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The Lucy Show (1962)

The Lucy Show is an American sitcom that aired on CBS from 1962–68. It was Lucille Ball's follow-up to I Love Lucy. A significant change in cast and premise for the 1965–66 season divides the program into two distinct eras; aside from Ball, only Gale Gordon, who joined the program for its second season, remained. For the first three seasons, Vivian Vance was the co-star. The earliest scripts were entitled The Lucille Ball Show, but when this title was declined, producers thought of calling the show This Is Lucy or The New Adventures of Lucy, before deciding on the title The Lucy Show. Ball won consecutive Emmy Awards as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for the series' final two seasons, 1966–67 and 1967–68.

  • Bob Carroll Jr.
  • Madelyn Pugh
  • Bob Weiskopf
  • Bob Schiller
Release Date: Mon, Oct 01, 1962

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 30

Lucille Ball
Lucy Carmichael
Gale Gordon
Theodore J. Mooney

Season 6:

Lucy Meets the Berles
Episode 1: Lucy Meets the Berles (Sep 11, 1967)
Needing some extra money, Lucy takes a part-time job as the secretary for Milton Berle. While Working for Mr. Berle, she suspects that he is having an affair and does the best she can to stop him in his tracks. (This synopsis is from the Front Row Features DVD.)
Lucy Gets Trapped
Episode 2: Lucy Gets Trapped (Sep 18, 1967)
Lucy fakes sickness to go shopping at a one-day-only sale with Mary Jane. But when Lucy becomes the customer of the year and has her photo printed in the paper, Lucy must hide the paper from Mr. Mooney before he sees it.
Lucy and the French Movie Star
Episode 3: Lucy and the French Movie Star (Sep 25, 1967)
Whe famous French movie star Jacques DuPre expresses interest in opening an account at Mr. Mooney's bank, Lucy is asked to visit his apartment and dictate a formal letter of agreement confirming the account. While visiting, she drinks a little too much champagne and makes a complete fool of herself. But Monsieur DuPre gets a kick out of it, and gets the account anyway.
Lucy, the Starmaker
Episode 4: Lucy, the Starmaker (Oct 02, 1967)
Mr. Cheever's wisecracking nephew, Tommy (Frankie Avalon), comes to work at the bank, to discourage him from the position he really wants – a job in show business. Despite the fact that he's to get no special treatment, Mooney repeatedly sucks up to him. Lucy soon befriends the young Cheever, who impresses her with a song and dance. So Lucy sets out to break Tommy into show biz...
Lucy Gets Her Diploma
Episode 5: Lucy Gets Her Diploma (Oct 09, 1967)
Lucy is in trouble when a new bank policy requires all of its employees be high school graduates, and she reveals she was unable to complete her final year. So now it's back to school for Lucy, who ends up helping another man earn his diploma as well.
Lucy and Jack Benny's Account
Episode 6: Lucy and Jack Benny's Account (Oct 16, 1967)
Needing new accounts for the bank, Lucy visits Jack Benny to try and get him to keep his money at her bank. He agrees to do it if she can prove that her bank can build a vault safer than his. Lucy then has the bank build a burglar proof vault, and gives Mr. Benny a personal tour of it.
Little Old Lucy
Episode 7: Little Old Lucy (Oct 23, 1967)
Lucy and Mr. Mooney are sent to pick up Mr. Heatherington, the wealthy bank president, from the airport, and the gentleman finds that Lucy strikes his fancy. So when Mr. Mooney neglects to find a lady for Mr. Heatherington to escort to that evening's banquet, Lucy is given the job. But to her dismay, she's forced to dress up as a little old lady. As it turn's out, little old Lucy strikes perverse Mr. Heatherington's fancy more than the younger Lucy...
Lucy and Robert Goulet
Episode 8: Lucy and Robert Goulet (Oct 30, 1967)
When a poor trucker Chuck Willis(Robert Goulet) gets turned down by the bank for a loan, Lucy decides to help him out by entering him in a Robert Goulet lookalike contest. When he loses the contest, Lucy decides to take matters into her own hands.
Lucy and Carol Burnett (1)
Episode 13: Lucy and Carol Burnett (1) (Dec 04, 1967)
Lucy and Carol (Carol Burnett) become flight-attendant trainees. Part 1 of two. Lucille Ball. Brennan: Rhodes Reason. Miss Cavanaugh: Kasey Rogers. Workman: Sid Gould.
Lucy and Carol Burnett (2)
Episode 14: Lucy and Carol Burnett (2) (Dec 11, 1967)
Conclusion. Lucy and Carol (Carol Burnett) do a musical salute to aviation. Actors Richard Arlen and Buddy Rogers appear together for the first time since the 1927 film "Wings."
Lucy and Viv Reminisce
Episode 15: Lucy and Viv Reminisce (Jan 01, 1968)
Lucy's old pal Viv Bunson comes out west to care for Lucy after she breaks her leg. They spend time looking back at when they lived together, until Viv breaks her leg while on her way to fix lunch, forcing Mr. Mooney to look after both of them.
Lucy and the Pool Hustler
Episode 16: Lucy and the Pool Hustler (Jan 08, 1968)
Lucy visits a local pool hall and enters their billiards tournament. Her main competition is a woman named Laura Winthrop. Cigar-smoking Laura, however, looks suspiciously like a a pool hustling man named Ace.
Lucy and the Lost Star
Episode 22: Lucy and the Lost Star (Feb 26, 1968)
Lucy & Viv's car breaks down, so they visit the nearest house for help, which happens to belong to Joan Crawford. All of Crawford's furniture is away being redone, which lead the women to suspect she is broke, so they ask Mr. Mooney to help get her back to work.
Lucy and The Boss of the Year Award
Episode 24: Lucy and The Boss of the Year Award (Mar 11, 1968)
When Mr. Mooney is up for becoming president of the San Fransisco branch of the bank, Lucy tries to get him named Boss of the Year so he gets the position.

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