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The Atom Ant Show (1965)

Operating out of his private anthill, the formidable Atom Ant picks up distress calls via his built-in antennae and heads out to battle a fearsomely delightful array of dastards including Bug Fat Dynamo, Crankenshaft, M.D. and his arch-nemesis Ferocious Flea. Sharing screen time with our hero are Precious Pupp, a rascal of a mutt who hides his antics from the kindly Granny Sweets and the Hillbilly Bears, the most ridiculous bears to ever come from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Release Date: Sat, Oct 02, 1965

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 21

Howard Morris
Atom Ant (voice)
Don Messick
Precious Pupp / Shag Rugg (voice)
Janet Waldo
Granny Sweet (voice)
Henry Corden
Paw Rugg (voice)
Jean Vander Pyl
Maw Rugg / Floral Rugg (voice)

Season 1:

Up and Atom
Episode 1: Up and Atom (Oct 02, 1965)
Atom Ant is called in to capture Big Fats Dynamo after he and his gang break out of a maximum security prison.
Precious Jewel
Episode 2: Precious Jewel (Oct 02, 1965)
The great jewel thief, breaks into her house to steal her pearls.
Detour For Sure
Episode 3: Detour For Sure (Oct 02, 1965)
Maw and Paw tell the foreman on construction that they don't want any more eviction notices.
Crankenshaft's Monster
Episode 4: Crankenshaft's Monster (Oct 09, 1965)
When the Evil Dr. Crankshaft creates a monster in his lab, Atom Ant is called in to save the day
Doggone Dognapper
Episode 5: Doggone Dognapper (Oct 09, 1965)
Precious Pup is caught by the dogcatcher.
Episode 6: Woodpecked (Oct 09, 1965)
Paw is harassed by Maw to get rid of a noisy woodpecker.
Episode 7: Gem-A-Go-Go (Oct 16, 1965)
Fancy Finger Finnegan laughs when he the FBI sends ant out after him.
Bites and Gripes
Episode 8: Bites and Gripes (Oct 16, 1965)
Two crooks, Blackie and Lefty, steal Precious Pup.
Anglers Aweigh
Episode 9: Anglers Aweigh (Oct 16, 1965)
Maw sends Paw off to catch some catfish for dinner.
Ferocious Flea
Episode 10: Ferocious Flea (Oct 23, 1965)
When a city is plagued by bank robberies, Atom Ant is forced into a battle with Ferocious Flea.
Queen of the Road
Episode 11: Queen of the Road (Oct 23, 1965)
Granny and Pupp are building a fast car to race with. They need the prize money. Two crooks want to win the money, too, and they're willing to do anything crooked to win.
Stranger Than Friction
Episode 12: Stranger Than Friction (Oct 23, 1965)
Maw makes Paw swear to invite the next person he meets to dinner.
Rambling Robot
Episode 13: Rambling Robot (Oct 30, 1965)
Junior's homemade robot goes berserk.
Crook Out, Cook Out
Episode 14: Crook Out, Cook Out (Oct 30, 1965)
Granny mistakenly snares a thief with her butterfly net.
Goldilocks and the Four Bears
Episode 15: Goldilocks and the Four Bears (Oct 30, 1965)
The Bear family decides to take a walk to let their breakfast cool. Meanwhile, a passing movie star named Goldy Looks gets a flat tire and finds the Bear's house while looking for help. She ends up eating their food and sleeping in their beds and she runs off when the Bears get home with an idea for a movie.
Nobody's Fool
Episode 16: Nobody's Fool (Nov 06, 1965)
The seductive Anastashia Antnick from Antsvillania keeps Atom Ant busy.
Next of Kin
Episode 17: Next of Kin (Nov 06, 1965)
Granny gets a letter in the mail with a big box. Her aunt has left her everything in a will, including a big bulldog. Granny must humor the bulldog and have perfect harmony, or else she will lose everything in the will. The bulldog takes an immediate dislike for Precious Pupp.
