 18, 2015)
Creating A Doggone Loss Blowing Hot Air A Rotten Repair
Daycare Dilemma
Episode 99: Daycare Dilemma (Mar 19, 2015)
Scratching It Up Being Too Persnickety Keep Your Pitbull On A Leash
Lusty Landlord
Episode 100: Lusty Landlord (Mar 20, 2015)
Skipping Out Painting Yourself Into A Corner Doing No Work
Shady Fundraiser
Episode 101: Shady Fundraiser (Apr 13, 2015)
You Are One Phoney Baloney Being Heavy-Handed You Are A Notpicker
Bedbug Infestation
Episode 102: Bedbug Infestation (Apr 14, 2015)
Bugging His Tenants Not Phoning It In Crushing On An Ex
Fashion Fiasco
Episode 103: Fashion Fiasco (Apr 15, 2015)
Not Being A Model Designer Getting Rid Of Scraps Not Getting The Picture
Roommate Rule Ruckus
Episode 104: Roommate Rule Ruckus (Apr 16, 2015)
Ticking Off A Tenant Messing Up A Move Unloading A Lemon
Ex-Sister-in-Law Overstayed Her Welcome
Episode 105: Ex-Sister-in-Law Overstayed Her Welcome (Apr 17, 2015)
Dissing An Ex-Sister In Law Pulling A Woody Overheating A Customer
The Only Thing You Ever Gave Me Was Your Abusive Son!
Episode 106: The Only Thing You Ever Gave Me Was Your Abusive Son! (Apr 20, 2015)
Dissing An Ex Tooling Around Trashing A Tennant
Ceiling Crisis
Episode 107: Ceiling Crisis (Apr 21, 2015)
Trashing The Joint Holding A Horse Hostage Nice Guys Finish Last
Living Large Loan
Episode 108: Living Large Loan (Apr 22, 2015)
Being Lax On A Loan Getting Painted Into A Corner Haulin' It
Concert Crowd Surfing Chaos
Episode 109: Concert Crowd Surfing Chaos (Apr 23, 2015)
Crowd Suring Your Way Into Court Uncle Sam Always Wins Running A Shoddy Laundromat
Wedding Style Mess
Episode 110: Wedding Style Mess (Apr 24, 2015)
Not Making It Up Jailbird Jewelry Heist Fouling Up On a Fix Up
You Punched My Car and Dented It
Episode 111: You Punched My Car and Dented It (Apr 27, 2015)
Being A Sucker Puncher Messing With A Musician Being Full Of Soot
Dumping Disaster
Episode 112: Dumping Disaster (Apr 28, 2015)
Making An Illegal Dump Flushing Away A Payment A Testy Test Drive
Bankruptcy Scam
Episode 113: Bankruptcy Scam (Apr 29, 2015)
Stealing From An Ex Being A Little Dinghy Disposing Of Personal Property
Pet Sale Ends in Tragedy
Episode 114: Pet Sale Ends in Tragedy (Apr 30, 2015)
Selling A Bad Bulldog Caving In On A Tenant Riding Off Into The Sunset
Drunk Driving Dilemma
Episode 115: Drunk Driving Dilemma (May 01, 2015)
Who was really driving? Being A Deadbeat Designer Going Poof In The Middle Of The Night
Pooch Problems
Episode 116: Pooch Problems (May 04, 2015)
Causing Doggie Damages Strumming A Woman Along Copping An Attitude
Nasty Neighbor
Episode 117: Nasty Neighbor (May 05, 2015)
Getting Nasty With A Neighbor Turning On A Twin
Roadside Wreck Leads to a Racist Rant
Episode 118: Roadside Wreck Leads to a Racist Rant (May 06, 2015)
Ceering off Course Exasperating An Ex Pooping Out On A Refund
Who's Crazy: The Landlord or the Tenant?
