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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (2008)

The future of dueling is revving up! And with it begins a new legend! Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's! Welcome to New Domino City! Once the playground to legendary duelist Yugi Muto, this sprawling metropolis has since been transformed into a futuristic society where dueling has kicked into overdrive. With recent technological advancements made by KaibaCorp, dueling has undergone a metamorphosis that has revolutionized the makeup and pace of the game! It’s now a heart-pounding, adrenaline-filled and fuel injected competition where duelists ride supercharged hyper cycles called Duel Runners and battle it out in hi-octane contests called “Turbo Duels.” The winners and losers aren’t just separated by skill and strength… but by SPEED! However, for five special duelists, it's not just about winning or losing anymore - it's about survival, for they are the chosen "Signers" who have been marked by destiny to uncover the secrets of the five dragons!

Release Date: Wed, Apr 02, 2008

Country: JP
Language: Ja
Runtime: 25

Season 1:

On Your Mark, Get Set, Duel!
Episode 1: On Your Mark, Get Set, Duel! (Apr 02, 2008)
Hoping to save his friends from the clutches of Sector Security, Yusei Fudo challenges his old nemesis Officer Trudge to a Turbo Duel!
Creepy Crawlies
Episode 2: Creepy Crawlies (Apr 09, 2008)
Yusei reflects on his past battle with Jack, vowing to win back his Stardust Dragon card which Jack took from him. Later, Tank, Nervin, and Blitz are challenged by a group of thugs, led by a person named Uryu. Yusei steps in to help his friends out, and ends up in a duel against Uryu with his Duel Runner at stake.
Pipe Dreams
Episode 3: Pipe Dreams (Apr 16, 2008)
Yusei begins his ride to New Domino City to face Jack. On the way, Trudge forces him into another Turbo Duel. With only three minutes left to make it out of the pipeline, and Trudge's Gate Blocker preventing him from gaining Speed Counters, Yusei seems to be getting desperate - until he pulls out a special monster given to him by Rally.
A Blast from the Past (1)
Episode 4: A Blast from the Past (1) (Apr 23, 2008)
Yusei, intending to win back his Stardust Dragon, meets up with Jack and challenges him to a Turbo Duel. The battle begins in the now deserted Duel Stadium. Yusei finds himself up against not only the fearsome Red Dragon Archfiend, but also his own Stardust Dragon which Jack placed in his deck.
A Blast from the Past (2)
Episode 5: A Blast from the Past (2) (Apr 30, 2008)
Yusei and Jack's battle continues, with Yusei finally regaining control of Stardust Dragon. Both Yusei and Jack's arms burn as Stardust and Red Dragon Archfiend clash, and both their dragon-shaped birthmarks begin glowing. A third Dragon appears in the sky, blazing red. The duel ends with no victor and the appearance of New Domino City Security forces.
The Facility (1)
Episode 6: The Facility (1) (May 07, 2008)
Yusei is arrested and sent to a detention center, where he meets an old man named Yanagi, who duels using what he calls his "Hidden Treasure" deck. Yanagi faces off against another prisoner, Bolt Tanner - and is shortly revealed to be a very poor duelist. Although lacking skills, he still cares deeply about his cards, something Yusei can relate to. Meanwhile, Goodwin reviews Jack's duel with Yusei, and discovers that, had they not been interrupted by the appearance of the Crimson Dragon, Jack would have been defeated.
The Facility (2)
Episode 7: The Facility (2) (May 14, 2008)
Yusei has had enough of hearing Tanner making fun of Yanagi's cards and dueling skills, so he takes up Yanagi's deck and challenges Tanner to a duel, much to everyone's surprise, since Yusei is not dueling with his usual cards. Yusei wants to teach Tanner that every deck has a winning strategy, regardless of their value to others. Goodwin reveals to Jack the legend of the People of the Stars, the Signers and the Crimson Dragon.
Fire It Up!
Episode 8: Fire It Up! (May 21, 2008)
Yusei is interrogated for information on his Dragon Mark, and Goodwin comes to the detention center to speak with him further. Yanagi tells Yusei what he knows about the Signers and the five dragons, and suspects that Yusei's Stardust Dragon may be one of the five. Meanwhile Jack duels Hunter again, but is off his game after his loss against Yusei.
The Lockdown Duel (1)
Episode 9: The Lockdown Duel (1) (May 28, 2008)
Yusei is transferred to a different cell, away from Yanagi. His new cellmate, Alex, plans to escape and offers to take Yusei with him, but he refuses to leave without Yanagi and Tanner. Meanwhile, Armstrong has been harassing Tanner, and Yusei ends up in a duel against him, using a deck built with treasured cards given to him by all the other prisoners.
The Lockdown Duel (2)
Episode 10: The Lockdown Duel (2) (Jun 04, 2008)
Yusei is caught in Armstrong's trap - not only is he forced to discard ten cards each turn, each Life Point lost also delivers a painful electric shock. Armstrong has disabled the electric current to his own Duel Disk, and thus does not feel any pain, until Alex breaks into the control room. He starts the current flowing again, but Armstrong just gets back up and keeps going. Despite the overwhelming odds, Yusei is able to pull through and win the duel. He is allowed to leave the prison.
The Take Back (1)
Episode 11: The Take Back (1) (Jun 11, 2008)
Although he is now out of the detention center, Yusei has noticed that he is being followed by Goodwin's agents. Luckily, he is taken by a former duelist named Blister, the man who Tanner told him could help get his Duel Runner and dueling deck back. After discovering Blister's past, Yusei infiltrates Goodwin's tower and finally recovers his Duel Runner and dueling deck, but not before Trudge shows up and challenges him to another Turbo Duel.
The Take Back (2)
Episode 12: The Take Back (2) (Jun 18, 2008)
Yusei continues to avoid Trudge's brutal direct attacks as he attempts to escape with Bliser's help, but things only get harder from there. Despite the danger, Yusei resolves to restore Blister's faith in bonds with other people. When Trudge brings out Goyo Guardian, Yusei tunes four of his weak monsters together to summon Turbo Warrior.
A Duel to Remember
Episode 13: A Duel to Remember (Jun 25, 2008)
Yusei is able to escape from the police, but crashes his Duel Runner and is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up, he has been rescued and hidden from the police by twin duelists Leo and Luna, who live in the Tops area at New Domino City. Rejoiced to see that Yusei is alright, Leo asks him for a friendly duel-Yusei's Junk deck against Leo's Morphtronic deck. In the English version, Yusei suffers from amnesia following his crash, and Leo duels him in order to make him remember.
Bloom of the Black Rose
Episode 14: Bloom of the Black Rose (Jul 02, 2008)
While preparing for the Fortune Cup with Blister, Yusei is reunited with Tanner and Yanagi. As they prepare to test out Yusei's Deck, they're confronted by Jack, who returns Stardust Dragon to Yusei. Later, Leo tells them about a duelist called the Black Rose Witch. (Known simply as the Black Rose in the English version). When she appears before them, the Mark of the Dragon on Yusei's arm begins to react.
Welcome to the Fortune Cup
Episode 15: Welcome to the Fortune Cup (Jul 09, 2008)
The Fortune Cup has officially begun and the first duel pits Krieger against Leo, who is disguised as his sister Luna, as she did not wish to participate. Krieger's aircraft machine monsters are giving Leo's Morphtronic monsters a hard time. Meanwhile, Zigzix, Goodwin's scientist, puts his latest invention to the test: a device that detects signer activities. But Leo is unaffected while Luna is. Leo loses his duel and Zigzix finds out that Luna was in the stands during the duel.
Battle with the Black Rose
Episode 16: Battle with the Black Rose (Jul 16, 2008)
The next duel in the Fortune Cup pits Gill de Randsborg vs. Akiza. Randsborg has learned from Goodwin and Lazar that Akiza is the Black Rose. At first, his Masked Knight leveled monsters seem to give him a clear advantage, until Akiza lets everyone in the stadium witness the dangers of her plant monsters, field spell card and finally, her Black Rose Dragon.
Surprise, Surprise
Episode 17: Surprise, Surprise (Jul 23, 2008)
Next up in the Fortune Cup is a riding duel between Yusei and a mysterious caped duelist called Shira, but to Yusei's and Jack's surprise, the challenger is actually Hunter Pace who took the real Shira's place and disguise shortly before the duel starts. Yusei must now face Pace's deck filled with powerful Fire monsters, an improved deck which Pace planned to use against Jack later on.
Return to the Spirit World (1)
Episode 18: Return to the Spirit World (1) (Jul 30, 2008)
The first round of the Fortune Cup is over, but Rex Goodwin is holding a consolation match, which opposes Professor Frank (Known simply as The Professor in the English version) versus the real Luna, much to Leo's disappointment. Not only Luna is reluctant to duel, but the duel itself is planned to uncover Luna's signer ability. Furthermore, Professor Frank has a stirring speech that sends Luna into a trance-like state, disrupting her dueling capabilities.
Return to the Spirit World (2)
Episode 19: Return to the Spirit World (2) (Aug 06, 2008)
Luna engages in her duel with Professor Frank when she hears a mysterious voice saying: " You said...you'd protect the world of Duel Monsters spirits. " Then, the voice takes shape in the form of Ancient Fairy Dragon. Now, Luna must take all her courage and skill at hand to defeat Professor Frank's trump card.
Second Round Showdown (1)
Episode 20: Second Round Showdown (1) (Aug 13, 2008)
The first day of the Fortune Cup comes to a close. The audience attention is cast to an image of Krieger, who shall face Yusei tomorrow. As Tanner says that he wonders what kind of Duel Runner Krieger uses, something comes to Leo's mind, causing him to run off.
Second Round Showdown (2)
Episode 21: Second Round Showdown (2) (Aug 20, 2008)
Krieger successfully summons Flying Fortress SKY FIRE and uses its effect to prevent Yusei to play his cards right. What Yusei doesn't know is that Krieger holds Goodwin responsible for the destruction of his home village.
The Profiler
Episode 22: The Profiler (Aug 27, 2008)
The second round of the finals pits Akiza against Commander Koda. Koda has been ordered by Goodwin to expose Akiza as a signer, which didn't work on Akiza's last duel. Furthermore, Koda can expose his opponents' past to disable them. He doesn't take long to expose Akiza's troublesome reputation as the Black Rose, awakening painful memories to Akiza.
Duel of the Dragons (1)
Episode 23: Duel of the Dragons (1) (Sep 03, 2008)
Before the final rounds of the Fortune Cup commences, Yusei confronts and questions Akiza within a inner passage of the Dueling Stadium of why does she calls the Mark of the Dragon a "Wretched Mark." To which angrily responds that she hates and detests the person who carries a birthmark. Furthermore while becoming angry, Akiza feels that something remains hidden within her. Yusei, who is filled with various doubts, begins his Duel with Akiza.
Duel of the Dragons (2)
Episode 24: Duel of the Dragons (2) (Sep 10, 2008)
The duel between Yusei and Akiza continues, and Akiza quickly gains the upper hand. Yusei, from his part, manages to put a good defense against Akiza's plant-type monsters, but also notices that Akiza takes a guiltiest pleasure at attacking him mercilessly.
The Fortune Cup Finale (1)
Episode 25: The Fortune Cup Finale (1) (Sep 17, 2008)
Yusei wins his match against Akiza, but feels reluncant about it since he couldn't help her as much as he would have wished. He then rushes to Goodwin's tower in order to rescue his friends, but what he finds is Jack along Goodwin, and he explains how his rivalry with Yusei all began. Shortly after, the final duel between Jack and Yusei takes place, and to Yusei's surprise, his friends from Satellite are safe and sound, freed from the container that served as prison in Satellite, and they all watch Yusei as he duels.
The Fortune Cup Finale (2)
Episode 26: The Fortune Cup Finale (2) (Sep 24, 2008)
The Fortune Cup Finals continue as Yusei summons Stardust Dragon to battle Jack’s Red Dragon Archfiend. As the battle goes on, the Crimson Dragon appears and Goodwin, revealing that he is the fifth signer and has a severed arm in a tank with the final Signer Mark shows Yusei, Jack, Akiza, and Luna bizarre visions of the People of the Stars and the future of New Domino City, being engulfed in a Spider shaped geoglyph of fire.
A Web of Deceit (1)
Episode 27: A Web of Deceit (1) (Oct 01, 2008)
After his victory over Jack in the Fortune Cup, Yusei is named the new Duel King. While Yanagi informs the gang about the Signers and the Dragon Birthmarks, Yusei is challenged by a mysterious man with a Spider shaped birthmark on his arm who is able to make the duel into a Shadow Duel. Yusei is surprised to find his opponent has a fearsome new type of monster, a Dark Synchro Monster. Meanwhile, a reporter named Carly tries to get the scoop on the new Duel King.
A Web of Deceit (2)
Episode 28: A Web of Deceit (2) (Oct 08, 2008)
Despite the difficulties caused by the Dark Synchro Monster, Yusei manages to win his duel against the Dark Signer. However, after the duel, his opponent has no recollection of what happened and no longer has the birthmark or any Dark Synchro Monsters in his deck. It is revealed that spiders are being used to control people, one of which are heading to the hospital where Jack is recovering. Trudge arrives to take Yusei back to the Satellite, and Yusei decides to go, with intention of getting the truth out of Goodwin.
Good Cop, Bad Cop
Episode 29: Good Cop, Bad Cop (Oct 15, 2008)
Following her release from security, Carly attends a premiere event and encounters a model named Misty, who predicts her death. When Angela, a rival reporter, reveals Jack was actually born in the Satellite, Carly decides to infiltrate the hospital to interview Jack. At that time, a Dark Signer spider possesses Trudge and challenges Jack, who is trying to leave the hospital, to a duel. Unable to use his fractured right arm, Jack decides to use Carly as his arm. They win the duel, but Jack is weakened and asks Carly to get him out of there without anyone noticing. Meanwhile, Goodwin shows Yusei the truth.