Going, Going Gone Gopher
Episode 18: Going, Going Gone Gopher (Nov 06, 1965)
While Maw is away in town Paw is left to guard the turnips.
Atom Ant Meets Karate Ant
Episode 19: Atom Ant Meets Karate Ant (Nov 13, 1965)
Atom Ant goes to visit his old foe, Muscles, just released from prison.
Bowling Pinned
Episode 20: Bowling Pinned (Nov 13, 1965)
Granny enters a bowling tournament.
Courtin' Disaster
Episode 21: Courtin' Disaster (Nov 13, 1965)
A truce is called between the Rugg's and the Hopper's so that Floral and Claude can begin dating.
Fastest Ant in the West
Episode 22: Fastest Ant in the West (Nov 20, 1965)
Rowdy Dowdy, tears up a town out west.
Poodle Pandemonium
Episode 23: Poodle Pandemonium (Nov 20, 1965)
Precious Pup competes with the Bulldog next door for the affections of a French Poodle.
Picnic Panicked
Episode 24: Picnic Panicked (Nov 20, 1965)
At the Hog Woller picnic Clod Hopper has a thing for Floral.
Mistaken Identity
Episode 25: Mistaken Identity (Nov 27, 1965)
Ferocious Flea disguises himself as Atom.
Dog Tracks
Episode 26: Dog Tracks (Nov 27, 1965)
Granny buys Precious Pupp a new dog license so the dogcatcher won’t bother him anymore.
Judo Kudos
Episode 27: Judo Kudos (Nov 27, 1965)
Sumo the Japanese fighting bear is on his way to the circus when he falls out of the truck when it hits a bump. Sumo helps Paw Rugg learn karate so he can use it on his rival, Claude Hopper.
How Now Bow Wow
Episode 28: How Now Bow Wow (Dec 04, 1965)
Ferocious Flea and Bones, steal the Colonel's priceless dog.
Episode 29: Sub-marooned (Dec 04, 1965)
A trip to the beach for some surfing turns out different for Granny and Precious Pup.
Just Plane Around
Episode 30: Just Plane Around (Dec 04, 1965)
Experimental plane X-Ray-X lands near the Rugg house and Paw goes for an unexpected ride with agent 00700 and his pal who are trying to steal the plane.
Dragon Master
Episode 31: Dragon Master (Dec 11, 1965)
Atom Ant welcomes the mad scientist to the good guy club and goes straight for the lump of sugar.
Lady Bugged
Episode 32: Lady Bugged (Dec 11, 1965)
A crook disguises himself as a little old lady when he hears that Granny Sweet won sweepstakes that are worth $500,000 dollars, but he can't fool Precious.
War Games
Episode 33: War Games (Dec 11, 1965)
The backyard of the Rugg's becomes a war zone.
The Big Gimmick
Episode 34: The Big Gimmick (Dec 18, 1965)
Professor Von Gimmick terrorizes Big City with his monster.
Test in the West
Episode 35: Test in the West (Dec 18, 1965)
Granny and Precious Pup go out West, only to find everything closed and deserted.
Bricker Brats
Episode 36: Bricker Brats (Dec 18, 1965)
Shag and the Hopper boy keep getting in fights over who has the toughest dad threatening to start the feud back up.
Super Blooper
Episode 37: Super Blooper (Dec 25, 1965)
Atom Ant and the kids race to see Super Guy, but he's not there.
Bones and Groans
Episode 38: Bones and Groans (Dec 25, 1965)
Granny Sweet goes shopping and gives Precious Pupp a big bone to keep him happy and busy while she is gone. Brutus the Bulldog decides he wants the bone and the battle is on.
Slap Happy Grandpappy
Episode 39: Slap Happy Grandpappy (Dec 25, 1965)
Grandpa Rugg comes for a visit much to the excitement of Shag and Floral. Grandpa wants to shoot some Hoppers not knowing that Paw has just ended the feud with them.