Episode 119: Who's Crazy: The Landlord or the Tenant? (May 07, 2015)
Get Out Of My House Ending Things Early A Pea Coat Problem
College Coeds Clash
Episode 120: College Coeds Clash (May 08, 2015)
Freezing Out A Roommate Making His Ex Very Mad Flooring A Customer
Episode 121: TBA (May 11, 2015)
Two-Timing Running Out On A Wedding
Episode 122: TBA (May 12, 2015)
Being Cheap Over A Jeep Being A Randy Roofer You Dognapper You
Episode 123: TBA (May 13, 2015)
Unloading A Crummy Buggy Control That Dang Dawg Not Treating A Tenant Right
Episode 124: TBA (May 14, 2015)
Wigging Out At A Wedding Ignoring A Tenant Ticking Off A Friend
Episode 125: TBA (May 15, 2015)
Poor Chooch Letting A Lady Friend Down Smelting A Guy's Heart
Episode 126: TBA (May 18, 2015)
Leaving An Ex In The Lurch Leaving A Girl High & Dry Sending A Son On His Merry Way
Episode 127: TBA (May 19, 2015)
Making Mom Mad Driving A Neighbor Nuts Sticking It To An Ex
Episode 128: TBA (May 20, 2015)
Being Lax On A Loan Not Seeing Things Clearly Refusing A Refund
Episode 129: TBA (May 21, 2015)
Going On A Demolition Derby A Crummy Car Repair Being A Money Moocher
Episode 130: TBA (May 22, 2015)
Flaming Out Taking, But Not Giving Changing His Mind
Episode 131: TBA (May 25, 2015)
Dissing Her Ex-Husband Trucking It Up Taunting A Tenant
Episode 132: TBA (May 26, 2015)
Being Doggone Careless Walking Out Take Back Your Water Soaked Hunk O' Junk
Episode 133: TBA (May 27, 2015)
Stiffing His Employee Taking Terrible Advantage Of A Tenant A Snow Job
Episode 134: TBA (May 28, 2015)
Running Out On A Bill Backing Out Keeping The Cash
Episode 135: TBA (May 29, 2015)
Not Returning Five Large Taking Advantage Of A Tenant The Day The Music Died
Episode 136: TBA (Jun 08, 2015)
Having Vicious Propensities Being Nosy Landlords Botching Up A Book
Episode 137: TBA (Jun 09, 2015)
Mauling A Guy Over A Mower Freezing A Tenant's Money Getting Painted Into A Corner
Episode 138: TBA (Jun 10, 2015)
Fanning The Flames Carting The Issue Ski Dooin' A Customer
Episode 139: TBA (Jun 11, 2015)
Being A Sap Manhandling A Tenant Trucking A Guy Up
Episode 140: TBA (Jun 12, 2015)
Skipping A Few Years Towing The Line Hitting A Sour Note
Episode 141: TBA (Jun 15, 2015)
Denying A Brother Not Phoning A Friend A Wheely Big Problem
Episode 142: TBA (Jun 16, 2015)
Losing It With A Ex Failing The Family Being A Real Busy Body
Episode 143: TBA (Jun 17, 2015)
Licking A Mom To The Curb Staining His Reputation Lousy Laundering
Episode 144: TBA (Jun 18, 2015)
Being A Spoil Sport Being Rock Solid Hair, Hair Everywhere
Episode 145: TBA (Jun 19, 2015)
Departing Daycare Leaving Too Soon Causing A Fight
Episode 146: TBA (Jun 22, 2015)
Double-Timing Banging It, But Good Finishing A Job
Episode 147: TBA (Jun 23, 2015)
Un-Friending A Friend Ruining A Rental Elevating A Customer's Blood Pressure
Episode 148: TBA (Jun 24, 2015)
Getting Into Deep Water With An Ex Being A Real Two-Timer Water-Water Everywhere
Episode 149: TBA (Jun 25, 2015)
Giving An Ex The Ring Around Generating A Big Lawsuit Upsetting An Uncle
Episode 150: TBA (Jun 26, 2015)
Conning A Cousin Tranny Troubles Failing A Friend

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