Fight or Flight
Episode 30: Fight or Flight (Oct 22, 2008)
A Satellite rebel named Crow steals several decks for his friends. He is forced into a duel by Security, but manages to beat them with a one-turn kill. As Goodwin tells Yusei the truth about Signers and Dark Signers, Luna has nightmares involving the dragons. Mina and Trudge show up at Carly’s place where they find Jack, but he refuses to go with them. Yusei is then sent back to the Satellite where Crow awaits him.
The Reunion Duel
Episode 31: The Reunion Duel (Oct 29, 2008)
After catching up with each other and reuniting with Rally and co, Yusei and Crow are forced into a Turbo Duel with security using Tag Duel rules. Meanwhile, Carly accompanies Jack around the city whilst Mina and Trudge follow. Jack reminisces about his life in the Satellite, and the friends he betrayed. Following some advice from Carly, he decides to follow his own path.
Dark Signs (1)
Episode 32: Dark Signs (1) (Nov 05, 2008)
Rally and friends meet up with Yusei and Crow at his hideout, where Crow tells a story about the man who made the Daedalus Bridge. Later that night, whilst Yusei and Crow search for the Dark Signer’s whereabouts, Kalin, a former friend of theirs, sends out a Dark birthmark signal, alerting Yusei and the other Signers. Jack and Carly are escorted by Mina to Yusei’s whereabouts, where Carly learns that Yusei was born in Tops, and his parents were involved in the Zero Reverse incident. Kalin makes his appearance, trapping Yusei in a geoglyph shaped like the Giant Nazca Line and forcing him into a Dark Turbo Duel.
Dark Signs (2)
Episode 33: Dark Signs (2) (Nov 12, 2008)
While preparing for his duel against Kalin, Yusei, Crow and Jack remember when they were all part of a duel gang, the Enforcers, who duelled rival gangs at night. The duel starts and Yusei takes a harsh attack due to the effects of the Shadow duel, which appears to be more dangerous in Turbo Duel.
Dark Signs (3)
Episode 34: Dark Signs (3) (Nov 19, 2008)
Kalin summons his One-Hundred Eye Dragon, a Level -8 Dark Synchro monster, causing a real threat to Yusei. Yusei once again recalls his days in the Enforcers, and remembers how Kalin once saved his life. When he is almost burned in the fires of the dark barrier, Yusei also remembers when Kalin killed a member of Security and how the proceeding fight between them sparked Kalin’s hatred towards Yusei.
Dark Signs (4)
Episode 35: Dark Signs (4) (Nov 26, 2008)
Yusei defeats One-Hundred Eye Dragon using Stardust Dragon, but Kalin summons a powerful monster, an Earthbound Immortal, called ‘Ccapac Apu’ using the souls of all the captured Satellite inhabitants, unphased by attacks from Monsters, Spells or Traps. Before it can attack, Yusei’s Duel Runner gives out and crashes, ending the duel. However, Yusei is impaled by a shard in his abdomen and is taken to a local doctor in Satellite by Crow. Meanwhile, Yusei’s friends try to retrieve his broken Duel Runner while staving off Satellite thieves. However, in the english adaptation, Yusei suffers internal bruising to his abdomen after his duel with Kalin.
Supersensory Shakedown
Episode 36: Supersensory Shakedown (Dec 03, 2008)
As Yusei recovers from his operation, Leo assumes he is the Fifth Signer since his monster, Power Tool Dragon, apparently appeared in Luna’s dream. He comes up with the idea of recruiting Akiza to fight the Dark Signers and goes with Luna, Tanner and Yanagi to visit Sayer in order to see her. However Sayer gasses them, and has his own plans of recruiting Luna into the Arcadia Movement, locking up Tanner and Yanagi and forcing Leo into a duel with his sister on the line, for if he loses Luna will stay and become a member of the Arcadia Movement, while Luna watches with Akiza. Leo temporarily gains the upper hand by summoning Power Tool Dragon, but is then defeated by Sayer’s Synchro Monster and is left unconscious.
Digging Deeper (1)
Episode 37: Digging Deeper (1) (Dec 10, 2008)
Jack decides to return with Mina to the city to retrieve his Duel Runner. He thinks it is too dangerous for Carly to get involved but promises to tell her everything when it’s all over. Carly, wanting to maintain her contact with Jack, decides to look into Akiza and the Arcadia Movement, and finds out Misty is somehow linked to them and goes to meet her. She reveals that Akiza was apparently responsible for the death of her younger brother.
Digging Deeper (2)
Episode 38: Digging Deeper (2) (Dec 17, 2008)
New Domino City is shaken by an earthquake as a new geoglyph is set ablaze. To Sayer’s surprise, somebody shows in his office: Carly, alive… and as a Dark Signer. She challenges Sayer to a Shadow Duel for revenge, and Sayer is shocked by her new monsters’ abilities. Noticing the geoglyphs, Jack heads towards the action, almost being engulfed by the flames in the process. Meanwhile, Akiza is approached by Misty, who challenges her to a duel, as a dark signer as well.
Digging Deeper (3)
Episode 39: Digging Deeper (3) (Dec 24, 2008)
During their duel, Misty informs Akiza that she is responsible for the death of her brother, which Akiza denies. Tanner and Yanagi rescue Luna and Leo from their imprisonment, and discover the two duelists along the way. A barrier coming from Luna’s birthmark protects the others as countless souls are sacrificed when Misty summons her Earthbound Immortal, Ccarayhua.
Clash of the Dragons (1)
Episode 40: Clash of the Dragons (1) (Jan 07, 2009)
Akiza is taken to hospital where her parents, Hideo and Setsuka, meet up with Jack, Leo and Luna. Jack tells them that the only one who can save Akiza is Yusei, so Hideo travels to Satellite to talk with him. He tells him that when Akiza was young, he was unable to spend time with her due to work. When they finally were able to spend some free time together, a call from work interrupted, which frustrated Akiza and awoke her Signer powers and birthmark, hurting her father in the process.
Clash of the Dragons (2)
Episode 41: Clash of the Dragons (2) (Jan 14, 2009)
Enduring the pain of Akiza’s attacks, Yusei summons Stardust Dragon to face against Black Rose Dragon and reach her heart. Still hurt by the loss of Sayer, Akiza unleashes her full power and constantly weakens Stardust Dragon. As Yusei gets hit by more attacks, Hideo steps in to protect him and try and reach Akiza, taking some damage in the process.
The Signs of Time
Episode 42: The Signs of Time (Jan 21, 2009)
Before visiting Goodwin, Mina shows Akiza the true nature of the Arcadia Movement, showing how they performed experiments on young children in order to raise Psychic Duelists. Yusei, Jack, Akiza, Luna and Leo go to Goodwin in order to get the truth. Goodwin almost denies Leo entry, since he is not a Signer, but Luna insists that he stay with them.
Surely, You Jest (1)
Episode 43: Surely, You Jest (1) (Jan 28, 2009)
The Signers contemplate about what Goodwin had told them. Yusei blames himself for Kalin becoming a Dark Signer, but Jack punches him in the stomach and face to knock some sense into him Yusei then punches back. Leo is reluctant to join Luna in going to the Satellite, since his battle with Sayer proved he wasn’t a worthy hero.
Surely, You Jest (2)
Episode 44: Surely, You Jest (2) (Feb 04, 2009)
Crow manages to regain some ground in his duel against Lazar with his monster, Black Feather Arms Wing, but just then, a purple light shines from the Original Enerdy Reactor within a crater Lazar was investigating, and a black fog starts to envelope Satellite. Whilst Lazar manages to escape, Crow gets caught up in the fog and disappears, along with several Satellite citizens.
Mark of the Spider (1)
Episode 45: Mark of the Spider (1) (Feb 11, 2009)
While flying to the Satellite Akiza asks about Yusei’s father and Mina explains to everyone what his father did. She also explains what happened 17 years ago and that Yusei is city born. Yusei, Jack, Akiza, Leo, Luna, Mina and Trudge arrive Martha’s house where she and Blister are waiting. Martha informs everyone that Crow, Rally and the others have gone missing, and offers everyone a meal. Then Yusei answer Martha’s question if the girl that’s sitting there at the table is Akiza and then Martha states he saved her.
Mark of the Spider (2)
Episode 46: Mark of the Spider (2) (Feb 18, 2009)
As Roman prepares for his Earthbound Immortal summoning, Yusei tries his best to postpone it and Martha and Trudge hurry to save the children. However, Roman then speeds up the process and is able to summon his Earthbound Immortal, Uru. Thankfully, Jack arrives on time and forms a barrier around the children to stop their souls being sacrificed. Roman then reveals that not only was he an assistant to Yusei’s father, but is also Goodwin’s brother and the one responsible for the Zero Reverse incident. Yusei manages to deflect an attack from Uru’s attack, but it hits a building Taka, Martha and Trudge were hiding in.
Mark of the Monkey (1)
Episode 47: Mark of the Monkey (1) (Feb 25, 2009)
The Dark Signers show up to taunt the Signers following Yusei’s duel with Roman. Devack introduces himself and reveals he is in possession of Ancient Fairy Dragon and challenges Luna to come get it. Roman announces that their duels will take place at the four stars of destiny. Whilst chasing after them, Jack discovers that one of the Dark Signers is Carly, who tells him to find her if he wants to know what happened.
Mark of the Monkey (2)
Episode 48: Mark of the Monkey (2) (Mar 04, 2009)
As Luna reaches a town in the Spirit Realm, she notices that its inhabitants are running frightened, and gravity is behaving oddly. She is discovered by a group of monkey soldiers, who imprison her card spirits in stone tablets with minus levels. She is rescued by a young mage named Torunka, who decides to help Luna find Regulus, the servant Ancient Fairy Dragon spoke of.
Mark of the Monkey (3)
Episode 49: Mark of the Monkey (3) (Mar 11, 2009)
As Luna and Torunka manage to find Regulus, Luna notices he has a Minus Staff stuck in his leg, causing him to hear the opposite of what Luna says and become distrustful of her. Luna manages to steal one of the foot soldier’s Minus Staffs to negate the one on Regulus, and when he notices she is a Signer, he decides to help them.
Mark of the Monkey (4)
Episode 50: Mark of the Monkey (4) (Mar 18, 2009)
Luna’s plan to free Ancient Fairy Dragon is hampered when the Minus Staff she was carrying gets revealed, causing Torunka to accidentally blurt out their plans. Regulus manages to destroy Zeman, who is simultaneously destroyed by Leo in the real world, but not before Zeman transfers the power of the minus curse to Devack. This returns Torunka to his normal age, but doesn’t free Ancient Fairy or the minused spirits.
A Whale of a Ride (1)
Episode 51: A Whale of a Ride (1) (Mar 25, 2009)
Leo and Luna defeat Devack, and he disappears, freeing all the trapped spirits. Ancient Fairy Dragon and Regulus give their thanks to Luna, and becomes cards in her deck. Luna places the Ancient Fairy Dragon card in the control unit, deactivating it. Making sure everyone is safe, Yusei decides to head towards Kalin. Hearing about Devack’s defeat, Roman sways Greiger over to his side, and executes him in order to transform him into a Dark Signer.
A Whale of a Ride (2)
Episode 52: A Whale of a Ride (2) (Apr 01, 2009)
Crow uses his Duel Runner’s modifications to survive Greiger’s attack. Yusei decides to jump into the geoglyph in order to discover who was dueling, and is shocked to find Greiger is a Dark Signer. Yusei tries to calm both of them down, but neither refuse to let up. Crow recalls that he had no friends when his father died, but thanks to finding some Duel Monster cards, he was able to learn how to read and make friends with other duelists, including Yusei and Jack, and soon grew to take care of others in the same way…
A Whale of a Ride (3)
Episode 53: A Whale of a Ride (3) (Apr 08, 2009)
Greiger summons his Dark Synchro, which is Dark Flat Top, which allows him to special summon another Flying Fortress SKY FIRE, and then attacks Crow with it, which reduces Crow's life points to down 100. Crow crashes, but remains determined to win, and gets back into the game. Using a pot luck with his trap, he manages to defeat both monsters, but this in turn, allows Greiger to summon his Earthbound Immortal, Chacu Challhua. Crow manages to Synchro Summon Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant, and prepares to destroy Chacu Challua with its special ability, but then, he, Yusei, and Greiger notice that the souls used for its Chacu Challhua's summoning were the people of his village, and Greiger's siblings. Realizing it was the Dark Signer's fault, and not Goodwin's, Greiger wants to stop the duel, but the Earthbound Immortal refuses to give up, and takes over his body. As he struggles to regain control, Greiger asks Crow to finish the battle.
A Score to Settle (1)
Episode 54: A Score to Settle (1) (Apr 15, 2009)
Yusei finally catches up with Kalin and start what Kalin calls 'The Last Duel of the Enforcers'. Yusei hopes that this duel will rekindle their friendship. After the Enforcers took over the Satellite, Kalin kept looking for enemies. When those enemies started including young kids, Crow and Jack left the team, leaving just Kalin and Yusei. When Security shows up in Satellite with Duel Runners and Kalin plans on destroying them, Yusei also quits the team. Kalin decides to attack Security, getting their attention by blowing up some confiscated Duel Disks. When Yusei, Jack and Crow catch wind of Kalin's actions, they go to look for him and find him cornered in a building ready to stand off against Security. Back in the present, Kalin summons his One-Hundred Eye Dragon and begins to utilize his Handless combo.