Wild, Wild Ants
Episode 40: Wild, Wild Ants (Jan 01, 1966)
The ant hill mob takes over the city picnic grounds.
Butterfly Nut
Episode 41: Butterfly Nut (Jan 01, 1966)
Precious and Granny Sweet head out to the country to look for butterflies for her collection. Precious digs up a tin box full of money left by a pair of crooks who had buried it. They come back to find Precious guarding it.
Pooped Pops
Episode 42: Pooped Pops (Jan 01, 1966)
Convinced by Maw that a good father plays with his kids, Paw goes along with Shag's games.
Episode 43: Dina-sore (Jan 08, 1966)
Tyrone the Tyrannosaurus comes back to life.
Precious' Bone
Episode 44: Precious' Bone (Jan 08, 1966)
Mr. Green gives Precious a new bone from the meat market and Brutus wants to take Precious' bone away from him.
Leaky Creek
Episode 45: Leaky Creek (Jan 08, 1966)
Maw chases Paw down to the creek for his yearly bath. When he gets to the creek he finds it has gone dry due to a pesky beaver that has built a dam.
Amusement Park Amazement
Episode 46: Amusement Park Amazement (Jan 15, 1966)
Thinking Von Gimmick has reformed, Atom Ant offers to help him.
The Bird Watcher
Episode 47: The Bird Watcher (Jan 15, 1966)
Granny Sweet agrees to watch a pet bird for her friend Mrs. Brown while she is out of town. While Granny takes Mrs. Brown to the train, Precious Pupp is put in charge of the bird and has to protect it from an overzealous and very hungry cat.
My Fair Hillbilly
Episode 48: My Fair Hillbilly (Jan 15, 1966)
Maw is tired of Paw being such a slob so she sends him to the J.P. Snobbs School of Charm and they try to turn Paw into a gentleman.
Bully For Atom Ant
Episode 49: Bully For Atom Ant (Jan 22, 1966)
Atom Ant meets Chicken Enchilada.
Dog Trained
Episode 50: Dog Trained (Jan 22, 1966)
The conductor makes Precious Pup ride in the baggage car instead of with Granny.
Rickety Rockety Racoon
Episode 51: Rickety Rockety Racoon (Jan 22, 1966)
Paw battles with Rickety Raccoon after he steals eggs from the hen house.
Termighty Mean
Episode 52: Termighty Mean (Jan 29, 1966)
Dotzilla, goes on a rampage, eating everything in sight.
Oliver Twisted
Episode 53: Oliver Twisted (Jan 29, 1966)
Precious and Granny Sweet are in London where Granny Sweet snaps pictures of the sights to send the pictures to family members while Precious gets lost chasing a cat and meets a pickpocket and his group of dog pickpockets.
Modern Inconvenience
Episode 54: Modern Inconvenience (Jan 29, 1966)
Maw and Paw are selected as the Hillbilly family of the month by Good Hillbillying Magazine and are given every modern convenience for one month.
Nine Strikes You're Out
Episode 55: Nine Strikes You're Out (Feb 05, 1966)
J. Dastardly Deeds sends his nine selves out on a crime spree.
Pup, Skip and Jump
Episode 56: Pup, Skip and Jump (Feb 05, 1966)
Granny lets a puppy spend the cold night with them.
Rabbit Rumble
Episode 57: Rabbit Rumble (Feb 05, 1966)
Paw and Shag must bring back a rabbit for dinner, but they encounter a boxing kangaroo and mistakes him for a giant rabbit.
Go West Young Ant
Episode 58: Go West Young Ant (Feb 12, 1966)
A wagon train of ants is surrounded by a red ant tribe on the western plain.
A Grapple for the Teacher
Episode 59: A Grapple for the Teacher (Feb 12, 1966)
Granny Sweet is forced to enroll Precious Pupp in an obedience school to avoid being sued by the postman.
