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The Thin Blue Line (1995)

The Thin Blue Line is a British sitcom starring Rowan Atkinson set in a police station that ran for two series on the BBC from 1995 to 1996. It was written by Ben Elton.

Release Date: Mon, Nov 13, 1995

Country: GB
Language: En
Runtime: 29

Rowan Atkinson
Inspector Raymond Fowler
Serena Evans
Sergeant Patricia Dawkins
David Haig
Detective Inspector Derek Grim
James Dreyfus
Constable Kevin Goody
Mina Anwar
Constable Maggie Habib
Rudolph Walker
Constable Frank Gladstone
Mark Addy
Detective Constable Gary Boyle

Season 2:

Court in the Act
Episode 1: Court in the Act (Nov 14, 1996)
Fowler prepares Goody for his court appearance unaware that Goody's testimony hinges on Grim's planted evidence.
Ism Ism Ism
Episode 2: Ism Ism Ism (Nov 21, 1996)
Fowler attempts to capture an illegal asylum seeker.
Fly on the Wall
Episode 3: Fly on the Wall (Nov 28, 1996)
The BBC use Gasforth for a documentary about an ordinary police station.
Alternative Culture
Episode 4: Alternative Culture (Dec 05, 1996)
Sgt. Dawkins tries alternative medicine, Goody considers an alternative lifestyle, and CID plans to bust a rave.
Come on You Blues
Episode 5: Come on You Blues (Dec 12, 1996)
Fowler is assigned to crowd control at a Gasforth FC cup match.
Road Rage
Episode 6: Road Rage (Dec 19, 1996)
Sgt. Dawkins joins a group protesting a new bypass.
The Green Eyed Monster
Episode 7: The Green Eyed Monster (Dec 23, 1996)
Fowler proposes to Sgt. Dawkins.

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