A Score to Settle (2)
Episode 55: A Score to Settle (2) (Apr 22, 2009)
Yusei defeats One-Hundred Eye Dragon, but is fully aware that it allows Kalin to draw his Earthbound Immortal to his hand. Back in the last days of the Enforcers, in a flash-back of Yusei's memories, Yusei, Jack and Crow try to talk sense into Kalin, and they all end up running away from Sector Security. One Sector Security officer pins down Kalin, but he manages to jump on his Duel Runner, causing him to crash with a bad head injury. He tries to finish him off but Yusei stops him. Yusei tries to pose as the leader of the Enforcers in order to protect Kalin, but the chief of Sector Security at that time had already figured it out that Kalin was the real leader of the enforcers, and Kalin becomes furious when he sees his hand on Yusei's shoulder, thinking Yusei had ratted him out. Kalin then gets harsh treatment in prison, losing his deck, and he was eventually convinced by the voice of Roman to become a Dark Signer.
Destiny's Will (1)
Episode 56: Destiny's Will (1) (Apr 29, 2009)
With Kalin and Ccapac Apu defeated, all the Satellite residents are returned. Just then, Roman uses one of his dark spiders to possess Trudge and talk to Yusei, coaxing him to find him at the Original Ener-D Reactor, challenging him to a duel. Lazar is seen talking to a mysterious figure. Goodwin goes to meet with Roman. Roman is shown with a shadow duel disk, and challenges Goodwin to a duel, as part of a promise they made. Yusei, Luna, Leo, and Trudge traverse down the crater, whilst Crow, who notices the army helicopters, takes a different route. Yusei encounters Roman on a bridge, who activates an explosion, causing a flux of Ener-D to appear underneath them. They start to duel and manages to attack Roman with Junk Warrior, although this in turn allows Roman to summon Earthbound Immortal Uru. Roman continues to put pressure on Yusei and manages to bring his life points down to 100.
Destiny's Will (2)
Episode 57: Destiny's Will (2) (May 06, 2009)
After bringing Yusei's life points down to 50, Roman begins to tell him of what happened 17 years ago between him, Rex and Yusei's father. They were working on the Original Energy Reactor, but Professor Fudo wanted to stop the project when it started to look unstable. Roman had decided to travel to the Nazca lines, where he encountered a mysterious person, claiming to be from Yliaster, who knows about Roman's birthmark. The mysterious man convinces Roman to look into the light coming from the reactor, where he is struck by dark energy and is shown the history of the Earthbound Immortals and the mighty powerful Crimson Dragon. Meanwhile, Crow finds Rex, who explains that Professor Fudo was betrayed by Roman. He shows off four Dragon cards, but Professor Fudo manages to escape with three of them, but got severely injured in the process and entrusts the cards to Rex.
Shadows of Doubt (1)
Episode 58: Shadows of Doubt (1) (May 13, 2009)
With Roman's defeat, all the Satellite citizens, including Martha and Rally, are returned. Jack finally meets up with Carly, but she is reluctant to be helped and challenges Jack to a Turbo Duel. Initially, Jack is reluctant to fight and takes a lot of damage, but he starts to fight back, as he does not believe Carly is a person who would hurt people. Carly traps Jack in a vision where he is transformed into a Dark Signer by Carly and becomes destined to destroy the Crimson Dragon by her side. However, noticing Carly's glasses, Jack breaks free of this vision, and decides to fight for what Carly truly desires. Meanwhile, Yusei finds himself in a strange place surrounded by the spirits of those who died in the Zero Reverse incident. Due to Yusei's connection to the incident, they start to attack him, but he is rescued by a strong white light and the voice of a familiar figure.
Shadows of Doubt (2)
Episode 59: Shadows of Doubt (2) (May 20, 2009)
Jack activates a Trap that lets Carly choose the outcome. He manages to break through to Carly and she makes the right choice. However, the Earthbound Immortal takes over her body, forcing her to continue the duel. Jack brings out his Red Dragon Archfiend in the hopes of freeing her. Meanwhile, the mysterious spirit reveals himself to be Yusei's father, who returns him to the real world. Carly summons out her Earthbound Immortal - Aslla Piscu, but Jack manages to stop its attack. Jack expresses his feeling for Carly, and then he takes the marks of the other Signers, gives him the Seal of the Crimson Dragon. Hearing the real Carly's pleas to end the duel, despite his objections, Jack synchro summons Majestic Red Dragon. Jack hopes to end the duel in a tie, taking him down with her, so that he can still be with her, but Carly activates a trap card so that only she would lose. Jack is able to do nothing but hold Carly tight, as she disappears into the Netherworld.
Truth and Consequences (1)
Episode 60: Truth and Consequences (1) (May 27, 2009)
Akiza and Mina arrive at an abandoned amusement park where Ccarayhua's control unit is, shortly followed by Yusei's group, and a man claiming to be sent by Goodwin. Misty traps Akiza in a Hall of Mirrors, actually dueling her through the mirrors. She uses cards that block off drawing cards from the deck, and also shows Akiza the events involving Misty and her brother, Toby, who apparently met her at Arcadia Movement. Yusei is led to a room where Mina is found unconscious and is attacked by the man who turns out to be Sayer, who had survived his duel with Carly, and is determined to reclaim Akiza. He uses his psychic abilities to knock Yusei in a cage with Mina as it slowly fills with water. Trudge eventually finds them and tries to free them. Akiza is shown the moment where Toby was killed, which led Misty to become depressed and crash her car, transforming her into a Dark Signer.
Truth and Consequences (2)
Episode 61: Truth and Consequences (2) (Jun 03, 2009)
With Akiza's dormant physic abilities fully awakened, Misty activates her geoglyph. Trudge manages to free Yusei and Mina and Yusei goes to join Luna and Leo. Learning about Akiza's current state, Yusei goes to face Sayer, who reveals he is controlling her mind and was responsible for Toby's death. Misty summons out her Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua. Sayer talks about the experiments he performed on Toby seeing that he did not have ultimate psychic powers sent him to an unknown location that not even he knows about. However, Yusei revealed he had activated an intercom on his duel disk, letting Misty know what Sayer had told him. Angered, Misty gets Ccarayhua to eat him, freeing Akiza from her trance. Misty apologizes to Akiza, but the Earthbound Immortal forces her to continue dueling. Akiza defeats her, setting her free, which results in her being sent to the netherworld. The New Domino City residents return, but a Dark Signer mark, the mark of the Condor appears in the sky.
Signs of Doom (1)
Episode 62: Signs of Doom (1) (Jun 10, 2009)
As the Condor geoglyph shines in the sky, a massive monster emerges from the Original Ener-D Reactor and heads towards the Condor geoglyph over New Domino City, which was the King of the Netherworld. The Crimson Dragon appears and sends everyone to the front of a temple (the Altar of the Dragon Star), where they find Goodwin, who reveals himself to be a Dark Signer. Then, he transfers Roman's mark of the Dragon Head from a canister to his left arm, destroying the metallic arm that was covering it at the same time. He challenges Yusei, Jack and Crow to a Turbo Duel in the air. Goodwin reveals that he lost the duel with Roman prior to his battle with Yusei on purpose, and became a Dark Signer in order to end the pointless cycle. He summons out both a Synchro monster; Sun Dragon Inti, and its Dark Synchro counterpart; Moon Dragon Quilla. He also reveals he was the Legendary turbo duelist who constructed and flew across the Daedalus Bridge.
Signs of Doom (2)
Episode 63: Signs of Doom (2) (Jun 17, 2009)
After being dealt some direct damage due to the cooperative efforts of Yusei, Jack and Crow, Goodwin is able to summon his Earthbound Immortal - Wiraqocha Rasca, absorbing the souls of New Domino City. Then, the King of the Netherworld spouts forth several beasts that attempt to attack the players. However, they are saved by Black Rose Dragon and Ancient Fairy Dragon. Crow sacrifices himself by playing a trap card in order to protect Yusei from Wiraqocha Rasca's special ability, and falls unconscious. Goodwin coaxes Jack into attacking him, but after he gives in and loses some life points, Goodwin's statement of becoming a dark signer causes Jack to remember what Carly taught him and decides not to do things his old fashioned way anymore. Goodwin laughs at the idea of the bonds of true friendship and love, saying that destiny is all that there is.
Signs of Doom (3)
Episode 64: Signs of Doom (3) (Jun 24, 2009)
Goodwin reduces Jack's life points to 1, and gets the King of the Netherworld to attack him, causing him to crash. Yusei's life points get reduced to 1 too, before he summons his Stardust Dragon and takes advantage of the traps Crow and Jack placed beforehand. As Yusei tries to reach Goodwin, which he successfully does, he regains the Signers' marks from him. Furthermore, Yusei gains Roman's mark of the Dragon Head, and the mark of the Tail that Yusei used to have transfers over to Crow. Yusei then takes the marks of the other 4 Signers, and gains the Seal of the Crimson Dragon. Then, he summons the Majestic Star Dragon and destroys Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca, which defeats Goodwin. Then, the Crimson Dragon envelops the Majestic Star Dragon, infusing it with the power of the Crimson Dragon, and dives into the King of the Netherworld.
A New Threat (1)
Episode 65: A New Threat (1) (Jul 01, 2009)
Six months after the battle between the Dark Signers and the Signers, a large stone tablet falls (which is Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity's tablet) from space and lands on Earth, just outside of New Domino City. Whilst investigating it, Lazar encounters three people from Yliaster, who are Jakob (the leader), Lester (self-appointed sub-leader), and Primo (the lowest-ranking member). Lazar questions them about their intentions, but after being reminded by Primo that they were his leaders, and a brief outburst in which Primo points the tip of his sword at Lazar's neck, he quickly submits to the trio, and turns over the leadership of New Domino City to them. Then, Primo tells the other members of the trio that he was going to take his Machine Emperor out for a "test drive." A day later, Sector Security investigates a turbo duelist named Ghost, who is attacking Turbo Duelists, and "stealing" their Synchro Monsters, at night.
A New Threat (2)
Episode 66: A New Threat (2) (Jul 08, 2009)
Yusei summons out his Stardust Dragon and deals some damage to Ghost. However, Ghost uses his Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity's special ability to absorb Stardust Dragon, which causes Stardust Dragon's attack points to be added to Wisel's, boosting its attack points from 2,500 to 5,000. Yusei puts up a good defense, but finds himself pressured. After hanging on for a while, Yusei remembers that he has a second chance, and uses Speed World 2's effect the Crimson Dragon's power to draw another card during his draw phase, which grants him the tuner monster Majestic Dragon, and he is able to retrieve Stardust Dragon using the trap card Syncro particle, and summons the Majestic Star Dragon, and then attacks Wisel Top, resulting in the destruction of the rest of the Machine Emperor, defeating The Ghost. The Ghost then crashes into a forest, and one of the 3 emperors of Yliaster, Primo, retrieves Ghost's duel disk, and his own Wisel deck from The Ghost's duel runner.
Lessons Learned
Episode 67: Lessons Learned (Jul 15, 2009)
As Yusei and Crow work on their new engine, they are visited by Leo, Luna and their classmates, including the timid Sly, who is nearly tempted to steal Stardust Dragon. Yusei is asked by the Academy's principal to fix something, which turns out to be the head instructor, Rudolph Heitmann, who is threatening to expel Leo, Luna, and their friends for using low level monsters. Yusei arrives, and challenges Heitmann to a duel, in order to stop them getting expelled, and to prove the strength of low level monsters. Heitmann manages to summon three Ancient Gear Golems on his first turn and deals a lot of damage. Yusei summons out Stardust Dragon, but sacrifices him to summon out several Tuner monsters, which belong to the relevant students. Yusei manages to use them to defeat Heitmann, who learns his lesson, and withdraws the expulsions. As Yusei leaves, Sly contemplates to steal Stardust Dragon. Fortunately, he will never get that chance.
Trash Talk
Episode 68: Trash Talk (Jul 22, 2009)
Yusei, Jack and Crow pay a visit to Martha and Blister, where Blister talks to them about the asteroid crater. Crow is asked to retrieve an old man named Bashford who refuses to leave his house due to family ties. However, the route to his house is filled with booby traps. He ends up on top of an old-fashioned Dueling Arena (which Bashford had built himself, in hopes that his son Koki would return and duel him), (Dueling Arenas were first used, in the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters) and challenges Bashford to a duel. He finds himself under pressure from his Bashford's Scrap-Iron deck, but he manages to make a comeback. The effects of the battle causes the duel arena and the house to collapse, but Crow manages to win the duel and help Bashford. Yusei manages to retrieve a family photo from the house before it collapsed. Bashford thanks them and returns to Martha's place.
A Duel With Interest
Episode 69: A Duel With Interest (Jul 29, 2009)
Families find themselves under pressure from a loan shark named Don Pierro who takes their precious cards. Crow gets angry at Jack for drinking expensive coffee and suggests that he gets a job. However, his ego gets him kicked out of several jobs. He and Carly follow a boy named Marco to a shrine, where he leaves his cards that were deemed unworthy by Pierro. Jack decides to challenge Pierro for everyone's contracts, putting his Red Dragon Archfiend and Duel Runner on the line. Pierro puts pressure on Jack by implementing his Loan Tokens, damaging his life points. However, Jack manages to win using Marco's cards and destroys all of Pierro's loan contracts. However, he still can't get a job.
The Wicked Spirit
Episode 70: The Wicked Spirit (Aug 05, 2009)
Whilst Leo, Luna and Dexter go wandering through a forest, Luna senses an atmosphere, drifts out of consciousness and follows it, despite warning from Kuribon and Regulus. When she awakens, Luna encounters a boy named Hayley who is looking after a doll representing his sister, Claire. When they notice she has gone missing, Dexter goes to Yusei for help whilst Leo chases after her. When Leo approaches the house, Hayley feels threatened and goes to duel him. Leo notices the damage Hayley is dealing is similar to a Psychic Duelist's, and summons out his Power Tool Dragon. Yusei arrives and busts into the house and finds a load of people trapped inside cards. Meanwhile, Luna is able to talk with the spirit of Claire. Hayley summons out Hollow Ghost and deals some harsh damage to Leo, but Leo manages to turn it around and win the duel. It is revealed that Hayley had died along with his sister, but didn't realize it, which was what kept him there.