Speckled Heckler
Episode 60: Speckled Heckler (Feb 12, 1966)
When an experienced hunter comes to the hills offering a reward for a speckled butterfly, the Hillbilly Bears try to capture the local pest for the reward.
Knight Fight
Episode 61: Knight Fight (Sep 10, 1966)
With no trouble in the world today, Atom Ant goes back to the days of old.
Pot-Time Work
Episode 62: Pot-Time Work (Sep 10, 1966)
Precious Pupp and Granny Sweet are on vacation. Granny is heating up a big pot of food for their dinner. A cannibal in the bushes has other ideas: he plans on them for his dinner. When he finally does capture them and Granny offers to share what she is cooking, he runs for his life.
Whirly Bear
Episode 63: Whirly Bear (Sep 10, 1966)
An unexpected ride happens when Paw Mugg tries to fix the broken windmill.
Pteraducktyl Soup
Episode 64: Pteraducktyl Soup (Sep 17, 1966)
A kookie professor sneaks into the natural history museum.
A Fiend in Need
Episode 65: A Fiend in Need (Sep 17, 1966)
Dr. Frightenstein needs a brain for his new monstrous creation. His faithful servant thinks that Precious Pupp's brain is the perfect candidate.
Saucy Saucers
Episode 66: Saucy Saucers (Sep 17, 1966)
Paw gets captured by aliens.
Up in the Air Squares
Episode 67: Up in the Air Squares (Sep 24, 1966)
Toadstool steals the police building.
Ski Sickness
Episode 68: Ski Sickness (Sep 24, 1966)
Granny competes against Ace McGurk in the year's biggest skiing race.
Chipper Chirper
Episode 69: Chipper Chirper (Sep 24, 1966)
Maw's pet bird gets out of the cage and flies away.
Episode 70: Mouse-Rouser (Oct 01, 1966)
A mouse, trapped by a cat, writes a desperate plea for help to Atom Ant.
Mascot Massacre
Episode 71: Mascot Massacre (Oct 01, 1966)
The local baseball team is advertising for a new mascot. Granny urges Precious Pupp to try out. He ends up playing ball instead and saves the team.
Gettin' Paw's Goat
Episode 72: Gettin' Paw's Goat (Oct 01, 1966)
Paw's turnip patch is being raided by a troublesome goat. When Paw fails to get rid of the goat, Maw mixes up some cooked turnips with hot sauce in them.
Killer-Diller Gorilla
Episode 73: Killer-Diller Gorilla (Oct 08, 1966)
Kong is on the loose, wrecking buildings (he "peels" a skyscraper like a banana) and tearing up bridges. This is Atom Ant's greatest challenge ever.
A.M. Mayhem
Episode 74: A.M. Mayhem (Oct 08, 1966)
Granny can't resist a piece of left-over gooseberry pie, which makes her sleepwalk.
Buzzin' Cuzzins
Episode 75: Buzzin' Cuzzins (Oct 08, 1966)
Paw's cousin Fud sends a telegram saying he is going to stop in for a visit since they have never met. Meanwhile, Gorzo the Wild Man escapes from a truck delivering him to the circus and is mistaken for cousin Fud when he shows up at the cabin.
Rock-A-Bye Boo-Boo
Episode 76: Rock-A-Bye Boo-Boo (Oct 15, 1966)
Atom Ant keeps a village safe from a Roc and her egg. The Roc ceases her attacks when her egg hatches.
Girl Whirl
Episode 77: Girl Whirl (Oct 15, 1966)
Both Precious and Bruiser vie for the attention for the same female poodle dog by posing as superheroes because she appears to have a crush on Marvel Mutt, a canine superhero on T.V.
Do the Bear
Episode 78: Do the Bear (Oct 15, 1966)
Two record agents find Paw and make him a star.

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