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The Atom Ant Show (1965)

Operating out of his private anthill, the formidable Atom Ant picks up distress calls via his built-in antennae and heads out to battle a fearsomely delightful array of dastards including Bug Fat Dynamo, Crankenshaft, M.D. and his arch-nemesis Ferocious Flea. Sharing screen time with our hero are Precious Pupp, a rascal of a mutt who hides his antics from the kindly Granny Sweets and the Hillbilly Bears, the most ridiculous bears to ever come from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Release Date: Sat, Oct 02, 1965

Country: US
Language: En
Runtime: 21

Season 1:

Crankenshaft's Monster
Episode 1: Crankenshaft's Monster (Oct 02, 1965)
When the Evil Dr. Crankshaft creates a monster in his lab, Atom Ant is called in to save the day
Doggone Dognapper
Episode 2: Doggone Dognapper (Oct 02, 1965)
Precious Pup is caught by the dogcatcher.
Detour For Sure
Episode 3: Detour For Sure (Oct 02, 1965)
Maw and Paw tell the foreman on construction that they don't want any more eviction notices.
Up and Atom
Episode 4: Up and Atom (Oct 09, 1965)
Atom Ant is called in to capture Big Fats Dynamo after he and his gang break out of a maximum security prison.
Precious Jewel
Episode 5: Precious Jewel (Oct 09, 1965)
The great jewel thief, breaks into her house to steal her pearls.
Episode 6: Woodpecked (Oct 09, 1965)
Paw is harassed by Maw to get rid of a noisy woodpecker.
Ferocious Flea
Episode 7: Ferocious Flea (Oct 16, 1965)
When a city is plagued by bank robberies, Atom Ant is forced into a battle with Ferocious Flea.
Bites and Gripes
Episode 8: Bites and Gripes (Oct 16, 1965)
Two crooks, Blackie and Lefty, steal Precious Pup.
Stranger Than Friction
Episode 9: Stranger Than Friction (Oct 16, 1965)
Maw makes Paw swear to invite the next person he meets to dinner.
Atom Ant Meets Karate Ant
Episode 10: Atom Ant Meets Karate Ant (Oct 23, 1965)
Atom Ant goes to visit his old foe, Muscles, just released from prison.
Bowling Pinned
Episode 11: Bowling Pinned (Oct 23, 1965)
Granny enters a bowling tournament.
Picnic Panicked
Episode 12: Picnic Panicked (Oct 23, 1965)
At the Hog Woller picnic Clod Hopper has a thing for Floral.
Nobody's Fool
Episode 13: Nobody's Fool (Oct 30, 1965)
The seductive Anastashia Antnick from Antsvillania keeps Atom Ant busy.
Next of Kin
Episode 14: Next of Kin (Oct 30, 1965)
Granny names Precious Pup her sole beneficiary- sort of.
Goldilocks and the Four Bears
Episode 15: Goldilocks and the Four Bears (Oct 30, 1965)
Shag is reminded of a story he once heard.
Rambling Robot
Episode 16: Rambling Robot (Nov 06, 1965)
Junior's homemade robot goes berserk.
Queen of the Road
Episode 17: Queen of the Road (Nov 06, 1965)
Chutley and Leadfoot realize they don't stand a chance in the road race.
Anglers Aweigh
Episode 18: Anglers Aweigh (Nov 06, 1965)
Maw sends Paw off to catch some catfish for dinner.
Episode 19: Gem-A-Go-Go (Nov 13, 1965)
Fancy Finger Finnegan laughs when he the FBI sends ant out after him.
Crook Out, Cook Out
Episode 20: Crook Out, Cook Out (Nov 13, 1965)
Granny mistakenly snares a thief with her butterfly net.
Going, Going Gone Gopher
Episode 21: Going, Going Gone Gopher (Nov 13, 1965)
While Maw is away in town Paw is left to guard the turnips.
Fastest Ant in the West
Episode 22: Fastest Ant in the West (Nov 20, 1965)