French Twist (1)
Episode 71: French Twist (1) (Aug 12, 2009)
Yusei wakes up to find himself being carried away inside a truck after being ambushed by someone named Ichiro wanting to recruit him for the Grand Prix. When Jack, Crow, Akiza and Mina hear about his capture, they go to look for him. Akiza manages to locate the truck Yusei is captured in, and is surprised to find no one is driving it. Akiza uses her powers to break it open, but ends up trapped on their with Yusei when the truck speeds up. They escape, but are then challenged to a Turbo Duel by a mysterious rider. She brings out a fusion monster whilst Yusei responds with Junk Warrior, and Akiza finds herself moved from witnessing a Turbo Duel first hand. The rider then brings out her ace monster and reveals herself to be a woman named Sherry Le Blanc, hoping to recruit Yusei to her team.
French Twist (2)
Episode 72: French Twist (2) (Aug 19, 2009)
The duel between Yusei and Sherry continues, with Akiza insisting that she stay and spectate. Yusei brings out Turbo Warrior and deals some damage, and eventually destroys her monster. However, it leaves him in a point where Sherry can win if she draws a Speed Spell, using Speed World 2's effects. Sherry then tells Yusei that she's entering the WRGP to avenge her parents who were killed by Yliaster. Just as Yusei is about to summon Stardust Dragon, Ichiro appears and tries to drop a truck on them. Akiza uses her powers to materialize Stardust Dragon and stop the truck, and Sherry's guardian, Elsworth, beats up Ichiro and his gang. Due to damage to the Duel Lanes, the duel is called off, but they promise to duel again. Akiza is left with a newfound respect for Turbo Duels.
Synchro Straits
Episode 73: Synchro Straits (Aug 26, 2009)
Yusei has a nightmare about Stardust Dragon being captured by The Ghost, and of Sherry's offer. Wanting to learn to duel without relying on Synchro monsters, Yusei asks Jack to duel him. As they duel, they are being watched by a mysterious character (who is really Vizor). Sensing fear in Yusei after being attacked by Red Dragon Archfiend, Jack cancels the duel, saying that there's no way to win without Synchros (Vizor left by the time the duel was over). Later, everyone attends a premiere event for the WRGP, where the details for the tournament are shown. Lazar meets up with the group from Yliaster, who are using the tournament for their own gain. Just then, the party is crashed by a violent Turbo Duelist named Dobocle. Akiza stops him from wrecking the party, and the Yliaster trio become interested in her powers. Dobocle tries to escape, but is attacked by another Ghost, who is really Primo, because he got sick of Dobocle's actions.
Synchro Solution
Episode 74: Synchro Solution (Sep 02, 2009)
The mysterious dueler, known only as Vizor, decides to train Yusei to face Ghost. He starts off by racing him, testing Yusei's ability to handle mach speeds. Once he cleared that, the duel begins, with Vizor managing to summon two Synchro Monsters in his first turn. Before Yusei is able to counterattack, Vizor speeds up to mach-speed, performing an Accel Synchro with his two monsters to form a new one. Yusei responds by summoning Drill Warrior, and powers it up later, though Vizor decides to take direct damage and lose the duel, instead of damaging his monster. The Yliaster, who had been watching the duel, become curious about Vizor's actions.
Episode 75: Acceleration (Sep 09, 2009)
Wanting to understand what Turbo Duelists feel, Akiza decides to apply for a Turbo Duel License. Despite initially making lots of mistakes, her determination, along with Yusei's tutelage, allows her to pass the initial exams. Yusei also takes her rollerskating to help her learn how to ride backwards. Yusei then builds her a proper Duel Runner, with the help of Jack and Crow. To obtain her license, she has to beat Trudge in a qualification duel, though she initially has trouble getting to grip with Speed Spells, and her Black Rose Dragon gets beaten. However, she manages to turn it around and summon her Splendid Rose. Some guys, who were furious about losing to Akiza in the initial exams, activate a trap to trip Akiza up. However, using the skills Yusei taught her, she evades the trap and defeats Trudge. With her license earned, Yusei welcomes Akiza to the world of Turbo Dueling. Meanwhile Jack beats up the guys that activated the trap and calls Akiza his friend.
Syd Is Vicious
Episode 76: Syd Is Vicious (Sep 16, 2009)
Jack and Carly investigate some Duel Runner thefts. While chasing after a group of them, one of the members, who is actually an undercover agent named Kaz, gets injured. Jack feels responsible for causing the accident, and tries to investigate the matter himself, but is ganged up on and knocked out. He doesn't give up, and soon comes across the entire gang again, where he is once again beaten. However, he was able to place a tracker on one of the members, and finds their hideout, which is located on a large ship. The boss, Syd, challenges Jack to a duel in which the loser is thrown into a crusher. Syd gets the upper hand early on, and despite Jack summoning several monsters, he still finds himself countered. It is soon revealed that their hideout is on a tanker, which has sailed out of range from Sector Security.
Dawn of the Duel Board (1)
Episode 77: Dawn of the Duel Board (1) (Sep 23, 2009)
As Yusei and Akiza have a practice Turbo Duel, Leo ponders how he'd fare as a Turbo Duelist. Meanwhile, the Yliaster trio discuss their plans involving the Crimson Dragon, and another tablet crashes into the earth. Later at Duel Academy, a boy named Lester (one of the Yliaster emperors in disguise) enrolls into the school hoping to find out more about Luna, who soon falls in love with Lester. Leo gets annoyed with him asking her so many questions, so Lester uses an illusion to separate him from Luna, and takes her to his mansion. When Leo realizes he's been tricked, he sneaks into the mansion, where Lester shows off an Ener-D powered skateboard that can be used for Turbo Dueling, called a Duel Board, which he gives to Luna. Feeling jealous, Leo begs Yusei to build him his own Duel Board, and spends several days practicing. Luna later joins him in practicing, but they are attacked by another Duel Skater (who is really Lester back in his original dueling outfit) who traps her in a duel.
Dawn of the Duel Board (2)
Episode 78: Dawn of the Duel Board (2) (Sep 30, 2009)
Realizing Luna and Leo are in trouble, Yusei, Jack, Crow, and Akiza head off to find them. Luna summons out Ancient Fairy Dragon, but it is soon absorbed by Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity. As Yusei and company can only watch, Leo recognizes his opponent as Lester, but Lester states the recognition of his identity has already come to late for them to do anything about it. Luna soon takes some damage in order to protect Leo from Skiel's attacks. Leo summons out Power Tool Dragon, and using traps and monster effects, manages to retrieve Ancient Fairy Dragon. Lester upgrades Skiel and defeats Leo, knocking him off the bridge, but the Crimson Dragon appears and saves him. Luna's counterattack fails, but her Duel Monster spirits prevent her from being hurt, after she loses. When the group try to investigate Lester, they find his mansion gone, and that no one at Duel Academy remembers him. Spurred on by this attack, Yusei becomes determined to learn the Accel Synchro.
Putting It All Together
Episode 79: Putting It All Together (Oct 07, 2009)
Recap episode. As Yusei tests out his engine, Jack and Crow look back on his previous battles to try to understand him. When they meet up with Yusei, he suspects that Yliaster is the one behind Ghost and is planning something big with the WRGP. He also tells Jack and Crow about Accel Synchro. They become determined to learn this new move, which would require a new engine. Meanwhile, a mysterious person washes up on the beach.
The Super Genius
Episode 80: The Super Genius (Oct 14, 2009)
Trudge and Mina invite Yusei, Jack and Crow for a fancy dinner, albeit with a motive. They want them to look after Bruno, an amnesiac who recently washed up onto New Domino City. Whilst they initially refuse, they soon discover he is an extremely talented mechanic. Yusei becomes particularly interested in him, as he could help build the engine he needs to perfect Accel Synchro. However, as he spends more time with him, his friends start to get a bit jealous. Yusei and Bruno manage to complete the program needed for his new engine, but it is stolen overnight. Finding a fingerprint on a cup ramen packet, they decide to hack into the Security network to find the culprit, having to complete a puzzle duel in order to gain access. Jack and Crow have trouble going up against Mirror Force, but Bruno uses his intuition to figure out the correct solution. They discover that the matching fingerprint belongs to Lazar.
Get With the Program (1)
Episode 81: Get With the Program (1) (Oct 21, 2009)
Yusei, Jack, Crow and Bruno decide to trail Lazar, who had stolen their program for Primo. Noticing he is being followed, Lazar heads to the mall where Yusei and company manage to apprehend him, but he makes a break for it. Lazar manages to lose Jack and Crow using holograms, though Bruno manages to figure out, and he and Yusei follow Lazar to a complex. Lazar gives the program to Primo, who then notices they are being followed and sets off the alarm, separating Yusei and Bruno. Primo activates a dueling Guard Robot filled with Yusei's battle data in order to stall Yusei whilst he installs the program into hundreds of Duel-Bots, collectively called the Diablo. Bruno almost stumbles upon this until he is knocked out by Primo and thrown out of the secret factory when he triggers a lost memory. Meanwhile the Guard Robot uses its high prediction capabilities to block off Yusei's high level monsters and special summons, putting him in a tough spot.
Get With the Program (2)
Episode 82: Get With the Program (2) (Oct 28, 2009)
Jack and Crow arrive at the complex only to find themselves locked out, so they sneak in via a ventilation shaft. As Yusei continues to struggle against the Guard Robot, Primo completes their program's installation into the Ghosts, although one of the other emperors of Yliaster, Jakob (the leader), is curious and suspicious of his actions. With his objective complete, Primo starts a self-destruct countdown and leaves using his power, giving Yusei just 10 minutes to win his duel and escape. Jack and Crow join up with Bruno who, reluctantly, have to escape ahead of Yusei. As time is about to run out, Yusei manages to use his monster's abilities to block off the Guard Robot's Lock Deck and summon Stardust Dragon to win the duel. As the complex explodes, Lazar uses his tricks to save Yusei and warns him not to delve any further into the matter.
Will the Real Jack Atlas, Please Stand Up (1)
Episode 83: Will the Real Jack Atlas, Please Stand Up (1) (Nov 04, 2009)
Sector Security bursts in with a warrant for Jack's arrest. Mina and Trudge show footage of something similar to Jack's Duel Runner causing other people to crash in duels using Red Dragon Archfiend. Yusei and company recall that earlier, Jack had fallen out with them over sticking to his usual plays. Jack still denies committing any crimes, and Crow doesn't help. As a result, Jack is arrested and sent to jail. When news spreads, everyone else has a hard time believing it. Later that night, an electronic bug breaks open Jack's cell, allowing him to escape. However, he then runs into an identical Jack Atlas riding an identical Duel Runner and behaving like Jack in his "Duel King" phase (from Season 1), and is challenged to a Turbo Duel. Jack draws a Tuner Monster that can summon Red Dragon Archfiend, but refuses to use it due to the earlier argument, and summons Exploder Dragon instead. He initially gains the upper hand, but is shocked to find his tactics dubbed weak by the impostor.
Will the Real Jack Atlas, Please Stand Up (2)
Episode 84: Will the Real Jack Atlas, Please Stand Up (2) (Nov 11, 2009)
Wanting to find out the truth behind Jack's alleged crime spree, Carly meets with a pair of hippies who caught a picture of two of Jack's Duel Runner. She replays this to Yusei and Crow, who search the crash site only to find one of Jack's cards. The real Jack is trapped in a virtual prison of sorts, made by the Yliaster trio, forced to watch his impostor ruin his reputation. Yusei and Crow catch up with the impostor, but are attacked by his thrusters. Hearing his friends kindness, Jack breaks free from his imprisonment, and catches up with his impostor for a rematch. This time Jack learns from his mistakes and uses the right Tuner Monster to summon Red Dragon Archfiend. The impostor then summons his own Red Dragon Archfiend but Jack manages to destroy it. However, the imposter then manages to revive it, and summons two more Red Dragon Archfiend copies. Jack manages to survive his attack and is granted the power to summon Majestic Red Dragon by his Mark of the Dragon.
Mother Knows Best
Episode 85: Mother Knows Best (Nov 18, 2009)
Yusei's landlord, Zora, is depressed because the city wants to replace the broken cuckoo clock on her clock repair shop. Later, the gang are visited by Zora's son, Lynden, who has returned after three years of training to fix the clock. When he goes to see Zora again, she is not happy to see him, since he was the one who broke the clock in the first place. Before he can run off, Crow challenges him to a duel, forcing him to apologize if he won. Crow runs into a bit of trouble with Lynden absorbing one of his monsters and summoning out his Clock Knight monsters that rely on coin tosses, but soon comes back with his Blackwing Armor Master. Lynden tries to back off from the duel, but Crow tells him he needs to stop running away from his problems. Lynden summons a Time Wizard he got from his late father to destroy Crow's monster. Crow decides to take the damage instead of activating his Mirror Force, since Lynden had realized he can't keep running away regardless of his victory.
Duelist for Hire
Episode 86: Duelist for Hire (Nov 25, 2009)
Yusei arrives in a desert town called Crash Town, after receiving a letter from a woman named Barbara that Kalin was in trouble. She explains that in this town, there are battles at sunset between the Malcolm family and the Radley group. Yusei is surprised to find Kalin siding with Radley's group, and notices a change in his personality. Kalin uses his Handless Combo and quickly defeats Malcolm's challenger, who is taken away to become a slave in the mountains. Yusei tries to reach Kalin, but he doesn't answer him. Barbara tells Yusei the only way to save him is to beat him in a duel to separate him from the Radley family. Yusei decides to join up with the Malcolm family, earning his place by defeating three of Malcolm's men in one turn, with his Nitro Warrior.
