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Simon & Simon (1981)

Simon & Simon is an American detective television series that originally ran from November 24, 1981 to January 21, 1989. The series was broadcast on CBS and starred Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker as two brothers who run a private detective agency together.

Release Date: Tue, Nov 24, 1981

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 60

Season 8:

Beauty and Deceased
Episode 1: Beauty and Deceased (Oct 08, 1988)
An old friend of the Simons, Beth, shows up in their office after finding a blackmail note given to one of the beauty contestants in her pageant. She's responsible for the pageant going off smoothly, so she wants the Simons to go undercover and find out who is being blackmailed by whom. With a sparkle in his eye, Rick decides that AJ will enter as a contestant while he will show up as a judge. AJ is less than happy about it, especially the swimsuit competition, but grudgingly agrees to do it. Things get more serious when the pageant host stumbles upon the blackmailer being beaten by two toughs. The blackmailer, realizing the host must have heard that he owed money to a loan shark, kills him. A pageant contestant finds the body and is immediately suspected of being the murderer. It turns out that she was the one being blackmailed because she was kicked out of her family for being an unmarried mother. The Simons don't believe she's guilty and get Abby to give them 48 hours to find the re
Simon & Simon and Associates
Episode 2: Simon & Simon and Associates (Oct 15, 1988)
When Rick's truck is stolen, the publicity about the Simons' much talked about capture of the thief attracts more trouble with business they can hardly handle, bringing associates into the firm seems to make Rick bossy while it makes A.J. uncomfortable.
Zen and the Art of the Split Finger Fastball
Episode 3: Zen and the Art of the Split Finger Fastball (Oct 22, 1988)
The Simons are hired to protect a Japanese businessman while he is at a fantasy baseball camp.
The Merry Adventures of Robert Hood
Episode 4: The Merry Adventures of Robert Hood (Oct 29, 1988)
AJ is horrified to find almost $9,000 charged to his credit card without his knowledge. Rick is innocent this time and AJ goes to the bank to demand it be taken off his card. To his surprise, the person he starts complaining to bursts into tears. Instantly repentant, AJ takes the lady out to lunch when her stern boss tells her she's holding up the other employee lunches. While eating, the lady, Marion, tells AJ that this is the ninth time someone's credit card has been charged fraudulently and that her boss had threatened to fire her if it happened again. She loses track of time and returns to work late. When her boss comes to yell at her for being late, he surmises the fraud has happened again and proclaims tomorrow will be her last day working there. AJ is smitten by Marion and decides to investigate what's going on with Rick. They get a lead that takes them to a warehouse that is full of goods bought with stolen credit card money. The brothers see someone and split up to investigat
Ain't Gonna Get It from Me, Jack
Episode 5: Ain't Gonna Get It from Me, Jack (Nov 05, 1988)
A loud-mouth acid-tongued talk show host invites the Simons on his show and then hires them to find out who is sending threatening letters to him.
Love Song Of Abigail Marsh
Episode 6: Love Song Of Abigail Marsh (Nov 12, 1988)
Abby is attracted to a client of the Simons, but they are concerned the relationship will be a disaster when they insist he tell her of his troubled past.
Simon & Simon, Jr.
Episode 7: Simon & Simon, Jr. (Nov 19, 1988)
An old girlfriend tells Rick he has a teen-aged son and asks to protect the boy from a murderer who knows he witnessed the crime.
Cloak of Danger
Episode 8: Cloak of Danger (Dec 03, 1988)
AJ writes a play based on a long-unsolved murder case, then suddenly it flushes out the real culprit.
The Richer They Are the Harder They Fall
Episode 9: The Richer They Are the Harder They Fall (Dec 10, 1988)
The Simon brothers join the Van Alder family at their elaborate estate for the first wedding anniversary of AJ's best friend Tommy Van Alder and his beautiful wife Trish, but as they repeat their vows, Tommy is stricken with an apparent heart attack and dies.
Play It Again, Simon
Episode 10: Play It Again, Simon (Dec 17, 1988)
There's a 40 year old ""LOST"" manuscript to be found and A.J. is excited about the idea of one more story from his favorite detective novelist, even if it means going to L.A., where he finds everything strange, while Rick never wanted the job to begin with.
First, Let's Kill All the Lawyers
Episode 11: First, Let's Kill All the Lawyers (Dec 31, 1988)
Woody Grant, John Channing, and Mark Fordham are all involved in an insider trading scheme using information gained from Woody's father's company. When Woody tells John he wants out, he ends up dead. His grieving father hires Rick and A.J. to investigate, and the two manage to finger John as the killer, but their mother's new beau Doug McKenna is an old Channing family friend, and ends up defending him in court, and in his attempt to defend a client he believes is innocent, he has to rip both A.J. and Rick apart on the stand. John is acquited of the crime, and the Simon brothers come under investigation. They manage to convince Lloyd Grant to keep them on the case, but they're going nowhere until Mark also tells John he wants out, and ends up being thrown off a walkway at the university library. They go to Doug with what they know, and the three hatch a plan to catch Channing at his own game.
Photo Finished
Episode 12: Photo Finished (Mar 01, 1989)
Rick and AJ are asked by Tom Huntley, a State Senatorial candidate, to find out whether his wife Colleen is having an affair. Despite their rule against working on cases involving marital difficulties, they agree. Naturally, it's all a setup. The Simons are put in place as witnesses to the apparent murder of Mrs. Huntley. They report the murder and turn over the pictures they've taken to the police. After her body turns up, they realize that what they saw was a scripted scene played out between two hired actors.

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