Rowdy Dowdy, tears up a town out west.
Poodle Pandemonium
Episode 23: Poodle Pandemonium (Nov 20, 1965)
Precious Pup competes with the Bulldog next door for the affections of a French Poodle.
Judo Kudos
Episode 24: Judo Kudos (Nov 20, 1965)
A Japanese fighting bear, named Sumo, falls out of a truck.
Mistaken Identity
Episode 25: Mistaken Identity (Nov 27, 1965)
Ferocious Flea disguises himself as Atom.
Dog Tracks
Episode 26: Dog Tracks (Nov 27, 1965)
Granny buys Precious Pup a new dog license.
Courtin' Disaster
Episode 27: Courtin' Disaster (Nov 27, 1965)
There is a truce called between the bear families, Ruggs and Hoppers.
How Now Bow Wow
Episode 28: How Now Bow Wow (Dec 04, 1965)
Ferocious Flea and Bones, steal the Colonel's priceless dog.
Episode 29: Sub-marooned (Dec 04, 1965)
A trip to the beach for some surfing turns out different for Granny and Precious Pup.
Just Plane Around
Episode 30: Just Plane Around (Dec 04, 1965)
The X-Ray-X lands near the Rugg house.
Dragon Master
Episode 31: Dragon Master (Dec 11, 1965)
Atom Ant welcomes the mad scientist to the good guy club and goes straight for the lump of sugar.
Lady Bugged
Episode 32: Lady Bugged (Dec 11, 1965)
Granny wins a lot of money in a sweepstakes.
War Games
Episode 33: War Games (Dec 11, 1965)
The backyard of the Rugg's becomes a war zone.
The Big Gimmick
Episode 34: The Big Gimmick (Dec 18, 1965)
Professor Von Gimmick terrorizes Big City with his monster.
Test in the West
Episode 35: Test in the West (Dec 18, 1965)
Granny and Precious Pup go out West, only to find everything closed and deserted.
Bricker Brats
Episode 36: Bricker Brats (Dec 18, 1965)
Paw Rugg and Claude Hopper resume feuding.
Super Blooper
Episode 37: Super Blooper (Dec 25, 1965)
Atom Ant and the kids race to see Super Guy, but he's not there.
Bones and Groans
Episode 38: Bones and Groans (Dec 25, 1965)
Another dog succeeds in swiping Precious Pup's bone.
Slap Happy Grandpappy
Episode 39: Slap Happy Grandpappy (Dec 25, 1965)
Just after peace is declared , Granpa Rugg looks for a good feud.
Wild, Wild Ants
Episode 40: Wild, Wild Ants (Jan 01, 1966)
The ant hill mob takes over the city picnic grounds.
Girl Wirl
Episode 41: Girl Wirl (Jan 01, 1966)
Precious Pup and Bruiser show off to a lovely poodle, only to lose her to Marvelous Mutt.
Do the Bear
Episode 42: Do the Bear (Jan 01, 1966)
Two record agents find Paw and make him a star.
Episode 43: Dina-sore (Jan 08, 1966)
Tyrone the Tyrannosaurus comes back to life.
Butterfly Nut
Episode 44: Butterfly Nut (Jan 08, 1966)
Precious Pup digs up $50,000.
Pooped Pops
Episode 45: Pooped Pops (Jan 08, 1966)
Convinced by Maw that a good father plays with his kids, Paw goes along with Shag's games.
Amusement Park Amazement
Episode 46: Amusement Park Amazement (Jan 15, 1966)
Thinking Von Gimmick has reformed, Atom Ant offers to help him.
Precious' Bone
Episode 47: Precious' Bone (Jan 15, 1966)
Granny sends Precious Up down to the butcher for a bone.
Leaky Creek
Episode 48: Leaky Creek (Jan 15, 1966)
Maw chases Paw down to the creek for his yearly bath.
Bully For Atom Ant
Episode 49: Bully For Atom Ant (Jan 22, 1966)
Atom Ant meets Chicken Enchilada.
The Bird Watcher
Episode 50: The Bird Watcher (Jan 22, 1966)
Granny leaves Mrs. Brown's birdie with Precious Pup to mind.
My Fair Hillbilly
Episode 51: My Fair Hillbilly (Jan 22, 1966)