Showdown at Sundown (1)
Episode 87: Showdown at Sundown (1) (Dec 02, 2009)
Kalin still has memories of when he was a Dark Signer, and doesn't even find encouragement from the words of a young boy. Barbara mentions a plan involving using dynamite to aid Kalin's escape following their duel. During the next sunset, Yusei duels Kalin, who quickly puts his Handless Combo into effect. Kalin laments that he was never able to forgive himself for the actions he took as a Dark Signer, and has been looking to die, saying he'll be satisfied if Yusei defeats him. Yusei manages to take the lead, but Kalin still has tricks up his sleeve.
Showdown at Sundown (2)
Episode 88: Showdown at Sundown (2) (Dec 09, 2009)
Kalin summons Infernity Doom Dragon, while Yusei summons Stardust Dragon. Using an equip monster, Yusei manages to defeat Kalin. However, Barbara betrays Yusei, attacking him whilst Kalin is taken away. The Malcolm family's top dog, Lawton, then appears and duels Radley, beating him before he even gets a turn. Barbara and the Malcolm family had used Yusei all along to remove Kalin from the Radley group so they would be easy prey. Yusei, along with Kalin and Radley, are taken to the mines and given shock collars. Yusei finds a means of escaping, but Kalin still refuses to be helped. Meanwhile, Nico and West sneak off with Yusei's Duel Runner.
The Race to Escape (1)
Episode 89: The Race to Escape (1) (Dec 16, 2009)
Yusei knocks out Kalin, so they can escape, stumbling upon a graveyard of lost duelists. They then encounter Nico and West who have Yusei's Duel Runner, and learn that their father is still inside the mines. Lawton then finds them, so while Kalin and the kids look for their father, Yusei distracts him with a Turbo Duel. Lawton immediately summons Gatling Ogre, but Yusei's manages to delay its One Turn Kill ability. However, Lawton soon replaces it with Full Armor Ogre. Meanwhile, Kalin and the kids escape on a mine cart and arrive in a different mine. They become surrounded, but Kalin fights them off as West and Nico find their father, setting off to escape again. Yusei manages to beat Full Armor Ogre, but Lawton manages to resummon Gatling Ogre, putting Yusei in a position where one card could mean his defeat.
The Race to Escape (2)
Episode 90: The Race to Escape (2) (Dec 23, 2009)
As Kalin escapes with the kids and their father, Sergio, the pursuers start activating the father's shock collar, but Kalin manages to stop it though nearly falls off the kart in the process. Yusei manages to avoid losing to effects, but Lawton instead summons a more powerful monster. Kalin's group are directed towards a deadly gap, so West and Nico's father jumps to change the tracks to safety, and Sergio falls into the abyss in the process (and dies). Yusei manages to summon Drill Warrior from his graveyard, and Kalin knocks into Lawton before he can respond to it. Lawton then throws some dynamite which sends everyone flying, with Yusei and Kalin falling into a canyon. Lawton kidnaps Nico and West, and along with Barbara overthrows Malcolm. As Yusei and Kalin visit the father's (Sergio) grave, his duel disk reacts to Kalin, who decides to fight with Yusei.
Clash at Crash Town (1)
Episode 91: Clash at Crash Town (1) (Jan 06, 2010)
Barbara starts forcing members of the Malcolm family to duel each other to provide new workers for the mines. Yusei and Kalin arrive and challenge Lawton to a duel for Nico and West's freedom and to liberate the town. Lawton gets a handicap to start with 10 cards, giving him easy access to Gatling Ogre's ability. Kalin stops Yusei from negating Galting Ogre's effect and gets attacked. However, he has a special monster, Infernity Zero, whose ability allows him to remain in the duel even with 0 life points, though he will lose if he gains 3 Doom Counters. Lawton manages to destroy the card Yusei used to negate Gatling Ogre's effect in their last duel, but both he and Kalin manage to defend against Lawton's attacks, and Kalin manages to bring up his defense.
Clash at Crash Town (2)
Episode 92: Clash at Crash Town (2) (Jan 13, 2010)
Yusei summons his Nitro Warrior and beats Gatling Ogre, dealing some damage to Lawton. However, Lawton summons out Long Barrel Ogre, and Kalin gains another Doom Counter, but Yusei sacrifices his Nitro Warrior to keep Kalin in the game. Kalin and Yusei both summon out their Infernity Doom Dragon ,and Stardust Dragon, but their attacks don't get through. Barbara threatens to harm Nico and West if Yusei and Kalin don't surrender, but the Malcolm family stand up against her. Lawton tries shooting his Shock Gun at Kalin, but is stopped by the arrival of Crow and Jack, who had brought along Sector Security to free all of the miners. Lawton sets off some explosions to escape, but Kalin catches up to him to finish the duel. Lawton makes an assumption about Kalin's cards, but he is defeated, thanks to the effects of Kalin's monsters. Lawton and Barbara are arrested by Sector Security, Crash Town is rebuilt as Satisfaction Town, and Kalin stays behind to look after Nico and West.
The Question of the Card
Episode 93: The Question of the Card (Jan 20, 2010)
Sherry tries to get answers concerning the card her parents were killed over (which is the Z-ONE spell card). She decides the best way to figure it out is to use the Public Security Maintenance Bureau's super computer. The next day, Sherry and Elsworth set off a dummy bomb at HQ, causing everyone to evacuate. When they lock the building down, Yusei and Bruno are left inside, and they soon discover the two. As Bruno follows after Sherry, Elsworth blocks Yusei off, and challenges him to a duel. Elsworth summons his Driven Daredevil, which does great damage to Yusei during his counterattack. Sherry reaches the main computer, hoping to find out the meaning behind her card, but starts fighting Bruno when he shows up. Just then, Bruno's eyes start glowing red and he overpowers Sherry. Noticing her card, he stops attacking and helps her to analyze it. Yusei summons Stardust Dragon and beats Elsworth with a counter trap, and the two catch up to Sherry and Bruno.
Keeping a Promise (1)
Episode 94: Keeping a Promise (1) (Jan 27, 2010)
Crow goes to visit the grave of Robert Pearson, the original owner of Crow's Blackwing Deck and the Blackbird (Crow's duel runner), who died in an unusual purple fire three years ago. Later, Bruno finds a sealed compartment in Crow's Blackbird that he can't access, which is preventing him from giving Crow's duel runner some upgrades. Crow is later approached by Trudge and Mina, who believe Pearson's death was caused by a duelist using a card called, Crimson Mephist, that dealt real damage, and sent people to the Netherworld. Crow goes to see another of his old friends, Bolton, to ask about the accident. Bolton agrees to talk, but only if Crow duels him, wanting the Black-Winged Dragon card he needs for a loan should he win, even though Crow doesn't know where it is. Crow tells Yusei about how he met Pearson after leaving the Enforcers. The next day, Crow and Bolton start their duel, and Crow has trouble fighting against Bolton's Anti-Blackwing deck.
Keeping a Promise (2)
Episode 95: Keeping a Promise (2) (Feb 03, 2010)
As Crow continues his duel against Bolton, he makes a small comeback with his Blackwing Arms Wing. However, Bolton then summons out Crimson Mephist, revealing he was the one who killed Pearson. Pearson had refused to sell his Duel Runner rights for a large sum of cash, so Bolton took matters into his own hands. Crimson Mephist destroys Arms Wing and deals some real damage to Crow. As Crow wonders if he can win, he receives encouragement from the kids he's looked after. Crow's mark glows, which automatically keys in the password to unlocking the sealed compartment in Crow's Blackbird. And Black-Winged Dragon, which was hidden inside the compartment all along, reveals itself. Crow then summons it, and uses its special ability to defeat Bolton, who feels remorse for what he had done, and promises that he will change.
Natural Instincts (1)
Episode 96: Natural Instincts (1) (Feb 10, 2010)
Yusei, Jack and Crow finally complete their new Duel Runner engines, and they name their WRGP team Team 5D's. They have a practice run on the WRGP circuit. However, Crow refuses to stop when the practice session is over, and causes one of Team Unicorn's members to crash. As a way of apology, Yusei accepts a supposedly friendly duel with their "best" duelist, Andre. Unbenownst to Yusei, the duel is really a means to learn his strategy. Andre gets a head start with his Green Baboon, before Yusei summons his Junk Archer. However, Andre responds by bringing out his Behemoth, putting Yusei in a tight spot.
Natural Instincts (2)
Episode 97: Natural Instincts (2) (Feb 17, 2010)
Yusei manages to survive Andre's onslaught, but still takes a lot of damage to his life points, especially when Andre brings out his Synchro Monster. Yusei summons out Stardust Dragon and destroys his monster, but before Yusei can win using Speed World 2's effects, Team Unicorn's practice time ends, along with the duel. The next day, Sherry briefly visits Yusei to ask about the thing they both saw, and Martha's kids give Crow a banner they made. This inspires him to train, but he suddenly crashes and breaks his arm, leaving him unable to participate, so Akiza offers to take his place. Crow, whilst initially furious at the decision, offers to coach Akiza in her training.
Power Plays
Episode 98: Power Plays (Feb 24, 2010)
The WRGP Preliminaries begin with Team 5D's facing against Team Unicorn. Jack goes up first in the hopes of putting his Power Deck against Andre, who uses an overboost system to turn the corner first, and take the first turn. Jack summons out Red Dragon Archfiend, but takes a lot of damage thanks to Andre's strategy. Andre than summons out Thunder Unicorn, which puts Jack in a tighter spot. Bruno notices a problem in Jack's Duel Runner, but Jack refuses to take a pit stop, and manages to destroy Thunder Unicorn. Yusei realizes that they had been tricked by Team Unicorn into using a Power Deck, but it is too late, as Andre defeats Jack using Speed World 2's effects, the force of which causes his Duel Runner to crash.
Trouble for Team 5D's
Episode 99: Trouble for Team 5D's (Mar 03, 2010)
Despite his injuries, Jack gets up to push his Duel Runner to the end of the lap to pass the baton over to Akiza, managing to do so before they are knocked out. Akiza immediately summons out Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis to deal some damage to Andre. However during the next turn, Andre manages to remove it and bring back his Thunder Unicorn. The next turn, Akiza summons out Black Rose Dragon and, to everyone's surprise, Stardust Dragon, which Yusei had given her. However, Andre ends the battle phase before Stardust can attack and uses Thunder Unicorn to beat it. Before Andre can use Speed World 2's effect, Akiza wipes out her own life points to revive Stardust Dragon, in order to pass it on to Yusei. As Yusei continues the fight, Akiza laments that she couldn't help much, but finds encouragement from her parents and the crowd.
The Edge of Elimination (1)
Episode 100: The Edge of Elimination (1) (Mar 10, 2010)
Yusei manages to destroy Andre's key Speed Spell card, but in doing so allows Andre to activate that, despite knocking himself out, takes a huge chunk out of Yusei's life points. Yusei then faces Team Unicorn's next duelist, Breo, who soon summons his Synchro monster, Voltic Bicorn. He soon destroys it however in order to implement his deck destruction tactic.
The Edge of Elimination (2)
Episode 101: The Edge of Elimination (2) (Mar 17, 2010)
Breo manages to destroy Stardust Dragon and leave Yusei with just five cards left. Yusei soon summons Junk Destroyer and knocks Breo out, leaving him just 1000 life points and four cards to face against Team Unicorn's final member and leader, Jean. Jean summons out Lightning Tricorn, but Yusei manages to avoid losing to Speed World 2's effects. However, Jean soon destroys Yusei's monsters and launches a direct attack at him.
The Edge of Elimination (3)
Episode 102: The Edge of Elimination (3) (Mar 24, 2010)
Yusei survives Jean's attack and summons Stardust Dragon. He has trouble going up against Jean's strategy, but then Jack stumbles from his bed to give Yusei and the team morale. Yusei Fusion Summons Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste, a move Jean wasn't expecting, and the two continue to fight through the last of Yusei's deck. Jean manages to survive the strategy laid out by Yusei, and is in a position where he can just end the turn to win due to Yusei's deck not having any cards. However, the duel has given him a desire to fight, and after encouragement from Andre and Breo, Jean launches an attack, which ultimately backfires against him, after Yusei increases the defense points of Rapid Warrior, causing Jean to lose all of his life points, and ultimately, the duel.
Party Crashers
Episode 103: Party Crashers (Mar 31, 2010)
Jean give thanks to Yusei for the "fun duel," and the two teams promise to reach the WRGP finals together. As Team 5D's celebrates their victory in their garage, they are visited by Sherry, who had beaten three duelists by herself in her round. They discuss things about Yliaster, and how recent events have been related to them. Sherry reveals they are being targeted by Yliaster, due to them being Signers (not including Sherry). She also talks about the strange experience that she, Yusei, and Bruno had experienced back at Sector Security. After Sherry leaves, Bruno feels weird, and goes to the beach where he washed up upon. Upon finding a cat, it triggers his memory, and his eyes glow red again. The next day, as Yusei and Crow go to watch Team Unicorn's battle against Team Catastrophe, they arrive to find Team Unicorn's Duel Runners crashed, and Andre and Jean hospitalized.
Knight Takes Pawn
Episode 104: Knight Takes Pawn (Apr 07, 2010)
Team 5D's prepare to face up against Team Catastrophe, the leader of which, Nicholas, has been given a Card of Darkness by Primo. Team 5D's are later visited by Breo, and study the memory chips of Jean and Andre's Duel Runners, revealing something had caused their wheels to suddenly lock up and crash, the same reason why Crow crashed. After studying a video Carly gave them, the Signers believe it to be linked to a monster called Hidden Knight Hook. Akiza gets hit by the same phenomenon, and her psychic powers fail, as she loses it, to save her from getting injured. (And, Akiza's psychic powers don't return until Episode 140, after the Ark Cradle appears.) Despite his arm not being fully healed, Crow decides to take her place in their match against Team Catastrophe. The first round sees Crow against Hermann, who instantly summons Hidden Knight Hook. As it uses its effect against Crow's attack, Crow notices a strange hook aim for his wheel and barely manages to avoid it.
Rook Takes Knight
Episode 105: Rook Takes Knight (Apr 14, 2010)
Crow continues to bear the pain of his arm, whilst he avoids Hidden Knight Hook's assaults on his Duel Runner. He eventually manages to destroy it, and knock Hermann out by summoning out his Black-Winged Dragon, but when Hermann tries to revive his Hidden Knight Hook, Crow sacrifices his dragon in order to completely destroy Hidden Knight Hook before it can attack him, and then defeats Hermann. His arm at the peak of his pain, Crow passes the duel on to Jack, who begins the next round against Nicholas. Nicholas uses another Card of Darkness, a trap intended to knock both of them out, however it hurts both of them, as Primo has no more use for Nicholas, and allowed his protection against the Card of Darkness to expire. Jack escapes defeat, thanks to his monster's special ability, and rescues Nicholas before he crashes. With Nicholas' Duel Runner destroyed, Team 5D's automatically qualifies for the quarterfinals.
Primo’s Plan (1)
Episode 106: Primo’s Plan (1) (Apr 21, 2010)
Sherry tries to get the Card of Darkness off of Nicholas, but its card face disappears as soon as she touches it. Meanwhile, the Ghosts start attacking other duelists, overwhelming them with Battle Royale Mode, which makes the battle damage of a duel real. Yusei, Jack, Sherry, Elsworth and Kaz go to help what duelists they can. Aggravated and tired of constantly having his own plans thwarted, Primo orders the Ghosts to gang up on Yusei, who is joined by Sherry and Elsworth. Although they gain the upper hand with their Synchro Monsters, they are soon overwhelmed by the enormous number of Ghosts, and Sherry and Elsworth are taken out, leaving only Yusei to stop them.
Primo's Plan (2)
Episode 107: Primo's Plan (2) (Apr 28, 2010)
Noticing Yusei is in trouble, Bruno, having regained his memories, remembers his mission to protect Yusei and to stop the Yliaster trio at all costs, after being reminded by Z-ONE, transforms into Vizor, calls over his duel runner, and helps Yusei evade the Ghosts. Primo becomes agitated and joins the duel himself. Bruno teaches Yusei about Accel Synchro, about how Ener-D powers through people's hearts and the Clear Mind that can control it. Taking these things into account, Yusei accelerates to top speed and is able to see a new monster. Bruno, who had lost his memory after previously battling Primo, stays behind to duel him again. Meanwhile, Yusei arrives at a crater, where another stone tablet has landed. Upon touching it, he is transported to the white room he had went to before, and receives an Accel Synchro card.
Primo's Plan (3)
Episode 108: Primo's Plan (3) (May 05, 2010)
After Yusei and Bruno mutter about this transformation being Primo's true form, Primo demonstrates to Yusei one of his new abilities. He causes his Machine Emperor to create a field of energy, which causes glass everywhere in New Domino City to shatter, and results in blackouts. Remembering the destruction caused by the original Ener-D reactor spun in reverse, Yusei screams, "Stop," and rams Primo's duel runner. Startled, he loses concentration and the destruction stops. Frustrated, he calls Yusei "inferior." When Yusei demands Primo to ressume the duel, Primo rides up besides Yusei, and then activates his own battle Royale Mode. Yusei begins his duel with Primo by summoning out Junk Destroyer and manages to deal some damage. Primo becomes furious, and gets his Machine Emperor Wisel to create another field of energy, which results in lightning bolts striking everywhere in New Domino City, causing electrical devices to fail.
Primo's Plan (4)
Episode 109: Primo's Plan (4) (May 12, 2010)
With Stardust Dragon absorbed by Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity, Yusei becomes frustrated over why his attempt at performing an Accel Synchro didn't work. Barely managing to survive Primo's attacks, Yusei eventually manages to retrieve Stardust Dragon. Primo uses his Machine Emperor to start a tornado to affect the city, also putting a child named Haruka in danger, but Akiza manages to save her without using her psychic powers. Then, Primo has Wisel create another field of energy, this one to torture Yusei, panting, and in pain, the marks of the other Signers reflect the pain that Yusei is feeling. Regaining his determination and clearing his mind, Yusei finally manages to perform an Accel Synchro, and summons Shooting Star Dragon, which flies into the tornado, and disperses it, and then flies up into the sky to shine its light on New Domino City.
Primo's Plan (5)
Episode 110: Primo's Plan (5) (May 19, 2010)
Noticing the light caused by Shooting Star Dragon, Jack and Crow decide to heads towards Yusei. Yusei uses Shooting Star Dragon's special ability, which allows him to once-per turn, draw the top 5 cards of his deck, and Shooting Star Dragon can attack the number of times equal to the number of tuner monster cards drawn. Yusei then takes the marks of the Signers, which allows him to draw 5 tuner monster cards, one per mark (including his own). Yusei then gains the Seal of the Crimson Dragon, with the result of Yusei's lucky draws shocking Primo. When Yusei attacks, Primo manages to block the first 2 attacks by sacrificing Wisel Guard, but the remaining 3 attacks causes him to lose. Primo is unable to believe it, and questions if he was being done in by a human. Then, the rest of Machine Emperor Wisel collapse onto Primo and explode, causing Primo to scream as he loses the rest of his life points.
The Ancient Land - To Nazca!
Episode 111: The Ancient Land - To Nazca! (May 26, 2010)
Greiger has a vision of Jack being destroyed by his own power, so calls both him and Yusei over to the Nazca plains. He talks about how he had built a temple to help seal off the Earthbound Immortals, but lately has been troubled by the appearance of what's known as the Crimson Devil. Greiger warns Jack that using his general power tactics will destroy him, but Jack insists he can only fight using power. Greiger suggests a turbo duel, but Jack is surprised to find his opponent is his little brother, Max, who appears to be possessed by something. Jack summons out Red Dragon Archfiend but finds himself having trouble against Max's special deck. When Jack attacks, he finds himself attacked by his own power just like Greiger's dream, and the duel is called off. Jack becomes defiant about abandoning his power tactic and drives off.
The Crimson Devil
Episode 112: The Crimson Devil (Jun 02, 2010)
Jack arrives at an abandoned village where he encounters a strange Familiar who reveals himself to be the Crimson Devil's servant, who offers him a chance to gain great power. Meanwhile, Greiger comes to a conclusion that the actions of him and Max were those of the Crimson Devil. Jack, seemingly in a trance, goes into a temple that Greiger had built, leading him to where the Familiar challenges him to a duel. Yusei and company try to follow but are stopped from interfering by the Familiar, who reveals that if Jack loses, his body will become a host to the Crimson Devil, and cuts them off from Jack by creating a very narrow platform, and seals off the only exit. The Familiar announces that he, Greiger, and Max will all become sacrifices to the Crimson Devil. Jack struggles against the Familiar's Yomi deck, which punishes power play.
Burning Seething Soul! Scarlet Nova Dragon
Episode 113: Burning Seething Soul! Scarlet Nova Dragon (Jun 09, 2010)
Jack summons out Red Dragon Archfiend, but is still hampered by the Familiar's Yomi deck, though eventually manages to deal some damage. The familiar tries to use the Crimson Devil's power to knock Jack off his platform, but he hangs in there. Greiger is reminded of a legendary Signer called Burning Soul who once defeated Scar Red Nova alongside the Crimson Dragon, believing Jack to be his descendant. Jack starts to play more strategically and deals more damage to the Familiar. The Familiar becomes angry and summons a powerful monster, bringing the release of Scar Red Nova closer. Just then, Jack produces a Burning Soul and, with the help of the Crimson Dragon, also known as Quetzalcoatl, seals the Crimson Devil forever into the card of Scar-Red Nova Dragon, and performs a 'Double Tuning' to summon that monster and defeat the Familiar, who was later killed by a collapsing wall during the destruction of the temple, due to the power of Scar-Red Nova Dragon's "Burning Soul" attack.
Operation Capture Jaeger II
Episode 114: Operation Capture Jaeger II (Jun 16, 2010)
Yusei and the others catch Lazar in disguise stealing some instant noodles. Wanting to find out more about Yliaster, they corner him, but he manages to escape. Hoping to lure him out, the gang hold a fake noodle product launch where people duel Crow in a mascot outfit for a chance to win some noodles. Lazar eventually shows up in another disguise, and whilst they fail to trap him, they manage to put a tracer on him and track him down. Crow challenges him to a duel to get information about Yliaster out of him. Lazar brings out his Jester Lord and seals Crow's tuner monster abilities, but Crow manages to make a comeback and destroy it. As Lazar's family show up to spectate, Lazar makes a comeback with his Jester Queen. Crow holds back his attack out of consideration for Lazar's family, leaving him with the choice of how to end it. Lazar decides to lose and tell the others about Yliaster.
Press Him About The Mystery! The Endgame Riding Duel!!
Episode 115: Press Him About The Mystery! The Endgame Riding Duel!! (Jun 23, 2010)
The (Signers) gang, along with Sherry, interrogate Lazar about Yliaster. After some mistarts, involving him just talking about his family and love of cup ramen, Lazar eventually leads them to an arcade game where a puzzle duel is required to be cleared in order to access a hidden database. With three chances, Lazar fails the first time as he does not deal enough damage to win. Akiza uses her knowledge of Turbo Duels to win instead. However, Jack makes a miscalculation in the second round and loses the second credit, leaving Yusei to clear the round himself. With the game cleared, Lazar accesses the data, which reveals the company who sent the three Yliaster members to the Public Information Security Bureau, The Ener-D Express Development Agency.
Momentum Express Development Agency
Episode 116: Momentum Express Development Agency (Jun 30, 2010)
Yusei, Sherry and Bruno infiltrate the Ener-D Express Headquarters, disguised as representatives of Bolger's company. There, they are shown a new Infinity shaped Ener-D reactor by Clark Smith, which is supposedly designed to allow Turbo duelists to travel through wormholes. Wanting to learn more, they sneak into Clark's office to obtain an access key for Level 10 clearance. When Clark returns, Yusei holds him off by challenging him to a duel with some new rules Clark throws in whilst Sherry and Bruno head for the restricted area. Clark's duel requires players to declare the type of card they want and successfully pick the right one in order to use it. However, Clark gains an advantage by cheating using his glasses. Realizing this, Yusei manages to summon Stardust Dragon and defeats him. However, Clark had already figured out their identities and sets off the alarm.
The Distorted Past
Episode 117: The Distorted Past (Jul 07, 2010)
Clark reveals that he killed Sherry's parents for discovering the secret behind Infinity, which was being used by Yliaster to change history. He sends Yusei, Sherry and Bruno into a wormhole, in which they are doomed to break up and crash. Sherry uses her card to regain control of the shuttle, but ends up getting sucked out. Yusei and Bruno enter a "warped" dimension in the future, and pass by a strange island (a gigantic, floating, upside-down "metallic fortress", the Ark Cradle), where Yusei is briefly visited again by his father, who warns him of an Ener-D that will destroy mankind, before returning him and Bruno to their homeworld (the Present). Unhappy with Clark's actions, Yliaster erases Clark from existence, which spreads a blast of white light across New Domino City. Another WRGP team, Team Ragnarok, also notices the blast, but were protected by their Nordic God cards. Yusei and Bruno regroup with the other Signers, who were defended from the blast by their Signer marks.
The New Rivals
Episode 118: The New Rivals (Jul 14, 2010)
After reading up on Team Ragnarok, Leo runs into another WRGP team, Team Taiyo, and injures his knee. After taking Leo to fix up his knee, they tell him about their precious Duel Runner, which got banged up in the Ghost incident, though one of the members, Jinbei, shows disdain for offers of help. Leo gets Yusei and Bruno to help them fix it, and despite Jinbei's objections, the others allow them to help. Meanwhile, Jack, Crow and Akiza attend an exhibition duel featuring Team Ragnarok, with one of their members, Dragan, challenging Jack to a duel. Jack summons out Red Dragon Archfiend, whilst Dragan brings out his Aesir, Thor. As Thor attacks, the powers of both monsters starts to resonate, and causes a quake, forcing Lazar to end the duel before damage can be done. After Yusei finishes fixing Team Taiyo's Duel Runner, he and the others learn they will be facing them in the quarterfinals.
The Invincible Scrum! Smash The Unbreakable Defense!
Episode 119: The Invincible Scrum! Smash The Unbreakable Defense! (Jul 21, 2010)
As Team 5D's prepares to go against Team Taiyo, they grow curious from having seen their deck, which consists of mostly normal cards. Taro recalls how he managed to get his team together and enter into the WRGP. The first round starts with Jack going against Yoshizo. Yoshizo brings out Holding Hands Majin to solidify his defense, even managing to defend against Red Dragon Archfiend. It soon becomes apparent that Taiyo's plan is to provide an invincible defense whilst attacking with Speed World 2's effects. Jack manages to equalize their life points, and soon manages to negate Holding Hands Majin's effect and destroy it, however, Team Taiyo have another plan waiting.
Tie those Feelings! The Hand Tied to the Majin!