When Claude Hopper sees Paw ballet dancing, he laughs so hard that the feud is on again.
Termighty Mean
Episode 52: Termighty Mean (Jan 29, 1966)
Dotzilla, goes on a rampage, eating everything in sight.
Pup, Skip and Jump
Episode 53: Pup, Skip and Jump (Jan 29, 1966)
Granny lets a puppy spend the cold night with them.
Rickety Rockety Racoon
Episode 54: Rickety Rockety Racoon (Jan 29, 1966)
Ricky Raccoon breaks Paw's heart with the story of his fourteen starving kids.
Go West Young Ant
Episode 55: Go West Young Ant (Feb 05, 1966)
A wagon train of ants is surrounded by a red ant tribe on the western plain.
Oliver Twisted
Episode 56: Oliver Twisted (Feb 05, 1966)
Precious Pup chases a cat through London until he's lost.
Rabbit Rumble
Episode 57: Rabbit Rumble (Feb 05, 1966)
Paw and Shagg hunt down rabbits for dinner.
Nine Strikes You're Out
Episode 58: Nine Strikes You're Out (Feb 12, 1966)
J. Dastardly Deeds sends his nine selves out on a crime spree.
Dog Trained
Episode 59: Dog Trained (Feb 12, 1966)
The conductor makes Precious Pup ride in the baggage car instead of with Granny.
Modern Inconvenience
Episode 60: Modern Inconvenience (Feb 12, 1966)
Maw puts Paw through the washer and dryer.
Knight Fight
Episode 61: Knight Fight (Sep 10, 1966)
With no trouble in the world today, Atom Ant goes back to the days of old.
Ski Sickness
Episode 62: Ski Sickness (Sep 10, 1966)
Granny competes against Ace McGurk in the year's biggest skiing race.
Saucy Saucers
Episode 63: Saucy Saucers (Sep 10, 1966)
Paw gets captured by aliens.
Pteraducktyl Soup
Episode 64: Pteraducktyl Soup (Sep 17, 1966)
A kookie professor sneaks into the natural history museum.
Pot-Time Work
Episode 65: Pot-Time Work (Sep 17, 1966)
Granny misinterprets Precious Pup's frantic gesture.
Whirly Bear
Episode 66: Whirly Bear (Sep 17, 1966)
An unexpected ride happens when Paw Mugg tries to fix the broken windmill.
Up in the Air Squares
Episode 67: Up in the Air Squares (Sep 24, 1966)
Toadstool steals the police building.
A Grapple for the Teacher
Episode 68: A Grapple for the Teacher (Sep 24, 1966)
The mailman threatens to sue Granny.
Speckled Heckler
Episode 69: Speckled Heckler (Sep 24, 1966)
A reward of $1,000 is offered by Professore Beetlebottom for the capture of the Speckled Fleeby Doo.
Episode 70: Mouse-Rouser (Oct 01, 1966)
A mouse, trapped by a cat, writes a desperate plea for help to Atom Ant.
A Fiend in Need
Episode 71: A Fiend in Need (Oct 01, 1966)
Igor brings Precious Pup back to the lab.
Chipper Chirper
Episode 72: Chipper Chirper (Oct 01, 1966)
Maw's pet bird gets out of the cage and flies away.
Killer-Diller Gorilla
Episode 73: Killer-Diller Gorilla (Oct 08, 1966)
Atom Ant picks up his favorite call, "Help!" from New York.
Mascot Massacre
Episode 74: Mascot Massacre (Oct 08, 1966)
Granny persuades Leo Ferocious to let Precious pup be mascot of his baseball team.
Gettin' Paw's Goat
Episode 75: Gettin' Paw's Goat (Oct 08, 1966)
The neighbors billy goat is eating everything.
Rock-A-Bye Boo-Boo
Episode 76: Rock-A-Bye Boo-Boo (Oct 15, 1966)
Atom Ant races to save a village from an avalanche.
A.M. Mayhem
Episode 77: A.M. Mayhem (Oct 15, 1966)
Granny can't resist a piece of left-over gooseberry pie, which makes her sleepwalk.
Buzzin' Cuzzins
Episode 78: Buzzin' Cuzzins (Oct 15, 1966)
Paw tries to entertain Gorzo.

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