Episode 120: Tie those Feelings! The Hand Tied to the Majin! (Jul 28, 2010)
Jack beats Yoshizo by countering against Speed World 2's effects, and now faces against Team Taiyo's second member, Junbei, who summons another Holdin Hands Majin. Junbei remembers when he got mad and ran away from home, encountering a man named Mizuru in a sports car. Whilst accompanying him, Mizuru knocks a thug member's duel runner and is chased. When some of Mizuru's friends get captured and Mizuru is too scared to go back, Junbei goes back to face the thugs, and is rescued by Taro and Yoshizo. Back in the present, Jack tries a trick to knock both him and Junbei out, but Junbei manages to survive the attack. Crow continues the battle, who uses the combined efforts of Blackwing Armor Master and Black-Winged Dragon to defeat Junbei. As Taro enters the duel, Yusei suspects that Taro has a plan that will cause them to lose within a few turns.
The Miraculous Trump Card - Sleeping Giant Zushin!
Episode 121: The Miraculous Trump Card - Sleeping Giant Zushin! (Aug 04, 2010)
Yusei reveals that Taro's plan is to sacrifice a level 1 monster that has been on the field for ten of his turns so he can summon his trump card, Zushin the Sleeping Giant. When the crowd gets word of this, they start cheering for Team Taiyo, along with the people from their hometown. Crow's attempts to destroy the sacrifice fails, allowing Taro to summon out Zushin, which defeats Crow. Yusei takes over, and brings out Stardust Dragon to battle against Taro.
Believe in the Power! The Strongest Giant Zushin vs Shooting Star Dragon
Episode 122: Believe in the Power! The Strongest Giant Zushin vs Shooting Star Dragon (Aug 11, 2010)
Yusei manages to deal some damage to Taro, by taking advantage of Stardust Dragon's Defense Mode. As Taro begins his counter attack, Yusei Accel Synchro Summons Shooting Star Dragon. However, Taro activates his own trap, which puts Yusei under the safety line for Speed World 2's effects. Yusei uses the cards leftover from Jack and Crow to negate Zushin's effects, and defeat Taro. Despite their loss, Team Taiyo are praised by the crowd for their efforts. After the defeat of Taro, another part of the Infinity Circuit lights up, and the 3 Emperors of Yliaster gloat about winning the WRGP, and finally setting their plan in motion. Then, the Ark Cradle appears in the sky.
Eyes on the Prize
Episode 123: Eyes on the Prize (Aug 18, 2010)
Noticing the appearance of the Ark Cradle (also known as the "Divine Temple") in the sky, Yusei, Jack and Crow go over to investigate, where they run into Team Ragnarok's members, Halldor, Broder and Dragan, who all possess a Rune Eye, similar to the Crimson Dragon marks. Halldor tells them about he got his Rune Eye and his Aesir, later recruiting Dragan and Broder, and uniting them with their powers. Dragan explains that three years ago, his father got hospitalized following a cave in. In order to pay for his hospital bills, Dragan had to follow Goodwin's orders and throw a match against Jack, along with his pride as a duelist. With both sides desiring to fight against Yliaster, the two teams decide to settle things in the semifinals.
Duel For Redemption
Episode 124: Duel For Redemption (Aug 25, 2010)
Jack gets the truth behind the fixed duels out of Lazar, who confirms what Dragan had told him. Jack becomes irritated as a result, so Yusei suggests he use the WRGP duel to regain his pride. In the match between Team 5D's and Team Ragnarok the next day, Jack and Dragan start off, and are surprised to find out that their starting hands are the same as their previous duel. Realizing the chance to do things properly, the two replicate their first turns from that match, this time, with Dragan being able to use his trap card, which Jack counters with his own. Dragan then brings out his Aesir, Thor, which manages to destroy Jack's Red Dragon Archfiend.
Soul Solution
Episode 125: Soul Solution (Sep 01, 2010)
As Dragan continues his attack, Jack starts to take real damage from Thor. However, Jack starts to make a comeback and summons out Red Nova Dragon. However, Dragan activates traps which weaken Red Nova Dragon, and protects Thor. Jack manages to pull off a tactic to return Red Nova Dragon to its full power, destroying Thor and defeating Dragan. However, before he loses, Dragan revives Thor and deals damage to Jack.
When Nordic Gods Attack
Episode 126: When Nordic Gods Attack (Sep 08, 2010)
Ragnarok's 2nd turbo duelist, Broder, takes over and uses Thor's special abilities to knock Jack out. Crow enters the fight, but his attacks prove ineffective against Broder's traps, and he takes a lot of damage from Thor's attacks. Noticing the support Crow gets from the children, Broder explains how he came across a similar group of children, expressing his desire to fight Yliaster in order to protect them. Crow brings out Black-Winged Dragon, but Broder brings out his Aesir, Loki, which destroys Crow's Black-Winged Dragon.
Tricking The Trickster
Episode 127: Tricking The Trickster (Sep 15, 2010)
With just 50 life points left, Crow's supporters almost get into danger while trying to cheer him on, reinvigorating Crow's resolve, and he soon manages to revive Black-Winged Dragon. Then, Crow activates a trap card from the Graveyard, which clashes with Broder's trap, knocking them both out. Yusei begins his round against Halldor, who quickly summons his Aesir, Odin.
Yusei's Last Stand
Episode 128: Yusei's Last Stand (Sep 22, 2010)
Yusei must now face the power of Halldor and all three Aesirs. As Yusei expresses his desire to defeat Yliaster and see his father again, he gains the Seal of the Crimson Dragon, and summons out Majestic Star Dragon. However, Halldor manages to learn Yusei's strategy, and executes a successful counter. Halldor then activates a continuous trap card from his Graveyard, Gjallarhorn.
Fight to the Finish Line
Episode 129: Fight to the Finish Line (Sep 29, 2010)
Yusei faces not only all three Aesirs, but also a countdown from Halldor's trap card, Gjallarhorn, of which the end of the countdown means that the opponent takes damage equal to the combined attack points of all 3 Aesirs, at the cost of removing from play all 3 Aesirs in order to activate the effect, once the countdown has reached its end. At the End Phase of each of Halldor's turns, Gjallarhorn will gain 1 counter, and once it has 3 counters, its effects will activate. Which means that Yusei has only 3 turns to defeat Halldor. Yusei also had to face Halldor's increasing defense. However, Yusei summons out Shooting Star Dragon and deals some damage, before using the trap, Zero Force, to reduce all 3 Aesirs' attack points to 0, resulting in Yusei taking 0 points of damage when the countdown reached its end. Now that all 3 of the Nordic God Cards have been removed from play, Yusei then has Shooting Star Dragon attack Halldor directly, allowing Yusei to win.
Bound To The Future, Bonds To Our Companions
Episode 130: Bound To The Future, Bonds To Our Companions (Oct 06, 2010)
Team 5D's have finally beaten Team Ragnarok after an exhausting battle. With this result, the World Racing Grand Prix (WRGP)'s finals will be Team 5D's Vs. Team New World (the 3 emperors of Yliaster). With the finals looming, Carly ponders the possible outcomes of the upcoming battle, while she writes up her special feature article about Team 5D's. While performing the interview, Akiza and company accidentally reconfirm their bonds. Noticing Carly's struggle to write up an article about Team 5D's, not helped by Mina's interference, Akiza, Luna and Leo decide to help her write profiles for each member, recalling on their past adventures. In addition, when Carly talks to Akiza, they discuss the relation of their new opponents, Team New World, to the organization of Yliaster, and the trio's schemes, causing Carly to gain unthinkable information. When Carly was finished typing all of the information down, Stephanie comes in with a teapot full of hot coffee.
The Beginning of the End
Episode 131: The Beginning of the End (Oct 13, 2010)
In another dimension, Z-ONE (who has now returned to his original form) shows Sherry a vision of the future, where everything on Earth is destroyed because of a global Ener-D explosion. Then, Z-ONE brings Sherry into the Ark Cradle, which is already emerging into the Yu-Gi-Oh! dimension. That night, the Signers are messaged by the 3 emperors of Yliaster, who tell them about the floating metallic island, the Ark Cradle, where a God called Yliadus (Z-ONE's real name) supposedly sleeps, stating that if they win the WRGP, then Yliadus will awaken and have New Domino City destroyed, but will rebuild it the way the trio wants it to be, which is without the existence of Ener-D and Synchro Monsters. During the next morning, the WRGP finals begin with Jack facing off against Lester, who both bring out their ace monsters, Red Nova Dragon and Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity.
Dawn of the Machines
Episode 132: Dawn of the Machines (Oct 20, 2010)
The next round starts with Jack facing Primo, who immediately brings out Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity. Primo then manages to bring Jack's life points down to 1,100, through the use of his trap cards, one of which Lester had intended only for Jakob to use. Seeing that Primo was acting on his own again, when Primo activates 2 traps he left for Jakob, Lester get agitated, but when Jakob reminded Primo of their plan, Primo decided to try something different. Yusei realizes their tactic is based on the continuous trap that Lester left behind, but when Jack tries to destroy it, Primo protects it with a trap card, and gets beaten by Jack. But before he loses, Primo then activates another of Lester's continuous traps, Infinite Prison. By sending Wisel Attack 3 to the Graveyard, he can then treat Wise Core as a spell card from the Graveyard, and set it face-down in the face-down zone.
Against All Odds
Episode 133: Against All Odds (Oct 27, 2010)
Despite the others' concern for his safety, Crow goes to face Jakob. Crow attempts a technique to utitlize his Synchro Monster's abilities without putting them at risk, by summoning Blackwing Aurora of the Northern Lights, and by activating its special ability, but Jakob counters Crow's stragety by using Scar-Red Nova Dragon as a shield, and by attacking him 2 times with Jack's dragon. Crow is then defeated by Jakob, but manages to summon Black-Winged Dragon in defense mode for Yusei to use, by playing a trap card, after being attacked by Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity. Crow then crashes, and Yusei goes out to face Jakob.
For Synchro's Sake
Episode 134: For Synchro's Sake (Nov 10, 2010)
Yusei begins his battle against Jakob, using Crow's trap to bring out Stardust Dragon when Black-Winged Dragon gets destroyed. Jakob then activates a trap, which brings out Grannel Attack 3, while reducing Yusei's life points to 2,800. Jakob shows Yusei and the others a twisted future where New Domino City is completely destroyed. Due to Synchro Monsters and Ener-D evolving the world at an incredible rate, a war broke out and the Ener-D reactor eventually exploded, destroying most of the world. The Yliaster trio also unveil their memmories of despair. In the future, they see everybody Synchro Summoning, and as a result of them using Synchro Monsters to achieve their own greedy desires, the Machine Emperors show up one day, and begin killing humans. In the vision, as Lester was running with his parents to safety, a Grannel shot his parents down. Lester in the vision, then wails at the death of his parents, the ones who loved him.
Flight for the Future (1)
Episode 135: Flight for the Future (1) (Nov 17, 2010)
After introducing himself, the Yliaster trio's duel runners combine to form Aporia's duel runner. Aporia then combines with it in such a way, that the audience are shocked to the point that they begin wondering if he was human at all. Aporia then activates the continuous trap card, Infinite Prison, so that by sending the trap, Infinity Force from his hand to the Graveyard, he can treat Grand Core as a spell card from the graveyard, and then set it face-down in the face-down zone. He then destroys Infinite Prison in order to add Sky Core, Wise Core, and Grand Core to his hand, which had been set face-down. Next, Aporia sends the 3 Machine Emperor Cores to the graveyard, in order to activate the trap card: Genesis of the Machine Emperors, which allows him to special summons his ace monster, Machine Divine Emperor Mechanicle Infinity Cubic. Then, he causes his Machine Divine Emperor to shoot energy into the sky, which results in lightning striking all over New Domino City.
Flight for the Future (2)
Episode 136: Flight for the Future (2) (Nov 24, 2010)
As Yusei continues to defend himself against Aporia's attacks, Jack and Crow come to join him, despite their injuries. They then provide the traps that Yusei needs in order to reflect Mechanicle's attack. But when Aporia negates Mechanicle's destruction, his life points are reduced from 3,900 to 3,400. Yusei then Special Summons Scar-Red Nova Dragon and Black-Winged Dragon, in order to give Shooting Star Dragon attack points up to 9,600. But Aporia manages to counter Yusei's strategy, and has his Machine Divine Emperor Mechanicle Infinity Cubic negate the attack, and absorb both dragons, which increases the Machine Divine Emperor's attack points from 4,000 to 10,300. Aporia then uses a trap, which reduced Yusei's life points from 2,800 down to 400, and allows his life points to rise back up from 3,400 to 4,000. However, thanks to the wishes of the Signers, Yusei is able to draw the cards he needs that are in their possession.
An Approaching Terror - The Citadel of God
Episode 137: An Approaching Terror - The Citadel of God (Dec 01, 2010)
Yusei uses the special ability of Black-Winged Dragon to weaken Machine Divine Emperor Mechanicle Infinity Cube's attack points, and Aporia's life points, both down from 4,000 to 2,600. Then, Yusei defeats Aporia, using the combined might of the 3 Signer Dragons, which causes him to crash into the sea. By this, Team 5D's wins the WRGP finals. Then, the red sky returns to its blue color, and the lightning strikes stop. Then, Team 5D's celebrates their victory during noontime. However, their victory is short-lived, as the Infinity Circuit is complete, and the Ark Cradle breaks through the sky from the "distorted dimension," and it begins to descend towards New Domino City.
The Path to the Future - The Rainbow Bridge Bifrost!
Episode 138: The Path to the Future - The Rainbow Bridge Bifrost! (Dec 08, 2010)
Sherry reveals that Z-ONE has shown her the future, and insists that Yusei not board the Ark Cradle, revealing she has switched sides to join Z-ONE, since she was convinced that Yliaster's plan was the only was to prevent the global destruction in the future. She also reveals that now having joined Z-ONE, she will do everything in her power to stop him. Despite this knowledge, Yusei still wants to do something to save the city. Sherry then reports to Z-ONE that Yusei did not heed her warning. When Z-ONE asks why she warned him, Sherry simply replies that the warning will cause Yusei to do something, which would allow her to kill Yusei herself, like to promised herself to. is approached by Team Ragnarok who, with the help of Bruno, manage to use the old Ener-D reactor and Nordic Gods to create a path from Daedelus Bridge to the Ark Cradle. Yusei wants to go on his own, but instead, the rest of Team 5D's joins him, with Bruno in his Vizor form following them.
The Enchanting Field! École de Zone
Episode 139: The Enchanting Field! École de Zone (Dec 15, 2010)
Team 5D's, and their friends all survive the fall, but get separated into three groups: Yusei with Bruno, Crow with Akiza, and Jack with Leo and Luna. The narrow platforms on which they land on are revealed to be routes leading to the three planetary gears powering the main Ener-D generator, and eventually leading to the Center Gear, which was what they are looking for. Vizor tells them that if they don't reach all 3 gears, then they wouldn't be able to reach the Center Gear, and the Ener-D generator of the Ark Cradle would continue to produce negative energy, which would result in the destruction of New Domino City. Crow and Akiza arrive first at one of the 3 gears, which was the one that was closest to them. But then, they are confronted by Sherry, who reveals that she joined Z-ONE, because he offered her the chance to grant her wish, before challenging them to a duel. Sherry then reveals that her wish is that Z-ONE would bring back her happy days with her family.
The Soul-Binding Gate! The Forbidden Future!
Episode 140: The Soul-Binding Gate! The Forbidden Future! (Dec 22, 2010)
Sherry reveals that Z-ONE promised to rewrite her past, so that her parents would never have died if she carried out his plans. She uses the Z-ONE spell card to activate the Soul-Binding Gate field spell, which inflicts 800 points of damage whenever any of them try to summon monsters. As Akiza and Crow defend each other from Sherry's attacks, Sherry tempts Crow with the offer of using Z-ONE's power to change the past, so that Zero Reverse would never happen, so that the children of Satellite wouldn't have been orphans, including Crow, Yusei, and Jack, when they were children, if he surrenders and joins Z-ONE. However, Akiza reminds Crow that he should instead fight for their future, as that was what they as Signers should do. Then, they summon their respective dragons, and use their combined strength to defeat Sherry, which causes the 1st gear to stop rotating.
The Duel of Despair! Fortissimo the Moving Fortress!
Episode 141: The Duel of Despair! Fortissimo the Moving Fortress! (Dec 28, 2010)
Jack, Leo and Luna reach the second gear, where they are shocked to see that Aporia has survived the crash, and that he is waiting for them. He forcefully attaches devices onto them, which pierce into their hearts whenever they take damage from the duel, meaning that they will die if their life drops to zero, with the only way of removing them is to defeat him in a three-on-one duel. Aporia activates the field spell Fortissimo the Mobile Fortress, and combines with it. Aporia also sets a trap which blasts players with real damage whenever they summon monsters. Although Leo promises to protect Luna and help Jack, Aporia counters each of his traps, making things worse for his allies. Furthermore, Aporia's attacks leave both Jack and Luna in critical states, and leaves Leo in despair.
A Life-or-Death Battle! Machine Divine Emperor Dragon Asterisk
Episode 142: A Life-or-Death Battle! Machine Divine Emperor Dragon Asterisk (Jan 05, 2011)
As Jack, Leo and Luna struggle to survive, Aporia summons his key monster, Machine Divine Emperor Dragon Asterisk which will inflict 1000 points of damage to anyone who tries to Synchro Summon. Lamenting that he hasn't been able to protect anyone, Leo risks some of his own life points to protect Jack and Luna and weaken Asterisk. Leo then summons Power Tool Dragon and Ancient Fairy Dragon and gets hit by the 4,800 points of effect damage, bringing his life down to zero, causing him to die. The shock of Leo's death puts Luna in a critical state, as her life points gradually starts to drop, as her pulse weakens. However, Leo comes back to life with 100 life points, thanks to Ancient Fairy Dragon, and his Morphtronic Lighton's effect, and becomes the sixth and final Signer, with the Mark of the Crimson Dragon's Heart.
The Miracle of Life
Episode 143: The Miracle of Life (Jan 12, 2011)
Leo uses Life Stream Dragon to counter Asterisk's, and Fortissimo's damage effects, and to restore everyone's life points to 2,000 (not including Aporia), which puts Luna out of the danger of dying. Seeing that his efforts to inflict damage to the Signers has failed, Aporia gets really agitated. Aporia then activates a trap to prevent Synchro Monsters from attacking, but Luna uses Ancient Fairy Dragon's ability to destroy his field spell, and activate one of her own that supports Synchro Monsters, allowing Jack to bring out Scar-Red Nova Dragon. The destruction of Fortissimo causes the fortress' structure to shake violently, and begin to collapse. Aporia manages to bring out Machine Divine Emperor Mechanicle Infinity Cubic to increase Asterisk's attack points, but Leo and Luna use their traps and dragons' abilities to weaken it. Jack then destroys Asterisk by attacking with Scar-Red Nova Dragon, which defeats Aporia, who falls to his "doom" with a feeling of hope in his heart.
Death Battle for the Future! The Beginning of the End
Episode 144: Death Battle for the Future! The Beginning of the End (Jan 19, 2011)
Yusei not only has to deal with Antinomy, but also the flames coming from the star. Antinomy brings out his Accel Synchro monster, Tech Genus Blade Blaster, and deals a lot of damage to Yusei. Antinomy talks about how he was a champion Turbo Duelist, before the Machine Emperors destroyed the world. He was rescued by Z-ONE (who is actually the future version of Yusei), before Antinomy could commit suicide by letting a Grannel kill him. Seeing that Z-ONE still had hope (before the events of the Ark Cradle), and that he had none, Antinomy felt shame, and joined Aporia and Paradox as one of the 4 remaining survivors. He then lived his life working with Z-ONE on his experiments to save humankind (which failed), before being revived as a cyborg, after his human body died, whose mission was to teach Yusei the Accel Synchro, in order to provide the power needed to bring Ark Cradle to New Domino City.
Faster Than Light!!
Episode 145: Faster Than Light!! (Jan 26, 2011)
Yusei is put in a desperate situation, as Tech Genus Halberd Cannon brings his life points down to 100, and keeps him from summoning monsters. Furthermore, the Black Hole becomes more organized, and begins to approach from behind, threatening to suck Yusei in if he falls behind. However, Yusei manages to summon out Balance Shooter, which gives Shooting Star Dragon the power to overwhelm Halberd Cannon and defeat Antinomy. The impact of the attack causes a part of Antinomy's glasses to break. As they are sucked into the black hole, Antinomy asks Yusei to master the Delta Accel Synchro and save the world, and remembers his fond memories as Bruno, back when he was still Yusei's friend. Remembering this, Bruno tosses Yusei his broken glasses, and then he sacrifices himself to get Yusei out of the black hole, and back to the Ark Cradle. Then, the 3rd gear stops spinning, and Yusei grieves over the loss of Bruno, who was once his friend.
The Last Human , Z-One
Episode 146: The Last Human , Z-One (Feb 02, 2011)
With the 3rd gear stopped, the Signers gain access to the Center Gear, and Yusei rejoins the others, telling them the truth about Antinomy, and about the Delta Accel Synchro method. They continue onwards to the center of the Ark Cradle, where they spot more, but smaller gears, as well as the Ener-D Generator that was called the Center Gear, which was powering most of the negative Ener-D of the Ark Cradle. Then, they enter a room with blue walls, located at the very heart of the Ark Cradle, where ZONE awaits them. Z-ONE reveals he was behind the Zero Reverse incident, as well as Paradox's scheme, to try to stop the existence of Synchro Monsters, and Ener-D. Z-ONE then decides to settle things in a duel, and if Yusei wins, the Center Gear would stop working (the Center Gear is really the key Ener-D generator, which is the main source of power for the Ark Cradle's overall Ener-D Generator), and the Ark Cradle would disappear for real.
A Hope for the Future!
Episode 147: A Hope for the Future! (Feb 09, 2011)
Aporia summons Machine Emperor Skiel by destroying Sky Core, but then destroys it using a trap, so he can draw the spell card "Destroyed Future." Then, Aporia activate its effects, choosing to destroy his own deck, so that he can use his card, After Glow, in an attempt to guarantee a win against Z-ONE. However, on his next turn, Temporal Machine God Metaion returns to Z-ONE's deck, and he summons out another Temporal Machine God, Razion, using Zero Machine Ein's effect once more. Razion's effect returns all of Aporia's cards in his Graveyard back to his deck, which was then suffled. As a result, Aporia is unable to draw the card he needs (After Glow), and is defeated by Razion's effect, which deals him 1,000 points of damage when he draws a card on the draw phase. Before he dies, Aporia gives Yusei's Duel Runner wings, by fusing his duel disk with Yusei's duel runner, allowing it to fly.
Just One Chance to Turn It All Around
Episode 148: Just One Chance to Turn It All Around (Feb 16, 2011)
Yusei summons out both Red Dragon Archfiend and Black-Winged Dragon, whilst Z-ONE replaces Metaion with Razion, using his trap, Zero Machine Ein, which allows him to summon a Temporal Machine God without any releases, but will lower its attack points to zero. Z-ONE then activates Razion's ability when Yusei draws a card on his turn, reducing his life points to 3,000. The damage sends Yusei flying out of control. But before he smashes into the Ark Cradle, Yusei manages to regain control of his duel runner, and fly back to Z-ONE. Yusei then summons Black Rose Dragon, and uses a trap to negate its effect and deal damage to Z-ONE, reducing his life points to 1,500. Z-ONE then spins out of control, and when he smashes into a building of the Ark Cradle, the impact causes the right half of Z-ONE's mask to break, revealing his face to be that of a much older looking Yusei.
The Revived Hero
Episode 149: The Revived Hero (Feb 23, 2011)
Z-ONE claims to be Yusei from the future, though Yusei refuses to believe this. Z-ONE sacrifices Zero Machine Ein to activate Infinite Machine Ein Soph, a trap that allows him to summon more than one Temporal Machine God at a time with any releases, but will still lower their attack points to zero. Z-ONE then summons 3 more Temporal Machine God monsters through his trap's effect. He then attacks Yusei's Black-Winged Dragon with his Temporal Machine God Tzaphion, in an attempt to utilize its ability, which would send all of Yusei's traps on his field back to his deck. Yusei however, counters this, activating Scap-Iron Scarcrow, saving himself from the attack. Z-ONE then attacks with the other 2 Temporal Machine Gods, using their abilities to restore his life points to 4,000, with Zadion's effect, to return Yusei's monsters to his deck, and to deal him damage, with Camion's effect, which reduces Yusei's life points to 1,500.
Feelings Entrusted from my Father
Episode 150: Feelings Entrusted from my Father (Mar 02, 2011)
Temporal Machine God Sandaion's attack points are then lowered from 4,000 to 0, by the effects of Infinite Machine Ein Soph. When Z-ONE attacks Yusei's Ancient Fairy Dragon with Temporal Machine God Michion, Yusei's life points are reduced to 750, by Michion's ability. As a result of the damage, Yusei's duel runner plunges down again, but Yusei is able to navigate through the structure of the Ark Cradle, and find his way back to Z-ONE. But when Z-ONE attacks with Hanion, and then Raphion, Yusei is able to protect himself from taking damage, and losing to their effects, by timing the activation of Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, and his Synchro Believer's ability.
Clustering Wishes
Episode 151: Clustering Wishes (Mar 09, 2011)
Yusei uses Shooting Quasar Dragon to destroy all 5 of Z-ONE's current Temporal Machine Gods, and then manages to bring out Shooting Star Dragon to deal a lot of damage to Z-ONE, reducing his life points to 700. Z-ONE screams when he takes the damage, and then he crashes into New Domino City's central building. Yusei then removes all of his speed counters to draw Clustering Wishes, and sets it face-down. After Yusei and Z-ONE talk about the right of changing the future, Z-ONE angrily blasts a hole in the building, and flies back up into the sky. Z-ONE then feels angry at Yusei, for reducing his life points by such a great amount, and tells Yusei that he will now prove to him that hope, and the possibility to fix the future without New Domino City's destruction, which Yusei believes in, was nothing before his power.
Moving Towards the Future
Episode 152: Moving Towards the Future (Mar 23, 2011)
A few years have passed since Z-ONE's defeat. The Public Safety Maintenance Bureau has dissolved into a city hall, with Lazar becoming the city's mayor. Yusei has become a scientist who supervises the completion of a new Ener-D mainframe, titled Fortune, to ensure the safety of the city. Crow had become a highway patroller getting an invitation to an overseas leagues, Akiza plans to study abroad to become a doctor, and Leo and Luna receive a mail from their parents asking them to leave New Domino City to live with them, leading everyone to wonder about the future of Team 5D's. Jack arrives after training with (defeating) several other duelists, wanting to leave New Domino City for a World League, in order to fulfill his dreams of becoming the World Duelist King, and Yusei challenges him to a duel, to decided the Signers' futures.
Clashing Souls!
Episode 153: Clashing Souls! (Mar 30, 2011)
Yusei summons Nitro Warrior, but Jack manages to counter its attack and summon out Exploder Wing Dragon to destroy it, though Yusei manages to beat it with his Turbo Warrior. As the others watch the duel, they recall how Yusei had managed to change their lives. Jack then brings out Crimson Blader, which destroys Turbo Warrior and prevents Yusei from summoning more monsters during his next turn, but Yusei manages to survive Jack's attacks before Stardust Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend return. Jack then summons out Red Nova Dragon, with a power of 6,000 attack points.
Shining Forth to the Future
Episode 154: Shining Forth to the Future (Mar 30, 2011)
The duel between Yusei and Jack finally comes to an end. Which of them will claim victory? And what shall become of the Signers as they prepare for their futures?

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